Me from the Color RunThe longest yard, is the yard before the finish line. I was in the finishing sprint, of a grueling Color Run, when I saw a causality of the race, on the ground, just a few feet ahead of me. Like a truck sounding his horn at a deer in the roadway, I said, “GET UP”……”No, I can’t. Go on” he returned…Clearly he didn’t know who I was…..”GET UP”….Reaching down, I grabbed his hand, surprisingly, he allowed me to help him….he slowed me down at first, but by the time we saw the Finish Line, he had picked up speed, and was pulling ME behind him…It wasn’t until I vomited on Merrill’s shoes that I realized a Kingdom Key truth, …As we near the Finish Line, we may be exhausted, but our running partners will be renewed…together we accomplished a goal…Finish the Race you started friends….you don’t have to do it alone….when we are weak, He is indeed strong…Heaven’s got your back.

As Dr. Dorian ended his career on Scrubs, he walked down his hallway of memories and saw the people of his past lining both walls. Some were smiling, and hi-fiving him, while yet others encouraged him and forgave him his mistakes. As I look around, I see those given to me to help me win my race, and as I TURN round….I see those whom I had to leave behind. I am not where I am alone. In this race I started, there are many wonderful people who came together and helped me, I shall never, EVER be able to brag that I did it alone..I may have done it MY way, but never alone….I get annoyed when people like, Jay Thomas, an obnoxious radio show, brags, “Not one damned person helped me get to where I am today”…that’s quite a slap in the face to the millions of people whom listen to his show…#rookiemistake

To finish the race we must first recognize that, like Dorian, we’re not alone. In the 5K of life, we pass some, some pass us, we help some, some help us, some throw nasty colored chalk in our face and temporarily blind us, others hand us water to quench our thirst….but we all FINISH…..100%of us finishes…and not one finishes….ALONE, so suck it Jay Thomas. There will come a day, when I shall stand at the metaphorical podium of life, and give my victory speech; which will read in part, “Screw you DACC. I didn’t succeed because of you, but in SPITE of you; which if I think about it, motivated me to succeed….so THANK YOU”. See, even the barriers have value…I gotta go. Final 1 of 3 is tomorrow….DACC is researching the Chemistry thing, but honestly, I left them behind me a long time ago….As you head toward the Finish Line take a look at whom you’re running with….you may need to make some hard decisions about having them as a victory partner…..and I’m just saying. Finish the Race…we’re all cheering for you. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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