I have to giggle at the generation of people two miles ahead of us. They’re suspicious of credit cards, will not pay bills electronically, and will graciously hear out a telemarketer, who is, “Just doing their job”. I have couple, for whom I am POA, who received a marketing call from a Diabetic Association, and told the Representative, “We’re eating right now, but you can call back in 10 min”…”She has a family to support” she said to me, “We can at least listen to what she’s selling”….LOL, It’s a good thing they don’t believe in CC and I have control of the check book. In their banking history, there is a checking debit from a company trying to feed hungry children in Africa…..they thought they were saving the life of a child…..I adore them….so pardon me, if I get a little touchy at the FREAKING high and mighty companies who don’t care whom they embarrass…..Telecheck and Kmart….You’re on my Sh*t list now…..  Kmart Hates Seniors…probably not, but what I just did, is no worse, than what they just did….

Kmart, and other retailers, employees the services of a company called Telecheck to watch their backs against check-writing fraud. This company, has the absolute power to approve and deny purchasing privileges via their electronic, risk-assessment judgments; which may or may not be accurate. An algorithm is written to watch for patterns in spending. For example, if a pattern is up, they’ll cut off privileges without human intervention….in other words, a computer program…and nothing more….makes all the decisions for purchasing. See, he’s been mad at me lately…..I wanted to let him have some independence to spend his money as he saw fit….I wanted him to be free of my tierney…..Telecheck with the full blessing of Kmart, controlled him more than I ever could have…the response of Telecheck….was priceless.

TC- “Hello, how may I help you?”

Me-“My client was just denied purchasing privileges at the register. May I ask why?”.

TC-“Um, yes ma’am. We show a larger than usual check writing pattern; which is indicative of fraud. We do not show enough trust worthy history approve purchasing privileges, therefore, we will limit him to only one check every other day.”

Me- “You’ll LIMIT him? Who the hell do you think you are? He’s never written a bad check, you left him humiliated at the check-out looking as if he had committed a crime! He’s a good standing citizen. He deserves dignity”.

TC- “Ma’am, our computer model shows a trend of a high level of check writing activity”.

Me- “I pay HIS bills. Of course there’s a high level of activity”.

TC- “Nonetheless, until we’re able to verify his activity (WHAT?), we’re going to continue to deny any check over the one, every other day”.

Me-“The HELL you are….So you’re just going off an algorithm? You would criminalize a vet…over a mathematical computer program? You’re treating him and his wife like a criminal, and he’s done nothing wrong. That goes against everything he fought in Korea and defended.”

TC-“Ma’am we’re Tele-Check, we can do what we want. The Merchant pays us, to keep fraud out of their stores. If you don’t like it. Too BAD”…..


Well KMART….I don’t like it. You’re employing the use of a company, that employees the use of a computer program, that treats all like a criminal, before they’re proven to be a criminal….and apparently…’re fine with the arrogance of the man….on the phone. Riddle me this, why does a generation, who takes their financial health very seriously by only spending the money they have, have to answer MORE than the generation who uses credit cards, money they don’t even posses, to purchase items they can’t afford? I could just say, “In My Opinions, Telecheck and Kmart hates seniors and doesn’t want their business”…..See what I did there…..I used the same algorithm they did….to paint a broad stroke. Yet, somehow, I think I’ll be judged WRONG…..think about it…Truth is, they have an issue to address….and I’ll be calling Kmart later…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be Kind to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.





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