The People




What’s the name of that book? The one where the 747 rams into the Capitol Building and kills everyone? Yeah, that was a good book.” Ronnie…

In 2010, when the Democrats owned the House, the Senate and Presidency, the American Health Care Act was passed, with Pelosi famously telling the American people, that they HAD to pass it, so they could read what was in it. It would take seven years, a brutal presidential election, a shift in power, uprisings, marches and nefariousness, for the next Health Care Act to be introduced, and it SUCKS too. Yesterday, the government shut down, because they could, and because they know one small truth….They’re corrupt, we know it, but don’t care. It’s too late, we’ve already lost. They’ll devour our souls next. The People….thinking about becoming a mom blogger…God knows I have plenty of stuff….

The challenge for a writer is to create content that is entertaining, as well as informative. As I was perusing my FB pages this morning, I was almost convinced that I should chuck it all out the window, and just become another #momlife writer. After all, my kids are hilarious, the bomb diggity yo, and I’m sure I could make some paper following them around all day, writing downs stuff they say. For example, just the other night, while watching Lip Synch battle with LL Cool J, Sweetness asked, “Was he famous?”….Um, yeah son…just a little. He had not a clue who the “Going back to Cali” rapper was. Now, that’s funny stuff right? I did digress….I’m sorry.

On the local Scanner pages, someone had posted an article from 2017, some didn’t bother to READ the article…and commented as if the interview was given yesterday. See, that’s my point…..The People seem to be an ignorant bunch, believing (or not caring) everything told to them by Washington, with few are willing to look past the headlines, into the actual body of the story. We’ve become so enamored with drama, that (true story) antidepressant sales have experienced skyrocketing profits….YET…..we crucify Big Pharma for pain killers…BUT the government allows mind altering drugs to be generously prescribed…Um…K? So, opioids bad….pot good…flu shot bad….meds that f*ck with your head good….and in the middle, sits the body of the Eagle with the left…and right wing attached. My GOD people….are we really that stupid? NO….we’ve just been trained to believe that the part is greater than the whole, and we’re willing to beat a WHOLE lotta ass to defend our right to be stupid! The greatest lie ever told to the American people is, “I’m from the Government, and I give a sh*t about you”….The People…..If it looks like a crook, speaks like a crook, votes like a crook, and robs like a crook, it’s probably Congress. 3/4ths of us didn’t vote, 1/2 of us who didn’t vote bitch about the way we didn’t vote, and the remaining 1/4th are too busy going “WTF?” to pay attention to what the other 75% does with their lives. I gotta go. My kid is eating breakfast, and I’m hoping to catch him burping….should be cute…#momlife…”When The Kids Are Disgusting“….should be a bestseller on Amazon….only $9.99…but then I can’t cuss….Ima need to think about it. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.











Warning: I am going to write F*ck You…..quite a bit… warned.

The University of Michigan KNEW 20 years before the investigation into his crimes, that Dr. Nassar was raping and molesting young girls. The USA Gymnastics Association, forced victims to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect itself against litigation, and publicity. The ones paid to protect the Little Sisters, purposely failed to protect them. In other words, the policing department….took a bribe to look the other way.

MONSTER.…may the ones whom protected him, all rot in hell….

Reading the news this morning, Merrill makes note that I must be reading something that disturbs me, because my knitted brows, and the back and forth of my head, must mean, I mean pissed. I’m flabbergasted, completely pissed, that over 100 Little Sisters were raped and molested, and the Guardian “Angels” stayed quite. Tell ya what, let me take an innocent puppy and throw it into traffic…..let me try to do it 100 times. Better yet, I’ll just drop them off an interstate overpass, right into oncoming traffic… how far I get, before someone stops me. Monster.…I’m fixing to use some language here folks.

What is it with people who know, and do nothing? What is so important and regal about their existence, that they’d sacrifice a Little Sister? I mean, are they better?  Do they honestly believe their life has more value? How do you watch the sacrifice of Little Sisters, and say nothing? That’s not a cultural issue, that’s a crime……and I gotta wonder, how many F*cking people knew? Dozens… about dozens of people knew….anyone of them had to power to stop this monster (and mine) in his tracks, and each one, chose not too…..I guess they didn’t want to offend him…..they didn’t want to offend my monster either….far as I know, he’s out there, still raping…..but screw those little girls….I got my own problems! Does that piss you off? Good!

And so, you cannot have the honor of influence over a Little Bro and Sis, without taking the honor seriously. What you protect in the dark, will be brought to light, and I will spend the rest of my light, making sure the University of Michigan pays for their crimes. As part of the sentencing phase (of which he can get 125 years in prison), each little girl, now an adult, gets to make a statement to him. I was watching a few of them….I could see the little girl inside of them, out from the internal stronghold, grateful for the chance to finally stand up to him, and bring him down….I’ve seen that fist-shaking stance on Duchess many times……I wonder, do the monsters have any idea what it’s like to be different… KNOW you’re different….To watch people stroll through life, without the fear of FEAR… feel less than worthy… KNOW that only because you were white trash were you singled out……Do they know what it’s like to not trust their spouse? To always be guarded….even IF they’ve been with the same person for almost 25 years? Those who knew, were just as culpable in destroying lives, as the monster himself….and they deserve the same room in HELL that he will occupy….but because God forgives ALL (better Him than I), I guess I’ll defer that judgment to the one who knows better. Monster.….F*ck you University of Michigan, F*uck you Olympic Gymnastic team, and F*ck you Dr. Nassar……what you all did was drop puppies on the interstate….and no one stopped you…..Is it weird that we protect animals more than we protect our Little Siblings? Bravo to the Little Sisters who faced him….you are the true hero’s of society….that was NOT easy… give us all strength to go on. Monster…..I hope God drops Him off a cliff from Heaven….that’s a punishment I’d watch….May God have forgiveness on my soul, for my hatred……Don’t Judge Me. Be Blessed.


Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete…..


You Don’t Have To Be







You don’t have to be rich, to be my girl, you don’t have to be cool, to rule my world….Prince “Kiss”

It’s the suicide pain” Woman in the park.

Yeah, I’ve heard that somewhere before“….Ronnie

Sitting in the park, waiting on Sweetness, I met a woman, experiencing her BLUE period. She joked, but there was nothing funny about her aura, as she stood, face like she had just had surgery…(barely moving)….dark sunglasses, and a very dry, black humor to her persona. There’s no secret something was wrong with her, and my suspicions were soon confirmed when she mentioned that the radiation treatment didn’t work. “Oh, so she has cancer?” I thought, but that didn’t ring true with me, so I waited….soon enough she told me ….You Don’t Have To Be…..Sometimes, it’s okay to just look at someone and say, “I’m so sorry“…..

There is nothing humorous about Trigeminal Neuralgia. The woman couldn’t risk moving her mouth, to save her face. I had a friend with this…I remember her pain, her torture, her desperation, and the vast amounts of medicines the doctor’s threw at her, in their quest to end her pain and suffering. Eventually, she earned herself brain surgery, and I think…she’s doing well now….a fact I shared with the woman at the park. For as much as Science has stepped forward, there are still issues within the brain it cannot address…questions, damage, pain and sorrow, the brain is the last true frontier, and we should pray for those suffering with the ill effects of what happens when our cerebral center turns on us, and attacks.

There are some out there whom feel that because they have no experience, they have no right to say something. Maybe, to a shade, that’s true, however, often…we are not looking for someone to save, nor advise us. There is where Merrill, God Bless his heart, gets it twisted…..We’re looking for an arm, shoulder, back, or chair to lean on….we don’t want expertise, for in many cases the experts have failed us, we are looking for someone to carry us, until we can get back on our feet. Merrill made the comment last night that I “Looked” like I needed to be taken care of……NO…..I needed him to run interference with the babies….until I could get back on my feet…..After hearing of the loss of a loved one, I will call and order a large meat and cheese tray, with toilet paper, for the home of the dearly departed. I can’t bring the loved one back, but I can make sure everyone is fed, and adequately “cleaned”. I know what it’s like to lose a loved one, so any small act of love is appreciated. You Don’t Have To Be.…we’re not looking for experts, we need friends, even if the friend hasn’t a single clue what we’re going through. It’s been raining here in California (Midwest watch out), the weather has been damp, the B. Pressure REAL….you know where your arthritis lies in this weather…..I HURT…….I WANT to cry….but it’s good to know that when I do feel pain and the need to be left alone, Merrill is there…willing to take care of me. I’ll pray for the woman in the park, because I watched a friend go through it. That’s all we need to do….God already knows….I think He’s just waiting to see if we’re willing to carry each other……Let’s HOPE the neurosurgeons in LA know what they’re doing…for her sake. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.




Crawling Counts







“Hmmm” Ronnie upon reading the story of Rick Springfield, and his struggle with depression.

If you have to go out this morning, be careful. The fog is THICK”.  WGOD weather man…..


Depression is The Fog. I’m not trying to simplify it for relational purposes, only describing how it feels when you look around, and your surroundings feel like they’re closing in. Some days, the fog is heavy, and others, not so much…but the key to a successful depression is isolation, and if you’ve ever been on the interstate, when the fog rolls in, you’ll know what I’m talking about. When celebrities I respect, like Rick Springfield, take the painful step of admitting they have depression, I rejoice, because the more people understand, the less isolated those suffering with it have to be, yet, we still have a lot of work to do…Crawling Counts…..You’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, the trick is to share….and share selflessly.

I have made it NO SECRET, that sometimes I look at others and think, “I wonder what it’s like to be normal?”…but I am normal…maybe more normal than you….but normal, and as I sat in Church on Saturday, and scanned the sea of a million other eyes, the preacher confirmed my deepest defect when he said, “If you’re looking for normal, just know, that none of us are normal….there is no normal….and if you’re struggling and in need of prayer, we are here. How many of you know that Crawling Counts…in the Kingdom of God?”….and WHOMP there it was….It may have been intrusive, but I watched many faces soften….I understood the redemption they experienced.

If all you can do, is get on your hands and knees and crawl forward, God is okay with that. Depression would have you believe it’s just you against Pennywise (IT), and be honest, it does feel like that, but you are not fighting the monster alone…that’s just an illusion. If I admit that I struggle, does that make it okay for you to struggle too? Sure it does….because then you have a friend in me. It’s been no secret that I’ve had a tough time in California….I’m not clinically depressed, but it is mighty easy to get caught up in self-righteousness, and excuse behavior. Crawling Counts.…as long as you’re moving….it’s okay. When I read the victory stories of celebrities, I know they have more pull than I’ll ever have, and maybe they’ll make it okay for you to suffer too. Depression is a thief….but knowing that God allows crawling, on the days we don’t feel like walking, should be a great load off our Spirits…..Shoot I can crawl….all day…..Sigh….I’m not depressed (per se), I’m not crazy, and I’m not weak….three things Satan sometimes convinces me I am…..I am NORMAL….and by golly I’ll make it, even if I have to crawl…’re going to be okay…..just reach out….you’ll find you’re not so alone after all. Be Blessed.


Remember you set The Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.





True Story







True Story

“I invite all of you to attend her funeral, so you can witness the utter destruction you created.” Father of Dolly.

Apparently the only people up early in this God forsaken state are Andy Griffin, and yours truly, because at 5am, all you see are infomercials (which come on, I own most of that stuff), and Mayberry reruns. Having a choice between a product that will enhance my package, and Opie Taylor, I chose the latter over the former (I have a package enhancer), and I’ve been bothered by that decision since. True Story…with every step forward, a step backward is inevitable.

Dolly was a well known Australian girl, whose suicide, the result of internet bullying, made international headlines this week. She was 14yrs old y’all…still a baby in her own right, she made the desperate adult decision, to end her pain and suffering, rather than stand up and fight. But I get it. Today, I’ll just as soon beat your ass than look at you sideways, but at 14, I too, was willing to chuck it all out the window just to make it end. My saving GRACE, if you can call it that, was that Al Gore had not yet invented the internet, so I only had to face and fight a few select individuals. Dolly had to run from thousands, and in all that, she had not one Big Sister, with a package enhancer to help her….

On Andy Griffin this morning a woman wanted to run for office, and Andy wanted her to stay in her place. A woman councilman was unheard of in those times, and Andy told her as much, as he encouraged the men folk in town to shut down their wives charge accounts. First of all, hell NO, secondly, it was uncomfortable for me, a woman, to see just how much society valued us at the time. Almost as if we were necessary for bedroom Olympics, and meal prep, but not anything complicated, like politics. The episode ended with Andy realizing that women had a bigger “place” than he initially thought, and he gave the woman permission to run for office…Mighty big of him. It was heartwarming I tell ya…a regular tear jerker.

Look at us. We are Senators, Congresswomen, CEO’s, business owners, cops, fire fighters, Olympians…we are the FRICK y’all, the FRICK, and we can’t save a little girl from a lynch mob. We are only here because of those who went before us, and yet, here sits our little sisters, dangling, because not enough step up to help them fight…to see…another day. WHY!? Do you think you get to sit, and reap the benefits of another’s work? Women took beatings for the right to vote, go to school, and yes, run for office….we continue to fight for equal pay and the priviledge of doing our jobs without some asshat grabbing us by the shorthairs, and yet still among us, sits the little girl humiliated online. ENOUGH! True Story….we’ve come a long way baby….but we still have a way to go…if you see (or read) bullying, be a woman and END IT! Assure, edify, assess, then mentor…because do you have any idea how powerful we are? LOL, I do….and I will hold each one of us accountable until the day a little sister knows she is safe, valued and equal. Now I gotta go. Speak up….Little Sisters there is light at the end of the tunnel….stay strong. Help is on the way….bet me. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete complete complete, enjoy your Friday.






Part 2 of the research..

Ronnie: Are you willing to answer a few questions if I keep your name and business out of the story?

Omar: (Giggle) Ask away….

Ronnie: I have a friend with pain issues….

Omar: Marijuana is legal in California. You don’t need to have “friends” anymore. We don’t judge..

I did a quick Google search; which is weird YO, and found a few numbers for dispensaries here. The first one I called was only taxed and licensed to deal in medical marijuana cases, but they were very eager and willing to give me the name of the second dispensary; which was licensed to deal in medical, AND recreational “medicine”….Surreal….I kept looking over my shoulder, in my own home, the entire time I was on the phone.

Omar was about as knowledgeable about marijuana as a Pharmacist is about drugs, only Omar had a lot more patience with me. Telling him I had no idea what I was talking about, he advised me regarding different strokes for different folks, and if I didn’t really know better, I’d swear I was talking to a doctor…”I don’t want to be couch stoned (a term I learned on Google)” I told him, but he had me before I could go on, “Well then you’re going to want the Savita blend. I’ll tell you what, let me chose for you. We’ll deliver by 7:30pm”…..Wait….You Deliver? Don’t be bringing the Coppers here to me…”Um, my neighbors” I began, but again, he stopped me, “Half you neighbor’s are my customers”….Oh…well no HIPAA worries here…..

So this isn’t your mother’s Ganja anymore. Not the 70’s skunk weed, it’s grown, (demure and all), into a legit multi-million dollar business. What we now have, is a business, once thought to be dirty and seedy, that has been sanitized and legitimized, appropriately taxed (like 20%), and regulated for purity and quality. To make it even more Surreal…what was once a transaction conducted behind the trash cans on a dark corner, is now an out in the open enterprise, with delivery drivers making appointments to show up on your doorstep. I can order marijuana, and the follow up pizza at the same time….Merrill commented, “And YET there are people serving hard time in prison for this”….well YES….That’s what happens when the government gets involved in sh*t it has no business getting into. It’s Surreal….no more excuses, no more “friends”, just call, order, deliver and pay….Omar understood my hesitation, my questions, my preconceived notions…”It’s the Dawn of a new day” he hinted at me….I guess we’ll see where this new/old medical technology leads us, but for now I’ll just wait and see how the Government intervenes in this. After all, it seems like a good thing, and we all know that anything good and pure cannot be allowed to thrive in this country….Omar gave me his number….so Nefarious right? He’s waiting to hear back from me….LOL….Don’t Judge Me. Be Blessed.

I really WANT to interview athletes whom use, regarding their performance.


Remember you set The Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

Alrighty Then





(How It All Began)….

Does marijuana reduce sexual desire in females?

Now that marijuana is legal in Cali, I was advised to try it for my arthritis…..I said, “No, it takes away motivation and desire”….she said it did not, and it was an amazing pain killer (which I do acknowledge).

Which is it?

“Girl, I’ll hook you up with a strain that will turn you into a sex goddess”….good friend.

After posing a question on Facebook, I was totally unprepared for the avalanche of responses I received regarding marijuana and it’s (apparently) very useful purposes. You never know what goes on behind closed doors do you? I have much respect for those who took the time to personally address my questions, and for those who sent me dozens (dozens y’all) private messages regarding their experiences, and their very well intended concerns. Alrighty Then….it may just be that I am now at a point in my life where I am too old to care about what you do, in your personal life.

Like silicone boob jobs of the 70’s and 80’s, marijuana has apparently come a long way. It’s amazing what medical science can do, when it’s not out to judge people’s choices. What do you think has contributed to the change in perception regarding Mary Jane? Like a HS skeezer, whose matured and changed, is it possible that the ganja has also matured over the decades? Are we looking at a decent, respectable PTA mom? After all, I’m not the same person I was back at Zwei, so really, are we talking about a new improved weed….or is it more likely….that people are just less into judging others than they used to be, and if that’s true, do you think that pursuing alternative medicines, regardless of how polarizing they used to be, would still be considered a sin, in today’s society?

I think the answer can be found in both camps. I still don’t buy the “Don’t Judge ANYONE” mantra, because judging each other is how we tend to keep ourselves, and most of society safe, YET, I also believe we develop harmful perceptions based upon facts we don’t know. For example, marijuana isn’t the 70’s John Lennon, long-haired, hippy companion it used to be, however, the staunch opponents and aging white conservatives (gonna take some heat for that), are going to continue to put out the vibe that it’s just for those who have no ambition in life…. Fair enough, yet I contend that what we’re doing now, in the area of pain control, isn’t helping either. Society was just fine, until it wasn’t…and now, we still have pain….just no means of addressing it. Truth is, I don’t see Medicine keeping up with the population like me, in pain, yet young enough to still want to LIVE my LIFE; which is interesting enough, what lead to my question about sex! California really does have this one right y’all…..and it does pain me to admit that.

I really don’t know where my research is going to take me, but I do know if you’re successful bullying the doctor/patient relationship, you’ll be successful in bullying the pulpit/congretation relationship. Think that’s extreme? I’ll guess we’ll find out in about 10 years. How do you account for the rapid OD deaths daily? It certainly isn’t because the pain killers that once controlled pain are now illegal….Don’t get that twisted, it’s because Congress, in their idiotic reasoning, decided that a society on painkillers, was a society expendable. I can go outside right now, and purchase heroine, a very powerful pain suppressant, but I cannot ask a doctor for hydrocodone? There’s something wrong there, and understand that while one is legal (barely) the other wouldn’t be so tempting, had the FED’s kept their mouth shut. Give me a Congressman who understands pain, and I’ll show you a future leader of America…..I gotta go. The story doesn’t end here…..I actually called a dispensary yesterday, and interviewed a very nice, helpful, educated man, whose name I promised not to mention….We’ll talk about his story tomorrow. Alrighty Then…..I’m not judging anymore. We all have our cross to bear… I read enough yesterday to take away the stigma, and to realize that weed is hip….LOL….it’s the new cocaine of the millennial….I’m kidding…..but really it’ll be fun to see where this research goes….I’m going to the gym now to see how many hip California moms are willing to be interviewed….should be fun. Stay Tuned…Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

Everybody Talks






Sacramento Capitol


It started with a whisper”….Neon Trees

I guess Everybody Talks…..

Reading the Sacrament newspaper this morning, I was dismayed to find out that the California Legislation (Remember Sacramento is the Capitol of California), does not have an official process for reporting sexual harassment, nor does it have whistle blower protections in place for those that do file complaints. Instead, what the Capitol has, is what’s known as the Whisper Trail. A woman is sexually harassed, and she tells a friend, who tells a friend, who tells another, but is that enough? Everybody Talks…We did this in High School too….I’m just surprised that a state that prides itself on all things FU*K…wouldn’t have protections in place… it’s own legislative dome….

So a woman, whose name was not mentioned (due to fear of being fired), testified that a Representative followed her to the bathroom, where he pulled down his pants and masturbated in front of her. What is it with all this public masturbation? Guys, we don’t like that, furthermore, it’s humiliating, demeaning, and against the law….but apparently not at the Capitol. Truth be told, I had to ask myself what I, as Ronnie, would do. Would I laugh at him? Call security? Keep quiet…or would I kick his ass? Well, while I like to think I’d kick his ass, I suppose it would depend on how much I wanted my job. I was talking with the Colonel this morning….we sorta agree on many political issues….sexual harassment may not be one of them. We’re both the same age, so it isn’t an “Old School” mentality that appears to be seeping through the societal crack these days. I feel not everything is harassment, while she feels if you FEEL you’re being harassed, then it’s harassment….I get it. Assault and flagrant masturbation aside, it is hard for guys to know where that thin line exists between our comfort and his livelihood. Still…..

Duchess screamed the other day, accusing her brother of punching her in the face. Sweetness swore to all things holy, he did not punch her in the face. “Did you touch her?” I asked…”Yes, I touched her face”…”Well then you’re wrong”, and I used it as a teaching moment for him, that he would’t have been accused….had he not touched her. He didn’t get it, but he will. As a woman whose been sexually humiliated, my Spirit burns for those forced to endure the evils of a powerful man. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a Conservative vs. Liberal issue (although in Cali who knows), this is about men, of both parties, enjoying themselves by demeaning a woman, and while we all loved Matt Lauer, he knew better than anyone what was…and was not…appropriate. Sisters, I’m glad many of you are starting to speak out. This is not okay….We need to train up our daughters to be strong, in the face of evil, and teach our boys that it is never okay to make a woman feel less than human….I’m working on mine. Everybody Talks….Well, I guess until California gets its act together, it will have to do. Women have been considered inferior for far too long….It’s time to take a stand and hold EVERYONE accountable. That includes Moore, Conyers, Trump and Franken…..don’t let them confuse you with party politics, it only divides. This is about all men who get off seeing women humiliated. Thank you sisters for speaking out, and protecting the next generation of females….We got your back! Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

Kate Spade Wellesley Rachelle

Kate Spade Dark Blue







Dark Blue Kate Spade Wellesley Rachelle bag. Excellent condition. Used only once. Authentic, and a great Christmas present this holiday season.

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