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The Doctrine of Christ

I love Jesus, but I cuss



Well, I don’t know, I heard you guys were a bunch of snake kissing, inbred that like to probe our minds when we’re out“….Smart ass

No, not on your 1st time“…Ronnie

Hi, I’m Ronnie…..I’m new here“…..

So, Sunday Saga 2, Church Search 2017, was a bust. Merrill felt more at ease as the numbers were smaller, no one was being all charismatic, and the music wasn’t a stage presentation of Pink Floyd…..but to me….on a 5 star scale….I gave them 3; which represents a church I’d attend if all other churches were closed due to a solar eclipse gone wrong. The Doctrine of Christ….LOL, its not that serious folks.

For me, the bigger churches kinda, sorta get a greeting pass….I mean, sure they have thousands that can greet, after all, not EVERYTHING is the Pastor’s job, but this little, smaller church, had the people, if NOT the pastor to greet, for some reason, they chose not too. No one, and I mean no one, likes walking up a church sidewalk and feeling like the new kid in Footloose, in which everyone is gawking, staring, judging….I mean, you may NOT be doing that….but it feels like that, and I’m a Christian….how do you think a 1st timer feels? One person….the gate keeper….recognized us as new, saw the heathens, and led us straight to a place we could stash them in a safe place, until the end of service. I mean they said, “Oh you can keep them with you”, but under their breath they thought, “I’d rather you didn’t“. We saw the Pastor in the Sunday School hallway…he has children too….he said, “Hi” to us, but Pastors being like the Mayor of Danville, it wasn’t long before he was pulled away for some other nefarious business….Oh, and Jr. High Sunday School? Non-existent in the 1st service. Apparently, it’s child abuse to get them up bright and early to PTL…..Ya’ll Can’t Hear Me….

We are Christian….we speak the language, we can read the text. We know the answer to the question, “Who loves you?” So, if we feel uncomfortable walking into your building, how do you think The World feels? This church had it all text-book straight. The small groups; which come on….you don’t greet me at the door, and you EXPECT me to come to your house as a stranger? REALLY? The fancy shiny folders that tells us what you believe in (Christ, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Easter, Christmas), the amazingly well-kept coffee bar complete with staff and STARBUCKS (RBC take note), the music was upbeat, the pastor was easily understood, and with the exception of the Doctrine of Tithing, I had no exception to what he taught….you can have the most amazing Sunday School, dresses, air-conditioned building, hell you can give out a Chanel bag to each new customer, but until you learn to step out and treat visitors like they’re welcome, NONE OF IT WILL MATTER….it will be for NOTHING. Dig? Feel me? I gave that church 100 opportunities to greet me…..This is why I want Sunday School on campus….You may be Christian, but you could be a freak too….we do not want to go to your home…meet us on Christ’s turf….The Doctrine of Christ states that you make all feel welcome…..I don’t care about your tattoo’s, jeans, tee shirts….I don’t care how normal and down-to-earth you present yourself, I care about feeling like a part of your family…and if you can’t do that….I can’t be with you. So, gotta go. Happy Solar Eclipse Day. I just ran 2.0 miles, at Dawn, and OMG I love it…..I wrote this while running…..Christ wants you to: Love each other….comfort each other….encourage each other…..and support each other…..then have your coffee bars and shiny folders….Don’t get that sh*t twisted yo. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, please don’t look into the sun….you will see the black hole of its heart….and go blind.


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It’s Okay To Be Me









This is a great picture 🙂


Good Bye“…Ronnie to the Ozarks

Growing up, I didn’t embrace all the nuances that made the Ozarks, The Ozarks. When you consider that my brethren gets teased a lot in the movies, and media as Nascar hat wearing, chew in the mouth having, dentists wet dream walking, idiot….yeah, maybe I’m not so quick to admit the place of my birth…..but then as I grew up, I started to BE all that made me me….Mostly because it became OKAY…to be me….Hmm, It’s Okay To Be Me….I like it….but just in case you need a hint, the secret is to be CONFIDENT…..they won’t step as often, if you make it seem like you can handle yourself.

I was telling my son about the “toughest” girl in school, and that I wasn’t sure if she ever had to fight, or if it were more likely that she had a REP….and didn’t have rumble. That was my dream growing up….I’d be so tough, people wouldn’t dare to “touch this”, but alas, I had to prove myself, over and over and over. It’s a lot like NOW, and I still have people stepping…GEESH….it’s exhausting. Having lunch in a small diner, in a small town, my son asked me what growing up HERE, in the Ozarks was like…..and would I go to a Lebanon, reunion? Sometimes, I think about it…(Dream sequence) the doors slam open, in I walk with Louboutin heels, Dior Dress, bag and shoes, Chanel makeup….Hair to the Kapow…..a ray of light shines in behind me (aka Weird Science style), that outlines my legs and dress…..Nefarious and Infamous…..I would look AMAZING, but would it take away the pain of my youth? No…because like the phobia of spiders, that pain was created and developed in the molding stages of my development, the memories of a child, tends to affect the rational of the adult….Here’s my point….

It’s Okay To Be Me….and it is! But this isn’t some liberal mind screw about us all being equal, or some Faith-based conversation where I tell you you’re special and try to get you to walk down the altar, no this is about accepting yourself as the person you are, and then, enveloping others, to accept you as well. It really is about loving yourself enough to be quirky, silly, amusing…and eccentric. I had a friend tell me that she could NEVER write half the things I write and get away with it, “If you just wrote what you wanted, the audience that accepts you, will find you” I said….and it’s true…..just be the person you are…and your light, will lead others to your flame….Okay, that’s cheesy, but I don’t know how much simpler I can be about it. Being of Ozarkian origin, is an amazing birthright. It’s about taking no sh*t, but not creating any either…It’s about being kind to others, giving the shirt off your back if necessary, and being honest without being cruel. It’s Okay To Be Me…..because I’m comfortable with my Spirit….it’s okay to be you…..but serious on the class reunion in Lebanon…I’d love a chance to wear those heels, and carry that bag….seeing Willy Mayberry again….Sigh…..I’m shopping for my dress now. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.


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Stay Hungry








Hey, I’m leaving to go running. See ya later! “….Ronnie to Merrill….

Merrill was sleeping this morning as I was standing naked over him. If I had had nefarious intents, it would have been too easy…but I was just changing into my “Under Armor” (hollar) clothing to run…besides, he had his back to me, and being a woman of sport, I didn’t want barrel fish…Truth is if/when Merrill and I argue, I like the fight to be fair. I’m not a sucker puncher…..and I did digress. See, the thing about Merrill is that he rolled over, saw my naked ass booty in all its glory, then went back to sleep….He’s not hungry……his tank must be full…Hmmmm, I’ll remember that later….Stay Hungry….it’s the only way you’ll ever get what you want…..NEVER let your tank get full.

Part of my charm, aside from the potty mouth, and vile treatment of Merrill, is that you all recognize my hunger….I am HUNGRY. It’s that desire to be a better person, that draws you next to me….. Whether I’m beating the crap out of my class, pushing my own body to its extreme limits, or simply thinking of new ways to get over the Facebook blockout, you guys know that I desire to be more than what I currently am…Get it?  It’s not my fault…For God’s SAKES, I’m running on a Saturday morning….I would love to still be in bed like Merrill, but we have an agreement…I let him sleep in with Duchess, a TOT whose turning out to be more like me than I’m comfortable admitting, and I get to nap at noon….Mmm, love my power naps…..but I do like what running EARNS me…and while I’d love to just drown my sorrows in diet pills….that would not be very Role Model worthy, and I could end up hurting myself. No, it’s a lot like saving my money to buy that Chanel bag. I’m going to appreciate it more, than if I find it at a Yard Sale for a dollar; which BTW, if you’re selling a Chanel at your sale for a dollar, I’m very interested……just saying…..What I’m trying to say, my friends, is this…

Stay Hungry….never, EVER have enough….never, EVER be satisfied with what you have….always look for the opportunities to improve yourself…always look for ways to be a service to another. I have at least 3 friends reading this that WANT to run, but don’t know how to start…..They want to be Nefarious, but don’t know how to get the evil ball rolling…I’m here to tell you…you gotta experiment, try, fail, try again….. pick the brains of those who have the means to help you….You want fame, Nefariousness, career, enlightenment? Earn it….work it…..Run it….then when you think you’ve had enough…go back for seconds….. See, half the problem with society, is we’re getting too many Garage Sale Chanel’s….I don’t judge…I have a pair of Gucci’s from the Goodwill….but one day, I’ll get that Hermes….and it will be brand, spanking new….it’ll look good…with my amazing body….Feel me?  I gotta go….I want to be Nefarious….I gotta earn it….this…is where it starts….You want what I have? Then do what I do….Let’s Roll. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.


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After Midnight










It’s okay baby girl. Mommy’s here”….comforting a vomiting Duchess at 2am…

“Nothing good happens after midnight“…A really hot Medic I once talked to…he’s right.

I’m not a MOM BLOG. I’m a mom who blogs, get it freaking straight. Once you’re labeled a Mom Blog, you become a marked woman, like you no longer have a personal life. For example, A Mr. Bubble, (A children’s bubble bath) ad was sent to my inbox the other day, with the message, “Try me“. Why? Why would I try you? Oh you mean my kids? You want my kids to try you? Well, market to them, on the Saturday am, Disney Network. Actually, I’d have been less offended if it were a Epsom Salt email asking me to soak my geriatric feet in its healing properties….you know…cause I’m old see! You’ll have to forgive me…I’m a little bitchy right now.  Mr. Vomitus never come while everyone is still awake. No…Mr. Vomitus, likes to show up After Midnight, when you, your spouse and babies are all snuggled in the bed, sound asleep. Somewhere around 2am I heard Merrill say, “She’s vomiting“. I don’t mind Vomitus. After all, I am a mom, I’ve been vomited on… I mind the pH smell it leaves behind…on my chest and in my hair. After Midnight.…We’ve forgotten more about life than some of you will ever live, and yet, we get the least amount of respect in society. That’s about to change.

Looking at my body in the mirror last night, I was very satisfied with the progress I’ve made. Yes, I got some stripes, but that won’t matter when the surgeon gets a hold of me…What? You thought I was going to go gracefully? Not my style, but that’s MY style, not societies. There is a difference. I think “society” is afraid of older women, and that’s why they’re always trying to brain wash us into accepting our lot…to move aside for the younger ones….to hush…but society does that because older women are not afraid. We’re not. I read that in a recent study of human behavior, that 9 out of 10 Little Sisters admitted to feeling like everyone in society is judging them; which had a negative impact on their choices. On the other hand, when asked the same question, older women responded, “Do I know you?“. You’re never going to escape society’s judgment. The trick, Little Sisters, is to not care, and turn the judgment back on them..I’ve done that.

The new Spring Fashion line from Chanel, Gucci, and Dior is ugly. There, I said it. I wouldn’t buy their crap to dress my daughter’s American Girl doll…but many Little Sisters would, because they still believe that Dior and Gucci have their finger on the pulse of fashion. I mean just because a Kardashian was photographed on the front row of the Chanel show, they believe the Chanel line is the fashion of the elite…but it isn’t. I saw a dress from LV, that was completely see through on the top, and sheer on the bottom, for business casual. Um, Boobies at the Board Meeting? I mean, okay…but we, and the MEN in power, will judge you…you know that right? When asked, the majority of women my age said they preferred Victoria Secret Pink line, over the ugliness of D&G. I agree with that, because I also like the Pink line, although to look at their advertising, they’re geared for College Freshmen who have NO money…but I have money. Lots and lots of money LOL, and nary a single fashion icon wants it. Get it? We have financing, but only a sliver of the marketing pie. I don’t want a commercial featuring an older man needing to take a pill to rock my world. I want a man, like Merrill, whose always ready, and always trying to position himself to get a look at my ass. It’s not insulting, it’s empowering because I work hard on it. I don’t have to be skinny because society say’s that skinny women are happier. They are NOT! A woman my age knows she’s beautiful, and dresses to please herself, not the taste of society.  I am not the kids-smiling-in-the bathtub Instagram kind of mom…shoot, my kids don’t even bathe…they shower. I’m not a Stepford Mom. I do not make orderly love to my husband, keep secrets hush-hush, I do not cut the crusts off of sandwiches, I say the “F” word a lot, I give open, honest advice to those who ask. I should be on the cover of Glamour, because I have more Little Sisters wanting to be like ME, than the skinny-minnie Twiggie Pops on the cover.  After Midnight…that’s when the nefarious mess goes down, and as I was holding the body of my baby in distress last night, I thought to myself, “This…may be the only thing that connects me to a normal mom“, So I cannot advise you on how to be a good mom, but if you wanna know how to have great sex after 40…talk to me. Want to stand up to a bully, get your way with your man using your great ass? Talk to me… Society also doesn’t warn you what happens when you mess with older women..So, I’m back. I know what must be done…and I’m okay with that. Gotta go. Cleaning up the chunks of Mr. Vomitus. Pretty sure it’s going to strike at least 2 more times before it leaves my house…but I’m ready for him….Being an older mom, means I’m also a more experienced mom….Mr. Vomitus, you messed with the wrong mom who blogs….I got this. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.





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George Washington DC

She IS Adorable
She IS Adorable











You were looking forward to this vacation. You had on the rose-colored glasses this time, YOU were the Pollyanna. Still feel that way Stud Muffin?”

No…not at all” Merrill

It’s amazing how quickly children will make or break a vacation.

It wasn’t/isn’t like it’s the Chevy Chase Vacation of the 1980’s. No, this is the older parents, old enough to be grandparents-parents, vacation. We, like most of our peers, should be sleeping in with children well into teenage years, or maybe even adults. We chose to have our children later in life, therefore, whereas you all are gently sleeping in right now, beds full of goose down feathers, visions of your lazy newspaper in bed while you drink coffee and mess around, we are fighting children…just to go eat. My back hurts, Merrill is starving, and the baby? Well, she’s running around interchanging the phrases “When can we go swimming?” with “When can we go to George Washington DC?” Hmmm, George Washington DC, because our vacations, are not yours. Curse this wanderlusting….

So okay. I am tired, and I am sore. That bed isn’t friendly to those who have bad backs, and Merrill’s been so exhausted himself, that he hasn’t even tried the, “Hey, we’re in a new STATE!” game he likes to play, when we’re in a new state. Chasing two children around the Carnegie Museum, in Pittsburgh, had us both promising that we would never again try to ingrain some culture into these two heathens. Let em be crumbsnatchers for all I care. Duchess chose the Carnegie Museum to exert the “last child privilege”, by screaming at the top of her voice, “NO. You can’t make me”; which was true, I couldn’t make her….but I could drag her, and drag her I did…a 40lbs piece of child through the Chanel collection….I have a hernia now. People thought we were part of the art collection, because art is whatever you make of it…they tried to compliment me on my use of modern child-rearing situations in cultured environments. I have a showing next week. I haven’t pooped in TWO DAYS…there is no Jamie Lee Curtis and her yogurt, nor ESSENTIAL OIL (don’t bother) that’s gonna help me be back on my regular schedule…now if they made an EO that allowed for a total disconnect of your life while you child touches the Van Gogh, and say’s, “That’s ugly”…right next to the sign that states, “Parents, please do not let your children touch the Van Gogh-We will SHOOT you”…then I’ll buy it, and use it. Until then…

Sleeping in until 7am this morning, Merrill announced to the world he was starving, and by God we’d better get ready so he could eat. Generally, I like to sit and drink some coffee before I get up and chase kids. Only 3 zoos in the States have panda bears, and we’re going to one of them today, although, I did swear….on a stack of BIBLES yesterday…..that we were NOT going to the zoo, and that we would promptly turn the Spring Break mobile around and go 700 miles back home….and I meant it….but I was tired…my throat was sore from cursing, my arm was hurt from dragging. When the beautiful king sized bed finally called me, I was out…but by midnight, there were three other bodies in there with me. Sigh….#momlife is pretty cool….but sometimes, it isn’t. Gotta go. George Washington DC and it’s freaking panda’s await. So looking forward to a day of screaming, crying, tantrums, and cursing…and that’s just ME. Baby making is for the young. I should be a Sylvester Granny at 46….but NO. I had to love him, have his babies, and blah, blah, blah. I hate him….him and his little, “This will be fun” attitude. Screw him, he can go raise these children with some young chick who’ll love him for his money. I’M OUT. Panda’s do have it good you know. They just plop out the babies, and they go on to star in loving children’s movies…..To be fat, black and white, and asleep, right now would be so very cool….so very, very cool….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you Are the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.

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Tag A Friend

Should I give you mine because you don't have one?
Should I give you mine because you don’t have one?

It’s sad that so many took away from the children this season“. A woman pissed because she choked on sour grapes.

So I’m on it. Who the hell is taking away from the children? I will beat your ASS into next Tuesday…No way that happens on my watch, after all, you know I’m all about the kids. Wait, this is really about someone disgruntled at the prices of Hatchimal’s on Facebook? Really? So what then, the Law of Supply and Demand should be illegal? I get it, you’re one of “those” people whom want me to sell my Escalade just to help the Governor of Illinois pay the deficit…LOL, Tag a Friend…..Maybe together we can help someone see that if they’re working they’re benefiting from a free capitalist society. Do I need to go into Supply and Demand?

Quickly, if the market is flooded with something, the prices are low, because there’s plenty for everyone….i.e. Walmart handbags. If, there are not many of something, like Purple Chanel Bags, (look it up), then the prices are going to be high, because the demand for those beautiful bags, far exceeds the supply. Get it? Some still don’t because the oil companies are still bastards, but we’ll discuss that another day.  The people whom do not under the law of supply and demand are the same people, whom think we should all put our stuff into the middle and equally distribute it, except for their portion…no, no, not their portion, because that’s theirs….People like this, are the FB Economists. They are experts on all things Greed, and are not afraid to call you out on it, except, they don’t know what they’re talking about….Buying a Hatchimal to resell on Facebook is SMART….not greedy…but okay, the Constitution gives you the right to be ignorant too… carry on.

The whole ideal that somehow, someway Hatichmal’s denied a child his Christmas has me thinking that you…my dear lady….are the problem. With all the excess we have in this country, you keyed in on a toy you didn’t give two sh*t’s about in October….but want to be the 1st middle child complaining that the oldest got something first…..but you are going to teach your child that every missed opportunity is someone’s greed, instead of teaching them that you win some….you lose some…. Let me break it down for you sweetie, Greed is a sin, profit is not….actually, you’re envy of the situation makes you equal in sin…and I LOL that you do not see it….Tag a Friend, the corporations are not bad, you’re just misinformed. It’s okay to make a profit. Maybe next time, instead of being a Prima Donna whose envy colors her vision green…you’ll just get laid, and deal with what God gave you….(wink, wink, sweetie). Okay, gotta go. My Korean War Vet story doesn’t have a very happy ending….It’s funny, he’s struggling to stay home…and she’s bitching over Hatichmal’s….maybe I should take from her, and give to him…I suppose you’ll get mad at me if I call her a bitch right? Fine….I won’t, but she is. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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There Are No Ugly Babies

And I want nail polish...
And I want nail polish…

Disclaimer: if you think I’m talking about you…I’m NOT…Maybe.


Venting to Merrill about a few memes I saw earlier this week, I mentioned that I know what it’s like to be one of “those kids” whom didn’t get much for Christmas. I tell the truth, our Christmas and Easter were funded by the kind-hearted folk at church. It may be, that their generosity is what motivated me to be so giddily later in life when I shopped for families less fortunate. I did not digress. Mulling over the FB post about not getting too much for your children because other children will think that Santa hates them made me rail to Merrill “There Are No Ugly Babies”. It’s the parents whom need the face lift”. What? Too judgemental?

We were poor, but loved. So there. There was no hint of animosity that others had more…for me it was a drive to improve my station in life. Had grandma said, “The filthy rich owe us” I may have grown to hate all those more fortunate. Instead, I wanted to be like them. I hate that babies go without, but I should deny mine? No, I teach mine to love and appreciate what they have, then I teach them that with blessings comes the responsibility to bless. So, I’m not NOT going to give my kids Christmas. I knew Santa loved me…I knew Grandma loved me..I knew the church loved me and I knew that Jesus loved me. She taught me that!

Friends we cannot walk on eggshells in fear simply because what others may think. If I buy the Chanel bag, I expect you to be happy for me…not condemn me because of where that money could go…you don’t know me….my family enjoys serving others….There Are No Ugly Babies….just ugly, judgemental people…we set the Tone….me and mine are just fine, but if you need help reach out to me….I love to shop. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other, show GRACE AND MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.



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I’m Thankful For Me


“Would you like me to recite it for you?” Stylist talking to Ronnie.


The best movies are the ones you didn’t mean to watch, the best experiences are the ones you didn’t mean to have, and the best life is the one you didn’t mean to live. Turning on the television early one Saturday am, I noted that Merrill must have been watching Turner Classic Movies the night before, because a black and white film was on with a very young Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Rooney, and Judy Garland. It was about the Ziegfeld Folly Broadway Dancers (?). I don’t know what it was called, whateves, but I was transfixed by the glamour, the style, the brutalness of the material…From 3:30am until 6am that Saturday morning, I watched that movie and I loved it. Getting my hair chopped off last night, the stylist recited a poem she wrote to me..It was powerful, and it was powerful, because she wrote it as she was coming out of her own pit of despair….Life, is not the “One Week in Disney that you planned all year” experiences, but what happens, when you’re minding your business. I’m Thankful For Me….and if you give me a second, I’ll expound.

Aside from the obvious I gotta tell ya, there’s much to be thankful for. I grant you, we should celebrate our blessings more than one day each year, but for whatever reason, it’s all concentrated into one day. I don’t find Thanksgiving to be sacred like some of my friends, but if they find it sacred, I’ll respect their thoughts. I LIKE shopping on Thanksgiving….LOL, but like Paul said, “All things are lawful for me”….he goes on, “If you think it’s wrong, and you do it, it’s wrong”….and whoops, I digressed. I’m not thankful for ME, that is my persona, because that would be WRONG, I’m thankful for being me the person surrounded by so many prayers and thoughts. Do any of you honestly believe that I’d be able to do anything I do, without any of you with me? LOL, nope. Sometimes, I see the status’ of others on FB, desperate for someone to reach out and tell them they’re loved, and I’m saddened….because I know what’s it’s like to be that girl begging for someone to play with….sigh, but I’ll never be that person again. I have no idea why God chose to bless me with so much, but I try to treat the blessing with care…I try to remain humble and grateful…..because what good is gold, if you have no one to share it with…?

I lose my breath when I think of all the things that could have been. Do you know babies die of seizures? Two of my good friends lost husbands to MI’s….I almost wish God would just take my life in trade for Merrill’s just so I wouldn’t have to worry about him so much….Asking us what we thought the scariest movie of all time was, Sweetness didn’t understand when his father said, “Son, we’ve lived though sh*t far scarier than Hollywood could write”. The nefarious activities of Columbus Day Weekend 2013 wasn’t limited to Duchess…there’s another story we’ve never told the world because we can’t, but know that both daughters…both… were in danger that weekend…see the fear of losing your baby is bad enough, but then…THEN…to be a witness to losing them…..I was annoyed when I drove to Champaign to retrieve Merrill from the ER two weeks ago…I honestly thought he was simply dehydrated and I had a lecture prepared for him…he was gonna get a good WHAT FOR from me….but when the RN met me at the door and said, “I was going to call you” I yelled at him, “HOLD UP Slick! That’s the wrong tone. He’s just dehydrated. You’re getting ready to mess up my life”….My greatest fear, is that I’ll wake up tomorrow and all this was just a dream….that I really did lose my two daughters that weekend, that I really did lose my husband two weeks ago….Some of you understand, and I’m sorry for your pain. I’m Thankful for Me is the principal of YOU. Like Judy Garland rising up from the circle of dancers, I didn’t rise alone, but with the support of the others. I’ll never be able to repay the kindness of strangers, the prayers of friends, the action of family….whether each of you know it or not, you fulfilled the Greatest Commandment…You loved me…there is no more a noble cause than that…..The stylist last night had had her share of trauma, she had tricked me into talking to her, she understood my pain, so she said to me, “I get it, and it’s humbling” knowing something powerful was coming I remained silent….”But when you’re on your knees because you’ve hit rock bottom and have no strength to continue, that’s when the real power comes. It’s ironic that the position of weakness, is really the position of strength and only the loved see it”…..BOOM…..I am nothing without any of you, and if you could see the tears in my eyes right now, you’d know I’m being sincere….I only hope there’s another out there right now, that I can minister too one day…for your gifts are greater than Chanel….Have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day with family….look around and be humble for what you have, because material comes and goes, but friends, family and strangers are forever….I’m Thankful For Me, because I’m thankful for YOU…and on that note….I’ll end. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thanksgiving.








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Happy Handbag Day


“Today is National Handbag Day Merrill. You know what that means?” Ronnie

“Um, No”….Merrill already knowing where I was going with it, thereby, blocking my attempt to get a new bag. Sigh

“You are just as bad as the rapist. If you support him, you support rape.” Really? I’m guessing we’re not friends anymore



Surfing Yahoo this am, I found out that today is National Handbag Day (happy day), and in honor of such an auspicious occasion, an article on the top ten “Most Expensive Handbags” was attached….and I said out loud, “Why that’s porn right there”.  My Publicist made the comment that I am known by three traits, or habits, or WHATEVER:

  1. Scrunchies
  2. Chocolate Milk (I have a great Nequick story)
  3. Hand Bags

At first, I thought I would write about some celebrity fluff  because yesterday really seemed to raise some chicken hackles on some friends, foes, and acquaintances…….I mean, I don’t care, because I thought I was fairly clear in my stance, but the being as bad as a rapist comment had me thinking….Am I as bad as a Rapist? Hmm…I don’t think so, but let’s be clear, I don’t mind controversy, I don’t mind disagreement, I don’t mind some nastiness…but to put me in the same cateory as a rapist means you’re an idiot, and I do not suffer fools easily….Happy Handbag Day….Some Boondock Saints mess is getting ready to happen….

Who the HELL do you think you are? You’ve obviously never been sexually assaulted or raped (Thank God) because if you had, you’d not be so quick put others in the same category as one, just because you disagreed with their point of view. Do you know what true rape is? I don’t think so….because I’ve seen you throw the word Racist around quite a bit too….Feel Me? You’re a spoiled little sister, whose never truly known hardship, and your over exaggerated opinions of people with opposing points of view, is going to get you into trouble, diminish your ability to be a leader, and certainly get your ass beat…and I’m just saying. Anytime one has to preface opinions with qualifier like, “I don’t like her either, but…” is assured that half of their reading audience is lost, and I’m only saying that, because you asked me for advice in becoming a writer……be bold, be honest, be sincere, but for the Love of all things Love be reasonable and talk only about what you KNOW…not think to KNOW..big difference, and oh yes, don’t you ever compare me to a rapist again….BRAT.

It’s nice to see the politically eligible getting out there, and being involved in their civic responsibility, but listen kids, you’re not unique. You’re times are not special, your causes are not new. Admiring my Pink Converse Kicks yesterday, I told my Math teacher, “Wait long enough, and it will always come back in style” . Hate never goes out, when I have Writer’s Block, I can write about HATE…and it’d be good. There will always be the hated rich, the downtrodden poor, wars, and scandals, you will not change that. EVER. Christ was crucified violently, MLK murdered, The Vietnam War saw the American Public spitting in the faces of our boys as their boots hit American soil, Segregation saw “otherwise good” people commit horrible acts of evil on black families, Gay Rights saw the very people struggling with their identity murdered and nailed to fences…..we are always going to have hate…instead of trying to fight it, try to identify YOUR PLACE in it…..and try to shut up, live a little life before you go around calling people racist and rapists…..For me, Happy Handbag Day reminds me that even though you’re a complete asshole, I still have my bags…You can’t take that away from me because I’m a blessed woman….WooSaa…Sigh….I feel better, but part of me did want to invite you to lunch, you know, so we could discuss my part in the rape culture…so screw you. Good, that’s over….Happy Handbag Day ya’ll….I’m celebrating by getting a new bag….I mean, it’s Christmas. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday….#NationalHandbagDay


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We’re Failing Them Ladies


“Only 11% of girls between 11 and 17, think they’re beautiful”. Wow! Sign in Walgreens that I passed yesterday….

So…let me get this straight…. in 100 Little Sisters, only 11 think they’re beautiful, and I’d dare say those 11, don’t get it. Ya know, this pisses me off…..I passed by the sign, froze in my tracks, walked backwards to read it again…then I shook my head, as moved on with my life. “Poor Accountability” I thought to myself, “It gets passed around, but no one wants to hold it, take it, accept it as their own”. Beauty is a concept I struggle with from time to time, because I forget…I forget that beauty is not what we see in the mirror…….but our actions toward each other….Get it? Beauty is a matter of the heart….So if it’s hard for me, Veronica Philips,…imagine what’s it’s like for the babies…..We’re Failing Them Ladies. It’s time to take Accountability and make it ours…..we owe it to them….you DO get that right?

So even as I’m writing this, I’m distracted by a commercial for Macy’s. They’re selling perfume using naked bodies with “do me” faces……I’m thinking out loud,”What the hell are they trying to sell?” Ask Merrill, and he’ll tell you that beauty is the deep connection between a person’s spirit and soul.  See beauty is Spiritual…your appearances are a different story, I’m not always happy with my appearance either! The Dior Fall Line is not beauty (and TRUST I’m disappointed in this years fashion)…but we celebrate, tolerate and even REWARD those who’d take their bodies and abuse it to the point of damage….we encourage the eating disorders, overspending on cosmetics, the perfumes not good for us or the environment…. Don’t get it twisted here, beauty is internal…what you put into your soul, will come out of your soul.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self Control…those are the qualities of Beauty….Red hair, green eyes, big boobs, little boobs, perfume, makeup…those are the tools of appearances…..The illusion, Little Sisters, is that there is something wrong with you and there isn’t. It’s like trying to fix something that isn’t broken. You feel me? If anyone makes you feel less than what you are, the problem is with them, and not you. What about you, Big Sisters, if you posted a one sentence Affirmation on a Little Sister’s timeline…telling them, affirming to them that they are beautiful….would they be encouraged? That’s what I mean by Accountability….we’re the light…to their new path….We’re Failing Them Ladies….it’s time each of you, take Accountability, and OWN IT.  I challenge you…post on a Little Sister’s timeline, then tag me….I’ll share it…let’s do this for the 89 Little Sisters whom believed themselves UGLY….imagine what social issues we could kill….if we took Accountability….and led our Little Sisters to the path of enlightenment? Let’s find out….TODAY. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.





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