19029582_1365031323533250_596812595838592709_nAbout Ronnie

I’m a tired mommy, I’m a frustrated mommy, I’m a disgusted mommy, but only because I’m desperately trying to achieve NEFARIOUSNESS, while performing the duties of my Office. My first order of business, once I become NEFARIOUS, is to hire a Personal Assistant to take my kids swimming when we’re on vacation, because how they have the energy to swim after I run them down, I have no idea….but first…I need a really good Manager. My Publicist, and yes I do have one, keeps trying to get me to write a book, but books with potty words as adjectives, only get labeled as “Meh” and are not acceptable for delicate constitutions, PLUS, they don’t sell well, so if you’re brilliant, cunning, crafty and a little bad yourself, hit me up….we could make a great team.

The Legalities: I digress, cuss, laugh and cry. I discuss sex (Nesquick), politics, religion, and motherhood. I walk a fine line between being coy, and being vile…not just anyone can write what I write….nor would they want to. I have strong opinions, weak patience. I do not suffer fools easily, and frankly, I’ve accepted that if I hurt your feelings while trying to state my opinion, then that’s more you than I…and I don’t care…..(well I care a little). I’m on the Starting Line of Men On Pause, I’m losing my UTERUS next month, and God help me, my thyroid may be on the fritz…Why? I’m an exercise addict…I’m a runner, if you consider a runner to be someone who runs when she can…my personal best is 3 miles, but I’m working on it. Truth be told, I’m going to be off my feet for a while starting the 27th of June, so I need to get in shape…to sit it out…Sigh. I’ve accepted on small truth, “If I fail at everything I do, so what? All that matters to me is did I, or will I, leave regrets?”  I firmly believe that in this life if you raised great kids, and had amazing sex (and if you did, do share) that’s all that counts. It’s called being a “Pimp” and feel free to write that down.

I lurk on many amazing websites, and I do so, because I’m a firm believer in the Ronnie Principal. I chase Nefariousness the way most people chase fame or money. I’m just a simple gal, but what I have can be yours, because I’m a simple gal. Believe me folks, if I can do it…If I can graduate Nursing School, raise children, teach kickboxing, run, take boxing lessons, post selfies, write about my greatest insecurities, and talk about my sex life, believe me….you can too. Now, I just need a major advertiser to believe in me, the way my followers do….

I learned from my husband’s “Sudden Death Cardiac Incident” (aka The Day He Dropped DEAD twice; which was the day before our great national election) that the more you live for right now, the less you’ll care about back then. Don’t hate…it’s ugly, if you want what I have, you gotta do what I do, our Mayor is not an idiot, and if you insist on keeping up that mess,  I may start to think you are, AND….We don’t have to be strong, so that society doesn’t see us as weak. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, nor showing emotions! So there is it…About Ronnie…Oh and one more thing, “Be Affirming, Be Fabulous, Be Yourself“…..This above ALL….to thine ownself be true….Everything else is just noise. Be Blessed.


Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. Take Care.