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Electing Trump

I Am No One's Bitch
I Am No One’s Bitch

“I call BS mom. You can’t blame it all on Eve”. Princess defending Eve on the day of her eviction from Eden.

Oh yes I can….Trump is going to win, and he has us, to thank for it. How ironic, that a sexist pig like Trump will be elected by women? Damn, that’s some gangster sh*t right there. “Master”Card, because telling a women she looks better on her knees, than she does on her feet, and getting elected by her gender, is priceless”. Why do you think Satan chose Eve to be the downfall of creation? Because he knew Adam wouldn’t defy God, but he also knew that Adam wouldn’t deny Eve either. In every case of societal change, the good, the bad, the ugly, it has been a woman whose led the charge, or at least a woman who was led to believe she was leading the charge. Electing Trump….of course men are trying to get into our uterus dumbass….They’ve been trying doing that since Genesis…

So one cannot be smart and pretty? Well no smoking gun there. #trumpgirlsbreaktheinternet was genius. The first stone thrown was, “Just look at that whore” and BOOM…we’re killing each other. The Crusades ain’t got jack on us. Ya know, for the stronger sex, we sure are pliable. Meaning, we can be whatever someone else wants us to be….Guns don’t kill people, jealous, bitchy harpies kill people…. A woman was responsible for the downfall of creation, and a woman was responsible for ushering in the redemption. A woman, a woman, a woman. When King “whatshisface” defied God and allowed another King “whatshisface” to live, God used a woman, to nail that king’s head into the ground….we can be so vicious….Ladies, you gotta listen to me….

In this election, the victor will be chosen by the women. For those of you thinking it’s Clinton, think again. I’m no Trump fan, but Clinton fans are going to be very disappointed come November. Are some of you really that stupid that you cannot see that they’re splitting the freaking vote? We look like idiots. Why is it so hard to empower each other? Why can we not support each other? Why can’t we just STFU and not play into their hands? #trumpgirlsbreaktheinternet… “That was fun. Okay ladies break it up and get back into the kitchen. The men have to get back to work”. That SUCKED….For all we’ve accomplished, and we’re still thought of a kitchen mavens because we cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Be honest, how many of you are voting for Clinton only because she’s a woman? Shame on you…So now, you can’t even be trusted to vote…..Even though we are the more powerful, we will never be equal…let me write that again, we will never be equal…. because we will never be united. If some of you have a problem with this, that’s too bad because I really don’t care what you think. If you’re not paying me or doing me, your opinion means nothing to me…I’m not going to be anyone’s bitch….get it? Electing Trump is going to be easy…..God please, give us a hero…. Gotta go. I post quite a few selfies myself…and I am far from stupid……I should have been a man….OMG, did I really just write that? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.



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The End Times

He's growing up so fast.
He’s growing up so fast.I felt a sense of sadness as I dropped my son off for the DACC College for Kids program. He’s growing up, I’m a mommy, I love and hate to see him blossoming into an amazing young man. “Mom, you can go” he said as I tried to settle in for a kiss. Sigh, the #momlife. Everyone gets it, but me.

These are scary times, but weren’t they all scary times? I mean, in the 80’s the Russians were just waiting for us to go to sleep before they’d push the red button. Red Dawn PROVED to us, that they could just parachute into our schools and take our children. AIDS was gonna get us if we just spoke to someone who was sick, and famine…the plague that had threatened our brethren was hoping a ship to America. So, I ask you…haven’t we always lived in the End Times? Hmmmm?

We’ve always lived in the End Times. Jesus, in an act to reassure us, promised us that these things must happen. I can’t lock my babies up in the house because no amount of control that we exert over guns, alcohol, tobacco, speech, religion, or rights is going to ever make us totally safe. The REAL threat to our babies: Internet bullying, Child Molesters, traffic accidents, drugs, peer pressure…..Nay, we didn’t start this fire, it was started by ADAM. We can fight the curse by continuing to be kind….continuing to be Graceful….continuing to show Mercy for the illusion that our babies are safe is just that….an illusion. Take comfort in the words of Christ, “And I will be with you always”. The #momlife…sigh…they grow up so fast. Teach them to not engage, but defend, not to fight but to help, not be tempted but to be disciplined…..not to judge and hate, but to be loving. These things must happen, but the promise remains. I suppose that will have to do, for now. Be Blessed.

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The Fidelity Of Merrill

1000657_947739388595781_4635086820268362442_n“You see Bubby this is the Curse of Adam, and this…this doesn’t get any easier”. Veronica Philips having a biblical conversation with her one and only begotten son, while tilling the garden.

“What if there is no God?”. If I’m at a RR Crossing (DANVILLE), or a stop-light, I’ll allow myself to explore that dark alley of thinking, because what is Faith, without a healthy dose of doubt? From time to time, my mind wanders, and I question the fidelity of Merrill. I KNOW RIGHT? But think about it, he’s rich, has a great booty, works out, he’s smart, fine as hell, he’s GOOD…and he has opportunity…..Doubting does refine FAITH….After all, if I stood for nothing, I’d fall for everything….but what I cannot do, is make him miserable with accusations, and assumptions of guilt, while working out my insecurities….get it? The way I see it, even the most astute of cheating men, mess up. Eventually, their arrogance will get them and the wife will smell Chanel, lip stick on the collar, or he’ll REALLY screw up and the woman (or worse, him) will fall in love. If we wait upon the Lord long enough, He too, will show His true side…but like Merrill, while we’re working out our doubt, we don’t go and CHEAT…it violates the LOVE Rule….Hmm, The Fidelity of Merrill….this should be interesting.

I struggle with Faith in a Being that I cannot prove exists…but Science cannot disprove Him either so……See I can’t prove Merrill is cheating, but I can’t prove he isn’t cheating, so eventually, one or the other, will become evident…Just like God…I mean, has He or God, EVER given me ANY reason to doubt their Fidelity? Um, NO. Actually, on many occasions, they’ve both gone out of their way to prove their love for me! So, as there no evidence of unfaithfulness, and a lack of evidence of HIS non-existence, I will accept both for what they are…Reject the Null, and accept both at face value…

The lack of evidence of Merrill’s faithfulness to ME is clear. He loves me, he is true to me. Sometimes, a lack of evidence to the contrary, is the best evidence of the Truth. In the face of our doubt, and maybe OUR unfaithfulness (did ya think about THAT?), He is understanding, patient and willing to put our mind at ease, but He requires US to LOVE….like Merrill requires me to remain faithful, even if I question his fidelity. Even if there is no God, even if Heaven and Hell did not exist, even if the threat of eternal flame, fire and arachnid damnation were permanently removed from my life, I’d still LOVE…still cause no pain…still help, where I could. Because Love is Patient, Kind, Understanding…..Love….is FAITHFUL. I can think of no better way to prove the existence of God, and Merrill’s Faithfulness than to prove the existence of LOVE…which in it’s basic essence…IS GOD…and on that….I’ll simply say…Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE Kind to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.


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I Hate You Eve

Men on Pause Arm Pit Sweat
Men on Pause Arm Pit Sweat

Sweetness partied with his father a little too hard last night and he’s learning the basic law of consequences this morning; which simply states, on a school night…if you chose to stay up and watch the game….you will be tired. I don’t know how else to state it. I remember Germany, being in the club until 3,4,5 am in the morning, only to have to be at BK at 6a…not a problem, so Sweetness will be okay. Truth is, I wouldn’t give him up for all the hormones in the world; which is good, because him and his sister cost me quite a bit of female capital. I may be only 45, but I have the hormonal body of a 52 yr old. I hate you Eve…sigh…Men on Pause…you suck too.

I get it Eve. The apple looked good. I mean, I too have sat and gazed upon a piece of cake that I knew would not be good for me. I too have longed for it’s chocolaty goodness to hit the expectant taste buds in my mouth, and I too…aware of said consequence….have taken the forbidden bite…but my Goodness woman, GOD told you, I mean He actually sat you down, gave you The Talk, and told you not to eat of the Tree of Life. It isn’t that He was ambiguous and said, “I’d prefer you not eat the apple”, no…He said, “Don’t….eat…the…apple”, but you did, and now women everywhere must pay the price. My husband must now freaking LORD over me and mess…I mean he’s gotta LORD over me..I don’t want that! I gotta fight him every time Duchess gets her Chocolate Milk….worse I gotta have ARM PIT Sweat in a Vintage Gucci Dress…Lord it isn’t like I ate the apple….Come on….

Okay, so I knew that having the IVF procedure would put my body into early Men On Pause. I was okay with that..I still am, but some of the symptoms, like Armpit sweat I think is a little unnecessary. Why can they put a MAN on the moon, but not make a antiperspirant that won’t make a woman sweat in church? The mood swings, the lack of wanting Merrill to touch me (and believe you me, he tries), the crying because I ran over spider….that I can handle, but I have to deal with sweat…..and that bothers me. Sigh….it isn’t so much Eve’s fault as it is the current Scientists who cannot seem to control the basic regulation of a female body. Make a condom that promises no babies, but God forbid you keep a woman from resorting to extreme measures in Church. Okay, rant over…I gotta go. It’s time to awaken Sweetness. I love him…I adore him…his sense of humor is much like his father’s sense of humor. He was worth it, and I’ll sweat in the face of Carrie Bradshaw herself to have my only begotten son (with whom I am well pleased). Thank you Jesus. Merrill’s looking at me….sigh….time to go deodorize….He’s gonna try to LORD over me again…..I hate you Eve….Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.



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I've Worked Hard For This....
I’ve Worked Hard For This….

While he won’t admit it, his children are a lot more like him than he thinks. For example, Sweetness is on the couch, as I write this, naked, playing his iPad. No, Merill doesn’t play naked on his iPad anymore, but it is hubby’s lack of modesty that makes Sweetness like his father. Merrill’s, “I don’t care, we’ve all got one” attitude is present in the little ones, and I am humorously reminded of the boy I met almost 23 years ago, who said, “What? It’s just a Peter”..Just a Peter indeed….sigh…these babies never stood a chance. Adam and Eve ain’t got nothing on these two.

Look, I don’t have a lot of time here. Church is just around the corner, and in addition to editing this document I have to get the babies dressed. He, Merrill, acts like it’s no big deal, but then when he has to chase a toddler whose screaming, “Help me”….he gets a little annoyed too, but it’s HIS fault. The ability to let it all hang out, without a care in the world is what frustrates me on a daily bases. I mean, if HE wants to be arrested for indecency then so be it, but why curse another generation to nakedery? Don’t they have enough against them already? Duchess will strip down, within 3 minutes of leaving her in Sunday School and FIGHT anyone who tries to make her redress. Sweetness will strip within 3 min of arising for the day. He will then walk his naked ass to the heater, where he will stand until he has sufficiently roasted his booty…..I don’t think any of that came from me. I am a very demure, body shy woman.

I gotta go. Sweetness only just now dressed, and Merrill is chasing Duchess around the kitchen trying to get her from a state of nakedness to a stated of decency, but decency really is a very subjective term. I say let her go….LOL….she’s screaming, “I don’t wanna dress”. She doesn’t relent as easily as Sweetness. I don’t feel like we need to put too much work into her, I say we let the Sunday School teachers deal with her, that’s their job anyway. If you see Sweetness or Duchess naked, please don’t judge me, know that I tried, failed, and I just don’t care anymore. If you see Merrill naked, you’re welcome, but please don’t judge me on that either. If his mother, (whose job it was anyway), didn’t correct him, I’m not going to get anywhere with him either. 1st World Problems friends…..I don’t really care if this family dresses or not…..forget you…if you do. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, please don’t judge me, enjoy your day.


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