“I guess that depends on whom you ask” Ronnie responding to the question, “What is your platform for change?” It was a BS question at best.

For future Reference, My Platforms for Change, are easy. Merrill teases me all the time about the simplicity of my nature. I try to get people to walk a mile in someone’s shoes, because what’s really killing our brethren in society, is IGNORANCE and JUDGEMENT along with the inability to empathize with a battled worn spirit. We’re frustrated, like the medic’s in the heroine story I read this morning…the Battlefield is CHAOS. Understand this one principal: The Body, Spirit and Soul, do not want to die….My Platform for Change is trying to get YOU to see that.

The body is an animal. It has several systems of checks and balances, to make sure we stay alive at all costs. The body understands disease, and when diseased, there are systems that compensate for the system no longer able to sustain life. For example, our son Sweetness has right eye amblyopia. The treatment is a patch he must wear over his “big brother” left eye for 2 hr each day…but he doesn’t want to, because he can’t see out of his right eye… See, the body transferred all the seeing power over to Big Brother Left Eye…if we can get him to use his right eye…the body will reopen operations there….There is only one force in existence that can override The Body, Spirit and Soul….The Will….Kill The Will, and you’ve killed the person…Healthcare already understands this principal…There are only two existing forces in the universe with the expertise to kill The Will…..God…and The Beast….both at odds for your soul…. only one wants wants to see you succeed.

So the War on Drugs, as it’s being fought right now, isn’t working….I don’t think it means, what they think it means….To battle addictions, we must understand, that is, have a true knowledge of The Beast, and how he interacts with The Body, Spirit and Soul. Addictions, nor The Beast are defined by medical logic….they are not beaten back by Rhetoric and Corrections… illicit true change, you must understand, then kill, The Beast……Like Air, one doesn’t have to believe in The Beast, to see that he exists….I can’t make you believe in him, but he does exist….until then….

I’ll continue to work on my other two platforms Body Image and Bullying. I am content in my own skin, so on that front, I can teach battle strategies. Today, I am the semi fullness of my mind, body and spirit….but at 16….I WAS a mess…As I begin to define my message, I begin to see what it is, I’m trying to say. Half the battle in society is recognizing whom The Beast really is…and his desire to kill our Will….Sadly, the other half….is understanding how to fight him….but that too…is a process….Damn Processes! So, we have Addictions, Body Image and Bullying….My Platform for Change….all three after our Will….Okay, little long today….gotta go. I’m in the Labor Day Parade….I need to think about the Image I portray as I walk….Sigh….this might take some change, and we all know how I feel…..about CHANGE. Happy Labor Day my brethren…. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.



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