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Don’t Get It Twisted

I Am No One's Bitch
I Am No One’s Bi”Oh no!” Deep Breath SIGH……

Oh no!” Deep Breath Sigh…..

In what can at best be described as a poor choice of words, a local Danville citizen made the hit list of many residents yesterday when he called a group of young hero’s “monkeys”. To add some perspective to the already offensive comment, these young group of boys had won every game in their season, thus, were undefeated… They were ROCK STARS, and when escorted through the streets Danville like Rock Stars, a poster on a local scanner page asked why the police were running with lights and sirens. “To Keep The Monkey Under Control” was the response of this local idiot. To add more perspective, he voted for Trump; which shouldn’t matter, but it does.  Don’t Get It Twisted…Do not put me in the same boat with those who are too stupid, to know, they’re stupid.

Okay, so it wasn’t a poor choice of words. It was RACIST…This idiot took a group of students, role models among their peers, children who played a stellar basketball season…..beloved babies…..and reduced them to the color of their skin… they are too young to know hatred….I condemn, in the strongest of terms possible, what he said about those babies. I am livid that some racist asshole hid behind the 1st Amendment, a protection not even offered for citizen to citizen speech, as an excuse for his disgusting comments, and if I see him, I’ll step to him, but understand something, in this country, we have long fought to be judged by the content of our individual character, rather than be judged by the color of our skin. We must fight the urge to revert back to medieval times and generate hate, based on the actions of ONE PERSON.

Of course as he voted for Trump, and had a Trump picture on his Facebook page, all Trump Voters, or what is being called by the media as Trump Supporters, are racist, but it’s okay to do that, because hate excuses all behavior. So, apparently, I am a racist….even through I’m not entirely a Trump Supporter….and it doesn’t matter one iota of anything I have said or done in the past….because I voted for Trump. Calling me a Trump Supporter:

  1. Discounts any opinion I have
  2. Discounts my right to #boycott anything
  3. Discounts my right to speech,
  4. Discounts my right to assemble…
  5. Discounts my rights as a citizen

Until we see people for the blood and guts, the strife, accomplishments, the hopes, dreams, fears, victories…..the pure skeleton they are underneath, racism will not end. Racism is defeated on a unique individual to individual relationship. For example, use a slur around me, and I’ll be forced to think about the women I love like a mother, the sisters that adopted me, my best friend I’ve known since HS (gulp almost 30 years), my nieces and nephew, my “quasi grandchildren”…. I’ll get angry, and I’ll beat your ass. Calling a group of young boys monkeys, makes me livid….assuming I am a racist because of what HE wrote, makes me even madder. Being white, does not make me racist, assuming that I’m racist because I’m white, makes YOU the racist….Don’t Get It Twisted…you don’t get a pass just because someone was racist to you, for if we keep playing that quid pro quo game, we ensure racism has an environment in which to grow. You Hip? I do not support anything Mr. Danville Citizen said, nor wrote. He made his bed, he’ll lie in it, but I WILL NOT lie in it with him…Now, I want to take this opportunity to wish those Rock Star Basketball players a hearty Congrats….that was an amazing feat….Danville is so proud of you. I’m sorry what Mr. Idiot said about you….don’t let it get to your souls….enjoy your victory, we’ll worry about the haters. Good job boys….you did your families and community proud. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.


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My Baby Boy

He's growing up so fast.
He’s growing up so fast.

“Are you and Daddy having The Sex?” Sweetness, age 6, when walking in on Merrill showing me some affection.

The weather outside matches my mood, as I tremble at the thought of taking my son to camp later. Actually, I won’t. His father thought it best I stay behind lest I embarrass My Baby Boy in front of his peers. How could I embarrass him? I was only going to talk to the Coach about his need to rest often (his asthma) check the hot water to make sure it works, talk to the dinning staff about his nutrition needs…look over the medical staff certifications to make sure they’re qualified to treat hin, and speak with his RA regarding the firmness of his mattress and the distance from his bed to the restroom….HOW IS THAT EMBARRASSING? Well, maybe a little. See, It will be his 1st time away from mommy.  Sweetness is going to basketball camp, and will be trained by a famed coach…..and while it brings me great pleasure to give him this opportunity, it does mean his absence in the house. My Baby Boy, does every mother worry about her son…or is it just me?

Sure was a lot easier when he was younger, running around the house like a TMNT, Power Ranger, yelling, “To Infinity and Beyond”. A boy needs his mother, and he’s going to be without one for 5 days. I’m mean, sure he’s a smart mouth little punk whose only purpose is to get smacked in the mouth, but we do things together too. We talk about his day, his ATA Family (hint: He tells me EVERYTHING that goes on there), we talk about stuff that matters to little boys. With whom will I speak while he’s gone? Whose going to be his mommy….No, he needs me. I simply cannot let him go. It’s too risky….I’ll talk to Merrill about this. It’s a mistake to let him go….He’s not ready….

“Are you guys having the sex?”. Such a sweet question from a little boy too young to understand that mommies and daddies do love each other. We were forced to give him Part 1 of The Sex talk that day, in which we had to share that The Sex, helps mommies and daddies have babies. Thinking about his, he finally concluded, that the Kruger’s don’t have The Sex, because they don’t have kids….he was going educate his 4th Black Belt Instructor about The Sex helping him have babies……”We don’t talk about The Sex” we warned..”Not everyone KNOWS”.  I should have let him…..(Happy Birthday Mr. K). So this mommy is faced with the realization that in just a few short hours, her little boy, is going to be gone. Sigh. Will they feed him? Will they read him his favorite story when he gets scared? Do they know his favorite song? My guess is “No”….they do not/will not. Ya know, Merrill chose ME…out of all the other easy women he could have had, to be the mommy to his babies….I am a good HELICOPTER mom…which is why I’m surprised that he doesn’t want ME taking My Baby Boy to camp and talking to his coach….strange. Gotta go. His daddy packed for him last night, but he forgot to pack his bunny, his favorite book and his special foods. I’ll miss my son….my sweet Baby Boy but he’ll make a good man, husband and father someday. I’ll just have to find a way to sneak in camp…later this week….and check on him. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.


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Assisted Suicide



It Hurts....
It Hurts….

So I received this message as I logged into VP.com this am, “Hello, you used to write magnificent, but the last several posts have been kinda boring I miss your super writings. Past several posts are just a bit out of track! come on!” Adidas Spammer….Dear Mr. Spammer, I am going to tackle a very controversial subject today. I’m hoping you find it appealing, as that is why I’m here…for your amusement and pleasure. You’re welcome.

How do you feel about Assisted Suicide? Officially, I have to say, “I disagree” with it, but I AM a human being full of compassion, and sensitive goo…I mean, I hate suffering. “When is suffering too much suffering?” well, it’s going to take a higher deity than I…to address that. We’re admonished that we’re being selfish if we allow our pets to continue in their misery, but we can’t apply the same admonishment to our nation’s caregivers/medical profession. It’s not crass, it’s reality. My beautiful Winnie girl, at the tender age of 10 had to be put to sleep because her entire hind end failed her. We have DNR’s, but we don’t have living directions….

I watched my son take a hit to the Solar Plexus playing basketball at DACC, earlier this week. From the sidelines I searched his little angel face for any sign of distress. Still seeking his face for any sign he needed his mommy, I had my right foot in place just in case Mommy EMT had to run out onto the court and save her baby. “You okay Buddy? You’re okay, walk it off” his Coach encouraged, “Get back in the game”. He did… but he had the wind knocked out of him. I had a client tell a VA MSW “I don’t trust her anymore, she’s trying to kill me”, he was referring to me. I was expecting that…. There’s no getting up…from THAT.

As much as I want to, I can’t run out onto the court for my clients. I can’t make their internal boo-boo’s better, I can’t look into their eyes for signs that they need me. All I can do is make sure their enviornment is safe and that they are secure, but “secure” is very subjective. I can take them to DQ for an afternoon delight, I can distract them when they’re down, I can manage their medications, I can supervise their home care staff, but I CANNOT bring healing to the diseases (like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s) of their mind. If God would let me, I’d have my right foot ready….to go pick them up. No, I can’t fix them, and that fact saddens me and frustrates me DAILY.

So, how do I feel about Assisted Suicide? Well my Korean War Vet, the one who swears I’m killing him, has a Spirit as strong as his Will….So you’re not going to pigenhole me into a “One answer fits all questions” trap, but when you kill the body, you kill the Spirit with it. I’ve seen the Spirits, and He is alive and well, even if He doesn’t always agree with me. No, I just thought about it, and I cannot condone the silencing of the Spirit, for it is HE that picks them up when they fall….and it is HE that watched over my son on the court that day…..Sigh, agree, disagree, right, wrong or indifferent, I simply must ADVOCATE for their best interest even if that means, I fight a failing body…..The Spirit….HE knows what I’m trying to do, and I surly appreciate him…..and NO, THAT is NOT my final word on the subject…if it were black and white….we’d all be united….think about it and be safe today. It’s gonna be hot. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.




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Pray For Devon


We have a season of dirty politics ahead of us, in which the crux of the entire campaign is going to be, “Who can take better care of you? Them…or you?” They? They have failed us…..problem is, many don’t know it yet. Case in point, Danville is a mess…That’s a FACT! I could blame the rise in shootings on one of a dozen factors but I certainly can’t blame our Mayor because frankly, he’s not the doing the shootings. Add to that a media whose only goal is to convince you the police are your enemy….now you have a public with an entitlement affect…the problem is with entitlement comes blame….but I get it…. someone must pay for the shedding of blood….quick call the Boondock Saints? Can we find a lamb without a flaw? We’re desperate here……I dunno…should we try prayer? Pray for Devon……

Devon is a 16 yr old Danville boy, whom was shot in the head last night, while playing basket ball, in a public park. So, someone’s baby, was in the park, playing ball and was shot in the head. Got it? He wasn’t clowning, bullying, acting a fool, or even showing off….HE WAS PLAYING BASKETBALL. This isn’t Chicago, LA, NY, Miami. This sh*t don’t happen here…yes well, go push that crap to the mother, whose sitting by her son’s bedside, praying to any God who’ll listen for the life of her boy. Why is this the Mayor’s fault exactly? Did he improperly raise our children? Did he put guns into the hands of the thugs whom ruined this young man’s life? Did he willfully villify the police, then set himself up, as the only one whom cares?  Is he The Godfather? Was he personally involved, in any way, shape or form because if he was, I’ll be the first to crucify him….but he isn’t at fault here….sadly I know….who is….

Danville, we are afraid, and we are blaming everyone from George Bush, to the Christians, to Mayor Eisenhauer, except that…. we need only to blame ourselves. I’m not going to preach that we need to “Take Back Our Streets”, or that we need to “Stand UP” because that would be Tom Foolery, but blaming the Government…the police…the Republicans, Democrats, Rich or Poor, is not the answer……When I see a post that says, “Scott, the City needs to come mow this lawn”, I know we’re going the wrong direction. Stop the cycle of blame, take responsibility, be a good citizen….then take a good look at yourself and ask the hard question, “What can ‘I’ do?”. This is OUR city, we run this MUG, not Scott, PD, Madigan, Obama, Clinton, nor Trump…THIS IS OUR CITY… and we will stop blaming, and start taking accountability for our actions….but for now, me and mine, are going to pray for Devon. The Government can’t protect you, they can only LOOK…like they can protect you. Only WE have the power…Father, please be with Devon. Please be with his family, please be with our City. Please be with US. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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He Ain’t Right

Paid Off Student Loan #3

Ya know, I really enjoy watching Sweetness’s basketball games. He’s a very good player, but I love watching the interactions, the to’s and fro’s, of the other small players. As the offense dribbled the ball down to the court, the small player, misdribbled the ball, and lost it. His defender, a sweet little boy for whom life hasn’t challenged yet, picked up the ball, turned around and gave the ball back to him. That’s my relationship with Merrill right there….

I’ve put that man through hell and back many times and he’s stayed. Some of you would look at that and say, “Awww, he loves her”, while I look at that and say, “He ain’t right”. Friends, I have thrown large objects at his HEAD (I don’t mean to miss) and he’s stayed. He thinks that’s foreplay…..He likes it, when I fight. HE AIN’T RIGHT…..I’ve insulted his manhood, his face, his looks, his prowess, his mother, his intelligence, and his height, all in an social experiment to see just how far his love goes, and he stays…..having parked his Black Steed outside long ago, he’s not going anywhere…..and I say, He Ain’t Right.

Yes, it was 23 years ago today, when after breaking up with a BF, I went to a party, and met Him. We became inseparable, created a family, had each others back, and every time I’ve dropped the ball, he’s been right there to give it back, although he gave it back talking smack, just saying. For us, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day with red hearts and cute pink carnations, is the record of the day, 23 years ago, that he asked me, “Do you want to thumb wrestle?” and indeed I did want to thumb wrestle, not marry him…but you know what they say, “God hates me” and if that’s my fate, so be it. Merrill has my back, and my front, but I know that man. I know his fears, his failures, his hopes and dreams, and THAT in and of itself is an achievement…..”He ain’t right”. Okay, gotta go. This is one of “those” days for which I must do “things”. It’s in the agreement…..I can’t change that. I do kid, like a lot, but where would I be today, had I just said, “Get lost LOSER”?….I love him. I’ll simply end with, “Happy Valentine’s Day Doll”…..let’s get this over with….hurry up….Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Valentines Day.

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Wanna Play Some Ball?

Wanna Play Some Ball?
Wanna Play Some Ball

Truth is, my son is an amazing D-Fencsive player. He’s all over his man like a cheap suit, but he’s so busy watching the ball while he dribbles, that the basket surprises him…EVERY TIME. Truth is, I saw many players on that court yesterday, my son included, who will be Rock Star Players one day, but until then, there’s much to learn about life, and the court they play on. It does mandate that I ask you the questions, Are you ready? Wanna Play Some Ball?

  1. Keep your head up. It doesn’t get more RAW than that. When drowning in a sea of defenders, or any mess either of your, or your haters creation….Keeping your head up, is the only thing that keeps you from being bum rushed….. How you gonna move, without knowing where you’re going? It’s a circle…life is a circle….and it’s UNFAIR….Keep your head up, your eye on the goal….then when you get blinded by your haters….you’ll always know where you are…..! Remember this, the one more likely to score is the one more likely to have the DEFENDERS…..Like Katt Williams said, “A Pimp without a hater, is like a dog without a bone”…..
  2. Don’t get juked into other perceptions. Never, ever let that happen. You focus on you. People are going to try to bring you down to a jump ball because frankly that’s where they win. Don’t defend your position, make them defend THEIRS………Feel me? Trump doesn’t give a frogs fat ass who likes him or not, he uses that HATE to propel forward. SMH…he’ll probably be president because of his haters….the most successful people in life uses their haters to succeed……
  3. I’m not famous yet, hell according to Merrill I’m not even NEFARIOUS, but I KNOW who my star players are. Counseling my son yesterday I said, “MJ was the greatest player EVER because of his team, he couldn’t have done any of that alone”. I continued, “He had Pipen, Rodman, Kurr and that guy from Croatia to create a situation where HE’D get the ball”. For me, just a few more players, and I’ll be dangerous as well as NEFARIOUS…Get your star players together, you do NOTHING alone friends. NOTHING, but I’m am taking Haters Applications as well….:)

Life is going to KICK YOUR ASS. Mess is going to happen. I giggle at the poor little girl had the ball thrown to her, and she was terrified. We all get terrified. We don’t know what to do, who to throw to, who we can trust and in some cases who our Defenders are…..I get it……but in the end, if we don’t hold our head up, we won’t see any of that…I’m reminded of Christ. Even on the Cross, He never once lowered His head….He wasn’t defeated….He was empowered….with great success comes great pain….Even until the very end, Christ looked right at His Haters and He knew His Supporters……we are not Christ, but we are called to be Like HIM….do you think He was ever caught off guard? Okay, gotta go…..Always know….always know…always KNOW…..where you stand,where you’re going, and you’re defenders….on the court of life. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmation complete, enjoy your Sunday.


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We have THIS in common.
We have THIS in common.

Today is Sweetnesses first basketball game. I am NOT one of “Those Mother’s” but it doesn’t hurt to admit that I am a MOMMY, meaning, I’m not going to get involved in the personal dynamics of how well he plays vs doesn’t play, but I AM going to get involved with any coach who attempts to break his spirit with the “Win at all costs” mentality. I don’t believe that’s going to be a problem here, but still, a mommy is always on the watch for any perceived threat to her young. I don’t apologize for that because I AM MOMMY!

It isn’t my gift of Kickboxing, nor my “Take No Prisoner’s” attitude that makes me the Lion at the Gate, it’s that I carried that almost 10 lbs precious package for 9 months, and I’m still holding him in my arms, that makes me a force with which to be reckoned with….Does June Cleaver still exist? I’m guessing if she does, she’s like the rare 1st edition Birkin bag. Very precious, very rare, and hardly ever seen in public anymore. I incorporate as much of June as I can in my mommy life, like the pearls, the care of the kids, the….well that’s it. “The Mommy” has morphed from the Stay-at-home Rock Star of yesteryear to the I-Have-A-Life-Too Rock Star of today, but one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our ability to kill you and eat your face in public if you dare to approach our babies in a manner we perceive as harmful. The greatest underestimation society can make is the underestimation of a mother protecting her offspring……I am the quite type…come closer…..closer…..closer…….

Merrill makes it a point to admonish me for coddling The Boy. WHATEVER. I am AWARE that he is to grow up to be a man, but ignoring the things that hurt him doesn’t make him balanced, it makes him bitter. Let’s say the Coach won’t play my baby because he isn’t good….I’m going to say something. He’s already got enough crap to worry about in his real life. Things like: Zombies, Monsters, The cheat key for Halo, Girls, School, Friends, His Tae Kwon Do Instructor, and His height. I’m not going to allow any of his fears to be reinforced in this house…this is MY house…..I am the Mommy….so I’m not coddling the boy, I’m making sure he knows he’s save and secure with me watching from The Wall, in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant again….(Oh come on. RELAX). The compromise here is: His daddy teaches him to be a man by killing things with his bare hands…..his Momma holds him when he cry’s because he’s just killed things with his bare hands…..it’s takes two, but more ME….than him right now…..just saying. Okay gotta go. Basket Ball game at 10a, and I gotta go warm up my voice box. I’m going to support the CRAP outta that boy and his team. I anticipate no issues, just good basketball fun. He’s a 2nd Degree Blackbelt you know? I will have to teach him how to control his temper on the court……(making EEK face). Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday. Gooooo SWEETNESS.

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Who’ll Kill The Spiders?

He's Silly
He’s Silly










It’s only Jan 9th and Merrill and I have heard from Sweetness, no less than (oh say) 30x about his 1st Basketball game Jan 30. The Boy now has a Special Purpose in his life, and as a mother who’d die for his very soul, I can’t be mad. He’s excited! Merrill, true to fatherly form, only made things worse, by taking The Boy out to buy him Basketball shoes. NOW, we hear about his 1st practice, 1st Basketball game, and first pair of MJ shoes. Merrill messes up a lot, you know? But he means well, and I can’t dump him because he’s amazing at so many different things, AND if I do, Who’ll Kill The Spiders?
Why are men so clueless? As I was applying my makeup yesterday, I was pledging my sexual fidelity to my husband (don’t ask why), by saying that I may love The Rock, but he (Merrill, Keep Up) has my heart, mind, body, and soul. He looks up from his computer and say’s, “What? What am I supposed to do with that?” to whit I responded, “You know I was saying no one else would ever touch me. Right?”. NO…no he didn’t get that, because he was in his FBS Man Mode and all he heard was that I love The Rock….sigh….23 years folk….23 years. Ya know, the thing with men is that they only have three switches. On, Off, and SEX. You never really know which setting the brain is on….until you do. God has an amazing sense of humor.
I have to teach Sweetness to do better with his woman, but she’d better NOT write about him, or I’ll whoop her a**, and no. I did not digress. For all the things he inherited from his daddy, there are some things only a mommy can teach. With that said, it is true that you get to point where you’re so glad you don’t have to, “Turn off the light, I don’t want you to see me naked”. OHHH, I can’t play those games again. The constant need to affirm a manly ego, the training of “that’s not it”, the sensing of my moods (even if he doesn’t care, he senses them), and the “Do you think these jeans make me look fat?”. (Um, Yes?) That’s because the games of the field are tiring, there is a special blessing being with one man, who knows you and loves you more than he loves his own life, and THAT is what I find Sexy. Well THAT, and doing dishes…both are good. The Rock is FINE AS HELL….but he has nothing on a man whose seen my Chicken Skin, and still fights the dog for bed space. So, no. I’ll never let another man touch me because another man couldn’t handle this…LOL. Okay, gotta go. Sweetness is up, and he saw the Globetrotters last night (thanks Hope Osborne Garrett​). He hasn’t shut up…since…but he is going to be a good husband….I’ll see to THAT. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

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