12377741_940245566011830_592354442882710299_oI ate a bowl of cereal last night before I went to bed. Cereal at bedtime, while surfing the message boards on eBay is a favorite pastime of mine. I had to temporarily shelf that luxury while on broken hand hiatus. The downside, to eating cereal at bedtime, is one has to get up several times in the night to relieve oneself. It must be an age thing, because when I was drinking in Germany, I don’t remember having that problem….I digressed. My point is that while I was going potty at midnight last night/this morning, I had an amazing inspiration for a status. “YES, that’s brilliant”. I said..loudly… to no one in particular…. from the toilet…..but alas, it was not meant to be. Ahhh, the #writerslife, some of the most amazing ideas are left, on the toilet.

There’s a Seinfeld Episode, where he awakens in the middle of the night with an inspiration for a joke, so he writes it down on a piece of paper, and the next 30 minutes is dedicated to him finding the note. Often, I will created little memory bombs in my head, because truly, I forget my ideas. The Best Stories are never told friends….Damned Swiper. Sometimes, I’ll create memory bombs, but in my defense, memory bombs are only as good as the detonation one uses. I created no such bomb last night, certain I would remember the inspiration this morning…..No such luck. I even went back to the toilet thinking the idea would still be there….on the toilet…..I guess it wasn’t meant to be, but I was so sure you’d like it….WAIT….when did I start caring what you thought?

When one creates for the public’s pleasure one does experience certain, um, INSECURITIES. “The Day Before” did well on FB. What does well on FB, doesn’t do as well on Twitter, and the inverse is also correct. “So, my writing doesn’t suck?” I asked Merrill, (my manager in name only), “Why would you think that?” he asked,  “Because, NO ONE is reading me anymore”,…..but that isn’t true….is it? The Lurking Variable is KILLING ME, but Vanity has me caring about what’s KILLING it on FB….Vanity is one of the 7 Deadlies for a reason friends……SMH, I almost fell for it. See, I’ve been feeling vulnerable and exposed lately, with my insecurities starting to push me toward bubblegum side of the book. A sweetie pie came up to me after Church yesterday and said, “I just love your posts”. I was honored, but sooooo tempted to say, “Aww, thank you. Can you start “liking” them?”; which we all know would have commercialized my craft. I’d have sold out like U2……Truth is, I don’t need this to eat, I just need it to be famous. So, what have we learned today? Well, the best ideas come from voiding, and I’m back to not giving a damn what you think. Almost….I’m almost there……Now, I Gotta go. I just had an idea that involved Merrill, the Laundry Room and chocolate milk….Oh…that was bad right? Well, then don’t read me tomorrow…that’s all I gotta say….then later, when I’m on the toilet, I’ll think of a story for THAT…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.


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