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If Home really is where the heart is, then I should probably call my heart, and tell her where I am“…..Ronnie giggling at herself this am.


I’ve known people in Danville, and some here, who’ve never, ever left the area. I mean, they travel, but as far as moving or getting out for any extended period of time, they’ve never left their homes. There are times, like when we visited Colorado Springs, that I thought I could totally move and be happy, but I now see that’s not true. The gala last night was beautiful, we had a great time, met lots and lots of people (oh I could tell you some stories of rich drunk people), but it was missing the garlic spice on my spaghetti…Know what I mean? I’ve carefully watched the Danville news, I know the crime rate….I see the city in crises….and I still miss it. Home….It really IS about where you lie your pearls. I don’t do change well do I?

Wanna go to Tahoe for Christmas?” I asked Merrill a few days ago. I’m going to put on the face, decorate the tree (my Halloween decorations are still up…ugh), and I’ll go through the motions, because we do this for our kids and our sweet baby Jesus….but really, to stay at home doesn’t seem necessary. Hell, I don’t even know what we’re going to do for Thanksgiving. Who will go with me to Wal-Mart and dare some stranger to step to me over a small piece of electronic equipment? Where are my ATA mom’s gonna be, as I tell a stranger to get the hell back, and up out of my face? What about mom’s chocolate pie, chicken and noodles, the fruit plate we’d bring every year, the family that drove me BSC….but I miss now…..I was bragging about my Publicist last night to a friend, then thought, “I haven’t talked to her in YEARS”…..we used to be joined at the hip……I’m not doing well with this am I?

And SO….I KNOW….that all this….rests within ME. The sh*t about self-happiness, and contentment is now coming home to roost, and I’m resenting it. The holidays especially are going to be hard, but I have my little family here….So, I’m serious about Lake Tahoe. A lodge, a cozy room, snow, a small tree…presents….coffee….beautiful lodge fire….Santa will find us, of this I am sure. Home….the embodiment of the spirit rests within our heart….NO, it may not be the same, but the same isn’t always good. I do miss the Fall in the Midwest….the leaves, the gentle 60mph winds coming off the plains, the big ass Wolf spiders who’d try to eat your brain while you slept, the wood burning stoves, the cold wood floors, the friends, the sweatshirts, Saturday U of I football, I mean, I DO miss it, and I might just to have to accept that I will never, ever live there again, but as long as I have Merrill that has to be enough…..Sigh…. Home is in the heart and I’ll make a new heart here….I’ll get over it, especially when I see you getting 8 ft of snow in January (I’ll be home in January for a minute). So I gotta go. Not sure about church today….that’s the part I miss the most I think….Church. We’ll get back to that another day…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.

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Small Town Politics

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I was born in a small town, and I live in a small town. Probably die in a small town, Oh those small communities

John Mellencamp


Everyone knew we had moved back in with her, but it was a small town so……My mother, had come back home with 4 extra mouths to feed. I imagine the conversation went something like this:

“Did you hear about Lillian? Her daughter’s back…and she brought 4 kids with her”

“No. What happened?”

“Well, Betty told me that Wilma told her, that her husband went to buy bread one day, and never came back. Left her with 4 kids to take care of”

“Oh you don’t say!”

“Yes, now she has to work to support all those kids. Tsk…tsk…tsk”

So yes, she had more at home to feed now, but she was a trooper, and only complained once a day (smile). She was an amazing woman, who raised amazing kids…I’m a lot more like her than you all think. So everyone knew who we were…so what…it wasn’t a bad thing. My grandmother’s supervisor, actually went out of his way to make sure my grandmother got the H.D. Lee specials (I’ll never wear those things again) and the extra hours, while the hunters split their catch with her…people chipped in..Small Town Politics mandates that the town, take care of it’s own….I love Lebanon for that. Small Town Politics.….Our city needs to accept that Danville isn’t a baby anymore.

A man in Danville became Facebook famous, when his investigative reporting led him to a liquor drive through store and the “Brown Bag Special“. Until yesterday, I had no idea what it was…but apparently, the Brown Bag Special is a lighter, a crack pipe, and a Brillo Pad wrapped up in…you guessed it…a Brown Bag. Part of me respects the capitalism that this business pursued, in finding a nitch…then filling it…of course, that’s the wrong attitude right? A debate raged on among the FB Attorney’s and Ministers, whether the Brown Bag Special sale was illegal or not, and if not illegal, certainly IMMORAL……”Morals are subjective. What’s right and wrong to you, may not be right, nor wrong to me“. I wrote that…I stand by it……mostly because of the HUGE crime wave on the East End of the city…hell, if you’re breaking into cars, your morals may be different from mine! Just Saying.

Small towns used to be hotbed of morals. Actually, we had so many morals, we had to give parades to throw then out. Morals, only applied on Sunday however, and if you don’t believe me, send your kid to a church lock-in, then get back with me…better yet, go meet with your local councilman…see if you don’t walk away with a lighter pocket…I did digress. With Saturday picnic’s and Sunday naps, anyone who was anyone understood that MORALS was the priority. Businesses, unless important to the upkeep of LIFE, were closed on Sunday’s…families ate together….Dukes of Hazard was gleefully watched (damn they looked good in those jeans), then discussed verily on the landline located centrally in the home. Morals…it was right to share, and wrong to steal, but we have a new society now. A society that says, “You cannot judge me for anything I do“… This new society, is almost like the squirrel that put his butt up to the glass and SHOOK IT at the cat taunting, “Na Na Boo Boo“. This new society, has no problem throwing down at a county fair (then again, we’ve always done that), nor HOLLARING the “Eff” bomb, from across the park…at the Demo Derby…..I’d have enjoyed the fight, were my kids not there…some people just don’t care…do they?  Small Town Politics….predicated on morals….a communal agreement understood long before we arrived….but morals aren’t morals anymore, and what we need to do, is figure out the middle ground. Can we exist side by side in this community, or is it really like the Highlander in which there can be…and will be…only one? Yeah, I don’t know….but I know this…our leaders need to realize the city has hit puberty….We are like the teenage girl who got her menses, and acting like a total bitch. Small Town Politics...Everyone knows everyone…..I dunno….Maybe…we should try praying! Or a good lock-in…those things were super fun. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.







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Arts In The Park






When Petty people don’t even know what they’re talking about“…VP of the board

That is one rude woman“…Ronnie…This is one of those SMH moments.

This would have been an opportunity to be silent, take the high road, and address concerns from the residents you want support from. Dontcha think?

Every year, Danville hosts this cool little gathering in the park to showcase local, and some not-so-local artists and their creations. It’s a fun little weekend in the summer, with vendor’s, music, squirrels and just a general sense of community belonging. We’re a small community, so the Arts connects us to the bigger, fluffier cities, while connecting us to each other. We need that now…we’ve been through some tragedy, maybe The Arts can heal….I dunno. I’m not an artist, not even remotely interested in art, but I do recognize arrogance and hubris when I see it, after all, do you know who I am? Arts In The Park….I don’t think board members should be treating concerned citizens like pesky gnats at a 4th of July Party….

The problem started when a local vendor wasn’t invited back to the gathering. As the only Ice Cream Provider of choice, the Custard Cup was informed that due to reasons of…um…CHOICE… He would not be allowed to sell his addictive creations at the Art Exhibits. Hell, I get it. Varying Art….varying vendors…..but this is a Danville event, with Danville artists, and to have vendors from Indianapolis or Champaign, seems ODD…maybe a little shortsighted….definitely RUDE. Come on guys, Danville is big enough for two ice cream vendors, and frankly, had you went with DQ, or the delicious (my favorite) Dairy Barn, this wouldn’t even be an issue….I mean we have a slogan….Keep It In Danville.…what am I missing here?

Local vendors nonwithstanding, my issue was with the board VP, and her mocking of concerned citizens. See, it isn’t often one gets a chance to right a wrong, and even save face, I would think when that amazing opportunity arrived, the board would jump on it….but no…Sigh. See, the right thing to do would have been to send a message of “We HEAR YOU“, even Obama humbled himself before the American people when we cleaned his clock and house a few years back, and I don’t think a small apology from a rinky-dinky little board would be asking too much, but this is Facebook and this IS DANVILLE, so the VP of the Board…chose instead to MOCK concerned citizens by calling them PETTY and BULLY’S…THEN allowed her followers to tell the concerned residents of the city, to EFF OFF….Um, HOLD UP. You are the Vice President of a non-for-profit board, that accepts VOLUNTARY participation of labor and MONEY, in order to function…..I find it funny you never mentioned to the businesses, you sought donations from, that you had deliberately NOT chosen one of their own….as a vendor. Had you, you would have been sent away, empty handed….No, I think, dear Lord, that I will boycott just for the hubrisness and arrogance of the board, and that hurts, because I have friends…whom are vendors.  Danville, this is your chance to take a stand…..if you don’t….you deserve the leadership you get….#smalltownpolitics Just love it. Arts In The Park…how a board woman invigorated hundreds to boycott, and she’s still too stupid to see her place in all of it. SMH. I gotta go. Ya know, it was on my calendar but I deleted it and wrote Custard Cup instead….come on, it’s a Saturday….pretty sure there’s something this pesky gnat can do on a weekend….after all….I’m petty…and it’s the County Fair….Uh Oh….I feel a song coming on…..Just A Small Town Girl…..living in a lonely world…..Be Blessed.


Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Inspirations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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That’s Rude


“You misspelled their names” my SIL

“Yes, but the Spirit of the gift was right”…Ronnie to said SIL.

“I wonder how many friends I’m going to lose over this?”….Ronnie

Editor’s Note: I am not talking about my SIL. Although I can see how you would think that.

It is true though. I have a nasty habit of calling people not by their real name, but by the name I think they should have been called. See, it’s like I look into someone’s face, and think, “Oh no. That name is all wrong”…I once called a girl Kelly like all night. She was pretty, had long, blonde California hair, eyes that were a very pretty blue, she was a Kelly….no she wasn’t. Come to find out her name was Jill, and she was too afraid to tell me her name wasn’t Kelly. Sigh…I gave my MIL a plaque for Christmas with all the grandchildren’s names on it. Ask my friend, Amy, whom made the plaque, just how long it took to make it…there was like a freaking hundred names…my God the family is the population of Champaign/Urbana…so when Mom opened it, my SIL said, “You spelled the names wrong”…well WTH? I got some of them right…and that should be enough…but Yeah, I agree…it’s rude. Know what else is rude? Leaving your freaking husband and children behind while you go do you, don’t call them to tell them you’re safe, and have the entire city and media trying to find you….That’s Rude...and I DGAF who has a problem with this…you don’t want it to be public…don’t make it public….

Let me just write this, if I come up missing it’s because I’m freaking DEAD okay? Two women, in a six-month time span, have willingly left Danville, and their children behind, yet somehow I’m not supposed to judge. First of all, that’s not the commandment..dig? Secondly, if you put your sh*t on Facebook; which is a public forum (some of you act like you’re just finding that out), then I have a right to publicly comment. It is not right…you hip….it is not right, to just walk out on your kids. Your husband? Well whatever…he’s a big boy, but how are two women, going to just up and at em, leaving their heartbroken babies behind? Do you have any idea what you’ve done to them? Abandon much? You have Effed their heads up so much, that not even a therapist could scratch the surface of the mommy issues they’re going to have when they become adults. You’ll be lucky if they don’t talk to themselves the rest of their life….You left your babies, didn’t even bother to contact your husband to say you were still alive and you want me to STHU because somehow this is a private family matter? It was all over the news woman? Don’t leave your babies crying, and I won’t comment….SIMPLE.

The parents… I am a parent, and I am sorry, and I am sure this column is going to piss you off…. but she’s been found, and unfortunately, you’re going to have to put up with loud mouthed individuals, like me, commenting on the case. I am so livid with the same folks that defended the first mommy, jumping in on the second mommy to offer their, “but I KNOW her opinion”…Life Lesson #85, if you’re first words to me are, “She’d never xyz”…I quit listening at “I” because obviously you didn’t know her…because she was found, and told the police she did not want to come home….but I’m just glad she’s safe, but still…to leave your babies, crying…..begging for mommy…makes you a special kind of person, and frankly, I didn’t mean that in the kind way. Step to me if you want…you’d have a hard time defending her behavior. So, That’s Rude….I hope you’re happy. What did you think was going to come of this? You didn’t even call home to let your mother know you were safe…you didn’t call to talk to your babies….you didn’t even have the courtesy to call the police and tell them not to look for you….wasted worry, wasted emotions, and now wasted man hours, and somehow I’m not supposed to judge? Okay…gotta go. I’m done with her “Find her” Facebook page….she didn’t want to be found….this is between her and her God now….But quickly, let me add that I love happy endings, I am grateful that she is safe and alive..and I’ll pray for healing for her and her husband, but we now need to close this chapter, and let the family handle their business…but still I’ll pray for the ones she left behind as well. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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I Hate Tornado’s

My house, is to the left of this....!
My house, is to the left of this….!

OMG, I didn’t even know it was RAINING“. Ronnie to Merrill as three tornado’s harassed our city of Danville last night… one just across the street from our house…

Dear lord my back hurts this morning. I don’t mean, I’m stiff, I mean I’m in full-out fits…because we had a fort camp out in the living room last night, and we had a fort camp out in the living room, because the power went out, and the power went out because a big-ass tornado, my nemesis….came a calling….I hate Tornado’s….if you know me…you KNOW this.

I really shudder at the near miss, chain of events that took place, before the touch down. I mean, think about it…We could have been home.…the only reason we weren’t is because Merrill made the family dental appointments; WHICH totally annoyed me….and I had forgotten about until them until the last-minute. They say God works in mysterious ways, and indeed He does. We were enjoying dinner in town when all hell broke loose….Ya know, I’ve survived more tornado’s than Dorothy, but I still hate them…I hate the feeling of helplessness…the feeling that at any second your entire life will be changed forever….it’s a Wheel of Fortune of Nature….round and round she goes…where she touches down and EFF’s UP your life…no one knows…..I didn’t even know the storms were coming…..as we were getting our food, everyone’s phones goes off at the exact same second and I would have FREAKED OUT.. …except Sweetness freaked out….it’s not about me anymore….Remain calm Ronnie….your baby needs you.

Walmart....just 3 miles to the East of Me.....!
Walmart….just 3 miles to the East of Me…..!

When I was 10 years old, the same age as Sweetness, when I’ve survived an F-5 in Gracemont Oklahoma. I’ll never forget the sound of that storm….I was trying to comfort my baby by telling him, “Oh, you’ll KNOW it’s coming….because it’s an unholy sound, a train whistle where no tracks exist”, but he didn’t get that, so I just said, “Mommy and Daddy’s here Buddy, you’re safe….you’re safe” Ya know, I’ve outran them, I’ve out prayed them, I’ve faced them down, Shoot, I’ve even sat and watched their tail float across my front yard, but being strong for your babies, when you’re terrified yourself….well that requires MORE courage than balls, and in that courage you will find your strength! There’s something Spiritual about that. Sigh..I’m glad we weren’t home…I praise the Lord above that I didn’t have to see that….I’m battle weary when it comes to them…I feel like, in the End Times, as I stand before evil and make my decision, it will not be Thanos, but a tornado, I challenge…..I’m hearing there was property damage, but no loss of life….God is good. Okay, power is back on, I have a very busy day ahead of me…In all things Give Praise….a 500ft shift….would have killed my pets….you feel me? I Hate Tornado’s…..but my appreciation of Him….is by far stronger..Thank you Jesus….and on that note I’ll end with, Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show Grace and Mercy to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, Praise God…we’re alive and well! Enjoy your Saturday.



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His Name Is Jeremy

His Name Is Jeremy
His Name Is Jeremy

“His Texas vibe is what brought me back. He IS a dork…don’t change that…it works”. Ronnie to the General Manager of Courtsey Ford, as she took possession of her Escalade.

His name is Jeremy! He’s from Texas, and he’s one of the sweetest kids you’ll ever meet. “I moved to Danville to start over…and live the dream”. Well, more power to you…but the Texas thing works for him….I mean, his attitude on life WORKS….I was actually caught off guard, and that isn’t an easy to do. Truth is, I didn’t two sh*ts about that Cadillac, I liked Jeremy. He has a fun, little brother feel to him…the only thing I can’t figure out is if Jeremy knows he’s a dork, because it can’t be an act…. He’s been through some mess, he shared that with me, but you wouldn’t know it…his Polly Anna, Rose Colored glasses suit him….Hmm, His Name is Jeremy…he’s a lot of fun, and he’s just like a little brother to me…..I’d appreciate you sharing…you know, supporting local and all….

Courstsey Ford is a local Black-Owned business. It is a class act. I mean, there’s no slimy, sneaky salesmen…and believe me, I was on my guard against the, “What can I do for you ‘Little Darlin'” asshats that had pissed me off before (not there). Remember the one whom once told me to go home and get my husband (Wright)? Yep, I was waiting for it, because you know I love a good fight, but none of that happened…they denied me my right to fight….I guess I’m cool with that…I mean, it doesn’t give me much to write about, but I’m cool with being treated like a non-celebrity (private joke), this time…just next time, be more aware of whom I AM Jeremy……

He’s a good kid, with a good heart, who is going to go far in this business, IF they don’t train the naive out of him; a fact I shared with his Sales Manager yesterday, as I was taking possession of my new car. “I like the sales kid” I told Merrill asking him to go back, “They’re all nice. It’s their job”….Well Mr. Suspicious, I’m a good judge of character, “I saw his heart Doll…we’re going back” with that, “Say something” stance he knows so well. So, have it your way friends….A local business, a local Black-Owned business, or a local, Black-owned business, with a kid named Jeremy, whose a dork, that you’ll love….LOL…His name is Jeremy…well here you go little brother….I just made you famous….like I promised, now you gotta do the rest…on your own. Courtsey Ford, if Jeremy is busy, talk to someone else….they all answer to the same man, and frankly, I’d be afraid of him too…Do you know he asked me whom I was voting for, and I was like, “Really? You’re gonna ask ME that?”….God I love that place…you’ll love it too. Be Blessed.


Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.






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The Frog

You'd better smile.
You’d better smile.

“Now that would be a good cock-fight”. Ronnie to Merrill this am explaining why she let a very large spider live.

We take calculated risks everyday. We push 79 in a 70mph zone, we speed up enough to pass on the right (Do that all the time to the hated left lane drivers), We quickly dress before amorous hubbies know we’re naked. Every day, we take risks with some paying off, some not so much. I took one of the greatest risks of my life last night…and not to blow it out of proportion, but the fate of The World lies with The Frog. Did he win? If he failed we’ll know soon enough. We’re going to have to burn our houses down, change our names and relocate to Scarsdale Az. The Frog…we’ve all taken risks….

The age-old adage,”You win some, you lose some” did not apply last night. Truth is, I couldn’t afford to lose. My entire existence, the survival of my family, the survival of YOUR family, was upon the head of The Frog. Taking Tuck out for his end- of- night pee, I looked over to see a very large ARACHNID, facing off against a rather good-sized frog. Hey, I’m all for the underdog in this life. I’ve been the underdog. I’ve been the person, people have placed their money against. At one time, they would have been a fool to bet on me, but this spider looked like he could take The Frog, while The Frog looked like he had the Right Stuff, so I didn’t call Merrill…big mistake. Going out to my back porch this morning, I’m disappointed to see no evidence of the victor. Holy Moly, if I was wrong, there’s going to be a frog-killing spider running around here somewhere…..DAMN.

Merrill said, “You’d be one tripped up mess right now, had you gone outside and there was a murdered frog on the back porch” and he’s right, but there wasn’t, so I’m not sure who won. There is a chance, I erred in judgment, and chose poorly. Just as all species have a greater foe, froggies, can be overtaken by spiders…I’ve seen it on Discovery. Someone smuggled a Golith Frog Eating Spider into Danville, he found his way to my back porch and the fate of the entire county is now SCREWED because I let the spider live instead of having Merrill guarantee his death. Why o why, did I pull a bad guy move, and leave before ensuring my foe’s death?  Now I’ll never know who won….and for that Danville…I’m sorry….BUT…I’m leaving, so I suggest like the smart ones in the ‘B’ movies you do so too. The Frog, the Rocky of the back porch….the fate of our entire existence lies on the knowledge that if he survived, we survive. I don’t even want to think of the inverse…..I’ll leave you with a simple, “Be Blessed”, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday….it may be your last.



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A Homeless Man


It was easily -20 degrees the morning Merrill and I had walked into McDonalds to have our Office routine and am coffee. A Homeless Man, sitting in the corner, is talking to himself, bothering no one. 20 minutes later, on that very cold Feb morn, the cops are called to evict him from the establishment, what happened next, made VP History.


2/18/16 11:03 am

Observed three police officers, upon the orders of McDonalds,  evict a homeless individual, with some mental issues. He was just trying to be warm…it’s -20 outside. This is what I overheard from said officers after the man had been forcefully removed from his warm space. Cop One, “We’ve encountered “that” (parenthesis mine not his) guy before. He’s from Forsythe, Illinois. The Champaign police drove him here.” Cop Two, ” Maybe we should drive him to the Indiana State Line and drop him off at the rest area” . I have never been so angry in my life. So now, we’re just moving the homeless from city to city, state to state making them someone’s else PROBLEM!!!!!!!???? Where the HELL is our HUMANITY?????


I do know that he was found and offered medical assistance; which he refused. The three officers? Well, they won’t do that again either….. The moral of the story? Well, it could be to watch your mouth, you never know where I am, or it could be, “Don’t be an asshole”. Both are good with me.

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The Parents Are Assholes

Don't Judge Me
Don’t Judge Me

Ya wanna know what’s wrong with this country? We’re too gosh darned FREE. Free to chose, free to shop, free to say whatever the FLIP is on our minds, but we’re not free enough to stand up and tell a stranger, “I’m sorry” when being a total and complete asshole. I wonder what ever became of Walter, Leroy and Ben? Those were the 3 little boys who used to beat me up before school every morning. Got so bad that the crossing guard would meet me at the very edge of school property and walk me to the building. That was before the days of, “It’s the SCHOOL’S responsibility to get you to the school safely”. The three boys used to meet up with me, right as we came into view of the school and take my money, and my lunch. Was it really their fault? The only element we need for the propagation of evil is for good men to stand by, and do nothing….Eventually I did go Carrie on them, sadly that did not happen to the little girl from Georgetown…..she was only 12……may she RIP.

Shame on you Danville. Yesterday, I saw a cesspool of uneducated, pre-modern Gladiators who smelled blood. When one woman’s concerns, can become the catalyst for a witch burning..one has to believe…IT’S NOT THE KIDS….I learned it from watching you DAD…OKAY? We had a baby, only 12, hang herself just a few years ago. It was discovered that a group of kids from school had abused this poor little sister. Taunts, messages and calls…all encouraging her to KILL herself….she must have felt so alone….the real irony is that she wasn’t alone…she…wasn’t….alone….SIGH. When asked how children could do this to each other, the answer, for me, became, “The parents are assholes too”. Some of you are miserable, horrible people. The sad irony here, is that the painting the woman was complaining about, was a painting that depicted bullying in today’s society, and NO ONE got the joke…and YOU might be a REDNECK….

We have bashed the D118 Administration for allowing bullying, but yesterday, I found that they’re just keeping their head above the cesspool sewage as well. Their environment is simply a reflection of the kids who attend….With that said, however, let me comment that there were 2….that’s TWO….Administrators who joined in the bullying…and yes, I know who you are. If you’re going to troll, don’t put your Masters of Education accomplishment on your profile. You look like an idiot. The school is a product of society, society is a product of the home life, and the home life is  a product of the parents who run it. If it’s okay for a grown man to call a female stranger a dumbass…well then it’s okay for kids to call each other names too…So, what do we do as a society to fight bullying? Well, I got mad one day, picked up a stick and started swinging….I’ve been swinging ever since. When we see the unholy mobbing of a stranger (especially a local one) it’s the same as watching an old man get mugged….that’s TRUTH….If you see it, say something, but until then….nothing changes and THAT is when a bully wins……the fear…the apathy….the good people, like the crossing guard, who do nothing, aids the bully…to keep bullying. I’m disgusted with the D118 Admins who joined the mob…. but I’m more disgusted by those who watched this woman get gang beat….and did nothing. Everyone who knew that little girl was in trouble, but did nothing, killed her too. Evil is spreading and we’re letting it. People, the Emperor is NAKED…isn’t it time, we speak out?  I mean, when did we become so afraid? I’m sensitive to the issue of bullying…Little Sisters hang on…there is light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to fight for your dignity. I can help you…I’ve seen the light…It is worth it, I promise. I’ll simply end with…..Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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