“Geesh it’s hard to wake up these babies” DST…:)

I’m excited a the prospect of playing volleyball in the yard with the family, grilling outside, walking the dogs while watching the corn and soybeans grow in the fields. I’m looking forward to Spring Break (vacation in DC), Summer vacation, air conditioner, running….LOL, running… who am I kidding? I love to run, but we all know I probably won’t. I struggle to teach class now as it is…but, I love DST. Especially the part where it takes place in March, the most eclectic month of the year…hey, March is a little like me…unpredictable, yet very appealing in it’s own right….Perfect Mommy….NOPE…but then again, you all knew that.

So, some of my friends are trying to quit smoking, I’m trying to quit cussing. It is true that to tame the tongue is like taming a lion, and it’s freaking hard! I called my kid an asshole (not the 1st time), to his face, because he did something that mirror mimicked something his dad did, and as promised 10 years ago, I attempted to beat it out of him. I’m not the traditional mom. I don’t do the cashmere cardigan pearls, with designer handbags…..ummmmmm….well…..So, I’m not the mini-van mom, with soccer supplies or whatever it is that normal moms have. I have an oversized, gas-guzzling SUV..paid off, with sparring bags in the back. See, my kids are in Taekowndo, (one in ballet as well), we have knives, bow-staffs, combat weapons, face masks and mouth guards. I’m a beer and brat kind of gal, watching smash-mouth football right before the Final Four. I love beer (although I don’t drink), crude humor, and skinny jeans with an oversized sweatshirt with Uggs….I’m a Writer, and not of romance novels…the stuff I write would not make the NY Times. I teach kickboxing, and as an added bonus, I am the oldest student in my Nursing Class…

But my kids, and husband, know that when the monster of life steps to them, I will beat the living crap out of it, and send it back to his home in Monster Hell…unless it’s a spider monster, and then I can’t help you. I have gay friends, friends who cuss (birds of a feather), friends who are as dysfunctional as I, my sisters are black, my cousins latina, my family….is not limited by blood. I don’t believe Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard….My kids are allowed to vocalize their dissent, as long as their dissent is respectful, but respect…is subjective….I need to learn that. My kids, are the most important people in my life! I’m inappropriate, insensitive, unyielding, and obnoxious. I don’t believe in the values of the Women’s March, preferring the individual to individual lesson of what happens when underestimated. When I threaten you, it’s for real…there’s no smack talking, little sister bull sh*t that they pull these days. I don’t pm, I call you out with a tag…ask my kids….There’s just simply a point where I’ve had enough….but even in all that, I’m loyal and passionate. I empathize with the underdog, the down trodden, and the disenfranchised…..I am not a Perfect Mommy….but I AM a GOOD MOMMY. My kids know love, my husband knows sex (and love…he’s goo), my friends know loyalty, and my classmates know empathy….as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather be me, than June Cleaver….although from time to time, I will wear the pearls, high heels and nothing else, for Merrill’s benefit…..LOL! Perfect Mommy….WHATEVES! I’ll call my kid an asshole, and yours too…if he’s being one. Gotta a problem with that? Good, it means I’m being ME. Don’t worry about measuring up…worry about raising kids. Time’s haven’t changes, the societal perception of mommies have….Just do you…and raise good kis. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.

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