United We Prevent THIS
United We Prevent THIS

“What a miserable, horrible woman”. Ronnie talking smack about someone, behind their back.

I think that to whom much power is given, much control is expected, and while we have mutual friends and family members, understand that these lines were drawn a long time ago. I really gotta say what I gotta say, because I can..but also because when you put my name in it…I come at you, it IS personal. Advocate vs. Advocate….Geesh, isn’t there enough abused, lost animals to go around?

I don’t know if it’s the CAUSE or the SEX (maybe lack thereforeof); which as a digression, some of these players probably could really benefit….never mind. I’m going to get into enough trouble as it is. I highly doubt one will ever find a bunch of Stock Brokers go on Facebook and trash each other. I just don’t think Accountants are engaging in the back and forth verbal/written fisticuffs’ that I read and sorta engaged in yesterday. With so many animals in our shelters, lost on the streets, or worse, in the homes of abusive owners, do we all really have nothing better to do, than to go on and trash others, whom share the mission? See, this is really where the doggie poo meets the comics, two of the most powerful Adovcates in Danville, Spy vs Spy, cannot come together to create one big doggie spa, because….well I don’t know why? I honestly don’t…..makes no sense to me. Blame is useless….The truth is, the Mission is big enough for all of us, I mean, we can all play a part in saving the life of an animal, but for some reason, this cause is divided…..it’s Kayne vs. Swift…ironic that some…don’t see that. BTW, I’m on team Kayne…just saying.

Is that we’re women? Maybe so, but come on, haven’t we moved past the hysterical, menses blaming harpies of our teenaged years? I swear, I will lose my sh*t if I read, “I’m their voice” one more time. WE ALL ARE! That’s where some have it twisted…we’re all Advocates….Your Advocateness isn’t more celestial than my Advocateness…Show me that divided, we’re actually keeping a dog out of a high kill shelter, convince me that by spreading lies, we’re reuniting a lost dog with it’s owners….help me see that in our West Side Story Rumble, we’re helping a baby kitten, stay out of the dog fighting ring….How can you be a voice for the voiceless, when your voice is hurting other Advocates?….SMH….that’s not a role model, that’s an asshole….Step to me if you must…..I’m NOT a role model….So continue the fighting, the pettiness, the lying, the hatred…and the devil gets his due. Advocate vs. Advocate….all dogs may go to heaven, but only when you’re watching…..Okay, gotta go. Gotta feed my own pets….better make it FB worthy, you never know who’s vying for my spot on the team….LOL, I have no loyalty. I am the WRITER…for those who have no words……..You wanna step? I got skeltons…all you gotta do to see them, is ask. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.



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