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I AM Woman

The Future Protester?
A Future Protester?

What rights do we not have today, that we had yesterday?” Ronnie asking a poster this question on 1/20/17.

“March in DC for equality? I just want to be equal in my own home, and do the same things as a man”…ME frustrated on a Sunday am.

Virginia Slims, a cigarette company, heralded its brand by convincing women to smoke their product…”You’ve come a long way baby” they told us, while knowing that smoking wasn’t/isn’t good for us..I wonder…did we know it too?  Enjoli, a perfume maker, praised our Tiger Stripes by showing us that WE could bring home the bacon, and smell nice for our men. LOL, she was working, cooking, cleaning and making out with her man…The glaring irony escaped us. Madonna, feminist idol who made it okay to threaten the presidential home, was a ‘boy toy’ in the 80’s. She made love to the floor, and unabashedly let us see all the things that Queen Bae told men they needed a ring to look at. Madonna did all this while pretending to be a virgin….an image meant to appeal only to men….Truthfully, Madonna made a career out of coddling the fantasy’s of men….Men, Men, Men….I imagine the 70’s Women’s Lib Activists are turning over in their burning bra’s right about now…..I Am Woman….I AM Equal….the difference is I don’t have to protest to prove it…

It is indeed American to protesth the injustices we find unrighteous. For example, a schedule of marching events in DC was displayed yesterday…today is  the “Walking Dead” protest. It is to protest the killing of Glen. “Make Me A Samwich,  Get back in the kitchen, I’d do her, She has a great ass,” and my personal favorite, “Is she on her period?” are some of the adorable little taunts men are throwing at us. My God ladies, all the work we’ve done, all the victories we’ve accomplished, and now, they’re asking us about our periods again….Trump didn’t set us back, WE did. What violation occurred? Tell me how were our rights threatened, or violated? There’s a nasty little document called the Constitution that gives us the same rights as men, it GUARANTEES it….Man, nor God can take away our rights…….Actually, in our quest to be equal, we’ve become MORE equal, but more stupid as well…We are looking mighty foolish out there….

The March was intended to unify “us” against a tyrannical Hitleresk Dictator, set up to deny us our rights. We needed to have our voices heard….Why? At the last search, we still have the right to Speech, Religion, Peaceful Assembly, Petition of Grievances, Bear Arms, Illegal Search and Seizures etc, etc, etc….but unlike men, we also have the right to commit murder, and call it Reproductive Rights. So you see, we’re more equal, not less, and we’re more divided, not less. We bullied the government into giving us the right to kill children, and yet we are not happy with that…we now also want the government to pay for it….So now, we’re up for mocking, ridicule, we are the butt (I got her butt) of every male joke and fantasy. Listen Linda, it’s always been a man’s world, the smart ones, figured out how to rise up in spite of the male attempt to put us in our place. I AM Woman, “Don’t you want your daughter to have the same rights you do?”….No….I want her to have more than I did. I want her to be able to speak out without a man checking out her ass. I want her to be strong, without being seen as her parts, I want her to be truly heard, without hypocritical 80’s idol’s making her look stupid….I want her to stand strong against the same-sex bullies who will comment on this status….. I Am Woman, and I know Trump cannot take away my rights. Somewhere lies an 8yr old girl in pain, because she is being forced to undergo a scaring procedure meant to enhance her future husband’s sexual pleasure….She, not I, needs you. Just go speak for yourself. Me and Mine are just fine….now for that 8yr old Little Sister….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.



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No Risk, No Reward

Risk pays off
Risk pays off

“I said YOU shut-up”…Duchess answering her daddy, after being asked, “What did you just say?”.

She damned well KNEW he heard the 1st time…she didn’t care. Both my daughters are the same in how they inherited my attitude, but both are different in how they approach risk. Princess calculates risk, while Duchess just takes it and makes it her pet. No Risk, No Reward….Assuming they both understand Risk….I think my daughters are going do just fine….

“I think you’re very cute” that was written from me to a boy named John Castor, when I was a Freshman in HS. He never did find out it was me…until now that is….but at the time I was a little mousey red-head afraid of her own shadow, so I didn’t take a risk to meet him. The Ronnie of several years later, would simply walk up to him and say, “You, me NOW”. As I got older, I found myself attracted to the bad boys, the ones so confident in themselves that they can just walk up to a girl, and say, “When are we going out?”…of course he was the biggest mistake of my life….But later, the love of my life would introduce himself by asking me, “You want to thumb wrestle?” I ended up marrying him. Risk…it has it’s Rewards 🙂

Little Sisters, the reward you earn in life, is directly proportional to the risk you take in pursuing it. I took a risk in January 2013 and wrote about an interaction between two Strangers in Walmart….I took another RISK and wrote a status about Pooping at The Kiddie Pool, and yet another in August, 2013 when I wrote about punching a stranger in the face…Have you seen Merrill? He’s amazing at so many things, but I would have none of it, if I hadn’t of taken a risk and said, “NO” to his thumb wrestling question because honestly, I DID want to thumb wrestle with him….I just had to be coy. No Risk, NO Reward means you cannot Be a Baller….if you don’t play the game. Gotta go, Duchess and her daddy are arguing….Sigh…doesn’t he realize it’s ME he’s fighting? Risk…it’s a bitch. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.



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Can I Talk To You About


I was giddy to see that my constitution had returned this am. Listen, BM is a REAL issue. I’m being dead serious when I say it was a contributing factor to my grandmother’s death, and if you think I don’t have a calander up in every one of my client’s home, with “BM” and the letters “L, M, or S”, you are mistaken. When our kids come to us with a complaint of a tummy ache, “Did you poop?” is our go to diagnosis, that’s why I’m taking a moment to talk to you and your loved ones about BM’s…you never know, when you’re not gonna go! Can I talk to you about BM’s?

Ask any doctor, nurse, CNA, or homemaker if they have EVER had the BM conversation with nervous senior citizen and they’ll tell you, “Hell to the, YES”. Everyday I get a call, “I had a BM”…..hubby asked me, “Did she really call you to tell you she pooped?”…Yes…yes she did…but there are those so embarassed by it (or lack therefor of), they will never bring it up…then your life really turned hard (pun?) See, as our loved one’s get older, BM are harder to come by, hell, they could be currency in some countries, they’re so gold…I just don’t think God meant for “POOP” and the conversation about it, to be taboo, yet here we are, 2016 and I see nary a post, about how to keep our intestinal, colon, and rectal health….in good standing. I see the, “Sex, sex, sex” , “look at my new bag”, “I got a mani/pedi” and that’s okay (cause it’s ME), but I don’t see,”Here’s the real secret to Poop”. That’s some important information….I’m only making a big deal of it because….well….I went most of the week without one. Couldn’t even put on my jeans….don’t laugh, if it hasn’t happened to you….it will.

I envy Merrill’s family. They can poop on cue….just ask them! I don’t mean to make light of it, because for my clients, their constitutional habits are an obsession and for good reason. My grandmother died of impaction, a horribly, painful condition that occurs when LTC staff suck at their jobs. Am I at the age where I have to start charting BM’s? If so, I’ll just add a line item, or is it just that this week, was ironic? Either way, I’ll fit into that bikini now. Okay, gotta go. We are leaving the babies today, and my mommy heart is conflicted. I’m going to go and spend every mommy moment with them that I can…..God hates mommies….He really does. He gave us the heart to love them, and the soul to be guilted when we leave them….regardless of how much time we spend with them each day……Don’t tell Merrill about…you know….my constitution. I used it as an excuse to say, “No”all week. Can I talk to you about BM’s? We need to be more transparent…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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Never Again


I’ve prided myself on being the voice of my generation, never afraid to speak the truth, tell a stranger like it is and all…….but I am a very proper girl. Like Very Proper, so I have my, um, weaknesses too……I hardly ever go to the restroom in public but I had just left The Office, and I wasn’t going home for quite some time. My AM Constitution caught up with me…I had no choice….sigh….I use the bathroom at The Kiddie Pool. No biggie, we’re all adults here, it is a natural bodily function that we don’t have to discuss……but I go to flush….

Um, the toilet won’t flush. The toilet won’t flush, THE TOILET WON’T FLUSH. I text Merrill, “Help, the toilet won’t flush, what do I do?”. Now men will go in public restrooms, I’m figuring he has experience, but HE DOESN’T TEXT ME BACK. Panicked I push, pull, push and pull the handle, I hear voices outside, “People are coming!” I say to myself, as sweat is forming on my brow, my hands are shaky, I feel an asthma attack come on as my chest tightens……but I can’t get the toilet to flush….it won’t flush…there’s stuff in the toilet and it won’t flush…..All that keeps running through my head is the line from Nemo, “All drains lead to the Ocean” but not here….THE TOILET WON’T FLUSH HERE…….So, I RUN….I go to another bathroom, far far away, and wash my hands, but as I walk back by the Crime Scene, I hear someone yell, “There’s some NASTY Bitches in HERE!”….OMG, I was HORRIFIED….Never again….

Okay, so no….I don’t really hear that, and YES, I do call the Maintenance Department. I disguise my voice, and make it a high-pitched British voice, “Yes, the toilet won’t flush. Mmm, it’s dirty. Be a dear and fix it, before someone gets hurt”…..If my story can compel one person to do a pre-flush, then I’ve done my job. Oh well, at least it didn’t overflow. That’s it. I gotta go. I had no idea the toilet wouldn’t flush, and I’m sure someday, this will make it into the book. From now on, it’s my toilet….or no toilet at all…I swear by all things, I will never exercise my rights in public…again. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday…..Don’t Judge Me.


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