Lebanon Yellow Jackets
Lebanon Yellow Jackets

“Take me back to Massachusetts take me back to Cape Cod”….Nappy Roots, “In A Small Town”.

I took my am inspiration from the aforementioned song (go U-tube it, it’s amazing). It occurred to me that if Trump is elected, we are going to need all the small town mentalities we can get. With a heavy heart, I lost some FB weight last night, because I CHOOSE to be happy. I WILL NOT be baited into HATE. The “Take a Knee” debate has divided friends more than Trump or Clinton combined. So, as I was making my Weight Loss list and checking it twice, I thought back to the song and the amazing concert we had just left…..I allowed my mind to wander back to Lebanon, Mo…..a small town….to A Boy Named Ben….my 1st HS crush….

Back when Mr. Pibb bottles could still be returned and exchanged for money, there was A Boy Named Ben. He was blonde I think, with blue eyes, and a sandy crooked grin that I used to dream about walking home from school with my best friend. He lived right down the street from her, so I’d find excuses to go over, just to see him drive by…in that old beater I’m sure he hated….sometimes I would do a cartwheel….or something, and he’d smile and wave. He had a Letterman’s Jacket for track….he was thin, but adorable… On Friday’s, factory payday, I’d have to walk to the HD Lee factory to pick up my grandmother from work, and I’d see Ben drive by us on Commercial Street…..embarrassed that my grandmother wasn’t a bank executive or management…I’d hide behind her…..so he wouldn’t see me…


Ben was a year ahead of me, he was a nice guy, whom would smile and say hello. He had our lunch hour, and sometimes, if all the other seats were taken, he’d sit across from me, and ask me about my classes. He never said anything about the neighborhood I was growing up in, or my irregular jeans that my grandmother would get on sale in the factory store….he never noticed my pimples, or my handmade lunches. If he saw my mousy curly red hair he didn’t say it, and he thought it was adorable they way I would never allow my eyes meet his……He never made fun of me, for being shy, nervous, or introverted…..he would see us at the Friday night games, and nod at me…..I don’t remember Ben’s last name and wouldn’t know him from Adam, but I remember how Ben made me feel….Take Me Back to Lebanon….Give me back my factory working grandmother whom loved us…..let me walk her home one more time…. take me back to the block, where’d we sit and talk about one day leaving that crap hole for New York……Take me back to the Yellow Jackets, give me back the walk to school, the early video’s, the wrestlers…..Give me one more day with Ben….I’ll say “Hello” first this time…I promise….there’s too much hate….too much mistrust….too much evil in this world. Let me 13 again….in Lebanon….with my grandmother, my best friends, and A Boy Named Ben…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.



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