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Parenting 101










Mom, they picked on me and it upset me, because I’m not going to be there much longer. Aren’t they going to miss me“…Sweetness to his mommy….and yes…they’re going to miss you very much baby boy.

I’m a big fish in a little pond. I’ll have to start all over…I hate that” Ronnie

Don’t worry Dear. They will judge you just as much out there….as they did here” Merrill

You think so? You’re not just saying that to make me feel better are you?“….Ronnie

Being of BRAT stock myself, I remember the moves. The terrible “good byes” the “I’ll miss you so much“, the boyfriend who promised to be true forever but the minute you left he made out with Teresa Wimpleton….(skeezer)…but Sweetness…is not a BRAT. See, unlike Merrill, I hated the Army life. I hated the moves, the quarters, the commissary, the 1st…the 15th….the groceries….I mean it…I….for all Intensive Purposes (I know) did not like the constant unknown that being in the military offered. We attended anti-terrorism seminars, we learned the language, we practiced OPSEC, we had AFN (and ONLY AFN), the military commercials that meant well, “Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry…no, no, no”….easily the hardest part of that life was never having roots, and I tried really hard to give my kids roots. Parenting 101…they don’t write decent books for my son’s broken heart. I suck at being a good mom….

I’m afraid…there I said it….more for me, than him, but still…..what if the Ca mommies don’t like me? Yep, that was our fear growing up military too…Sigh. My son and I have different personalities. We have some of the same features, like our noses, but for the most part, he is way kinder than I. When I meet anyone for the 1st time (and really…ask yourself this) people aren’t sure whether to let out an uncomfortable laugh (ahem), or to just go ahead and judge me an outright bitch. Its’ not my fault most people are super-sensitive prudes who wouldn’t know a joke if it bit them in the face, nonetheless, it takes time to warm up to me…always has. Ask Sanchez, my best friend from High school, what happened the day we met…YEP…and it goes, that my son isn’t used to meeting new people. He, like the gang from Goodfella’s, has his entire comfort zone right here…but I did that. I created that cocoon of family and friends so that my babies would have, what I never did….then again, I never…ever realized Merrill would move us….Sigh.

It’s not a bad thing. Hell, half my friends are BRATS, they get it….but be honest, being a nomad kinda sucked right? It didn’t help that yesterday that my sweet angel face baby boy saw his favorite teacher in Meijer and had to tell her he was leaving. When she made the comment, “Oh that’s too bad. I was looking forward to having your sister” I knew I had to run, because I could see the countdown to meltdown had begun. So his friends, the ones he grew up with, teased him yesterday and he couldn’t understand why. After all, he was leaving and wanted good memories. “Well baby boy” I began, “the truth is, they’re sad. They can’t tell you that, so they’re gonna beat the hell out of you“….and it’s true. Our hearts and minds do not always sync up. I know his friends are going to miss the sh*t out of him, because we are going to miss the sh*t out of them….in some ways, being a BRAT saved us from the awkward, long, slow-clap goodbye’s……Parenting 101.…I swear to all things Nefarious, you are damned if you do, and freaking damned if you don’t. There is no good way to raise your kids….but it seems like I always get the, “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda’s”…..So his friends are going miss him, but they won’t say that. Instead, they’ll insult him, pick on him, gang up on him, anything to starve away the tears. “Why can’t they just say what they mean?” he asked…..Yes well, not everyone is ME….Gotta go. Parenting…they don’t make an App for that….Dear Lord….be with my baby and succeed where I failed….He is my world, and a true-hearted gift from you….Now, I have some people to insult…ahem…meet. Excuse me. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.


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Tainted Love

There is a storm brewing
There is a storm brewing









A county of 80,000 people should NOT be having these kinds of big city problems”. Ronnie

If I ever get around to getting that RN, Merrill and I are moving. I’m serious. I was reading some statistic that noted a resident of Danville has a 1 in 4 chance of being the victim of a crime, and when you consider what the crimes are these days, that’s not comforting. So Merrill and I have made the decision to move and go live life on someone else’s Yellow Brick Road, except their road may be tainted too. Tainted Love…I’m not so sure it IS better somewhere else, but DC looks nice.

The people of Danville have a love/hate relationship with their mayor. I am a little biased, because he’s been one of my closest friends for two decades…I do get angry when I read the unintelligent bash him with information that had to come from the Enquirer. The truth is, our mayor is not a crooked man, just an overwhelmed man, with a citizenry ready to storm city hall with pitch forks and torches, but I’m not sure even they KNOW WHY. I suppose many really don’t understand that these problems didn’t simmer over night. Not willing to pay another red cent toward taxes, a decade ago, they demanded Scott pull a rabbit out of his ass with nothing but some shoe string and ear wax…then when he couldn’t, they turned on him and now, his legacy will be nothing more but trying to make it out of office with some of his wits still about him. It’s a thankless job that I don’t envy, but every now and then you gotta wonder who the real assholes in this city are. The crooks, in which nothing is personal, or the uneducated who’ll do all they can to slander the name of a good person? I’m going with the latter over the former, mostly because many of them don’t know what that means….

He wanted a riverboat. Long past the point of financial desperation, he sought to do anything that would bring revenue to the city he loved. Other cities our size have riverboats, and while the statistics are out on the effectiveness of gambling revenue on a city, it may have helped, but crime has now overtaken our city like slow-moving lava from Pompei, and no one wants us. Dig? We need action now….except I’m not sure if anyone knows that Illinois is broke, and there is nothing Scott can do about it. All the citizenry lamenting about the days of GM/GE don’t get that manufacturing is SOUTH of the border, the US border, not the county border, and that decision wasn’t Scott’s to make…get it? Scott cannot bring in manufacturing to Danville, any more than I can bring Gucci to shoot at the mall. The state has a very unfriendly business climate, choosing years ago to serve Satan rather than the voting block of downstate.  If Scott had any choice he’d hire more policemen and firefighters to kick the bad guy’s ass, but the State isn’t giving the city it’s share of the tax pie. Scott is not crooked, did not advertise to Cabrini Green, did not get checks for Section 8 enrollees (that’s just stupid), is not sacrificing cats at midnight, did not offer to sell Danville to the Sheiks, Did not shoot JR, and did not break up the Back Street Boys…..but as long as your God Blessing Christian Heart gets someone to blame it’s all fair. Tainted Love….This didn’t happen overnight, it will not go away overnight, but anyone who thinks they can do better should try. Just don’t be crooked like the last few contenders….you know who you are….the last thing Danville needs is a Chicago mini-me trying to strong-arm the citizens into an opium den for sex and if that offends you…Good. You’re probably stupid anyway. Politics it’s all good, until it isn’t. Personally I’d be firing right back….but that’s just me. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.


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Go Wash It Off

Listen to ME....
Listen to ME….

Go Wash It Off. You look like a whore“. Painful memory of being 13, trying makeup on for the first time, then being told to go wash it off because my grandmother disapproved….it’s okay…I now understand why.

NO, the mayor did not go to Chicago umpteen years ago and have a billboard created to tell the residents of Cabrini Greens to move to Danville. I find it humorous, and downright annoying that there are those who’d carry on that rumor, KNOWING they didn’t see it, but like some paranormal activity will SWEAR they knew someone who had…which is impossible…because it didn’t exist. Get it? Look if ghosts, goblins, aliens and Jimmy Hoffa are/were real, don’t you think someone/somewhere would have a photo? This is the Snapshott/Instagram generation….there are pictures out there of body doubles for government, assisinated officials…..Show Me The MONEY….because you’re starting to sound like an idiot. Danville, Go Wash It Off…..you’re not ready to wear make up just yet.

Speaking of the Big Leagues, did you see those Cubs? CHICAGO. Ask any Scanner weary resident of my beloved City and they will tell you the name Chicago is not welcome here…..but this isn’t about Chicago. When the housing in Chicago was closed, residents were given vouchers that were good to use in any downstate neighborhood. People want to complain that Danville is now the Little Chicago of Illinois, but I think St. Louis would beg to differ with that distinction. Truth is, reading the blotter report yesterday, I saw one name from Chicago, all the others were from Danville. We may not yet be a big city, but we sure got big city problems, and a mayor that HAS to be frustrated in finding a solution to the recent uptick in drive-by shootings.

We tried to grow up too fast, but like the 13 yr old Ronnie wearing horrible blue eye shadow, Danville doesn’t have a grandmother whom loves her. We wanted the casino’s, the Ferris Buller parades down Vermillion, the River walk….we wanted all the big city benefits, with little city resources. We’ve had 4 drive by shootings, a murder rate that puts us at number 57 of the “Most Dangerous Places To Live” rankings, schools that no one wants to attend, and a tax weary citizenry whom so help them God will NOT take another step forward….until shown a plan…to make Danville GREAT again. I can’t blame them…but this didn’t happen overnight, and this didn’t happen entirely under one Mayor’s watch. This is a by-product of our society, a Federal Government that somehow always knew what was best….even if they didn’t live here. This isn’t Law and Order, these are real people, scared to death in a community where the daily sounds of gunfire can be heard, and the children are kept inside…..It’s NOT Chicago….this is US.

I have no clue what to do, but I DO know that Trump can help….I’m kidding. We have to stop taking advice from those who do not live here, and start listening to our Elders who won’t tell us what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. Simply washing the make up off this one isn’t enough anymore….This is my city too, these are my children, I drive through those neighborhoods, I don’t want the violence either, but if you’re not willing to stand up and be a part of whatever the solution then you are part of the problem, and you need to SHFU…because you’re in our way….We should not have babies afraid to ride the bus, nor go to school….we NEED to stand our ground with the SHOOTERS, and THE MAYOR…and THAT…is where I end this today. Danville, you wanted to be a big girl…….Now Go Wash It Off. You’re not ready to play in the big leagues just yet…..This isn’t about Chicago, it’s about US…and the society we’ve become….shame on you if all you did was bitch…now your chickens have come home to roost, and you’ll eat em…..and choke. This is some “Untouchable” mess right here, and like the movie say’s, “What are you prepared to do about it? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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