Love Thy Neighbor
Love Thy Neighbor









The thing about judgment is you can’t unilaterally not do it, without doing it“…Ronnie being all philosopher(ish)

Unless you’ve taken a complete vow of silence (and I’d like to know HOW), there is no way you will escape this day, without judgment. You won’t mean it, it’ll be innocent, but you WILL do it, and later, as you mull over the events of the day, you’ll realize, (or maybe you won’t) that you participated in the greatest scam known to man…The Biblical Scam….it’s where Satan takes a Bible verse and contorts it to the point that by not to violating the principle, you violate it. Confusing? How do you think we feel? Actually, I really don’t care because it’s a lot easier to not give a damn, than it is to be a hypocrite…But I do love you...I really, really do. Truth is, to be obnoxious and get away with it, is next to Godliness…Selectively Christian was also a good title, but then I’d lose half of you, by the end of the 1st paragraph.

So there’s a Bible verse, something about Jesus admonishing us not to judge (I forget). What I find humorous, is that those who don’t even follow our faith, like to take this verse and use it more than we do. Dontcha think that’s funny? I mean, we’re doing what we’re supposed to do; which is preaching the Word of God into all the nations, but the Bible is a little ambiguous right, and before we know it, KABLAM, we’re judging! We thought all we were doing was having a conversation….then we’re bullied into silence….then all kinds of stuff happens because we’re too Chicken Sh*t to speak out…Oy Vey, it’s all so confusing. Was Peter like this? Did John run tail between his legs? No…no…but they did have their flaws…..I don’t feel bold like them Jesus…can I have some of that SMITING power of yours so I can be bold? Smiting power…that would be great, but we have something better; which is WHY Christ admonished us to know the Word….He said, “Know the Word…Word” (I paraphrase), but what He meant was that there will be those who will try to confuse you, to distract you with shiny objects and if you’re not confident in the Word, you’ll get lost in their intellect…He doesn’t need your defending friends….He needs your obedience…Here’s my point.

I made the realization this morning, that it indeed more fashionable to skewer a Christian, than to politely listen to one, and dismiss him. Shoot, I dismiss people all the time…it’s easy. No doubt about it, we’re back to the day when a family of four could go to an old fashioned Christian Lion show, for only $3…including popcorn. It is becoming quite popular to take a Christian and crucify them to the point that you can’t easily differentiate them from the pictures of Christ, and if that’s offensive, GOOD…because we’re also being assholes. This is why Christ warned us to Love Each Other….He wanted us to Love Him first, then Love Each Other…all the rules and regulations in the Bible are not meant for the World..but for us, yet we now have Biblical “scholars” not of the faith, confusing us, so in our compromises, we lost our values….I’m not saying we shouldn’t stand true to what we hold sacred, I am saying that more often than not, we’re being taken out of context, because we don’t know our Word. But I Do Love You. I do…that’s THE WORD. The word is LOVE….just LOVE…be a light that others feel comfortable following….but also, just love, and get some gonads….you’re gonna need them to do what I do…Whew, there’s some hateful people out there.Gotta go…A day of thrift shopping for me…and I gotta pick a fight with the Trump haters on Trending….it’s like shooting fish in a barrel really. Ya know, Goodwill is a lot like the Bible used to be, and if you need further clarification, you don’t read me….and I’m not gonna tell ya….Have a great day all…Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

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