Am I an idiot? Oh MAN!
Am I an idiot? Oh MAN!









Now that IS Irony“…Ronnie to Merrill after a statement he made regarding intelligence tests and stupid people.

A study of intelligence found that the smarter people thought they were, the lower test scores they achieved. So, stupid people thought they were smarter than anyone else, and the smarter people recognized that they were slightly stupid. “Are you trying to tell me something?” I asked him somewhere between West Virginia and Ohio, “No…just thought you’d like to know with whom you argue” but I would argue who the stupid one is, IF after you proven your point (beyond all doubt), you continue to argue with the moron! I mean, did Andy continue to argue with Barney? No….and like that, I get it. Now I know, its arrogant to call people stupid, but I can’t help it. Facebook has made it so much easier to see who scored low on the intelligence tests, and like that…I’m the stupid one…SMH!  I gotta stop…I know, but then I see things like Brad’s Wife and I get angry all over again. Brad’s Wife….you don’t look at cute as you thought you did. Please STOP!

So calling a grown man cute, is not appropriate. I wonder how his wife feels about the new celebrity? I’d be pissed…unless it was me doing the publicity. I was going to post something about Brad’s Wife, and the willingness of Chick fil A to hire her, but does she want a job this way? This isn’t American Idol…this isn’t a poor town girl story, this is putting the family business out on the Internet for Trolls to feast upon! Some posters are very mild-mannered and polite with their humor, a fact I do appreciate (for his sake), but it’s only a matter of time, before the internet grows bored, and the mean-spirited freaks come out…then they’ll see the real evil in social media. Once the Internet Demon has been summoned you cannot put him back. I’m really hoping Brad’s Wife gets a book deal out of this, because it was a very stupid move on his part! I can’t figure out where his true friends were, and why someone (his wife) let him do this….Hasn’t anyone been honest with him?

So, Fake News…the bane of my existence, the trap door to humility, the scorn of the intelligent…LOL. After reading a friends post about Trump doing something stupid, and the baiting of said friends, “What do you think of your Messiah now?” I had to tell her, “Um, that story isn’t true. It’s fake“, but it didn’t matter. Convinced of her intellectual superority, she kept arguing…I’m done with her. So maybe someone did tell Brad he was being a douche with his wife’s privacy…and he didn’t listen. I hate to see good people mocked, kinda like the period sign on my back in 6th grade, but if you tell someone they’re wrong (and you prove it), and they still continue, then they’re no longer good people, they’re stupid and have at em. Well, I am partially kidding, but not sorta. Brad, get off the internet, nothing good will come from this. You do not want this kind of attention, you are not going to be the next Internet darling, but I hope you and your wife Nanette do well…I do wish good things for you. To my friend, who I am deleting today….I cannot stand you, nor your posts anymore. My Peace of Mind is more important than constantly proving you WRONG….Goodbye… Brad’s Wife…proof of what can happen when you allow a little bit of arrogance, and a lot of bit of desperation to fill the void in your life…..Gotta go….Wait! Do some of you find me stupid? That really hadn’t occurred to me; which is the 1st sign to being an idiot. Okay, let me go take an intelligence test…and come back…..If I’m stupid, I’ll admit it, and get off the internet…but you know I’m not…right?. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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