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Strength In The Body












“The doctor has your results now“…RN

My Biopsy results? What are they?” Ronnie

You’ll have to make an appointment to find out“….RN

Grrrr…..Good thing I LIKE her.

Strength in the Body…..Let’s Do This


If you ever get a chance to watch the Tiny Tigers at ATA do so, because they’re adorable as their Lead Instructor stands up front, and does some ridiculous exaggeration of poses to help them with their motto:

Strength In the Body

(Strength in the body)

Strength in the Mind

(Strength in the mind)

While making the muscle pose, and point to the brain and arm guns. They’re Tiny Tigers, the most feared of all ATA classes. One must walk a fine line with the T.T. because if they smell fear on you, they assemble into a pack and attack…it’s worse than wolves. I’ve seen more than one good Instructor lose control over this one simply request, “I…hafta….go…potty”. In our once-a-month Leadership Team meetings, they don’t really touch on how to defeat the Tiny Tigers, nature’s 3-5yr old monsters, only that one MUST retain control, if one is to establish a rapport and join in their community. They love a good laugh, and I’ve actually used a “High Five” as a motivator on a line of kids in a Church hallway….That Mess Works Yo….It’s Brilliant. Strength In The Body…..dontacha wish they could do that for us too?

So yes, I had my legs hoisted up last week and had the inside of my uterus scrapped all in the name of Science….well diagnostic really. The results were supposed to take two weeks, so I had another week, to worry, but NO….they came back yesterday, and the RN, who I do like, called me and wanted to know why I didn’t have an appointment. “They didn’t make me one” I responded, and it was true…I figurered they’d call, and they did, when the results came back, but she had a sweet piece of peach cobbler right there on her computer screen and wouldn’t even share with me if I should be worried….I’ll have to wait until Monday to see if I have Cancer….Waiting and Patience are not my strong points. I’ve tried 16 different ways from Sunday to trick someone….but unless it’s my PCP staff, I don’t wan anyone to lose their jobs….sigh.

Strength In The Body, denotes that I can do all things through my body, which helps me, when I treat it well. I’m not committing blasphemy of the Bible, I’m saying when you take care of your body, it will take care of you. The Body is the last to submit. Quit smoking today, the Body won’t accept it for a week. The flesh is weak…see…and when you force it to submit to your Will you rule the world…Maw. I was talking to an RN yesterday, whose been following me around all year. “Last two clinical’s” I shouted…she smiled, “I want to quit NOW” I said…..”No….I WON’T let you” she said back…I have Summer Break Madness so bad it makes me want to quit…..like my body, in the middle of a 2 min plank, I want to just drop my defenses and let bygones be bygones….Don’t do it…..Strength In the Body….Tiny Tigers may be the most fearsome of all ATA classes, but their the cutest and most rewarding too….you gotta get in there, mix it up, smack them around, and get them to trust and respect you…..The Body is the same way…mix it up, smack it around, and get it to respect you….there’s nothing you can’t do…with a body that submits. Yeah okay, I’m still working on that too, but I really gotta go….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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That’s What She Said

Oh SHE hates this picture.
Oh SHE hates this picture.

Well, it IS a step in the right direction“….Ronnie to no one in particular.


A hundred years ago, in the small town of Lebanon, there sat a girl (12 or so) reading the latest, Scientific studies (in the back of a comic book) about diets, and their amazing breakthroughs. I giggle at the memory of that little girl, because right next to the ads for the fishbowl pets (I think they were shrimp) sat the studies about losing weight, without exercising…..this is a true story. The diet was called “Something or other” and one was to eat a series of specific foods in specific order, so that the foods….could all interact with each others enzymes and breakdown for faster absorption in the small intestines, thereby leaving very little for fat production. (Lower the lights) I remember my grandmother saying to me, “If I buy these foods, will you then eat?”….It’s not cool to make your parents worry…I can’t imagine the desperation she felt….It was the one thing I could control, in my very chaotic world….Sigh. I am so, so sorry for that worry…she had enough on her plate. That’s What She Said….because if you race against yourself, you will lose, every time.

I downloaded this app on my phone, that would let me filter my selfies before posting them to you. See, even at 40+ (gulp), I still have my insecurities…I did not digress. I tried and tried and tried and TRIED to work with the filters, but the more I worked on it, the more the little girl inside of me became uncomfortable. In her desperation for me to be perfect, she wa becoming anxious at the “filtered results” of my photos….Eventually, I realized the evil I was playing with, LOL the Ouija Option of Selfies….so I quit, lest I conjure the demons long thought dead….

Your Creator didn’t make you with flaws. Your inner girl, is flawed, but don’t hate too much, she’s only trying to help. I’m encouraged to see this Hollywood Trend of showing the Little Sisters what a star truly looks like underneath the carefully applied makeup. Listen, I’m not hating on makeup, I SAID I’d love to see what I would look like underneath the gaze of a professional, what I am saying is that when we are the most vulnerable to suggestion, that perfect little teeny bopping age of 12, we need to know that there are no perfect faces. We have moles, birthmarks, pimples, scars….everything Chanel (it’s what I use) covers up…..The photo I posted above, made my little girl very uncomfortable….”You can do better, she said”…”But this captures my life right now” I said….and I won….cause my life is all about taking deep breaths and exhaling 🙂 Every time we  tug of selfie war I tell her I made my bones on just being me…that includes the wrinkles, the smirks, the imperfections….besides, Merrill loves me…isn’t that enough? Whom am I trying to impress anyway? That’s What She Said…..she doesn’t think I’m ugly, she’s just trying to save me from a very unkind world….and I love her for that. Little Sisters, you are beautiful. Unique, savvy, and gracious in every way. Do not let the Light Monster take your blessing…Gotta go. Clinical today….almost over…homestretch of finals….That’s What She Said…..had I listened to her, I wouldn’t even be here today….Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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I Miss It


Do I have a picture of my kids? Let’s put it this way, if any one of them came up missing, all I’d have to do is text the milk carton“…Ronnie….it’s a little offensive, I know.

When the winds of change come, and they will in about a month from now, everybody and their brother will be on the “I gotta get in shape” bandwagon. Shoot I ain’t mad at them, there came a time when overweight and fed up, I too went looking for a program that would make me look like a VS model too….I found one, in kickboxing. I Miss it. I haven’t taught a class, since the “incident” and my body, as gracious as it was has now run out of patience with me….like a toddler, “Mommy, mommy, mommy” it has now begun to remind me that I’m in my 40’s, no spring chicken, and that I need to get back out and be an inspiration to others. Where the mind goes, the body follows, and when the body follows, all your dreams come true…I Miss It….bet I’ll pay dearly, when I get back on board….

What I miss the most is running. You have to be a runner to understand what it is about running that so enamoring. A few years back, I ran in the Color Run here…damned near killed me, but it was so spiritual, that I never forgot what it was like to cleanse the mind of all toxins. I’ve been seeking that detox program since…. See, in Cellular Respiration, the by-product of said burning of glucose, is Lactose…the body can go for only a short time with a Lactose build up…it seems like my life, has been running on Lactose toxins. It won’t get me much farther…I mean, I’m not kidding when I admit that I haven’t eaten much since the incident….my kids have, Merrill has….but I KNOW I’ve been so very busy with school, school and the family, that I guess taking care of the mind…hasn’t been a priority…which is a shame because the mind controls all….I’ve just been giving the toddler candy….eventually…..it won’t be enough….

So, my phone is CONSTANTLY reminding me that I’m out of memory. What it WANTS me to do is download the pictures and delete them off , but what I do, is delete apps I enjoy; which sucks, because the memory a Wal-Mart app holds, doesn’t match the memory that thousands of pictures have…So instead of doing what I need to do; which is ask Merrill to help me down my pics, I’ll simply buy a new phone. Sounds reasonable right? Well, we do that with our bodies. “I want to lose weight, but instead of searching for diet and exercise programs I can complete, I’ll simply starve myself” which I understand, but eventually, like my phone, you’ll run out…and then they’ll be no other apps to delete…You get it. The mind is the ONLY entity capable of controlling the body, and if you thought the toddler was bad, let your body run amuck, and see what happens. So…I want to run….I want to feel the blood rushing throughout every cell in my body…I want to feel my body give over after I’ve made it submit….I….want…to….RUN. I Miss It….! Gotta go. Don’t don’t delete apps that make no difference…..get out and do the work. Besides, you know a month from now, you’ll be texting me wanting to join my kickboxing program…..Shoot, if I keep going like this, I’ll want to join it too…I’m here for you…delete the right app….control your body….Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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With Or Without You

My Favorite Album
My Favorite Album

There has to be an end point; otherwise, you will just overwhelm yourself, burn out, and resent” Ronnie responding to a friend’s post on  FB last night.

Any relationship that’s going to stand the test of time, has to be given some give and take on both sides. “With or Without You”, one of my favorite song’s on the Joshua Tree album (U2) had a line that went as follows, “And you give and you take away, and you give and you take away” he was talking to her, about her. I’ve been with my spouse since 1993, that’s a long time in dog years. I’ve learned a few things about give and take. With our Without You….what happens in relationships when an endpoint isn’t in sight.

First, let’s make this clear that this isn’t a bash Merrill column. He’s an amazing father and provider. Where we struggle as a couple, is how to make the time to understand and nourish each other. I know I have much on my plate, and frankly, I sorta mean to do that, until I don’t. At The Kiddie Pool, I’ve been successful because I treat each semester as an endpoint. For example, “I’m only going to struggle until December”. When taken in as whole, I can see the big picture then work toward the light. We’re not always able to see relationships as a whole, because of work, school, LIFE, therefore, we don’t have the benefit of a clear view of what we’re working toward together….So, like ants, we just work…and work…and work….Unfortunately, that results in frustration, then resentment….Then in our resentment, we forget that there’s another person counting on our contribution to the relationship….but by then, WE’RE DONE. Here’s my point.

Wise Words....Wise Band
Wise Words….Wise Band

We need an end point, an 8-count, if you will. Ask anyone in my kickboxing class, what they’re thinking as I do the 8-count to any move. If it’s a particularly distressing move, by the time “7” rolls around, they know they’re work is almost over. If I continue the count indefinitely, they’ll quit….7 is the light, 8 is the endpoint. Do you hear me now? Relationships, especially one’s that go through change, needs an endpoint. “I will do this, for this amount of time, or until we agree that I’ve done enough”. Friends, you need to know when “8” is coming so that you can look forward to your rest. “I can’t live, With or Without You”, that’s a paradox no one wants to experience. You must sit and talk and sit and talk and sit and talk so that the expectations of each other…are clear. I KNOW that one day, my Kiddie Pool day’s will be over…the end point is 5/18…..in my relationships, my end point may very well be the point when I say, “I’m DONE”. Your endpoint is simply a matter of 5….6…7.. 8….chose together where the #8 lies. Gotta go. Duchess’s Guardians are outside, and I need to get the kiddo’s ready for school. No, I am not leaving Merrill….I adore Merrill….my observations are of YOUR relationships and MY mistakes. Get an 8-count endpoint, I highly recommend one. It may very well save your relationships. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.






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Family History

Me from the Color RunExercise is either love it, or hate it. I’ve NEVER met one person who said, “Oh sure, I could take it or leave it.”. That’s how I feel about oatmeal cookies. I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them either. It’s funny really. The secret fountain of youth, springs right before us, and we…well, we’ll take the Chanel face cream instead; which will not do for you, what exercise will…..I promise. Disclaimer: I like Chanel face cream (and line of make up products) No disrespect to Ms. Coco Chanel. Just Saying.

I’m running The Color Run in a few months, 5K, and I don’t want to vomit on Merrill’s shoes at the end of it AGAIN, so I thought I’d start the training earlier this year, but there is another, far more nefarious reason for me to continue the pushing of my body. At the Cardiologist (Cardiologists? What’s going on?) last week, it was noticed that my BP has not been, umm, good. It’s not bad either, but like Felix the cat it’s just slinking and slinking thinking no notices it’s being bad. Doctor knew I was active, so his exact word to me were, “Well, as far as the BP, I think you’re at the age where family history takes over”. When I pressed him, REMINDED him that I’m RONNIE…..Badasser of all things, he said, “Well, you should have done this in your 30’s. Congrats on fighting it off another 10 years. Oh, but your bones look amazing”. And there you have it friends, my bones look amazing..my BP…well….what do you want me to say? Here is the part where Hank Williams Jr song, Family Tradition comes to my mind. I’ll have that darn tune in my head all day.

Exercise, workouts, nor activity will cure anything, but it will help the body fight off it’s comeupins. I feel amazing when I run in the mornings. It helps keep the blood flowing through the day. No, I don’t like treadmills, but like Oatmeal cookies, I’ll take it, if that’s all there is. I was messing around with the punching bag yesterday. To remind some of you, I teach kickboxing (Turbo Kick) at the ATA Martial Arts Facility downtown Danville. I was working on my kicks when this guy comes up to me and say’s, “Here, let me hold the bag. You try to move me”, DAMN, that’s a great exercise. Get out and Do Something because we can’t change family history, but we can change how we feel? Don’t you think I look and feel good? You can too…… If in 10 years I’m going on the meds, so be it….that’s in 10 years….not today. Feel me? Okay, gotta go. I only made 2K yesterday before I got bored and started on the kickboxing. Today, I’m going for 3K. Lord help me, I love it. Sure do wish someone would join me…..bring cookies…..chocolate chip. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday…..Wednesday? Wow….Time…


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