Time May Change Me
Time May Change Me

A century ago, in 1988, I would never, EVER been caught dead having a group of friends whose views were contrary to my own, or having a pierced nose. I have successfully completed both, my bucket list hand is tight. In High School, the furthest from the right (I WAS liberal at the time), one would find me was Jazz…yes….the score. The school, or most of it, was divided into the sub groups of Rockers, Soulers, New Wavers, and dorks (she said with a grin), so for me to identify (there’s that word) with a Souler was a big deal as I was New Wave…but truthfully, Sanchez was a Souler and it’s what they played in the clubs…Did I digress? NOOOO…See Sanchez, actually began the descent into hypocrisy for me, by getting me to dance to such artists as Pebbles, The Fat Boys, and Milli Vanilli (such a shame). Today, I’m a well versed woman of the world, Fame has found me well and doing fine. So what changed? Did I sell out, or is it just likely that the world is not as black and white as I once thought? Hmmm, relationships ARE more about what divides us, than unites us….I got my nose pierced yesterday, I’ve already said that……Ya know, there are some, who want to see that…and yet others, who’d pay a lot of money to not…..my, my, my how I’ve changed from Liberal to Non-Liberal….

While I still feel that restrooms should be assigned according to biology, I’ll freely admit that I’ve used the men’s room myself….It’s disgusting the way you men pee like pigs on toilets, but honestly, when we’ve gotta go, “identity be damned”, I’m using your toilet…I just won’t sit on it. It doesn’t make me a hypocrite it just means that necessity is the mother of all mind-changers. If I were to hang out with everyone just like me, the world would be full of foul-mouthed critics who do nothing all day but bitch about the media and the rich; which according to some statistics, I am one of…I digressed. It just became so clear to me, after following Jason Bateman on Twitter yesterday, BTW he was so damned SEXY in Juno a movie you must see, that I have many friends of varying political backgrounds…..IF one of them espouses an opinion in which I do not agree, I just simply scroll on by. HOW HARD IS THAT? They are my friends because they DIFFER from me….in High School, that would have been mutiny. I get it now…we are to be Lovers (not bow chicka bow-wow Lovers) of all, ambassadors to the World, because I have learned much from my Uber Liberal Brethren…..so…Okay…I’ll follow Jason, but one word…just one about Global Warming, Gun Control or Sanders and he is so freaking out of here….I ain’t got time for that….

So, I got my nose pierced yesterday. If you dig it cool, if you don’t, don’t get your nose pierced…that would be creepy. I invite all to be friends with me….I get that your differences makes my traits less interesting…and I can be hip to that. It’s my nose if I want to pierce it I will, It’s my husband, if I want to sex him up at 3am, I will, It’s my hair, if I want to dye it pink and shave it I will….we can be more united by our divisions than our similiarities…..Go ahead and Judge me if you must, but understand that I don’t give a damn about what you think, if I did….I wouldn’t have gotten my nose pierced….and THAT is how we interact with each other. Okay, I do gotta go. It’s Jesus school, and I have to disinfect my nose. I like the piercing…makes me look nefarious….I like nefarious….if you don’t, then you’re not going to like me..I’m hip to that too….  Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.

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