Maybe that should be your next campaign.” Merrill

Do you even READ me?” Ronnie….clearly I’m frustrated with him.

It should go without saying that one really should read the articles on FB before one comments. LOL, I’ve done it too, and as much as I hate to admit it, I also get schooled when someone says, “Did you even read the article stupid?” Might be the only time I let someone call me stupid and live….Yes, the person who doesn’t read the article, then comments as if they have expertise, annoys me. Almost as much as the person who doesn’t bother to read the thread, then either asks the same question, or restates an opinion that has already been given…”Do You Even Read Me?”….While I’m not sure Merrill and I will be together much longer, it upsets me that he doesn’t know a thing about my passions….

I was scrolling through an article about celebrity photo-shopping this morning, and observed, with great chagrin, the Photoshop of celebrities and well-known models…It’s not a pimple here, a wrinkle there, because even then I couldn’t be mad, NO we’re talking about an all out campaign to change the entire celebrity. In one photo, Madonna, was up against the wall, in an outfit I wouldn’t even wear for Merrill during Nesquick. She had wrinkles, and scars and whatnot, but she’s had two children, I don’t hate, as I have my own tiger stripes, but the magazine edited out each and every “flaw” as if it didn’t exist…all the flabby flab hanging over her G-string was gone, the wrinkles on her forehead gone..shoot even her pubic hair was shaved out…..It was an entirely unrealistic portrayal of Madonna “THE IMMORTAL”. Now isn’t this the same women whose disingenuous attempt at Girl Power, is back firing? She wants us all to be ourselves, Express Ourselves..etc…She’s gotta be like in her 60’s now, and in an attempt to stay relevant, she’s selling her body…to the God of Youth…and here I sit and struggle with MY image while celebrities simply take an eraser to their faces….Oh, I’m just getting started Merrill!

We have Little Sisters who look up to these fake ass celebrities. Every day, they deny themselves life saving sustenance so that they can reach an ideal that the fake ass celebrity has perpetuated. I spent most of my teenage years beating myself up, for those images and didn’t realize until much later that they were only holograms. The acne; which BTW, is a rite of passage for anyone, was zipped out, just erased over, as if they, the women, never…ever…was like one of us. I mean, I saw wrinkles, dark eyes, light eyes, dark skin, teeth, gums, boobies, booties, and feet…all ‘flaws’ that in Hollywood is a sin, wiped out like I use a Credit Card…it was disgusting. Listen, if Hollywood wants to act like their flaws never existed, so be it, but at the very least, at the VERY LEAST, tell us that they are fake. Pssst, I sometimes color my hair a lighter shade of RED! I KNOW….you’re disappointed in me now….These Little Sisters never realize that they’re fighting a computer….and we all know from War Games, that you cannot win, in a game with a computer. And so, they die, they commit great harm upon themselves, while their families watch helpless….I put my family through so much hell…I wanted to be perfect, but then again, it was about control too…we’ll NEVER discuss that….I promise. So, Do You Even Read Me? It’s a zing against Merrill for telling me (as I angrily forwarded page after page) that I should write…about THIS. I need a new manager, I really, really do…….It does anger me, I was that Little Sister, and now I KNOW thyself…. Sigh…if you make it to your 40’s….life is sooooo good. I may not be perfect, but I’m respected, and I am beautiful…on the inside…that’s what we should strive for….Sigh. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday….DC Saturday.


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