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I Miss It


Do I have a picture of my kids? Let’s put it this way, if any one of them came up missing, all I’d have to do is text the milk carton“…Ronnie….it’s a little offensive, I know.

When the winds of change come, and they will in about a month from now, everybody and their brother will be on the “I gotta get in shape” bandwagon. Shoot I ain’t mad at them, there came a time when overweight and fed up, I too went looking for a program that would make me look like a VS model too….I found one, in kickboxing. I Miss it. I haven’t taught a class, since the “incident” and my body, as gracious as it was has now run out of patience with me….like a toddler, “Mommy, mommy, mommy” it has now begun to remind me that I’m in my 40’s, no spring chicken, and that I need to get back out and be an inspiration to others. Where the mind goes, the body follows, and when the body follows, all your dreams come true…I Miss It….bet I’ll pay dearly, when I get back on board….

What I miss the most is running. You have to be a runner to understand what it is about running that so enamoring. A few years back, I ran in the Color Run here…damned near killed me, but it was so spiritual, that I never forgot what it was like to cleanse the mind of all toxins. I’ve been seeking that detox program since…. See, in Cellular Respiration, the by-product of said burning of glucose, is Lactose…the body can go for only a short time with a Lactose build up…it seems like my life, has been running on Lactose toxins. It won’t get me much farther…I mean, I’m not kidding when I admit that I haven’t eaten much since the incident….my kids have, Merrill has….but I KNOW I’ve been so very busy with school, school and the family, that I guess taking care of the mind…hasn’t been a priority…which is a shame because the mind controls all….I’ve just been giving the toddler candy….eventually…..it won’t be enough….

So, my phone is CONSTANTLY reminding me that I’m out of memory. What it WANTS me to do is download the pictures and delete them off , but what I do, is delete apps I enjoy; which sucks, because the memory a Wal-Mart app holds, doesn’t match the memory that thousands of pictures have…So instead of doing what I need to do; which is ask Merrill to help me down my pics, I’ll simply buy a new phone. Sounds reasonable right? Well, we do that with our bodies. “I want to lose weight, but instead of searching for diet and exercise programs I can complete, I’ll simply starve myself” which I understand, but eventually, like my phone, you’ll run out…and then they’ll be no other apps to delete…You get it. The mind is the ONLY entity capable of controlling the body, and if you thought the toddler was bad, let your body run amuck, and see what happens. So…I want to run….I want to feel the blood rushing throughout every cell in my body…I want to feel my body give over after I’ve made it submit….I….want…to….RUN. I Miss It….! Gotta go. Don’t don’t delete apps that make no difference…..get out and do the work. Besides, you know a month from now, you’ll be texting me wanting to join my kickboxing program…..Shoot, if I keep going like this, I’ll want to join it too…I’m here for you…delete the right app….control your body….Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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I Wanna Be A Beachbody Coach

12419153_1004598169576569_5311697512112069896_oI’m watching Merrill cheat with my 1st love, and I’m not jealous, I wanna join in. After the Duchess, Les Mills Combat was there for me in my 1st year postpartum. Combat accomplished what no man could ever do, it forced my flesh to submit….I don’t submit well…sigh, I miss Combat. I wonder if he’ll take me back? I Wanna Be A Beachbody Coach….and yes, I am aware of what’s getting ready to happen….

The flesh doesn’t easily submit and believe you me, I know what you’re going through. Satan tempted Jesus after His 40 days in the Wilderness, because he knew that while Jesus was God, He was a hungry man too. As hard as it may have been for Him, Jesus made His flesh submit….He was trying to show us, that The Flesh is carnal…It will fall for any pretty face that makes it feel good, but it can be made to submit. God gave us the Mind and Spirit….like two parents with a toddler, to help us control our toddler like desires, but still if you’ve raised a toddler….like I have…you know it ain’t easy.

Some of you don’t want to hear this, but when you’re successful in making the flesh submit magical things happen. My friends, you can take all the diet pills you want, you can flush all the toxins from your bowels, you can deny your body all the carbs in the world but nothing….nothing beats that feeling you get when you’ve taken a cardio program, and kicked your ass’s ass! I teach Turbo Kick, I teach Kick Boxing, shoot I’m a #rockstar…but I’m not…something’s missing….I miss my Combat workouts….I miss running…I miss lifting weights, and as soon as this broken left hand heals….you can bet I’ll be back at it. I posted an Accountability picture not to brag, but to let you know that I know I can do better, and it starts by reigning in my flesh and forcing it to conform to the Will of my Mind. So, why do I Wanna Be A Beachbody Coach? Well it ain’t for the money, because I have that…it’s for the path…I can lead others on. Like Christ, I understand the nature of the flesh, and I know how to beat it….and I can show you…how to make it submit. LOL, the irony of ME showing YOU how to make your flesh submit, has not escaped me. Okay, gotta go…trying to find a new workout in Danville is like trying to find a Joe’s Crab Shack in the desert….June 1st…we’re getting ready…to get BeachBody ready…I don’t have to be a Coach…to do that. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday….


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