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California Love












The following is a true conversation.

Where you from?”

I’m from….”

Doesn’t matter, because in a few years, you’ll never want to leave. Here in California, we’re so open-minded and on a higher plane Spiritually, Mentally, and Socially than the Midwest and South. You’ll see, a few years here, and you won’t want to ever to leave. So where you from?”.

The backward Midwest. And you, Darling, I just made famous


California Love


So before leaving the backwater Midwest, I had a friend tease me…that I would come back to Danville a Californian. NO….not me, but after listening to the Nurse talk about the way, we backwater folk, are perceived on the left coast, it did get me to thinking what was so backwater about us….I mean, we talk good, just like California, we’re rude in traffic, just like California, we read, right, and know our rithmatic as much as anyone out here in the cross hairs of North Korea…..California Love…..Just what makes the Midwest and South so backwater? Well, I’m fixin’ to tell ya.

  1. We’re not stupid. One of the greatest mistakes you will EVER make about the Midwest and South, is to confuse our patience for your ridiculousness, with stupidity. We’re just trying to figure out if you need a doctor, or some heart blessin’.
  2. Our patience stops on the highway. All three regions have that in common, the difference is, we’ll follow you off the ramp you cut us off in traffic to make, and corner you in the Arco gas station you stopped at because you wanted to see how far south you could push your SUV needle…THEN show you what a good ole fashioned Monsters of the Midway Ass Whoopin feels like….No seriously, we’re THAT crazy.
  3. We don’t have fun the same way you do, fair enough, but honestly, I’ve been stoned. It’s fun, but I’d prefer a tail-gate party (in the ATL you get a night club to go with it-it’s awesome), outside a Bears/Saints game, with Beer, Brats, the pigskin and my friends. Then, go inside the majestic stadium, and watch two groups of men (insert NFL joke here) beat the hell out of each other, turn to the Bears fan behind me, and say, “OHHHHHHH did you see THAT? Your boy got schooled SON!“….followed up by sharing another beer and brat with the sore loser Bears fan….
  4. We not less enlightened, we’re honest. We’re okay with telling you your outfit makes you look fat, you stink, your children are monsters (we’ll even spank them for you), your husband is sticking it to someone else, your cat is gay, your mom is gay, your brother is gay, and to take your hat off in church. Cause here’s the thing Princess, we don’t mess around. We can’t. There’s a game on in 15 min.
  5. We are a simple people. We love our military, soldiers, God and fellow-man. Do not believe the press, we’re not out here stabbing each other in the throat, but step to our spouses or families, and you’ll find out that the dude from Saw ain’t got nothing on us.
  6. We do play favorites. You do right by us, and you’ll be our favorite.
  7. We are a family. Black, white, black/white, Indian…..we empower and embrace our communities. Sure, not everyone believes in God, but I’ll guarantee you that we’ll pray for anyone who asks. If that makes us less “enlightened” then…well….I’d rather be stupid, then not give what I have to help another human out. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give a brother is prayer.
  8. Purdue, Notre Dame, University of Illinois, Penn State….(insert your college here).
  9. Your deer will put a dent in our car. Our deer will KILL you. We eat better, because life is for the living. Tomorrow is not a promise, and we’ll wash down our better tasting food with a cold brew. Our barbecue’s will knock the smirk off your face. Keep your grass to feed your deer.
  10. We don’t put down other regions to make our region look good, bless your heart, unless of course we’re talking about the World Champ Cubs, Cardinals, Da Bears, Falcons…Wait! Who do you have again? WE don’t start the fights, but we’ll damned well finish them, and when we’re done kicking your “enlightened” ass across the Continental Divide, we’ll bandage you up, and offer you dinner, because out here….Sweetheart, we WORK hard, play harder, and are a forgiving folk….AND three years out here, isn’t going to change this Ozarkian bred girl. It can’t….I bleed Midwest.

California Love. It’s a paradox really, but in the end, we’re not stupid, we’re centered, and I promise you, if you ever need us, we’ll be there for you…..but only after we make you say, “Sorry”….cause we may be gracious, but hey….we have our faults too.

What makes the Midwest and South so great? I’ll let you chime in….and Rep your State. Be Blessed.

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Illinois Schools









Well I think we should do away with the Electoral College, and just go to the popular vote. That way, we get whom we want“. Poster on a Facebook news thread. Um, Yeah. Education is important.

I dedicate this column to him ^.

Sometimes when our relationship is going well, I’m bored, or I just don’t want him to forget, I’ll bring something up that he said, like 23 years ago, and I’ll act hurt. It’s a game I like to play called, “Make Merrill Apologize” and it’s fun. Early in our relationship, we were on the phone, and I asked him, “Do you think I’m fat?”. Now, 19 yr old GI’s have no idea that a question is anything more than a question, and he was so smitten with me, he answered, “Well, you could lose 10lbs“….Yes, I remember that, and still bring it up today. The Media, the Antichrist of this society, does that too. When the days are long and hot and the people are staying inside watching movies and trying to stay cool, they like to throw out Facebook grenades, that detonate, and cause nefariousness. A question on KY3 asked something about Clinton, and the illegitimate nature of Trump’s presidency…(I have to laugh because they did that to Obama too)…..Illinois Schools.…Let me freaking tell you why, the popular vote doesn’t work…if after that, you still think the E.C. should be dismembered, then I have to assume you’re part of the Chicago Machine…..

The Illinois Assembly, did not….DID NOT pass a school budget. No, all that hemming and hawing over the money, and the new tax on the money, only served to shut the people up and divert their attention to something shiny. Now we have schools, smaller schools, in danger of closing after the new year. So many have had to cut their budgets to bare bones, that now, they cannot even operate with any Rainy/Snowy Day Funds. Many in the Bismarck District received an email yesterday from our Superintendent of Schools warning us of an impending closure, in January, if the Illinois General Assembly did not get off their asses and do their freaking jobs. POS’s….in what other line of work, do you get to be totally lazy and paid for it? We had the ball, we voted in a Republican Governor; which come on, he’s no Christmas Ham, but we kept the same supporting casts……Now, the most vulnerable in society is going to be used as pawns in a war between Red and Blue, and only because the military is off limits……Seriously, are we going to sit back and let them start closing Rural Schools, or is it time we started kicking their asses? It’s up to you folks…..I’m not going to be here….anymore.

And so, we the voters, gave Illinois permission to have, start, control, and apparently destroy, the lottery, because we thought the proceeds from the lottery; which should have created the best school systems in the WORLD, were going to be used for education. They were not. I’m not making this a debate over teachers pensions, because I get it. No, this is about the continued mismanagement of lottery and budget funds for our schools, and now, they’re threatening to close…one by one. Now I ask you, Rural America, do you want your children shoved into huge CO-OPS where the teacher to student ration is ridiculous, security is non-existent…..or worse…..EXISTENT, do you want large, crowded high schools where kids continually fall through the cracks while selling crack to each other? If you do, keep walking Slick, this isn’t about you, but if you don’t…..well it’s time you staged a revolt….it’s time you care about something…..it’s time you call your Rep, but WTF is he going to do? See, this is the part where a quick tutorial on the E.C. comes in handy. Downstate Illinois is sick and tired, and tired and sick of Chicago. That city, is like a freaking sea-gull infested landfill, that stinks to high, high heaven. Their politics are so filthy, that I can smell the mold on their coke machines from down here. We are tired of that blood sucking, parasite of a city constantly creating, developing then implementing policies…for us. The elected officials in the General Assembly come from Chicago…the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader….both Chicago Democrats….both concerned with Chicago, because Chicago pays for their children to go to public schools….Oh, and the Illinois Attorney General, is the daughter of the Illinois Speaker of the House……but we don’t care…..they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. We are the perfect example of WHY you do NOT want the Popular Vote ruling your country…..I’d really prefer we all cede those snakes from the state, but Wisconsin doesn’t want them, and Indiana wants a dump fee…..Smart state. So….Illinois Schools.…All we’re doing is making ….then allowing (and paying) corrupted officials…. California….here I come…..Pick up the fight Illinois….this state is going to ruin our children. Be Blessed.


Go get em Champs: http://vote-il.org/Officials.aspx?State=IL&Report=IL


Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.


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Goodbye My Chicago Rose









Nothing ever good comes from Chicago“….Poster on a Facebook group.

On my first day with her 8yrs ago, my client had admitted that her daughter had just given her a perm. Not understanding a damn thing about African American hair, I had commented, “Well it didn’t take“. She laughed at me…like a lot. For my more uninformed readers, when white girls get perms, they do so to add curl and body, when women of color get perms, they do so to relax their beautiful mane….Sigh. She did have a beautiful mane….so now I know, and I’m okay with that. What followed was an 8yr relationship, full of ups and downs and downs and ups. She was a stubborn woman, who never did what she was told to do, but she loved me…and she would call me, just to hear my voice. Over time I became an advocate for her, even getting in the middle of spats between herself, and the woman who would become my “sister”. Goodbye My Chicago Rose….tell me nothing good comes from Chicago again, and I’ll beat your ass, just as sure as you’re standing in front of me.

I escorted her to the hospital one day for some pre-op blood work. She was a bariatric client, and used an electric wheelchair to transfer. She needed to adjust her seating, and unfortunately, we were in a busy waiting room. So I grabbed a walker and helped her to position said walker in front of her, so she could pull up, adjust, then sit back down. As she pulled herself up the first time, she passed wind. Of course we ALL heard it, and she was so mortified that she plopped herself right back down embarrassed but in a dangerously precarious position. “Come on Sweetie” I started, “we need to get you in that chair so you’re safe“. Humiliated and with a tear in her eye, she said to me, “I can’t. They’ll laugh at me!“…..feeling a wave of compassion overcome me, I looked around the room, slow-mo style and said in a loud threatening voice, “I wish they WOULD Effing laugh at you” and like that, everyone lowered heir heads, and my point was made. Judge my client, and you judge me.

She passed away quietly this morning. When people ask me why I chose Geriatric as a profession I tell them because I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy fighting with my clients. I enjoy winning some, and I enjoy losing some. I enjoy it, because as long as my seniors fight with me, they still have a fire…and I know they’ll be okay. It’s why I’m good with my 4yr old….the attitudes of “I’ll do it myself” and my personal favorite, “Why should I?” are both the same. I love hearing their stories of great triumph over tribulations, their Great Depression survival, shoving cash in a can or mattress. I love getting over on them and if that doesn’t work, compromising with them. My Chicago Rose was a good, pure soul….She’s at peace now, thank you Lord…..Does it suck that I’ve done this so many times I knew what to order on my way over to console the family? I have dealt with dying beloved clients more times than I’d like to admit, but there will be others. When you have clients that loves your kids like they were their own, buy’s them gifts with their meager salary, calls to find out how your husband is doing after his heart attack, or even calls to hear your voice….you know, you’ve found your calling. I guess the only thing we can hope for is that when they leave you, they do so with God’s Grace upon them. Goodbye My Chicago Rose. For you did not go gently into that good night, because it was totally your choice, and I respect the hell out of that. Take Care baby girl….say hello to the others, try not to judge me now that you can see me, and above all…stay out of my bedroom. Ya’ll are some of the dirtiest minds I KNOW…and I don’t need you telling my Grandma what goes on. …Oh, California is so not ready for me…..RIP Baby Girl….thank you for the memories 🙁 Be Blessed.


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My Thoughts











“Yeah, I get that a lot“. Me responding to an acquaintance who admitted she thought I was a bitch…when she first met me.


I’m actually a nice person, sorta. I’m sorta a nice person, but I can’t help some things, or I can help them, and just don’t want to. Annoyance at my city, for what I perceive to be a lack of understanding, has finally reached a boiling point inside of me, and since I can’t come right out and address people one by one, I thought I’d write it here….where no one would read it….then I won’t get into so much trouble, and be banned off the local gossip pages. My Thoughts……Yes, this isn’t going to go over well at all.


  1. The flowers in Downtown Danville, were provided by a grant or something. The City did not purchase the flowers. I repeat, The….City….DID NOT…purchase the flowers. Now, can we at least agree that the city did not purchase the flowers? As long as we’re on it….
  2. The City cannot divert the grant money it received for the Downtown Beautification Project (the flowers) to fill a gap in the budget. I like the Fire Fighters too, but Grants don’t work that way…I mean they do for the assholes in Springfield, but here in Danville, if a Grant pays for it, that’s all it can pay for. Now, can we agree that the grant for the Downtown Beautification Project, cannot be spent to fill gaps in the budget? Let’s raise some taxes, get some additional revenue going, then we can pay for the services Danville is demanding.
  3. You’re mad at a Mayor for allowing Chicago residents to move to Danville, but what you fail to realize is that this is America. We can move anywhere we want. I do not have to write the Mayor, or Governor, or Council of any city (yes I know) in any state, or township and ask permission to move to their community. One, the Mayor cannot grant that permission, and two, (again) it’s America. So, let’s review. Chicago residents, are American, and can move to any community they see fit. They don’t have to ask us, we don’t have to approve them. And as long as we’re on it….
  4. Section 8 can be used anywhere in the country. It is a HUD program, that’s Housing and Urban Development, and as long as the resident qualifies, and the landlord qualifies, both parties may come together for an agreement to move in. The Mayor cannot give, nor deny, permission for the Section 8 recipients to use what the Feds approved.
  5. Ah “The Sign”…This one is a little longer, but I’ll try to go slowly. There was a sign in Chicago several years ago, a billboard really, encouraging the recently displaced residents of the now defunct Cabrini Green’s housing complex to move to Danville. Some ill-informed citizen, spread the rumor (and still does) that our current Mayor, put up the billboard in the hopes of receiving kickbacks and to just generally screw with the lives of the citizens of our esteemed town. What really happened is a company, Hispanic Housing Development Corporation, the managing agent and property owner of Vermillion Gardens and Green Meadow (a Section 8 Apartment complex), had some vacancies in their housing complex in Danville. Now, with Section 8, an empty apartment is money lost, so they took advantage of the demolition and encouraged Chicago residents to move here….and move here they did. Danville did not need to give permission, the Mayor (not Mayor at the time) did not receive any kickbacks, Chicago did not pay any kickbacks, and Aliens (as in ET) are not disguised as Chicago residents moving here to probe us. Seriously people, give it a break. You’re just being ignorant now.
  6. Gambling has been gambling for several years. We don’t have to have a casino to gamble. Just take a quick drive down Rt. 1, or go grab a beer at any fine beer establishment, and you will find the slot machines. Will a casino increase revenue? Maybe…but we have slots and poker already in our fine town….Personally, I want the Riverboat, and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop forcing your values on me, BUT if you insist on continuing to push your “morals” on me, I’m going to talk to you about my faith, my opinions, my values, and my dog….and I swear….I’ll do it.
  7. Yes, there is crime everywhere. If you think your little corner of the world has been violated, take a walk to Terre Haute, and let them introduce you to Meth. The crime rate has not increased because of race, color, religion nor Chicago, but because Springfield has made employers the enemy of the State…and frankly, there are no manufacturing jobs anymore, I know…I know…the good ole’ GE/GM days, but friends….they’re gone, and you can thank NAFTA…via Clinton…not Trump for that. What do you want? Stop voting blue, or go to Indiana….now they have some jobs.
  8. One stat, from a page created to opine, does not a fact make. Sorry folks, I know the stats fit within your worldview, I know you want to believe it so you can waive it in the Mayor’s face while calling him vile names, but that’s now how any of this works. Per capita means just that. If you have 10 people in a town, and 8 commit crimes, then yes, your town has an 80% crime rate, however, Chicago and St. Louis trump all day ya’ll…all day, and frankly, our crime has increased (see #7), but to take an OP-ED piece and flail it like Gospel just makes you look foolish. Do your own homework…come back….then we’ll discuss the Scientific evidence behind Essential Oils curing cancer. It’s true…I read it on Facebook.
  9. Our Mayor is not an idiot, just overwhelmed, but good to know that you’d rather call him an idiot than help. Love that 1st Amendment. Oh, and the whole National Guard thing……Um, Scott can’t do that….the Governor has to do that….and really, be careful what you wish for….very…very….careful.
  10. I’m embarrassed, ashamed, sad and a little angry, that this community would be so quick to be so judgmental. First, you do not get to decide who is…and is not…a citizen, or resident. You hate Trump for trying to keep the “illegal aliens” out, but are the first ones to get on a Scanner page and approve a Chicago ban….I don’t get you. Now, before you get all jackwaded on me, understand I was making a comparison, not an endorsement of Trump’s Wall, but you don’t get it both ways. You cannot decry what our President is doing, to try to reduce crime (his words), then pontificate a borderline racist comment to keep another American citizen out of what is NOT your city. STOP….you’re embarrassing yourself.

So, My Thoughts. I’m going to have to stop getting all bent out of shape when I read hypocrisies. I always wondered what it was that was going to destroy the human race, and I now know it to be FEAR. Mob actions, by an otherwise “decent” group of people. Hmmm, I think I get how the Holocaust started…Good people became crazed with fear, while others sat back and did nothing. Yep, we’re going to hell…and the thing is…there’s nothing we can do to stop this. Danville is just a snapshot of a much greater problem, and frankly, Trump had nothing to do with it….He’s just a poster boy for a society afraid. Lord, please….have mercy on our souls. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday…..


Disclaimer: I have no problem with people from Chicago….I have a problem….with criminals.



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Pitiful” My only comment to the United debacle.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or knee-deep in season 6 of “Parks and Rec” on Netflix, you’ve heard about the #United fiasco and the doctor thrown, well dragged, off the flight. The story, in and of itself, is NOT amusing, what is amusing to me, is the responses, the outpouring of support for the individual, whom #United #thuglifed out of his legally boarded seat, so that it could give it, and three others, to their employees. Now, I’m no MBA, but I think a rule of thumb in business is employees, while valuable, are not asset’s, per se….Cash paying customers are, so if your employees are recorded beating and dragging a man down your airline aisle, without good cause, you might want to respond in a different manner than, “We support our employees“…because the majority of your customers do not….United...proving once again that the skies are not so friendly after all.

The incident has prompted the Hollywood semi-elite to take time out of their verbal beating of Trump, to comment that United sucks. May be the one opinion we have in common. Of course, when you fly private, and all your needs are catered, it is a little easier to champion the little people who must fly coach, then again, these celebrities know what a PR nightmare is…and so for them to add fuel to the already burning airline fire, is a bad thing, but like I always say, “No publicity is bad publicity”….I know this, then again, maybe I’m not either. I’ve been trying to get celebrities to pay attention to me for years….now I realize that all I had to do was go around assaulting innocent people…I can do that….just let me talk to my 4th Degree Mentor first.

We are a long way off from the days of Pan Am and their blue uniformed, beautiful women. I had always wanted to be a Pan Am stewardess and wear the smart, blue suit with hat, offering Champaign and a hot towel to the rich and famous..I dunno, maybe even join that exclusive club I’ve always heard about, but then the Tenerife airport disaster happened, and I decided that maybe my feet would better serve me on the ground. I did digress. United, at one time, was very accommodating to their customers..they cared….but then the Government, Satan, or 911 got into them, and they became thugs, serving only their Boards. Understand that I understand that in the fine print of the contract, it does state that passengers “Can be denied boarding” but the good doctor was already boarded….United employees publicly mugged that seat from the good doctor. Think about it, we have an industry that Congress had to regulate, because passengers were being held as hostages, sans air or potty, while the industry played slow poke with traffic….They are greedy, and there is nothing we can do about IT! So keep flying them, keep allowing Hollywood to pay fake lip-service to their practices, keep putting up with the industry abuses, and the industry abuses will continue. Dig? Before you make your next flying decision remember the site of the good doctor, being dragged out of his seat, humiliated before the world, only to be allowed to return with a “my bad” and a bloodied lip, then ask yourself if you want to be a part of the Sky Bullying that’s being sanctioned in this country today… Next time, it could very well be you. I Gotta go. I’m a Southwest girl myself…now if I could just get them to fly to Savannah…..Id’ be in airline heaven. You have a choice…You can fly the south-side skies, or you can fly without the fear of being beat up for your seat…Either way, this is still Capitalism….and we still have a choice. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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Tainted Love

There is a storm brewing
There is a storm brewing









A county of 80,000 people should NOT be having these kinds of big city problems”. Ronnie

If I ever get around to getting that RN, Merrill and I are moving. I’m serious. I was reading some statistic that noted a resident of Danville has a 1 in 4 chance of being the victim of a crime, and when you consider what the crimes are these days, that’s not comforting. So Merrill and I have made the decision to move and go live life on someone else’s Yellow Brick Road, except their road may be tainted too. Tainted Love…I’m not so sure it IS better somewhere else, but DC looks nice.

The people of Danville have a love/hate relationship with their mayor. I am a little biased, because he’s been one of my closest friends for two decades…I do get angry when I read the unintelligent bash him with information that had to come from the Enquirer. The truth is, our mayor is not a crooked man, just an overwhelmed man, with a citizenry ready to storm city hall with pitch forks and torches, but I’m not sure even they KNOW WHY. I suppose many really don’t understand that these problems didn’t simmer over night. Not willing to pay another red cent toward taxes, a decade ago, they demanded Scott pull a rabbit out of his ass with nothing but some shoe string and ear wax…then when he couldn’t, they turned on him and now, his legacy will be nothing more but trying to make it out of office with some of his wits still about him. It’s a thankless job that I don’t envy, but every now and then you gotta wonder who the real assholes in this city are. The crooks, in which nothing is personal, or the uneducated who’ll do all they can to slander the name of a good person? I’m going with the latter over the former, mostly because many of them don’t know what that means….

He wanted a riverboat. Long past the point of financial desperation, he sought to do anything that would bring revenue to the city he loved. Other cities our size have riverboats, and while the statistics are out on the effectiveness of gambling revenue on a city, it may have helped, but crime has now overtaken our city like slow-moving lava from Pompei, and no one wants us. Dig? We need action now….except I’m not sure if anyone knows that Illinois is broke, and there is nothing Scott can do about it. All the citizenry lamenting about the days of GM/GE don’t get that manufacturing is SOUTH of the border, the US border, not the county border, and that decision wasn’t Scott’s to make…get it? Scott cannot bring in manufacturing to Danville, any more than I can bring Gucci to shoot at the mall. The state has a very unfriendly business climate, choosing years ago to serve Satan rather than the voting block of downstate.  If Scott had any choice he’d hire more policemen and firefighters to kick the bad guy’s ass, but the State isn’t giving the city it’s share of the tax pie. Scott is not crooked, did not advertise to Cabrini Green, did not get checks for Section 8 enrollees (that’s just stupid), is not sacrificing cats at midnight, did not offer to sell Danville to the Sheiks, Did not shoot JR, and did not break up the Back Street Boys…..but as long as your God Blessing Christian Heart gets someone to blame it’s all fair. Tainted Love….This didn’t happen overnight, it will not go away overnight, but anyone who thinks they can do better should try. Just don’t be crooked like the last few contenders….you know who you are….the last thing Danville needs is a Chicago mini-me trying to strong-arm the citizens into an opium den for sex and if that offends you…Good. You’re probably stupid anyway. Politics it’s all good, until it isn’t. Personally I’d be firing right back….but that’s just me. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.


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The Mayor Is An Idiot










Well what do you expect when all they do is spend money on downtown flowers, and people to water them. The mayor is an IDIOT!”…Well the 1st thing we do, when accusing anyone of misappropriating funds or being stupid, is to make sure we KNOW what we’re talking about, and not look stupid ourselves! Danville residents give me heartburn….

Prologue: Our murder, rape, robbery, suicide, drug overdose, car jacking, dog theft, and jaywalking rates have exponentially increased. Our crime rate has become on par with cities much larger than us. In our anger, we have lashed out at our Mayor, and anyone defending him. It’s become a free-for-all with citizens accusing the Mayor of everything from possessing Magical Powers to kill people with his mind, to downright theft of city funds. “Where is the money?” they shout with anger and pitchforks….I for one, am tired of the crime. It’s just a matter of time, before being in the wrong place at the wrong time makes me, or a member of my family a victim of a crime, HOWEVER, I am even more tired of the blame….In a car jacking incident at Wal-Mart, (a car left running with two children in it, while the mother went shopping), a Wal-Mart employee made note that there was a car running idle, with kids left alone…on her Freaking Facebook Page….she did not call police, she did not report her observations to her Supervisor….the car was then carjacked…..I’ll let that sit and percolate for a moment. The Mayor Is An Idiot.…I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.

For those Facebook Bloggers who like to watch late night television and opine, the problem…or the answer….seems to revolve around our Idiot Mayor, and his ability to piss off the masses, by doing absolutely nothing. It seems, that many years ago, the Mayor put up a billboard in the South Side of Chicago, welcoming all whom read it, to a new life in Danville, where the flowers smelled nicer, the people were less racists, and the taxes were lower. I’d say he was batting three for three lies right there! The Major also promised to pick me up a gallon of milk from the store…I’m still waiting….

So, there are two principles that one needs to understand before going into politics:

  1. You can please all of the people, some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot please all of the people, all of the time, especially those in Danville.
  2. An object in motion, will stay in motion, until acted on by a force….

Clamoring for his resignation, Danville, like all other cities in Corruption, is held hostage by Chicago. If Chicago say’s “Jump” the rest of Illinois says “Screw you”, but we have to jump because nothing gets done, without Chicago’s okay….get it? Chicago keeps voting in corrupted politicians. Understand this one concept, the law say’s that pensions must be funded, before any other line item is addressed, including payroll, so as much as I hate it, we are going to have to let some employees, like the Firefighters, go…Because Unions and Illinois go together like a Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwich….Danville…you did some of this with your votes for State Government…..BLAME YOURSELF! The citizenry has made it clear that they are not going to be taxed another red cent…so cuts have to be made……There is only so much the Mayor can do…Pensions come first; which is ironic since Illinois hasn’t funded a pension in ten years.

About The flowers….The precious flowers that grace our Downtown and Hospital areas, were not purchased with precious tax monies. They were purchased with a grant, and the upkeep is not by Maintenance, but by volunteers. No public tax monies were spent… on the freaking flowers. Can we STHU about them NOW? Do some research….The Mayor did not put up a sign in Chicago. When the public housing unit, Cabrini Green, closed…. the FEDS, via the Sections 8 Voucher program, assisted the displaced residents to seek housing elsewhere in the State. The Mayor at the time, Jones, inherited the original mess….not the current Mayor, but we shouldn’t let facts get in the way of our right to speech. The Section 8 Voucher program, is a federal program…they, nor us….can discriminate if the individuals meets all criteria. Our Mayor is not consulted…..There was no sign….in Chicago…welcoming residents to Danville. If you have proof of it…please share…

He has made mistakes, but this is not the Droids You Seek. Without opining on the Riverboat too much, it is at least a step into addressing the declining tax base….it will bring more jobs….it may help our situation…..but understand that as long as we live in a State of Corruption, we are at the mercy of Chicago, and the corrupted politician’s they elect. I want an annexation. I want to be separate….Tax money comes from the State….if there is any hold-up in funding…(i.e. the budget crises, and the stand-off) Danville will not receive her righteously earned share….this is not the Mayor’s fault, but since he is the head of the city, I get why he gets the ire…So The Mayor Is An Idiot. Fair enough, but some of the previous admin, like in the Obama defense, is to blame here. I don’t hate the residents of Chicago…I hate the city of Chicago, I hate the politicians of Chicago….and I’m not happy with those who’d rather update their FB page, over reporting children left in a running car. At least the carjacker did the right thing. He dropped the children off at the curb, before taking off in the car…and anytime you praise the actions of a carjacker, you know you’re going to hell in a hand basket. SMH….this isn’t Scott’s fault, but Justin Case, it is, I’m moving….Indiana is 5 min away….Think I’ll become a Hoosier for a while…I mean…U of I….I of U..tomato/tomatoe. Who knows, I may look good in Red/Cream….and even I vomited in a my mouth writing that, a little bit. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Snow Day….

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Illinois, You’re A Disgrace


I’m not racist, You’re stupid“….Ronnie to the television.

When I was a child, I thought like a child. Then I grew up and realized that Illinois is a little touched in the head“…Hybrid of what Paul wrote, and what my grandma said.

My grandmother, WWII survivor, was an immigrant. After the war, she met the man of her dreams, (AF Veteran) married him and moved around the world with him. This isn’t about immigration, for I understand why there are those risking lives and limbs to be a part of our amazing nation. We are a rich nation….and I get why there are those whom want to share in a small part of what some of us were blessed to be born into….I have no beef with Immigration….I have BEEF with Illinois, and the complete, elitist, stupid asshats that some vote into office. Have some of you lost your damned minds? The more I learn about the world of politics, the more disgusted I become and I swear to all things White House, if any of my kids ever, EVER run for office, I will whoop their ass on national TV so fast it will make the Constitution Blush….Illinois, You’re A Disgrace…..because, as Duchess would say, you’re a bunch stupid heads.

Harumph, Harumph, I say, I say Champaign…(the entire state really)….want’s to be a safe haven for immigrants. If this were an episode of The Walking Dead, and the military, police, or government were the “walkers” I could see creating an environment of safety for those in this country illegally. Listen Linda, I GET IT. Maybe we could speed up the process for those seeking Citizenship, but we’ve gone so far left, that at some point, a right turn must be made, or we’ll just go in circles. I don’t think it’s a bad idea that Trump chose a home schooler to lead the DOE, because honestly, we can’t do much worse at this point……Illinois (Champaign, Chicago) wants to disregard Federal Law, and invite all immigrants to come hither, where they’ll be safe, from the big bad Fed Wolfs, but Illinois, CHAMPAIGN, how are you going to pay for it? You couldn’t afford to get a puppy right now. If I open my home to the homeless, and I keep it open to any and all whom seek shelter, yet I receive no assistance in return…I’ll be broke….WAIT…Illinois is broke….so really, Illinois is worse than the dead beat dad promising his kids he’ll see them soon….knowing he won’t…with a bunch of teeny bopping little sisters whining, “He tries….but no one will give him a job” WHATEVER….

Some stupid congressman from Chicago (which, come ON..Chicago?) made the statement on local television this morning, that some useless Commission in Illinois would start investigating every business practice in Illinois, and if that business is found to be in any way, shape or form to supportive of “The Wall” Illinois would not invest in said business, nor do business with said business. So, if you’re a business that brings jobs to this God Forsaken cesspool of a state, but you support something the state does not, they will not support you…or your tax base, job providing, economy stimulating ass…..Good thing it doesn’t mean too much because I don’t know one business that wants to do business with the State. Investing with the State is like me asking you for a hamburger today, paying you NEVER…Sigh…Chicago is the reason downstate wants out! I think they’d do well on their own…I’d like to introduce legislation to make Chicago its own state….but I’ve sworn off politics forever remember? So, call me any name you’d like…you cannot mess with finances….like I told a classmate the other day, Math is MATH…all day…all day. If you find yourself above the law, and you think you can take on the Feds, go for it….but don’t bring the very people whom depend on you down with you… Illinois politicians would be comical, if not tragic. Gotta go…I wish I could throw Illinois Politicans to The Walkers….Reagan had it right, “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help” NOT! Look, just take away some of the red tape….it’s like Walmart saying, “Gee, I’d like to lower prices, but I can’t”….WHY NOT?…Because Illinois, You’re A Disgrace…that’s why. If they cared, they’d try to change the system, not violate the laws…bunch of camera loving, attention seeking whores, and if you don’t like that, I can tell you what I REALLY said this morning….Okay, Gotta go….Cardiology appt this am, then some shopping. To help a brother out is a noble cause indeed, but you gotta clean your own house first, otherwise, you’ll both go down…Think I’ll move 3 miles East…at least they have better weather…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Black Friday….

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Go Wash It Off

Listen to ME....
Listen to ME….

Go Wash It Off. You look like a whore“. Painful memory of being 13, trying makeup on for the first time, then being told to go wash it off because my grandmother disapproved….it’s okay…I now understand why.

NO, the mayor did not go to Chicago umpteen years ago and have a billboard created to tell the residents of Cabrini Greens to move to Danville. I find it humorous, and downright annoying that there are those who’d carry on that rumor, KNOWING they didn’t see it, but like some paranormal activity will SWEAR they knew someone who had…which is impossible…because it didn’t exist. Get it? Look if ghosts, goblins, aliens and Jimmy Hoffa are/were real, don’t you think someone/somewhere would have a photo? This is the Snapshott/Instagram generation….there are pictures out there of body doubles for government, assisinated officials…..Show Me The MONEY….because you’re starting to sound like an idiot. Danville, Go Wash It Off…..you’re not ready to wear make up just yet.

Speaking of the Big Leagues, did you see those Cubs? CHICAGO. Ask any Scanner weary resident of my beloved City and they will tell you the name Chicago is not welcome here…..but this isn’t about Chicago. When the housing in Chicago was closed, residents were given vouchers that were good to use in any downstate neighborhood. People want to complain that Danville is now the Little Chicago of Illinois, but I think St. Louis would beg to differ with that distinction. Truth is, reading the blotter report yesterday, I saw one name from Chicago, all the others were from Danville. We may not yet be a big city, but we sure got big city problems, and a mayor that HAS to be frustrated in finding a solution to the recent uptick in drive-by shootings.

We tried to grow up too fast, but like the 13 yr old Ronnie wearing horrible blue eye shadow, Danville doesn’t have a grandmother whom loves her. We wanted the casino’s, the Ferris Buller parades down Vermillion, the River walk….we wanted all the big city benefits, with little city resources. We’ve had 4 drive by shootings, a murder rate that puts us at number 57 of the “Most Dangerous Places To Live” rankings, schools that no one wants to attend, and a tax weary citizenry whom so help them God will NOT take another step forward….until shown a plan…to make Danville GREAT again. I can’t blame them…but this didn’t happen overnight, and this didn’t happen entirely under one Mayor’s watch. This is a by-product of our society, a Federal Government that somehow always knew what was best….even if they didn’t live here. This isn’t Law and Order, these are real people, scared to death in a community where the daily sounds of gunfire can be heard, and the children are kept inside…..It’s NOT Chicago….this is US.

I have no clue what to do, but I DO know that Trump can help….I’m kidding. We have to stop taking advice from those who do not live here, and start listening to our Elders who won’t tell us what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. Simply washing the make up off this one isn’t enough anymore….This is my city too, these are my children, I drive through those neighborhoods, I don’t want the violence either, but if you’re not willing to stand up and be a part of whatever the solution then you are part of the problem, and you need to SHFU…because you’re in our way….We should not have babies afraid to ride the bus, nor go to school….we NEED to stand our ground with the SHOOTERS, and THE MAYOR…and THAT…is where I end this today. Danville, you wanted to be a big girl…….Now Go Wash It Off. You’re not ready to play in the big leagues just yet…..This isn’t about Chicago, it’s about US…and the society we’ve become….shame on you if all you did was bitch…now your chickens have come home to roost, and you’ll eat em…..and choke. This is some “Untouchable” mess right here, and like the movie say’s, “What are you prepared to do about it? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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Hey, Hey…


“And you shall know by these things that the end of the World is near. Earthquakes, famine, pestilence, wars….the Cubs shall win the World Series”……

“And I looked into the sky, and before me appeared a great, “W” and it stood next to a great furry creature. And I saw a city upon a lake screaming, shouting, chanting….I knew that low the end was nigh.”

“The last time they were good, Charlie Sheen was their pitcher”….and I greatly agree…they better let him throw the 1st pitch.


A great man died in 2004….long before FB was a “thing’ and “My Space” was still a closet. This great man, Grandpa Dick, was a lover of all things Cubby. He embroiled what was once the great American past time……baseball. Now we have smash mouth football, but I still say that until you clear a bench, your fights ain’t JACK…I mean, I feel like a bad reason, is a good enough reason, for a good fight, and apparently, Chicago agrees with me, oops…and I did Digress! With Grandpa Alfonz, one was jetted back into a society of hotdogs, peanuts and cracker jacks, sunny days, draft beers, all behind home plate….When he died, it was Harry Carry himself that came back to earth and took his Spirit back to heaven….kinda like the Ark of the Covenant being lifted up into all thing celestial……then came October 22, 2016….the birthday of my amazing nephew, and the day the Goat was killed, or the curse was lifted, or something! Hey, Hey….This one is for you Grandpa…we miss you.

Do you remember where you were the night Mark Mcguire broke the home run record…then competed with Sammy SOSA for it all summer? That was cool right? In its own boring, draft beer drinking ways, baseball can be fun. It took my husband over a decade to teach me football….I was too exhausted to learn baseball, but I like the fights, and I LOVE Charlie Sheen…did I tell you about the time I almost met him at Planet Hollywood in Chicago? Sorry. Now, I’ve BEEN to a Cubbies game in Chicago…100 years ago….it was during the baseball strike….or something….so I’m familiar with the basics, I just don’t know the specific terms…like what do you call that thing, where you get up and pee, grab a beer, then sing, or the man in black, not Johnny Cash, whom stands behind that guy with the glove and picks fights with players? What do you call that guy? Did you know that Alaska and Hawaii weren’t even STATES the last time Cubbies won the National League Pennant in 1945….WW I , nor II nor Korea had even happened when the Cubbies last won the World Series (1908)…since then, we’ve had Hitler, the Hoola Hoop, racism, Sputnik, Wars, Internet, Ipods, Ipads, my birth, color tv’s, Disney land….I’m happy for them, it’s about time, but I still hate baseball, but I am woman enough to say that whatever my husband loves, I love….a kiss to my finger and a raise it to heaven for Grandpa Alfonz…who is sitting with Harry Carry right now, singing during the 7th Inning Stretch….Hey, Hey….Congrats Chicago….Oh ONE MORE THING, Cleveland had better let Sheen thrown out the first pitch….or it’s gonna get ugly….feel me? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday…and Repent NOW.


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