Brown, Red, Green, Yellow
Brown, Red, Green, Yellow

I see gay rights, as a civil rights issue. If one set of the populace has rights (we can call it privileges if you want), that the other set doesn’t, that’s wrong, and illegal. Look at it this way, if blondes and redheads were allowed drivers license, but brunettes were not, would you think that wrong? I do not support the fight against using the restroom one “identifies” with, because “identity” is vague, and at some point, society has to draw a line, and as right is not being denied, I’m not supportive. Now, just because I disagree with many current social norms, and agree with others, it doesn’t mean deep down, I’m not sensitive or supportive of those whom disagree with me. There are those who’d have us think that the issues we disagree on are deep and wide….they are not. #SharedGoals we’re just a bag of M&M’s.

Listen, I’m not resistant to Evangelism. I love Evangelism. My focus, is on Evangelism within the Church, and by Church, I mean, The People, not the building. The World, and some very well-meaning soldiers in it, would have us believe we are in a War of Us vs. Them; which makes no sense, because a house divided cannot stand. #SharedGoals is raising our children in a world free of war, famine, and government intrusion. We want home ownership with a picket fence, a dog and a wife who wears pearls (giggle) with her Louis Vuitton. We all want less crime, lower taxes, higher farm yields….ask those of the faith, and not of the faith what they want, and they’ll tell you, “We want the Same World…..”. #SharedGoals…I want that too.

Many whom sit in the pews every Sunday, are not the lost, but the found… and they’re hurt, raw and tired from the beating they took during the week. I scroll on, from those who offend me, because to me, keeping the Peace is more important that exposing my opinion; which yes, I have the right to do. I so desperately want my LIFE to be my LIGHT…I can’t Evangelize to you, if I’m weak and poor in Spirit myself. I get beat up, I get tired… I need to be Edified too.  #SharedGoals, is simply acknowledging that we are not that different on the inside. #SharedGoals means we are all M&M’s….we’ve the same chocolately goodness on the inside,….different color on the out. God never asked us to go out and fight for Him, Goodness He flooded the freaking world, I think He’s got this. God asked us to live in Peace among each other, by loving, edifying each other…I do worry that maybe my message is weak and watered….I have my doubts….but if I follow the Love Rule, then He can Judge…I’ll risk the admonishment…. Okay, gotta go. Hubby and I don’t really have the same #SharedGoals….He want’s Nesquick, I do not. Maybe through #SharedGoals, we can find a compromise…after all M&M’s have some chocolate in them…right? Go into The World Today understanding that you are but an M&M among other M&M’s……..find what you share, then work from there…it is by far an easier way to LIVE. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

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