Vintage Gucci Drawstring Bucket







Vintage Gucci Drawstring bag. It does have wear. Suede shedding on the inside, leather strap and bottom wear. Would still make a great Christmas gift.

Authentic, just well worn. Wear on piping, and inside suede. Still a great bag, used for the Kentucky Derby. Price reflected to show wear.

Price: $35.00

Shipping: $7.00


Vera Bradley Pinwheel Pink




Vera Bradley Pinwheel Pink, (Retired) 5-pc set. Some pieces in excellent condition, some not so much. The available picture should show you condition. Excellent gift collection for the Vera Bradley lover in your home.

Large Duffel Bag

Book Bag


Small purse

Medium purse

Entire set: $55.00

Priority Mail Shipping: $12.00

Boys Athletic Pants (7)







Nike and Under Armour Boys Athletic Pants (7)

Grey, yellow and black Nike pants (7)

Black and Red Under Armour (7)

Gray and green Under Armour (7) I’m throwing in for free, as it has wear right below the knee (see pictures).

They are used, but clean.

Price: $25

Shipping: Free

Dooney & Bourke Mini Bubble







Retired Dooney & Bourke Mini Bubble. (Sm East/West Slouch).100% pre-owned, authentic bag. It is a little dusty from being in storage, but clean up is easy, and I will send instructions with winning purchase. Excellent first Dooney choice. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Additional pictures, including authenticity tag, available upon request.

Adjustable strap: 8.25′

Price: $20

Priority Mail Shipping: $7.00


Dooney & Bourke Chevron Satchel






Authentic, Dooney & Bourke Chevron Satchel. Large, pink and white pebbled leather, zebra pattern. Two Years old, excellent condition. Used only twice. Excellent Christmas gift. I didn’t appreciate it enough, even though it was and is, a beautiful bag. Additional pictures available upon request, including authenticity tag.

Similar bags on eBay are selling for well over $100, but you can have this signature bag for the low price of $75, with $15 Priority Mail Shipping, includes insurance, and delivery confirmation. Favorable payment terms. So, this Christmas, surprise your loved one with a pre-owned Dooney, a bag whose reputation precedes it.

Bag Height: 9.5′

Bag Length: 12′

Bag Strap: 15.5′

Will negotiate

PayPal, USPS Money Orders, and Personal Checks (must be pre-approved by me) accepted

I Will Fear No Evil










If you think a pedophile does a good job of running the city, you have some problems. 😂😂 Facebook idiot….


I Will Fear No Evil….I will HOWEVER, fear some of you. No wonder God wanted to destroy us…..


You KNOW me! I hate a pedophile….I will not tolerate one, I will not be friends with one, and I certainly wouldn’t defend one. Given the choice, I wouldn’t piss on their gums if their teeth were on fire……BUT I think in the realm of evil, the most evil thing an individual can do is to spread rumors they know to be false. No knife, sword, gun or stone can do the same damage as words, and we know this to be true because the Bible states this very principle between its pages. The Bull Sh*t in the news between the real accusations, and false witnesses really has this country by the short-hairs. We don’t know who to believe, what to believe, which side to choose, or even for whom to vote. It’s a veritable he said/she said, and so in order to be safe, unless in Alabama, we ask the person to step down….and face their accusers. What’ happens when there are no accusers? What happens when it’s just evil gossip? My friends, it’s a crazy time we live in right now, I Will Fear No Evil…..I do fear some of YOU! I hope some of you go to hell for what you’re saying. I really do….

Okay, so I’m not really allowed to wish hell upon anyone, but it is one of the Top Ten Biggies that will get you into trouble…This asshole is saying he knows people who know, and that those people KNOW….but they don’t know sh*t. He’s not a big movie star, he’s a citizen…why wait? Seeing a charge of pedophilia leveled against the Mayor of Danville this am, I had to say something, because it didn’t appear anyone else was. Like calling someone “Racist” it was, at one time, a very powerful word. Now, everyone is a Racist….sh*t I’m a racist…..WHATEVES! But I am not going to sit back and allow you to water down the term Pedophilia,  just because you don’t like the Mayor. Friends, why are you letting this happen? A freaking FB bully is falsely accusing, or at the least, spreading what he doesn’t know to be true, and real children are real victims in this country…It means, how long, before, like RACIST, we look the other way…with a SMH?….Dude, I hope, you get the sh*t sued out of you for calling him that…..OMG, I hope he takes every dime you’ve ever made…..I really DO.

We have to take a stand….not a stand against the Government, for we see how that goes (LOL), but against each other. We need to hold each other accountable, for the verbiage we use, when trying to protect our Constitutional Rights; which BTW jackass, doesn’t protect you, when making a false accusation against an individual. I think, he thinks, he’s Christian….Ya never know! You may THINK (which really, you don’t) you’re safe, but calling someone a pedophile, without proof, is very dangerous…..I see you’re attending college…’d be hard to do that, with no future money…..We’ve tolerated rumors, gossip, the bearing of false witness against each other, and we’ve done so, because frankly, it wasn’t us…..we like the down and juicy Jerry Springer fights on FB…but sometimes, real lives are ruined…and we’re okay with that? That makes us no better than the asshat spreading the rumors….you know that right? We’ve allowed #fakenews to go on for so long, we can no longer discern the difference between the line of decency, and the line of ENOUGH. Calling the Mayor a pedophile because you don’t like him is an evil thing to do, and I’m gonna judge my friend, by saying a little time in hell would do you good…..SMH…..It may do me good as well, but I’m not going around watering down the only term we have to protect children, you asshole, ARE. I Will Fear No Evil, but I do fear my fellow man….not because of what they can and will say about me, but about what YOU can and will believe them saying…..Pedophiles are the King of Monsters in the closet…..they destroy lives……we cannot tolerate the destinging of the word…. Ya know, I’d kill a pedophile…..I would….I’ve seen their eyes…..there’s a sickness, a void that exists within them…they have no soul….it’s not a term one should use lightly….Can we start the right fights on FB now? A child depends on you. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.












Um, I don’t think you want MY perspective. I’ll just sit quietly“….They have no idea who I am…

Let’s Talk About Sex…


Today in small groups we talked about sex in the martial relationship. It was, I gotta admit, refreshing. I think the Church is irresponsible when it attempts to gloss over, or even omit, that sex is a healthy, necessary part of a relationship. What’s worse, is when fails to address the issues and needs that women face as we age. SEX….it’s not a dirty word, but it can be when we fail to acknowledge it’s place in marriage.

As the moderator turned it over to the table for discussion, I looked at Merrill and said, “I don’t think, you want the Veronica Philips perspective to this subject”. Yes, I’m a little dirty when it comes to sex and it’s means, but admittedly, I too am growing older, and God didn’t quite bless me with the same stamina as Merrill. Men can go until the day they die, whereas women, appear to have a shelf life…’s unfair that God favored men over women, or did He? He didn’t. He just gave us a thermostat.

I am just as sexual as Merrill, I just have a very different “on” switch. For example, my butt, as I bend over to pick up trash, appears to be his switch, but for me, watching him be a daddy to his children, doing the dishes, putting on a bandana (TMI?), or dying is what gets my switch flipped. I think God gave us different triggers, because it they were the same, we’d be baboons never leaving the bathroom. I’m not here to pontificate on the settings needed for great sex, but the Church, in order to serve the needs of its congregants, needs to understand that SEX should be discussed, and discussed often. I liked that our small groups, formally known as Sunday School, took up the subject and tastefully ran with it. The trick for me, is not to be challenged to shock my table mates….cause I can….you know?

Sex, the more you know and understand how God WANTS you to have it, the more you accept that not everyone is the same. I like sex..Not while shopping at Walmart, but I do like it. My thermostat is just a little trickier than his. Now if you’ll excuse me…I hafta go forth, and pretend to multiply. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone. You ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete complete, enjoy your Sunday.

When There’s No Path

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost, The Road Not Traveled 
We’ve been given a certain subset of gifts. Gifts that can be used to make the world a better place. Gifts that can make or break the life of a fellow being. Chose wisely. The fate of someone’s world, rests within each of us.” Ronnie…in her Nobel Peace Prize Speech.
If you have the opportunity to get a 3rd degree Publicist, and a 5th Mentor, do it. I highly recommend it.
I’m on a nursing group forum and from time to time, a Little Brother or Sister will post that they’ve been accepted into Nursing School, and ask for advice. My advice, when I chose to give it, is always the same, “Remain humble, keep a teachable Spirit, and decide right now that you really, REALLY want it, because you will be verily tested”. While it’s the same advice, over and over, it is not given flippantly. I did suffer greatly in Nursing School….I’ll suffer again next year….so when I reach out to a younger sibling, I do so, hoping that on some level they’ll understand that I do have their best interest at heart. It’s like when I follow an author celebrity on Facebook or Twitter. They’ve succeeded in their trade, they’re at the top of their chosen profession, and I hope that by watching and reading their style, I too, can glean some nuggets of wisdom. When There’s No Path….if we all agree on Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, then we also have to agree that passage and failure is within our control as well. If you can’t find a path, you’ll have to make your own, and while I am not yet Nefarious, I can teach you to be…the rules are all the same….you just have to be hungry, and stay woke.
10. God puts people in our path.
It may sound a lot like predestination, but it isn’t. You can choose to lead, follow or ignore, but in the end, it is TRUE that if He leads you to them, He WILL lead you through them….
9. Not every has your best interests at heart.
Another Biblical principle states that He has given us His Spirit for discernment. If a fellow being makes you an offer to good to be true, chances are it is. There’s a fool born every minute, and frankly, I’ve played many a fool. Be responsible with what God has given unto thee because in the end, you will give an accounting of His property.
8. If at first you don’t succeed….
Unless you’re a prodigy, like my children (LOL), you will probably not be successful overnight. I too have read the Lana Turner story about being discovered sucking on a chocolate shake in a drug store diner. That mess is very infrequent BS. I think all too often we fall for the “You should be a model” shtick, then quit, when Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sign us up right away. I’ve been writing this tripe for five years, and while I have an amazing following, I’m not Nefarious yet. Keep trying…maybe success isn’t what you had defined, but what you experienced, and friends, I’ve had some amazing experiences. Micheal Jordan once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take“…Discouragement is the enemy of success. With that said….
7. Reassess
In nursing school, if the test question had “Reassess” as an option, then “Reassess” was the answer. Constantly reassess what you’ve accomplished, you may find that it puts your fears, failures and goals into a different perspective. For example, I’m not Nefarious yet….but what IS Nefarious? If it’s a following, a means, a way, and constructive feedback, then YES…I’m Nefarious, and be honest, when you read “Nefarious” you think of me…amiright?
6. Surround yourself with “No” men.
There are too many ass kissers in the world today. I can’t stress this enough. When I wanted to quit school, everyone understood…Well not EVERYONE. One girl sent me a message that said, “NO”. We have enablers, what we need is an ass kicker, not an ass kisser. People who are not afraid to step to you, will always have your back. You may not like them, but you need them on your wall, and in your corner.
5. This above all
To thine ownself be true. Early in this dog and pony show, I tried different styles of writing. I was cerebral (yes, I can be smart), I was savage, I was extreme in that I was only offending to offend. All are fine, IF that’s your style. I found that when I relaxed, and just did ME, people responded. If you’re an asshole by nature, then be an asshole. You WILL find support and followers for that, I promise.
4. Remain true, but also, try new things
It would appear this is a contradiction to what I wrote earlier, but honestly, you can still do quality work while trying out different means. For example, going through the pre-reqs in school, I was terrified of taking Math and Science, but to my surprise, I was good at it. The problem is I had a counselor in HS that told me, to never chose a career that required the aforementioned subjects. She was wrong. If whatever you’re doing now, isn’t working for your….REASSESS….then try something different. You never know….you may just be good at it….
3. Don’t do it for the money
I have not made a DIME on my columns. I do it, because I love the attention, and because I love it. Chances are you will never publish that book, or be cast the lead opposite Marky Mark, but if you do it for the love of what you do, and you BELIEVE in it, others will react to that….you will draw them in like flies y’all…FLIES. Remember, you make no money from the game, you only benefit from being the player. Frankly, if you don’t believe in yourself, how do you others will perceive you?
2. Ask for feedback
One of my greatest weaknesses is constructive criticism. That’s a freaking oxymoron if I ever heard one….No, I don’t do THAT well. Madonna once said, “I have millions of fans, and have received millions of compliments I don’t remember, but I can tell you each comment that criticized my performance“. YEP….me too. I can handle the insults, and the sneers, the comments…..I don’t do criticism well…. Take it or leave it, honest critique (feedback) is more valuable than ticket sales.
1. Remain Humble, Be Teachable in Spirit, You Gotta Want It!
Okay, so we’re back at the beginning, but it’s so true. You don’t know everything, and honestly, you may think you want it, until the sh*t gets real….Remember this one Kingdom Key to Life….People may never, EVER remember what you said to them, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. We are drawn to those who we believe understands our plight. I’ve written some mess over the years….bones that used to be in my closet are now on the front porch like a Halloween Trick or Treat, but I couldn’t have written any of that, had I not felt I would be safe in your presence. Humility comes from the inner Spirit. It isn’t, “I don’t deserve your praise” it’s “Thank you, I appreciate you“…..In anything you do, remember that people will like and love you for YOU….but also, there will be times when you won’t want to write, you won’t want to work, you won’t want to perform….You Gotta Want It….Endurance is what finishes races….For me, it’s about distance….over speed. You cannot lead from an Ivory Tower, and you cannot win from the bleachers…..
Honorable Mention:
When there’s no path, make one. I love the newly fallen snow. You look out, and you see the purity of nature, AND the opportunity to be the 1st person to create a path with your footsteps. Life wasn’t what you thought it was going to be, life was a series of experiences that, in the end, worked out. God knows, I thought for sure, I’d have a book out by now….I do not. I may never have a book, but that’s okay….Don’t tell anyone, but we’re going to start a “Ask Ronnie Anything” series. One day a week, I will answer or advise any question you have. I am a professional in many things….Jack of all trades, expert in none….it may do well, it may not, and while we have plenty of advice columnists, we don’t have plenty of ME…..When There’s No Path….we take the hand of those who have faith in us, and make one…….I love what I do……I am indeed a blessed, successful woman, but not by your definition…but by MINE….Now go forth…and create your own path. Be Blessed.
Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday. Thank you Veterans for all your service.

Thank A Vet









(I thanked him everyday)



Yeah, just tell me when and where I need to be!“…Ronnie fulfilling her part, in thanking a Vet….Merrill

Thank a Vet…..pretty sure my way of thanking, and your definition of thanking, are going to slightly differ…..

I feel like a civics lesson is in order. The First Amendment only applies to communication between the government, (i.e. the Fed, the State, the Local e.c.t) and private citizens (i.e. ME), it does NOT offer a layer of protection, in negotiations between private employers and employees, stranger to stranger interactions, me against you…So, there are consequences to telling me to “Eff off” on FB….dig? Just to recap, any communication that exists between John Doe A, as a private citizen, and Me, a private citizen, the 1st Amendment does not protect, therefore, if you come at me…BRO….and say some stupid sh*t…..I can and will beat your ass. Secondly, NO….we do not need a 45 to kill a deer, we do need a 45 to kill YOU, if you decide you’re going to break into our home, and do us harm. Don’t get this mess twisted, you come into my home, with nefarious intent, I will END your time on this earth…then I will piss your body….and send you back to your mother’s in tiny, easy to manage and package bites. Thank A Vet…..You don’t like me? Blame them….It only gets worse from here.

So I do have to have sex with Merrill later, because really, I don’t know any other way to thank a good man for his service, and I have to….Sigh, in a moment of weakness, I signed an agreement that stated that four times a year, I have to stop what I’m doing, regardless of where I’m doing it, and make sure he…you know…enjoys himself. You don’t like that, don’t read me. I talk about politics, sex, kids…I have a potty mouth, nasty thoughts, and a dirty mind. I am the quintessential lady in the parlor, and blank in the blank!…..How do you think I’ve kept him all these years? Merrill and I have an agreement that on Father’s Day, His Birthday, Veterans’s Day, and our Anniversary, he is guaranteed Nesquick….but really, who minds so much, when you also get to throw in a little appreciation for his time in the service? Nope, win/win for me, and really, if you can thank a vet without breaking a sweat, you’re doing well…..That’s what I always say….

Because of the service of a Vet, I get to be my full-blown, obnoxious self. I get to cuss, fight, spit, drink, flip people off…..I’m SURE many don’t really understand the level of Sacrifice it takes to serve this country. They are separated from their families, their spouses, their children….for days, weeks, months, even years….The Military will whisk you away to some location, dump you there, then pick you up…when it’s ready. There are many who won’t see their families this holiday season…..they made the decision….it was voluntary, and If I could have Nesquick with each of them I would! Okay, that’s not true……it just isn’t. I remember growing up in Germany….all those cute little baby G.I.’s….we didn’t really have an idea of how much they were giving up, just to be there. I’ve grown up in a family of vets….I KNOW the military lifestyle…..they are good people! So, today isn’t the day you get into trouble, like Memorial Day, to Thank a Vet, although let me be crystal CLEAR here….it is NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER inappropriate to thank a VET. You wanna do it on Memorial Day, Easter, MLK, even Arbor Day….DO IT!……Thank the sh*t out of them. Buy their lunch, buy them a drink, have sex with them….whatever we can do to make sure they know we appreciate them….and honestly, we are the people we are, because they keep protecting us….Excuse me, Merrill is calling me….He only gets it ONCE…..I’m not sure why he’s trying so early (it’s 7:30 am here)….but might a well get it out of the way…..STFU…..Don’t Judge Me… Thank a Vet your way, and I’ll thank one my way. My way is way better. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, Thank A Vet.
















I’ve never thought Thanksgiving was a special day. I think we should be thankful everyday, and if anyone knows about giving thanks every day of the year, it’s me. I don’t appreciate the same people bitching about CHOICES, pontificating to me about taking choices via boycotts. If I want to shop on Thanksgiving, I will. Get back to me, when you’re willing to talk about Sunday’s“….Ronnie on her page.



Give Thanks


We don’t need an entire column dedicated to the teachings of Giving Thanks, or maybe we do….it seems to be a very touchy subject. Thanksgiving is nice, don’t get me wrong…but I’ve never really considered it Sacred, like I do Christmas, or Easter, and yet I don’t see the freaking jackasses making threats against retailers who open their doors, on those days. I’ll be damned if I let a subset of society make choices for me, especially when they’re so very stupid about making their own decisions. How about we don’t push values on each other? You don’t take away my Thanksgiving shopping, and I won’t tell you how to clean your room! Thanksgiving…..It’s not a real holiday to me. If you wanna celebrate it, fine, but don’t make me stay at home after dinner, because you’re worried about an employee that CHOSE to work at a company open that day.

I give thanks EVERYDAY! There’s been so much in my life, and I’ve learned that if I can’t be thankful at the beginning of everyday, then I’ll be thankful at the end of it. Listen, I don’t begrudge you the act of enjoying a little turkey, watching the game, enjoying family time, I think we should all be doing that, I just don’t think you, as the minority, should tell a retailer that they have to close their doors that day….especially when you don’t have an issue with those doors being open on Sunday. I find it ironic, that in a society so worried about CHOICE, some are willing to limit other’s while protecting their own……..Also, with 60 million Christians in this country alone, you’d think that more would support the push for recognizing Easter…but hey, I don’t judge!

So, here’s the thing, you wanna boycott? Boycott…it’s your right, but shut your freaking mouth when it comes to preaching about Thanksgiving. It’s not a real holiday, just like Caitlyn is not a real woman…..If you’re waiting for the 4th Thursday of November to stop and reflect upon all you have, then you friend, have greater problems than simply being angry at retailers. I’ll eat my dinner, watch the Cowboys, then I’ll get my ass up, and go pick fights at Wal-Mart, and I’ll do it, because I can. If you’re reading this, and you’re offended, I’m sorry (not really), but honestly, this is a free country. We are free to speak, write, opine and WORK where ever we want…..if you work for a retailer that you KNOW is open on Thanksgiving…..and you have to work THANKSGIVING….then YOU have some reflections do to, NOT ME!…Thanksgiving…do it everyday… thankful every day……..Now excuse me….I’m looking over the ads, and trying to determine which retailer gets the privilege of my visit. It’s not the same as home, but I’ll make it mine…..I just don’t have bail money. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.


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