Class of 1988
Class of 1988

“I don’t even know who she is” Ronnie reading her HS diary.

I’m one of the unfortunate few, who kept a diary, while a senior in HS. For anyone just now joining us, I went to HS in Germany, graduated in 88, and my best friend of (ahem) 20+ years, was my best friend in HS. We lived in “housing” outside of post, Huster Hoe Concern (spell check is going NUTS), in Pirmasens West Germany. I do speak German, although by now, it’s mostly just the potty words, and the vernacular of someone for whom German is a second language, and I’m still enamoured with German food…when it’s authentic. I Kept A Diary In High School….Wow, those were some painful clippings to read.

Major Hollywood stars don’t like to watch their movies, famous author’s don’t like to read their writings (I’ll second this), and Utube stars never edit their video’s. I get why. Reading the sometimes confused, unorganized, musings of a girl, struggling to create her identity as a senior in HS, made me sad…I would have reached out to her, had that girl not been me. If you could read what she wrote, then see the girl she became, you wouldn’t be able to even connect the two. See, this is where the mentorship of the Little Sisters becomes so important to me…I had good friends…good friends…I mean, we shared like experiences, so we intimately knew and understood what the other was going through. Would any of you living in The World know what I was experiencing? Probably not…it doesn’t make me elite, but we…unlike you…were islands unto ourselves….Lord of the Flies and whatnot…..Survival of the fittest….then we had the GI’s…..

“Fifteen will get Thirty”…that’s what they would always say, but they couldn’t help themselves, and they couldn’t help themselves because they were just kids too… we weren’t being malicious…some of them were CUTE. I look back on those days and see that we played some dangerous games with those little boy’s lives….only 18 or 19 themselves, just babies serving their country in a different country, where they were told to leave the “dependents” alone. Sage advice, given whom our fathers and mothers were. Reading the painful angst(es) of a little girl living a free adult life, makes me understand that even though I am in my late 30’s, if FB is any indication, times have NOT changed. For although we don’t have the GI’s in Danville, we do have boys….and where there’s boys, there’s a broken heart. All’s fair in Love, War, and Childhood….If I could go back, and visit with that heartbroken, scared little senior I would tell her, the World may be a cruel place, but like Mr. Rogers once said, “Watch for the Helpers” for even though times will be bleak, dark and sometimes overwhelming, The Helpers..i.e. your best friends, are going to get you through what your bad choices brought you to…that’s GOSPEL TRUTH. I Kept A Diary in High School, but long after Graduation, the story did continue… Ft. Benning where I finally met a GI who was my equal match…love that man. The people I am friends with today are not the same ones I drank German beer with yesterday. Remember, Time does heal all wounds, and the more you walk through….father away you get from….and when a boy say’s “I’m not looking for a relationship” BELIEVE HIM. Gotta go. Gotta be at the VA at 0800…the VA reminds me of a small post in Deutchland…what was it called? Oh yes, Fischbach….a few broken hearts left there too….Sigh, ya know, those boys were babies too….I apologize….PS- Do you have a HS Pic of me? I need a new one….LOL. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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