Did you think I wouldn't KILL you?
Did you think I wouldn’t KILL you?

“Sigh” Ronnie rolling over to touch Merrill in the middle of the night.


Merrill and I had just walked into the bar, when two women looked at me, and made that “bitch face”. Come on ladies, we are a nefarious breed…we set the boundaries of our territory quick….It happens. I digressed. The woman, the leader (I assumed) wore black and had a nose ring shaped like a star, walked over to me, and mentioned that she heard I taught Kickboxing….”I do” I responded meeting her gaze..”Well, you don’t scare me” she said and backed away. “So, it’s going to be that kind of night” I thought and set my spidey senses to stun……Sensing trouble, Merrill said, “Let me go use the rest room, then we’ll leave”. He always was the reasonable one. I watched the strangers walk in the door after him….my BS meter went off….”WTH?”…I followed him to the men’s room and as I slowly opened the door, a man pushed me out, turned off the bathroom light, and tackled me to the ground….I heard him scream…..I heard Merrill scream.

Straddling and strangling me, I took my hands off his hands, and stuck my index finger in his eye, as he screamed out in pain, I shoved a knee in his groin, and pushed him off….rolling over and standing up, I stomped him in the throat Bruce Lee style…and felt his windpipe collapse under my foot. I had no time to enjoy that sound for another individual grabbed me from behind and lifted me off the ground. Kicking and screaming, I smashed the back of my head against his nose heard it pop, felt his blood spatter against the back of my neck, and grabbed a pool stick from against the wall and swung it at his head….he went down like a heap of laundry…..I could still hear the screaming from the bathroom, I ran, threw the door open….GASP…it was HER, the one whom wasn’t afraid of me, the one with the black eyes, and the nose ring that looks like a star, standing over Merrill, whom was on the floor, in a pool of blood, but alive…..and because these standoff requires something corny to be exposed, I said to her, “Did you wash your hands, because I’m getting ready to dirty them”…..

My best friend lay severely injured on the floor, his eyes swollen shut….”Shhh” I said to him, “Shhhh” because it was all I could do not to panic and run to his side. How did this all turn into some Kill Bill Scenario?? Even though I was getting ready to go Quinton Tarentino on this bitch, (because she messed with the wrong woman)….I could see she wanted to end me….”This isn’t about him, is it?” I asked as I gazed into her black eyes…..”You want my soul…You want my strength…You want ME!”…It wasn’t enough that she had taken my security, my hair, my faith, and my mojo…she hadn’t defeated me….so she went for my weakness….I had to kill her. I knew that only one girl was going to walk out of that bathroom….”Shhhh” I said….as I went bat sh*t crazy and fought for the life of my heart and soul…..Part 2, “I Heard Him Scream”….tomorrow on Daily Affirmations…Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.



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