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Your Very Best

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Did the darkness beg for Mercy when you rolled away the stone?” Lyrics to a song I heard this morning. I had to share it.

God didn’t send down his second best. He didn’t say ‘Hey Gabe’ you go down there. He sent His own son, His very best, to save your soul“. Pastor’s message….

Are you giving Your Very Best?


I hate reading my old columns. I mean, I was so STUPID! How did any of you, save for just being my friends, every tolerate such crap from me? Anyone who participates in a creative process, is never quite satisfied with their work, and I’m not alone in that. From Hollywood stars to journalists, from mommies to craft geniuses, no one appreciates the gift of posterity. I guess what I’m saying is that we never quite feel like we’re giving it our very best….and while I’m glad God doesn’t feel that way, understand that in each of us, rests perfection. If you didn’t do your best, people notice. Your Very Best….LOL, who gets to decide that anyway?

I was talking with another mom the other day, and the subject of “Mom Guilt” came up. Mom Guilt is a real thing, and it’s a real thing because as parents, we never quite feel like we’ve done right by our kids….but that’s an illusion. Maybe it’s my old age, I don’t know, but I look back in my past and realize in many instances, I did, the best I could and besides what does total contentment look like anyway? I mean, whose yard stick are we using to measure up our own personal achievements? We’re using the Smith and Jones that’s who, and the danger in that is that they’re just as screwed up as we are…..I giggle when I think that some of you look up to me, because you have to know that I don’t have it figured out any more than you do…and I’m not even trying to cover it up…..I think that’s why I’m so honest and brutal. I don’t want you thinking I’m better. I’ve had the life where I looked up to the “Beautiful People” and the one thing I learned from my idealization of their lives is this…..they have their own issues….issues you’d never want to have…..Hell, they may even be envying you….and that’s #truth.

I advised the other mother, “If at the end of the day, you can admit that you’ve done nothing wrong then the guilt you feel is not deserved”. I’ve spent the last few months sitting at a park bench by myself, while waiting for Sweetness to get out of school. One day last week a woman came over to me and asked if she could sit with me. I knew of her, and even dubbed her one of the “Ladies who lunch“. Every day, they’d sit at their table and look down at the others in the park….but this day, because my bench was in the shade, she wanted to sit with me, and as she did so, she confided in me that her husband was at home sick with AFib, the dreaded heart disease that robs spouses of their partners everyday. She was tired, weak, and at the end of her rope. I told her, I knew her pain….not only as a home care nurse, but also as a spouse taking care of a spouse with VFib….we connected. The next day, she and all her “ladies” sat at my bench…..LOL, guess I’m in….but my point is, I held her in contempt….because I thought, she thought, she was better than I…..I now realize she doesn’t, nor did she ever, feel that way.

Your Very Best….at the end of the day, complete contentment comes in knowing that you did all you could do, to make a project successful. Whether that’s making a new confident, doing your job, (sigh) writing your column, making a movie, or just being a parent; which honestly, is the hardest job in the world! If cleanliness is next to Godliness, then contentment is as close to God as you’re going to get with a clean house, but the devil knows this, and will do all within his power, to keep you restless, and dissatisfied with your person. Only YOU can judge whether you did a good job, only YOU should measure up against YOU, and only YOU should know that by doing your best….in any function….is what others admire. Bemoaning the fact that my readership was down, Merrill said to me, “I thought you didn’t care”, and he was right….I had started to compare myself with the Greats in this business, and in doing that, I began to hate, that which I loved. This isn’t a column meant to make you feel touchy feely about the Lord, this is about your inner Peace, and asking yourself, “Did I do anything wrong, and could I have done better?“….If your answer is, “NO“….then no need to doubt your creation…..Remember this, above all things, if I can be successful writing tripe, you too can do all things, and be better than I ever was….and that’s a stone cold promise. Your Very Best….God gave to you, so you could give to others, and honestly, He will bless your WORKS…..He will, like the Godfather, remember all you did in His Name. Don’t let the devil steal your joy….you are just as good as Smith and Jones….you are special, worthy, and loved….and getting in a pissing contest against others, will never see you the victor. Now, get out there and create….do YOU….be the best someone, and do your best for someone, that you can….and I’m not saying this because I won the Merrill Bowl today. I’m saying this because I wasted so much time trying to measure up, when I was beautifully measured the whole time….Now, get out there and be YOU. Come on…show me what you got. Be Blessed.











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Do Unto Others

Love Each Other?
Love Each Other?











All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.” Jesus…Sermon on the Mount.

The thing that really struck me was that from the moment we walked in, we were treated like Rock Stars. Like they were so happy to see us, you don’t find in an employer/employee relationship these days” Ronnie

We ARE happy to have you. Welcome Nurse Ronnie“….Human Resources


Do Unto Others


Okay, so Christ DID say it, and frankly, if He said it, you can bet it needs to be followed. Many sociologist, and other observers of the climate these days will pontificate and opine on when they knew the country….nay…the World was going to hell. Some will tell you it was when women had to leave the home and work, others will tell you it started with the Free Love movement of the 70’s and Asbury Park, others will tell you it was when the Beatles, and their, “We’re greater than Jesus” comment came out, and yet others, will tell you it was during the self-absorbed excesses of the 80’s. I don’t know, for all those people are by far more educated than I, but I can tell you I’ve been watching human behavior for most of my life, and I think it was when we forgot the magic words, Please and Thank you. Do Unto Others……Yeah, I know. You should always do as I say, and not as I do.

It’s simple Humanistics 101. I’ve written it before, that patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, even total strangers may never be able to recall what you’ve done for them, but trust me friends, people will always remember how you make them feel. I remember the days gone by, when I was ruthlessly teased for my red curly hair. Guess what? I own that mess now, but it goes farther than that. It’s the crossing guard who went out of his way to walk me home the day after I fought back against my bullies. It’s the Lowe family who never made us feel poor. It’s the Nurse, whom after a really rough night with Duchess in the ICU looked at me and said, “I got you Fam. go home“. It’s the way you all comment, and respond with true feelings of joy, anguish, and tears…because you trust me enough to confide….but there’s a dark side to it too….

When you make the cashier feel bad for being a cashier. When you sneer at the homeless and yell at them to go get a job. When you take your frustrations out on Customer Service for a product they didn’t build. We do have a nasty habit, of forgetting that were it not for a meager paycheck, we’d be in their shoes too. Last Christmas I challenged you to go and encourage 5 strangers. Many of you did…imagine a world where we are kind to each other…..then imagine that the power to make or break someone’s day, relies solely in our hands….because it does. Sometimes, I forget what it was that made me a part of your day. I started this column with the story of two men in Wal-Mart. One man, older in age, walked up to a younger man and started talking to him like he knew him….He was confused. Rather than interrupt the older gentleman, the younger one just stood, listened and politely responded….when the older man walked away, the younger man’s wife asked, “Who was that?” “I have no idea“….He responded, and walked away. Oh I KNOW I get mad and frustrated. I know I say that maybe I shouldn’t say, do things that I shouldn’t do, react in ways that make you think it’s okay to be an asshole, but it isn’t. Sitting in that orientation this morning, I felt encouraged, because an extreme shortage of nurses in this area, has made all nurses gold, and guess what, they’re willing to pay top dollar for the ones who want to work there….Do Unto Others. The fate of someone’s entire world, does indeed rest within your hands. Think about it. What if you said, “Please” or “No, thank you” to the question, “Do you want to up size that?”….For me, I learned long ago to say, “I appreciate YOU” instead of “I appreciate it” because it really does change my tone….and how it’s received. So, I am not a Role Model….I am simply a woman, who sometimes forgets how she made her bones. Tomorrow, encourage 3 people…..just 3, and you’ve bettered the world, by 3 actions. It’s an ugly world anyway….I’d think any improvement, would not go amiss…..Do Unto Others….Jesus had this one right, but really, did you ever doubt Him? Oh yeah, I did….Shhhhh…..do as I say, and not as I do. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. Be Kind to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.


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What’s My Name?











Your deadline to submit your guest post, “Impaction” is almost due. Just saying.

What’s My Name? Well…..


I don’t understand why we tiptoe around certain issues. There is a general sense of befuddlement within me, that makes me want to scream every time I see certain posts, and the thing about posts, is they’re never fully deleted. Why then, do we comment when we’re mad, drunk or high? Maybe it’s because we don’t have someone right at our disposal to smack the hell out of us, when we screw up? For example, at the dinner table a few nights ago, Sweetness had an “accidental” burp (accidental my ass), so I admonished him, that had I EVER burped at the table, my grandmother would not even have warned me…Without putting her soup spoon down, she’d whip out her left hand so fast, I’d have to ask for the plate number of the truck that hit me. I think that’s what’s missing here….A real direct threat, a discipline (if you will) that will whip us back into shape…..Grandma at the table, I don’t burp, but don’t burp at someone elses table either….she had ears….always had ears. What’s My Name? Well Embarrassed….I’m Embarrassed. It’s nice to meet you.

Ms. Alyssa Milano earned her acting bones in Hollywood with such great hits as “Who’s The Boss“, “Melrose Place” and of course the blockbuster “Commando“. Clearly, she’s an expert in all things politics, but seems to have missed the class on decorum. Decorum, whether you posses it or not, simply dictates that when someone is asking for prayer, you do not demean them, nor mock them with their own words. For example, when Trump sent out a Tweet asking for prayers for Texas, and making September 3, a National Day of Prayer, she Tweeted back, that it should indeed be National Asshole Day. Now, she either forgotten that her influence goes no farther than late night 80’s television, or she honestly needs work in Hollywood and thought this would be a good way to get attention, either way, she was the ASS…and she looked bad! That ugly ass chick from Goonies made headlines earlier this week when she came out and admitted that her first abortion, was her best abortion. I had to ask myself, what climate do we live in, where both women, felt safe enough to behave badly? Good question….

Christians, we EFFED up! Long ago, we decided that being friends with the World was more important than telling the world the news we had to share. We were to be the Light unto the World but instead, we became bogged down with important matters like feelings, and how we are perceived by others. When we stand before the throne, and we all will, the one question Christ WILL ask us is, “What did you do for me?”…..Well, Um…I kept the peace, didn’t offend people by bringing you up, I didn’t speak out when people were bragging about abortions, I backed down when your Name was being taken in vain, I didn’t make, nor create any waves….Just like you told me not to do….but the Parable of the Talents is very clear about what happens to us, if we don’t make waves….isn’t it? We have a world where the President is MOCKED for asking for prayers, Abortions are trophies on an ugly woman’s mantel, and honestly, I’ve seen so much smack talk about God, that I’ve begged Him to come down and smite the begotter…..Tell me something….60 million Christians in this amazing country, and abortion is legal? Souls are OD’ing every day? Children are dying at school? Rapes and assaults on a daily basis….60 million Christians…and Alyssa Milano felt safe enough to mock a leader, asking for prayer, and I ask you….What DID you DO about it? No one ever impressed Him, by standing down. No one every won Mercy Points by ignoring the sin. No one every earned His favor by pushing the issue to someone else. If you see evil, and that includes HATE, speak out on it! For only the Light can chase away the dark….yet too many of us have forgotten that we ARE the Light….He who tries to save his life, will lose it….strong words from a man who’d know what we’d go through. So…

What’s My Name? Well it’s daughter….I can make a small difference in the world today, so that hopefully all will understand just how loving, and graceful He really is….60 million Christians in this country, and I had to write a column like this? Don’t you think it’s time to let others know your name too? Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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When Faith Makes The Connection









They don’t go gently into that good night.


Well you see, when your BM’s turn green, that’s when you know the iron is in your system” Ronnie schooling Merrill on the finer arts of mineral absorption.


I am a very, very, VERY stubborn woman. I can’t really tell if it’s just ME…the person God created, or my experiences; which God had not much to do with, that developed the stubborn personality you love today. There is something to the Missoura Motto, “Show Me” because in my state, if you want a pass on something, you must SHOW US, that what you say is true and righteous. We’re not big on Faith per se, we want to see the money. I’ve never been one to take orders (Take it easy- SMH), because I need to see the NEED in direction….Like a method actor, I need to know my motivation for following your direction, even if…..even if….following your orders is good and righteous for me. It’s pretty much why I’ll never work for the man again. I don’t want to take orders, I want to FEEL and know why the orders are there. When Faith Makes The Connection……Faith and I are like oil and water, I try really hard to be a woman of faith….but I’m really more a woman of action…..

So this whole, “Rest, don’t do too much” BS didn’t really sink in until last night, when reading in bed I cam across an article about the stitches inside of me. For anyone just now joining us, I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy, kept my ovaries, three weeks ago. I’ve been pissed off about it, because while the pain was gone in a few days, the emotional/physical recovery has been anything but easy. It’s been brutal, it’s been HELL…it’s made me whine like a wuss. I’ve had plenty of family and friends pray with me, for me, over me…they’ve laughed, cried, got mad with me, but what many had not done was tell me WHY I had to listen to them…I’m a big girl. I mean, I KNOW I lost an organ the size of my fists, but I didn’t know that in that, I also had a new cervix made, stitches to stitch the cervix, internal stitches, and that any jarring…and jarring would tear the stitches out…and make me bleed…my own blood…..I didn’t know all that. I thought you all were trying to control me with your words…..but as frustrated as you feel over me not listening too well…..how frustrated do you think I am over not listening? How do you think God feels about me on a daily basis?

And so, sans a jackass standing in front of me verbally telling me what to do, God asks us to trust Him, and have Faith; which is the evidence of something not seen, but the knowledge it’s there….or something ridiculous like that I didn’t have time to look it up. It means, that God puts that special spark upon our hearts, that song in our Spirit, that message that sometimes says, “You don’t have to know why, please trust ME”. There is GRACE in the Faith message. It’s like, I didn’t know, so I was protected…..but now I know….so I’m not. See, When Faith Makes The Connection, all other messages stand by the wayside and wait…if God simply say’s “No sex before marriage” it isn’t because He doesn’t like us to have a good time (know what I mean?) it’s because He has a good reason….but no….we don’t listen, and like that, we’re either really sick (HIV, STD) or we’re really hurt (HS BF Jerk)….if God says, “Love one another” He isn’t saying it like Merrill says it to the kids in the back seat on long family trips…when he’s just about ready to pull over and kill them…..No God is saying, in our love for each other, there is protection….there is salvation….there is healing…..and so we don’t always have to know why….God or the doctor’s tell us to do something….Sometimes, like we tell our kids, it’s simply because, “I said so“…and so…now I know. Now I know why I can’t have sex (although kudos’ to the writer of this page that gave alternatives WOW), I know why I can’t run, I know why I should only walk a few feet….I KNOW ALL THIS, because I read it. When Faith Makes The Connection there is no turning back….once you know…..you know. You Know? So I gotta go. Taking it slow and easy. Slow and easy. Slow and easy…..but now I know why, and that makes it more important and easier to do. It is okay to just trust and have faith, but if you gotta know, like ME….The Bible (like Google) is always open. 24/7…for you. Read up on what God says about not listening to me…then let me know what He said….He’s not telling me. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.


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I’m Not God

Love Each Other?
Love Each Other?












Let me grab some popcorn“…..Ronnie getting ready to read a 400+ comment thread.


It didn’t disappoint.


Look, it’s getting ready to rain, and I’m fixing to go on my am run, so I only have a minute to write this….here goes….God may very well forgive, but it doesn’t mean I have to, especially if the act to forgive had nothing to do with me. In his Vision to Peter, God asked Peter to get up, kill and eat, all kinds of foods, that had previously been off-limits to a practicing Jew. Three times, Peter told God, “NO” (and I do paraphrase) and three times, God said (in my grandmother’s voice), “Eat it“….Finally, tired of the game, God told Peter (paraphrase coming up), “You cannot call unclean, that which I cleansed“, and WHOOMP there it was….If God had sanctified, Peter could not dirtify….I’m Not God….I have my bias…but I’m glad He is the Great I Am!

So, there was some nefariousness afoot this week when a woman, leaked the news that a convicted pedophile was attending a church, and gasp…the church was okay with it. Sigh….yes, if the man, regardless of his sins (and I do mean regardless) asked Christ to forgive and come into his life, the Church cannot…in good faith….deny his entrance. I’m sorry, they can’t. See, to God…sin is sin. Murder is the same as adultery, grabbing my ass, is the same as grabbing my BFF’s ass….God doesn’t favor sin over sin, so that we cannot boast our sin is less than the sin of our neighbor.. Get it? So yes, in defense of the Church, this Church had to accept a new follower in Christ to mentor. We, as the people, can make the decision to not attend, and whatever, that’s between you/them and your/their God….but to answer the question of why the Church allowed him to enter into the Gates of Grace…..well if they hadn’t….God would have been angry….again….”Do not call unclean…that which I have made clean“……

The real story here, is my response to the controversy, because I was torn….See, this crime allegedly occurred while the gentleman was 15…he did his time…he came back to try to start a new life. God forgave him….Had he committed theft, home invasion, check writing deception, I could have easily been on his side…..but no…he raped, then allegedly killed a handicap little girl. For the greater part of the week, I was 49% sorry for him. I surprised even myself, by the empathy I felt as I attended his FB crucifixion, and in small town politics, don’t get it twisted…..he was skinned alive, then hung out to dry on the FB forum…..but 51% of me….Hated his Guts….and I didn’t even know him…..Like Peter, I should not have turn my nose up at what God cleansed, but I did…and I’ll take the hit. I’m Not God….I cannot ever be God….I cannot ever assume to know what God wants from me, but I do know that I was a conflicted juror in this man’s FB trial. I dunno, maybe I’m getting soft….if so, I need to fix that. See, I can pray for him….I can ask God to lead him to a church home where he will not be subjected to public ridicule….but I won’t…what I WILL do is ask God to forgive me….and help me….manage my hate…….Think, I’ll go running and think about it…..God cleanses….that’s GREAT….because I’ve got some mess in my closet too….but I’m human, and my sins are not as bad….and I’m aware that’s wrong…..Don’t Judge Me. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday….:)


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We Don’t Have A Bible









“But, we don’t have a Bible!“….The boys

Well, I can probably fix that….

She’s quite a single mother, who’s done a great job raising her four children alone. I’m telling you right now, those are the best behaved boys I’ve ever seen…so polite and well mannered….Geesh, better than my own children, but I did digress. Merrill and I met her last year, when we began taking her older son, along with his tag-along kid brother, to basketball practice with Sweetness. The Incident had necessitated that only I drive, and so it began one day, when I saw him walking to the school gym on a cold November eve. He was going to walk home after practice, but I couldn’t let it do that because it was…well…COLD. I met her that night as I dropped him off, and told her I’d be happy to pick him up, and bring him home every night they had practice. Soon, as the boys made their tournament bones, we had them with us almost every day….We Don’t Have A Bible…well, it’s a good thing God doesn’t require one…..but just in case He does….I can help with that.

Not seeing the boys for a while, I invited them over for the weekend. They’ve been over before, and passed the “bad kid” test that we all have of the first-timers, and so I allowed Sweetness to have them over again. I told their mother, that we’d be going to church, and that they didn’t need to worry about “Dressing up”, as our church…my church…doesn’t care about such trivial things, but as I arrived and saw the Harry Potter book that he reads before bed, I asked him (and his kid brother) if they also brought their Bible. “No ma’am” he began, she cut him off, “They don’t have a Bible“. Well, no worries there…they have a mid-service, Sunday School program of sorts for the kids their age, and since it isn’t communion, there’s no need for one…now….but still…can it be…that there are those, sans Bibles? Oh….

Can it be that we’ve forgotten that there still are those whom don’t have, a Bible? I mean, we teach and preach all about the love of Christ, as well as admonish all within ear shot about sin, but we expect them to have a Bible…when we’re preaching.  It’s like teaching reading…without a book to go along. God doesn’t require a Bible to go to Church, nor be saved. Hell, it isn’t even in the top 5 of priorities for Him…but in order to get a true big picture of all the cool stuff about God, you really gotta have a Bible..there are so many cool nuggets of TRUTH in there…and I am being partially obnoxious….We Don’t have a Bible…but these boys wanted to come to Church anyway….Maybe because, someone invited them…, and that’s where God gets serious….feel me? Many are waiting for an invite, not a sermon, not a Bible….Bibles are cool, but to sit next to you as you nod in understanding with the Pastor….to sing, dance, praise and heal….that’s what God wants…His Holy Bible? Well, it’s a good seconds…maybe thirds. I will not expect you to know what I know if you don’t have what you need to understand.  We Don’t Have A Bible. So what? I’m not going to add to what God ignores….besides, I know at least three of you reading this right now…who’ll tell me…they’re bringing a Bible, for the boys, to Church. Remember, when you’re tempted to teach and preach ask yourself if they have what they need to understand, or if maybe just being invited is what someone needs……If you Don’t Have A Bible, but want one, get with me…I got the hook up. Now, if Nursing were as easy…I’d be a BSN by now…..Sigh…Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.


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End Times










Remember the scene at the end of Total Recall, where their faces distort, they eyes bulge, and heads explode? Yep, they looked like that. People get possessed at the mere mention of Christ. It’s weird.” Ronnie explaining the frenzy of the Christ haters.


If you’re not a Christ hater, this status isn’t for you, and if you step to me, I’ll end you. I don’t care that that’s hateful, my patience like the Illuminite, is nonexistant. I know that Jesus said we were supposed to go into the world and preach the good news, but I’m finding it harder and harder to love others enough to share His story. Yes, we’re suppose to pursue, but DAMN, some make it hard. I mean, come on, is there really anyone out there that doesn’t know about Jesus, and his dad God? Seems to me, that in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap we’ve saturated the market pretty well with the Trinity, so for anyone to still hate them, is well, up to them. I was caught in a place of great amusement when I read the Jesus haters immediately jump onto my status, about the End Times, as if they were rapid dogs smelling blood….I suppose they did smell blood, but not mine. I learned a long time ago, that trolls get their jolly’s by intimidation…how do you think I sharpen my skills, but it does prove another end times principal, “We will hate each other, like the dogs of Jerricho”…and while it doesn’t say that exactly, it’s close. End Times.…There’s still time to hate Christ, but there’s also time to know him….it’s your coin flip….not mine.

So, Easter is past, we had a great time, but the holiday has lost some of its glitz. I guess that’s offensive, but so what? We feed the hatred every time we engage in a pissing contest with those who don’t believe, and isn’t that the great part about this country anyway…that they don’t have to believe? Look, if you don’t want a relationship with Christ, He will not force Himself upon you, and neither will I. Truth is, if God wanted you to follow Him, you WOULD. Don’t get this sh*t twisted, it’s only because He wanted a loving father/son/daughter relationship that He doesn’t smite the crap outta us every time we utter the “F” word (thank you Jesus), but I’ll be honest, if you’re a friend, you know where I stand on Christ….I don’t hate you, belittle you, begrudge you, nor deny you anything of myself for not being a believer, however, there are some rules here. Whereas I accept you as you are, I am not going to allow you to mock me, for whom I am….that mess ended yesterday….

Reading through the hateful trolls, and media baiters, I remembered the other posts by “friends”, whom mocked my faith. You cannot be a friend, and mock me. I guess I had sorta overlooked that little friendship principal. I stopped accepting friend requests a long time ago, so it’s not like I’m collecting friends…I dunno why I allowed it for so long…My struggle is real…there is a balance between accepting someone for whom they are, and accepting them for what they do…..I’m okay if you don’t want to follow Jesus….really, I won’t force that, but you will not mock me either…dig? When one sits idly by, and allows other to mock their believes…all in the name of appearing hip and tolerant….they in essence allow the slander of their persona….and THAT…is personal humiliation. I do my best according to His perfect Will, and I fail, doesn’t mean Christ is bad, it means I’m human. So I’m not a bible thumper, but I am a believer. If that is too hard for some of you to accept, it’s best we part ways now, before I sin. End Times, LOL, well THAT began 2017 years ago. Maybe there is a God, and maybe there isn’t, but in the end, I’m going err on the side of great caution. I’ve seen prayer work…I’ve experienced the great power of God…and yes, I realize that causes some of you great gnashing of the teeth, but suck it, this is my horse….you don’t like it, leave me, and go start your own thread. I don’t care…anymore. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With you r Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.


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But I Do Love You

Love Thy Neighbor
Love Thy Neighbor









The thing about judgment is you can’t unilaterally not do it, without doing it“…Ronnie being all philosopher(ish)

Unless you’ve taken a complete vow of silence (and I’d like to know HOW), there is no way you will escape this day, without judgment. You won’t mean it, it’ll be innocent, but you WILL do it, and later, as you mull over the events of the day, you’ll realize, (or maybe you won’t) that you participated in the greatest scam known to man…The Biblical Scam….it’s where Satan takes a Bible verse and contorts it to the point that by not to violating the principle, you violate it. Confusing? How do you think we feel? Actually, I really don’t care because it’s a lot easier to not give a damn, than it is to be a hypocrite…But I do love you...I really, really do. Truth is, to be obnoxious and get away with it, is next to Godliness…Selectively Christian was also a good title, but then I’d lose half of you, by the end of the 1st paragraph.

So there’s a Bible verse, something about Jesus admonishing us not to judge (I forget). What I find humorous, is that those who don’t even follow our faith, like to take this verse and use it more than we do. Dontcha think that’s funny? I mean, we’re doing what we’re supposed to do; which is preaching the Word of God into all the nations, but the Bible is a little ambiguous right, and before we know it, KABLAM, we’re judging! We thought all we were doing was having a conversation….then we’re bullied into silence….then all kinds of stuff happens because we’re too Chicken Sh*t to speak out…Oy Vey, it’s all so confusing. Was Peter like this? Did John run tail between his legs? No…no…but they did have their flaws…..I don’t feel bold like them Jesus…can I have some of that SMITING power of yours so I can be bold? Smiting power…that would be great, but we have something better; which is WHY Christ admonished us to know the Word….He said, “Know the Word…Word” (I paraphrase), but what He meant was that there will be those who will try to confuse you, to distract you with shiny objects and if you’re not confident in the Word, you’ll get lost in their intellect…He doesn’t need your defending friends….He needs your obedience…Here’s my point.

I made the realization this morning, that it indeed more fashionable to skewer a Christian, than to politely listen to one, and dismiss him. Shoot, I dismiss people all the time…it’s easy. No doubt about it, we’re back to the day when a family of four could go to an old fashioned Christian Lion show, for only $3…including popcorn. It is becoming quite popular to take a Christian and crucify them to the point that you can’t easily differentiate them from the pictures of Christ, and if that’s offensive, GOOD…because we’re also being assholes. This is why Christ warned us to Love Each Other….He wanted us to Love Him first, then Love Each Other…all the rules and regulations in the Bible are not meant for the World..but for us, yet we now have Biblical “scholars” not of the faith, confusing us, so in our compromises, we lost our values….I’m not saying we shouldn’t stand true to what we hold sacred, I am saying that more often than not, we’re being taken out of context, because we don’t know our Word. But I Do Love You. I do…that’s THE WORD. The word is LOVE….just LOVE…be a light that others feel comfortable following….but also, just love, and get some gonads….you’re gonna need them to do what I do…Whew, there’s some hateful people out there.Gotta go…A day of thrift shopping for me…and I gotta pick a fight with the Trump haters on Trending….it’s like shooting fish in a barrel really. Ya know, Goodwill is a lot like the Bible used to be, and if you need further clarification, you don’t read me….and I’m not gonna tell ya….Have a great day all…Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

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Throw Our Pearls


Hmm, that does seem a bit disingenious“. Ronnie reading a thread about a car accident.


Disclaimer: I know some amazing Prayer Warriors. Good people who have seen Merrill and I through some Nefarious mess….I’m not talking to YOU.

I suppose I’ll have friends who’ll read this and think of themselves, but let me just add two notes. 1. I’m not talking about you, and 2. I think I’m not talking about you. I occasionally waste my time in a few groups, where I get to read about what’s going on in the city. It’s funny, because it feels like gossip, but I justify it by convincing myself that I’m just trying to stay informed…which there’s nothing wrong with that. Just saying. So a poster asked a question the other day, “Are all you people, commenting ‘prayers’, really praying? Or are you just trying to hold your space in the thread?”….Hmm, he had a point Johnny. Reading through all the comments, I did see that some had commented ‘Prayers’ on all of the threads. I don’t know their heart. That’s between them and God….what I DO know is that we Throw Our Pearls when we carelessly throw out our Faith. Using our Faith like some name dropping nobody in a fancy restaurant….is gonna upset my Dad…..I suppose I’m gonna piss some of you off here….

So, as the tables have turned in society, and everyone but the Christians seem to realize it. Now, there is a Commission… given to us, to take The Word into The World, so that we can make disciples of all nations…I don’t fault THAT. We should be talking and shaking hands, and talking and making friends, and talking and encouraging, and talking….all that…we should be doing all that. Occasionally, when we wade into a political discussion, I think we do that on our own…..Jesus waded very little into the politics of His day. “Render unto Caeser what is Caeser’s” is the best example I can think of, but still, He wasn’t supporting any Party, He was saying don’t cheat on your taxes….I think. I’ll have to see what the KJV says….I did digress. Truth is, Jesus was not the Messiah of the Congress. He didn’t come in with a gun and start uzzing (I’ve been watching too much IFC) the councils. Nay, Jesus’s Kingdom was in the heart…but I really think I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, society has turned, and we…we are at a disadvantage if we fight the flow of the day. Truth is, we can make a big difference, by being bold, but not obnoxious…..I get tagged in statuses that have Scripture. It doesn’t annoy me, unless the Scripture says something like, “The WHORE of Babylon”…then I get a little offended….I KNOW others get offended though, because they have different beliefs. That’s cool…I don’t tag people, because you never know what’s in another person’s heart, but do I talk about Jesus? Yes. Do I force my Jesus? NO….As long as we go acting the fools, and Satan runs this Muthur unfettered, we are going to be tossing out our treasure. Why do we take what is most sacred to us, and toss it out? Prayers are the most holy of holy. Debate me if you must, but prayer…is our communication with our God. When we carelessly use prayers as a means of a post bookmark, or when we write/say prayers, to seem pious, but then don’t pray, we’ve just taken a pearl and thrown it out….and that’s DOUBLE PLAY…as they say in Baseball. Say what you mean, but mean what you say. If you write or say ‘prayers’ then by golly you’d better pray…because if you don’t…He will smithith you like you’ve never been smitted before! Okay, maybe not, but He won’t be very happy with you…like He isn’t, at times, with me. Gotta go. Back still hurts. It’s very stiff today. I can’t tell if that’s good…or bad….but you can bet your booty….I did pray. It’s okay, my pearls are being repaired, so, I wasn’t throwing them out. Love little loopholes in the Faith. Don’t Judge Me. Be Blessed.

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I Know


Sure, I’ll go” Ronnie agreeing to go to Champaign.

My on again, off again husband (Merrill) and I are going to Champaign today to do some Christmas shopping. I dunno, I mean, I guess. See, the Spirit of Christmas hasn’t quite returned to me yet, so I’ll go through the motions, hoping that if I do it long enough, like sex, I’ll feel good about it. I’m not hating on the season. In years past, I loved this season. I guess there’s just been too much baggage on my soul, and like I wrote the other day, it wasn’t going to get better right away. Some things take time, patience, and luck. I KNOW….at least take a moment to get to know me, before you judge me.

I love Christmas…The feeling to WANT to celebrate may still come upon me…but I’ll go along with the motions, for now, and pray for Grace. I know that we celebrate the birth of our Savior, I know that He was the greatest gift given to man, and I know that Oh Holy Night is the greatest song ever written, but to KNOW something is not the same as to FEEL something. It’s just going to take some time this year, to get me back to a place of security….I’ll never again be, where I was the Day Before, but maybe at some point, I’ll be able to release my breath….and who knows, maybe I’ll be able to walk out the door without telling him to text me every hour, on the hour. When security is missing, all kinds of nefarious feelings come to the surface, like pimple bacteria, and what we need to do…is wait it out….well some need help….others need to wait it out.

When Duchess had her seizures, you all had to sit and wait for me to work through it…remember? This is no different. I’ve sat back and watched good friends, work through their fears and griefs. That’s what friends do…I’m reminded of the story of Job, and how he lost it all…only to have his friends join him on the hill, for seven days, and say nothing. His wife advised him to curse God, but I won’t do that. I honor God because we could be talking about a whole different situation now. I will sit, upon this hill with my friends, and await a word….a calling….a spark that will let me know I can safely celebrate this season. Until then, I’ll go to Champaign, but it won’t be there for me, and I admit that through some tears. I just don’t know…what I would ever do without him….but I also don’t know how to get this fog off my soul. I guess this is what’s meant to, “Wait upon the Lord”…..I get it Jesus….I get it. Gotta go, I see a Guardian. They do make me smile..maybe it’s going to be the little things that get me back into the saddle. I may be Veronica Philips bitches, but I’m also human….I know…I know…you all already knew that about me. Sigh. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.


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