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It started with a whisper”….Neon Trees

I guess Everybody Talks…..

Reading the Sacrament newspaper this morning, I was dismayed to find out that the California Legislation (Remember Sacramento is the Capitol of California), does not have an official process for reporting sexual harassment, nor does it have whistle blower protections in place for those that do file complaints. Instead, what the Capitol has, is what’s known as the Whisper Trail. A woman is sexually harassed, and she tells a friend, who tells a friend, who tells another, but is that enough? Everybody Talks…We did this in High School too….I’m just surprised that a state that prides itself on all things FU*K…wouldn’t have protections in place… it’s own legislative dome….

So a woman, whose name was not mentioned (due to fear of being fired), testified that a Representative followed her to the bathroom, where he pulled down his pants and masturbated in front of her. What is it with all this public masturbation? Guys, we don’t like that, furthermore, it’s humiliating, demeaning, and against the law….but apparently not at the Capitol. Truth be told, I had to ask myself what I, as Ronnie, would do. Would I laugh at him? Call security? Keep quiet…or would I kick his ass? Well, while I like to think I’d kick his ass, I suppose it would depend on how much I wanted my job. I was talking with the Colonel this morning….we sorta agree on many political issues….sexual harassment may not be one of them. We’re both the same age, so it isn’t an “Old School” mentality that appears to be seeping through the societal crack these days. I feel not everything is harassment, while she feels if you FEEL you’re being harassed, then it’s harassment….I get it. Assault and flagrant masturbation aside, it is hard for guys to know where that thin line exists between our comfort and his livelihood. Still…..

Duchess screamed the other day, accusing her brother of punching her in the face. Sweetness swore to all things holy, he did not punch her in the face. “Did you touch her?” I asked…”Yes, I touched her face”…”Well then you’re wrong”, and I used it as a teaching moment for him, that he would’t have been accused….had he not touched her. He didn’t get it, but he will. As a woman whose been sexually humiliated, my Spirit burns for those forced to endure the evils of a powerful man. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a Conservative vs. Liberal issue (although in Cali who knows), this is about men, of both parties, enjoying themselves by demeaning a woman, and while we all loved Matt Lauer, he knew better than anyone what was…and was not…appropriate. Sisters, I’m glad many of you are starting to speak out. This is not okay….We need to train up our daughters to be strong, in the face of evil, and teach our boys that it is never okay to make a woman feel less than human….I’m working on mine. Everybody Talks….Well, I guess until California gets its act together, it will have to do. Women have been considered inferior for far too long….It’s time to take a stand and hold EVERYONE accountable. That includes Moore, Conyers, Trump and Franken…..don’t let them confuse you with party politics, it only divides. This is about all men who get off seeing women humiliated. Thank you sisters for speaking out, and protecting the next generation of females….We got your back! Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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