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Still Great at 46
Still Great at 46











There’s a professional dodge ball team? I thought they were just kidding”….Ronnie watching ESPN with Merrill this am.


TRUST that I do not want to get up off this couch and go running, but I KNOW….that is… my mind KNOWS that if I don’t, I’ll regret it all day. I’m drinking my pre-workout beverage; which by the way I am very pleased with, and I’m trying to make that move to getting up and putting on the attire that will take me on a 3 mile round trip into INSANITY. I can’t really tell you why I’m doing it, only that I’m a much better person when I DO do it….

I didn’t run yesterday, opting instead to give my body a day’s rest, and I could tell the difference. Actually, my legs didn’t hurt, I took a nap…I seemed like a better person….etc. I think one of the more underestimated classes in school is P.E. and we should, as a society, advocate for it’s continuation in our schools. The body was made for fitness, and fitness was made for the body, and I think I’m on solid ground when I tell you to look around at what we’ve become without physical activity….Diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, some mental issues….Fitness is the natural fix for much of what ails us….Mind over Matter….the Mind doesn’t mind…because the body doesn’t matter….or some mess like that.

Seriously though, what the Eff am I going to tell you that you’ve not already heard? Someone you love forcing you to get up, and get out? Yes well, that’s because they love  you…what can I say? But let me not be “That girl“. We all HATE “That girl” the one who cheerily preaches for us to get up and just work out, then we find out she’s so freaking high that to come down, she has to take yet another series of meds….NO…that’s not ME…..I’m high on life….LOL, and I do mock. Sorry.  I get that we can’t all do what I’m doing. Hell, for a time, even I couldn’t do, what I’m doing, but I am going to encourage you to do SOMETHING! ANYTHING! Get out and walk to the end of your driveway, get a dog and walk it, play basketball with your kid, get a net, invite neighbors over and play volleyball….you don’t have to start big, to start strong. I’ve been teaching kickboxing for 4 years now…and guess what…..I’ll be taking boxing soon….I mean can you imagine? An already obnoxious, nefarious Countess learning how to box? Can’t wait….Insanity...what should be a normal part of life, is actually made to seem abnormal, and here’s the thing, when those endorphins kick in….there is no other feeling like it, but don’t take it from me…..meet me at 6:30am tomorrow…..and I’ll show you how to make your body your bitch. Insanity….I only have a few more days before I’m on my ass for 4wks….UGH….but you can BET….I’ll find something to do, because after all, the one thing we need to survive, society has made taboo….Hmm….that’s some ironic sh*t right there. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.


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A Woman Your Age

Peer to Peer...
Peer to Peer…











I have so much respect for A Woman Your Age” Well-meaning reader.

I’m sorry. I stopped reading you after, ‘A Woman Your Age‘” Ronnie responding to said poster.

She didn’t mean to be rude, but she was, and as much as I’d like to fault her for her inappropriate ideals that women “my” age need to be coddled or even praised, I can’t. Corporations have focused so much energy on the younger generation that they’ve created an army of self-absorbed monsters, whose ideal of role models don’t extend past Negan. So what we have is a younger generation full of their own supremacy and hype, never realizing that they are, by far, outwitted by those of us, who wrote the book they’re reading. A Woman Your Age.…Yes well, a woman my age can still kick your ass…I’d tread lightly if I were you.

I have started a one-woman campaign for Under Armor, or anyone who’ll pay me (doesn’t matter) to show them that A Woman My Age is the better spokesmodel. I want Marketing to know that a Woman My Age would be more likely to purchase their goods, IF I saw them on a PEER whose conquered her goals. Feel me? I love The Rock. He is my 2nd in Command, but I’m not impressed…..because I work out too…so what? Now some of the Little Brother and Little Sisters of society may be impressed…after all…if they’re not hard-core into taking care of themselves, a celebrity sponsor may help to move their motivation along, but my “AGE” looks to peers…to motivate. We seek to encourage each other, we work with each other, and I’ll be damned, if a sports bra looks adorable on another woman my age, and she’s successful in it….Ima go buy it….Capital One wants to know what’s in my wallet….GOLD…there’s gold in my wallet to the right company….

And so, we’ve been posting Instagram pics of my post workout sweats. A Woman Your Age doesn’t need the false assurances that we’re still valuable in society, WE KNOW THIS SH*T, what we need are sponsors who don’t condescend to our sense of empowerment by trying to convince us that Little Sisters models look better in their styles than we do. I can rock a VS Yoga pant, and probably sell it better than them too….A Women You Age are smart, successful, powerful, wise, sage, smart (again), funny, CONFIDENT, engaging personalities……We are amazing at all things domestic, and I do mean ALL THINGS, and our multi-tasking skills on on Fleck… So, I’m going to be pursuing the ideal that A Woman Your Age, are incredible discoveries into the market share. I have a great ass….I know this….I work very hard on it…Merrill loves grabbing it….but shop any clothing manufacturer, and I’m supposed to wear some baggy size 9 Mom Jean to cover up my Tiger Stripes…..Screw that….NO MORE. I am going to work to empower all within ear shot that A Women Your Age are not pasture ready, quite the contrary…..we’re just getting ready to party….Just not past 10pm…LOL. Hey, what do you want? We’re still mommies right? So, A Women Your Age…in case you don’t get it…..we are a powerhouse of women disgusted with the ideal that we’re past our prime…Sweetie, we’ve only just begun….Peer to Peer…that’s how we roll…Life is better NOW. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.


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Your momma’s alright, your daddy’s alright, they just seem a little bit, surrendered”….Cheap Trick

So I do have a lot of fun with the 4th degree Owner/Instructor of the establishment, in which, I teach kickboxing. He’s pretty bad ass, and I’ve never, ever understood how someone with so much power to take someone by the throat, and make them SUBMIT…doesn’t do it. If I could kick someone’s ass the way he could, I’d be on the streets all day ya’ll…all day! Ronnie, Danville Saint…I’d go around beating up bad guys, making nefarious one line statements like, “He who lives by the tongue, dies by mine” (needs work). I’d be invited to speak at assemblies in which I encourage the kids to stand up for themselves….I’m not quite there…YET! When I dream, I like to imagine myself as some kind of female Davie Carradine in a Kung Fu kind of life. As a side note, did you know that the idea for Kung Fu was originally attributed to Bruce Lee? The Original Bad Ass he was screwed out of the part that went to a man who’d go on to be found hanging in a closet, dead from a sexual stunt gone wrong….Surrendered….It’s isn’t always such a bad thing ya know?

The banter, with the back and forth, between him and I, is usually a great deal of fun for anyone on the outside listening in….but it only works if you KNOW we’re both kidding. Well, he isn’t kidding. He knows my temperament. He really doesn’t approve of my methods, but why would he? He can kill a grown man, with his pinky finger, whereas I have to usually pack a lunch, but so do you. I don’t know his childhood, I don’t care (it ruins the fun), but I know that I was picked on quite a bit. I was the ugly girl, the small girl, the quite girl, the gullible girl…to beat me up was like shooting fish in a barrel, and that’s why many usually quit…they got bored…sigh. Those are the memories seared in my brain, that I’ll never, EVER forget…and if you can make me remember the way I felt, I’m going for your throat. It’s simply a knee-jerk reaction that I’m not going to get counseling for…the way I see it, it serves me, except when it comes to my 4th Degree mentor, and God. But I like being angry….it’s my persona. I’m happy with me….BUT still..

As much as I’d love to learn the neck-snap technique he’s perfected, it’s too much responsibility. I mean it just is. It’s like carrying around a gun and being tempted to blow on your fingers, and look out from the brim of your hat, when you see an idiot. Remember the Little Sister that sized me up in the Walmart cashier line? What if I had the power to melt her mind with my gaze? Then I’d have to go around wearing special glasses like the X-men guy. No, I think God does indeed gift those with great power, whom He believes can handle great power. Part of the POWER to be great, comes from our ability to surrender, not only to Him (not the 4th Degree…NO), but to each other. Surrendering….when you don’t have to…is the key to being a bad ass, but society has tricked us into believing that 1. We must stand out ground (we do not) and 2. To surrender is by far the weaker of the choices, but here’s the thing, IT ISN’T! Look, I can’t go back in time and beat the hell out of those bitches anymore than I can bring back all those I’ve loved, but what I can do, is recognize that right now, I hold more power over them, then they ever did me…This 4th Degree tries to teach me that it is by far better to be thought strong than it is to fight and be proved weak…(See Mr. 4th Degree I just did a Confucius myself)…But don’t get it twisted, if I see or read of you being a bully,  I swear to all things Kung Fu, I’m coming for you….what can I say…I bring a little Street Justice to the world. So, Mr. 4th Degree….you keep trying to teach me, I’ll keep trying to ignore you, and some day..it may sink in. Until then, can you teach me that neck-snap thing? It looks pretty cool…No? Well, can I at least learn that pressure point thing where you drop someone by simply grabbing their thumb? Now THAT…I can USE….No to that too? Oh well someday it will sink in, until then, at least I understand that to be Surrendered is to be the stronger one…I just don’t care…but you keep trying….God will Bless you for it. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.


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Perfect Mommy









“Geesh it’s hard to wake up these babies” DST…:)

I’m excited a the prospect of playing volleyball in the yard with the family, grilling outside, walking the dogs while watching the corn and soybeans grow in the fields. I’m looking forward to Spring Break (vacation in DC), Summer vacation, air conditioner, running….LOL, running… who am I kidding? I love to run, but we all know I probably won’t. I struggle to teach class now as it is…but, I love DST. Especially the part where it takes place in March, the most eclectic month of the year…hey, March is a little like me…unpredictable, yet very appealing in it’s own right….Perfect Mommy….NOPE…but then again, you all knew that.

So, some of my friends are trying to quit smoking, I’m trying to quit cussing. It is true that to tame the tongue is like taming a lion, and it’s freaking hard! I called my kid an asshole (not the 1st time), to his face, because he did something that mirror mimicked something his dad did, and as promised 10 years ago, I attempted to beat it out of him. I’m not the traditional mom. I don’t do the cashmere cardigan pearls, with designer handbags…..ummmmmm….well…..So, I’m not the mini-van mom, with soccer supplies or whatever it is that normal moms have. I have an oversized, gas-guzzling SUV..paid off, with sparring bags in the back. See, my kids are in Taekowndo, (one in ballet as well), we have knives, bow-staffs, combat weapons, face masks and mouth guards. I’m a beer and brat kind of gal, watching smash-mouth football right before the Final Four. I love beer (although I don’t drink), crude humor, and skinny jeans with an oversized sweatshirt with Uggs….I’m a Writer, and not of romance novels…the stuff I write would not make the NY Times. I teach kickboxing, and as an added bonus, I am the oldest student in my Nursing Class…

But my kids, and husband, know that when the monster of life steps to them, I will beat the living crap out of it, and send it back to his home in Monster Hell…unless it’s a spider monster, and then I can’t help you. I have gay friends, friends who cuss (birds of a feather), friends who are as dysfunctional as I, my sisters are black, my cousins latina, my family….is not limited by blood. I don’t believe Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard….My kids are allowed to vocalize their dissent, as long as their dissent is respectful, but respect…is subjective….I need to learn that. My kids, are the most important people in my life! I’m inappropriate, insensitive, unyielding, and obnoxious. I don’t believe in the values of the Women’s March, preferring the individual to individual lesson of what happens when underestimated. When I threaten you, it’s for real…there’s no smack talking, little sister bull sh*t that they pull these days. I don’t pm, I call you out with a tag…ask my kids….There’s just simply a point where I’ve had enough….but even in all that, I’m loyal and passionate. I empathize with the underdog, the down trodden, and the disenfranchised…..I am not a Perfect Mommy….but I AM a GOOD MOMMY. My kids know love, my husband knows sex (and love…he’s goo), my friends know loyalty, and my classmates know empathy….as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather be me, than June Cleaver….although from time to time, I will wear the pearls, high heels and nothing else, for Merrill’s benefit…..LOL! Perfect Mommy….WHATEVES! I’ll call my kid an asshole, and yours too…if he’s being one. Gotta a problem with that? Good, it means I’m being ME. Don’t worry about measuring up…worry about raising kids. Time’s haven’t changes, the societal perception of mommies have….Just do you…and raise good kis. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.

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I Don’t Know?

It's Killing ME
It’s Killing ME

I’m so sorry” Ronnie’s broken heart

I have a friend, who has a nephew, who has brain cancer. He’s 5. I look at Duchess, and watch her as she mouths her way to trouble, or just sits and plays quietly with her coloring or dolls. I feel strangely sad for those who don’t have what I have. From the moment of conception, (5yrs ago next month) many know that Duchess has fought and struggled and fought and struggled to survive….When I read about another toddler in danger, my Wonder Woman senses goes off. I had a woman say to me once, “You have no idea what it’s like to watch your child almost die in front of you” and I had to snort through my nose…I Don’t Know? Pull up a chair, and I’ll tell you the things I DO know….

10. Monsters- I know monsters. There’s a part of this story I can’t tell you yet, but some day there will be a final Don’t Judge Me Status, and in that status I’ll give you the montage you need to see why I’m such a loud mouthed asshole. Just know that I KNOW fear, and by God if you don’t make me fear the way the monster made me feel, you’re nothing to me…

9. Heartbreak- He was the boy I thought I loved, before I knew what love was. Love isn’t crazy, obsessive, freak the freak out love….it’s the patient, “I’ve seen you poop” love and while that honeymoon is over, some things DO get better with age. Love is kind, and compassionate, it’s begging God to take your life instead of his, because a life without him, is a fate worse than death….there are some things scarier than death…

8. Post Partum Depression- I wouldn’t wish that on a foe. After waiting yrs to have Sweetness, my body did some nefarious BS, and I spent 9 months in a state of crazed turbulence. They say Turbulence has never brought a plane down, but it will bring down a mommy. Please, know your friends…..a new mommy has a battle that some cannot simply imagine…

7. Nursing School– The isolation of desolation, the end of the end, the alpha and omega of mind screws. I have to write an essay about “WHY, I want to be a nurse”….sh*t I don’t know…..I don’t even know why I’m still there…I can only assume its my pride, and determination that dictates that NOTHING will get the better of me….because no sane person….stays for that kind of abuse…..NONE.

6. Anxiety- So, the thing is, I haven’t beaten it…I’m just in the infancy states of the condition, but I know it’s all about the Nursing School….(see #7). I’ll let you know how it turns out.

5. Chronic Pain-At the OK Corral there had to be one doctor and one patient…otherwise, it wouldn’t have been a fair fight. I’m in a stare down contest with my MD…we’re just waiting on the results of the MRI…but I know the Spirit killer that Pain is…like Anxiety, it consumes, it destroys, you know NO Peace….

4. Relationships- Merrill asked me once what I thought my draw to the public was and I answered, “Relationships”. Truth is, the only reason Merrill and I have been together this long, is that we are exact equals. I am the Leia to his Hans….I am the Jelly to his PB, I am the Ying to his Yang….I am the milk to his Nesquick…..we are, the left and right of the same heart….We still have conflict, we still fight, we still disagree, we hate each others guts….but to back me up at the gates of hell, I’d chose him all day every day over you….Thank you Jesus.

3. Sudden Death– As the RN stood in front of the door and blocked my way, he still hadn’t told me my husband was alive. If you’ve just joined us, “I was going to call you” the RN said as I tried to look around him into the room that held my husband. “Hold up. That’s the wrong tone” I began. “I’ve used that TONE. You’re getting ready to Eff up my life” and indeed he was….”You’re husband suffered a massive Cardiac event. He coded twice”….in that 60 seconds, I saw the wedding, the beach, the babies, the sex, the love, the movies, our 1st date…I saw telling the babies, his family, my future without him….I saw bleakness, darkness, I saw a desert with a lone man walking in it….I saw despair….I KNOW what it’s like to think you’ve LOST someone….and as God as my witness I would never, ever put that on someone….

2. Epilepsy– As he put her on the floor, and walked away, I looked over and saw her lying on the floor with her back to me. She was quivering….”What?” I thought as I walked over…..”SEIZURE” I yelled, and that began the longest week of my life. At the end of that day, October 13, 2013 my Duchess had had 4 Grand Mal seizures with the final one lasting 4 minutes and saw her blue as the ER staff could do nothing to help her. Don’t pretend to know me. Don’t think that because I act arrogant, or smart, or that because I’ll get Ozarkian on your ass, that you know anything about me. I watched the Reaper try to take the soul of my baby…I watched Jesus and prayers, give it back…..your experience, as horrible as it may seem, it not unique. There’s a whole society of mommy’s who survived watching their babies near death. We KNOW where you are and we DO want to help.

1. Infertility- With so many having babies like they have coffee, there’s a subset of us, that cannot get pregnant. Even with all the modern marvels of technology, Science is still only 15-45% successful. The last two babies were the successful product of #IVF, but friends, God still holds that prerogative….I couldn’t go to baby showers, walk the baby food aisle, look at baby clothes, watch some shows….abortion is deplorable to us, because we’d kill to raise your baby…..There’s a time period called the 2WW that every In vitro Mommy-to-be knows about….if you thought waiting for your tax returns was bad….just try the period between implant, and the BFP (hopefully), or the BFN (unfortunately)….

I Don’t Know? (Said in the same tone as “Do You KNOW who I am?”). Oh we all know….I have friends who had premature babies, friends who are actors, writers, doctor’s, and lawyers. I have friends who’ve ran marathon’s, played professional football, offer unicorn rides. I have friends who survived beatings, shootings, car accidents. Friends that are disgusting wealthy, horribly poor. Friends that voted for Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Stein and ME….You cannot tell what someone’s been through, but just looking at them. You are not alone, you are not an island…that’s the blessing of this world….we are all connected. So, for my friend who has the nephew (no names here) with advanced stage brain cancer, I’m asking you to pray. I’m asking you to ask your friends to pray. I’m asking you for your thoughts, feelings, emotions and prayers….I’m asking you to stand before the Throne with your prayers and thoughts, and help this baby survive….I Don’t Know? Sigh…I know all too well where she is…and I really wish I didn’t. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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I Miss It


Do I have a picture of my kids? Let’s put it this way, if any one of them came up missing, all I’d have to do is text the milk carton“…Ronnie….it’s a little offensive, I know.

When the winds of change come, and they will in about a month from now, everybody and their brother will be on the “I gotta get in shape” bandwagon. Shoot I ain’t mad at them, there came a time when overweight and fed up, I too went looking for a program that would make me look like a VS model too….I found one, in kickboxing. I Miss it. I haven’t taught a class, since the “incident” and my body, as gracious as it was has now run out of patience with me….like a toddler, “Mommy, mommy, mommy” it has now begun to remind me that I’m in my 40’s, no spring chicken, and that I need to get back out and be an inspiration to others. Where the mind goes, the body follows, and when the body follows, all your dreams come true…I Miss It….bet I’ll pay dearly, when I get back on board….

What I miss the most is running. You have to be a runner to understand what it is about running that so enamoring. A few years back, I ran in the Color Run here…damned near killed me, but it was so spiritual, that I never forgot what it was like to cleanse the mind of all toxins. I’ve been seeking that detox program since…. See, in Cellular Respiration, the by-product of said burning of glucose, is Lactose…the body can go for only a short time with a Lactose build up…it seems like my life, has been running on Lactose toxins. It won’t get me much farther…I mean, I’m not kidding when I admit that I haven’t eaten much since the incident….my kids have, Merrill has….but I KNOW I’ve been so very busy with school, school and the family, that I guess taking care of the mind…hasn’t been a priority…which is a shame because the mind controls all….I’ve just been giving the toddler candy….eventually…..it won’t be enough….

So, my phone is CONSTANTLY reminding me that I’m out of memory. What it WANTS me to do is download the pictures and delete them off , but what I do, is delete apps I enjoy; which sucks, because the memory a Wal-Mart app holds, doesn’t match the memory that thousands of pictures have…So instead of doing what I need to do; which is ask Merrill to help me down my pics, I’ll simply buy a new phone. Sounds reasonable right? Well, we do that with our bodies. “I want to lose weight, but instead of searching for diet and exercise programs I can complete, I’ll simply starve myself” which I understand, but eventually, like my phone, you’ll run out…and then they’ll be no other apps to delete…You get it. The mind is the ONLY entity capable of controlling the body, and if you thought the toddler was bad, let your body run amuck, and see what happens. So…I want to run….I want to feel the blood rushing throughout every cell in my body…I want to feel my body give over after I’ve made it submit….I….want…to….RUN. I Miss It….! Gotta go. Don’t don’t delete apps that make no difference…..get out and do the work. Besides, you know a month from now, you’ll be texting me wanting to join my kickboxing program…..Shoot, if I keep going like this, I’ll want to join it too…I’m here for you…delete the right app….control your body….Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.

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Some Things Have To Change

1000657_947739388595781_4635086820268362442_nOh, no. You have to ask your doctor if you heart is strong enough for Nesquick, I don’t make the rules“.  Ronnie to guess who….

He’s slowly finding out some of his limitations. Actually, I feel bad for him. I do. The Cath revealed a 95% blockage in the left Coronary Artery, with 15% function (out put) in the heart….no more bacon for him. The Cardiologist spoke with us and warned us, to warn him, that some things have to change..he’s got some restrictions now, restrictions no healthy male should have…sigh! I’m having a flash back to the day we were married, “Some things have to change” he told me as he leaned in to seal our deal with a kiss….for better or worse I had pledged my fidelity to him…I would love him for the rest of his life; which almost ended two days ago….I’ve put him through hell….I guess it’s my turn to walk through it now….I’m okay with that…. “Some Things Have To Change”……excuse me….(wipes tears)…..

Merrill will not be able to lead the active lifestyle he once enjoyed and I think that’s going to be the hardest change for him. Oh sure, maybe one day he’ll be able to work his way back onto the basketball court, but for now, nothing more than climbing some stairs, or walking around the block…..it’s going to “kill” him, a term I use loosely, when he realizes that P90X, Insanity, Kickboxing…gone…all gone…no more lifting weights, no more lifting the water bottles for me, no more carrying all that luggage. His son was devastated when he realized his daddy wouldn’t be able to play ball outside with him anymore….I told him, “It’s okay Buddy. We’ll find a new normal”….and we will…but no more SEX. Wait? What? Yep…!

So, he’s wearing a Zoll Debiff vest. They are trying to determine if he needs to wear it for a pace maker. For 3 months, he’s got this vest on, and if his heart stops again, it will shock him. Now I would die for this man, but  I can’t be all having sex with him, have his heart go into some kind of disabled rhythm then get electrocuted with him. I ain’t trying to be executed. Sorry. I just can’t take the risk that his heart will not be able to “HANDLE THIS” for I do love him too much to lose him again. I’m not the one. Feeling frisky yesterday he grabbed my butt…I smacked his hand and told him, “Oh no. You gotta ask your doctor if your heart is strong enough for sex. I love you too much to kill you”, and while I do kid about it, this vest, this heart, this routine….all new. He is having a hard time dealing with his new bra…but I still think he’s sexy. After all, live, living men are sexy right? Some Things Have To Change….including sex. I mean, I’m sexy, but I don’t want to kill him. Don’t feel too sorry for him, he’s already playing “the card”…waking up with a cold this am, I said, “My throat hurts” without skipping a beat he said, “I had the widow maker….I trump”….he does….if keeping him alive means never having sex again, I am prepared to be that wife….but I can still look good…that’ll get him. Gotta go. I see we have a new President. God watch over our country the way you did my husband….heal us the way you did my husband….lead us…guide us…forgive us like I did my husband, the day he died…..Some Things Have To Change….looks like we could all use a little more sex right about now. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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Goal Setting


“I’m fixin to run this 26k”…No I’m not….not at all.

“One of these days, you’ll know someone who’ll say, ‘Oh I WANT to go to Nursing School’ and you’ll remember ME…and you’ll laugh” Ronnie to a family member.

In my opinion, the greatest path to failure is not setting realistic goals. I mean, how does one wander in the desert without a map? I don’t get it, but I DO. Been getting my learning on in school, and in the Planning phase of the nursing process, an RN will create a Plan of Care setting goals (in broad language) and outcome criteria (specific, measurable) for the patient to be successful. You don’t have to be in school to understand that if the RN set a goal of walking 1hr post op, with the outcome criteria being to the end of the hallway and back, that patient will fail….and fail big. Likewise, simply having the patient sit up in bed, does him no favors. See goals need to be realistic and challenging….otherwise….they’re not goals….they’re cheating….you can live you life without goals, but I think the struggle is what makes life fun….set a goal…achieve it…Goal Setting….Yeah…I know a little something….about this.

I like to run…but I’m not a regular runner, therefore, if I get out of bed and run marathon, it’s going to kill me (although, I think I’d like to run later if anyone wants to join me). If I’m serious about running in the marathon, I can set small, baby like steps that will prepare me for the big day. I know a thing or two about physical fitness as well….like Kickboxing and I will kick your ass if you don’t warm up….muscle weighs more than fat, so you won’t see the weight come off at 1st, like um, oh I know….YOU GOTTA WANT IT…to have it. I know it seems juvenile that I have to write this, but simply getting out of bed, and running, is going to fail your body, mind and soul…..Why do you think the Nursing Processes has a Planning Phase? Mostly because you don’t want to KILL somebody. You’re body is an animal….like my dog on a walk, when he’s done, he’s done. You wanna be successful? Understand that simply crossing the finish line is not a victory…victory is simply the meeting of a series of small goals….So…

This is what’s up. Everybody is back in school, and I’m seeing the “I’m going to stay up all night and study”, and I’m over here going, “Just set a realistic goal”…Honestly, it’s what I had to do…I study 2 hr a day….never less, sometimes more as time permits. Nursing school does not allow for cramming…..oh and I HAVE babies….don’t come at me with that, “You don’t understand” crap….I DO understand, and I’m TELLING you what you must do….to pass. See the information has gotta get in your brain, root around, become a part of you before you’re able to vomit it up on a test. You will fail, all day, if you don’t set goals…small realistic goals….with outcome expectations that are specific and measurable. I mean, how do you know you succeeded if you don’t know what to measure? Goal Setting is the only way to get through Nursing School. I also created a calendar that’s general enough to modify, like the Plan of Care, so yes, I’m a big deal. Now, don’t go hitching your horse to my cart….I got enough….but listen to me….Would you take advice from someone whose never failed? I wouldn’t….I HAD TO FAIL before I understood how to win! 2 hr a day, times 6 days a week is 12hrs, and while that’s still short understand that I KNOW some of this stuff….I’ll increase it, as the need requires. Gotta go…Lab today….Oh I KNOW how to do an enema, the question is, whose going to volunteer to be my patient? Goal Setting….I promise you, I’ll go slow, and yes, that’s gross. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.


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It Never Occurred To Me


Dedicated to all my Little Sisters in the world. Even though our ages are different, the issues are the same. Remember that there is nothing you are either going through, or will go through, that I haven’t yet passed by. I experienced some victories, suffered some defeats, but I promise you, I can show you the landmines. Keep your head up, your chin straight, and always look them in the eye, for you are a perfect creation begotten from a perfect creator; whom loves you very much. Never let anyone take your birthright from you”.

“If you want what I have, you gotta do what I’ve done“.

Two direct quotes from the book, “Don’t Judge Me. I’m NOT A Role Model”.

So here I sit, the eve of my 46th birthday, and I look back at the 45 yrs behind me and I sigh. I’m on the short-side of 50 now, and I know I’m supposed to feel old….but aside from my sore back…..I don’t. Actually, I have much to look forward to..my beautiful children, my over zealous husband, the soul numbing Kiddie Pool, my amazing relationships…and The Book….the long-anticipated book for which WE will be shooting the cover this weekend. The friends are better, my health is better, the SEX is much better (YEP), and frankly, I get to help the Little siblings of the world, navigate their own path….My LIFE is good….It NEVER Occurred To Me I would be doing any of this…..So long 45, hello 46….but tomorrow….lets not rush it.

5. The roads may be different, but the landmarks are the same. Truth is, as long as boys are boys, there will be insecure little sisters with dreams of one day being noticed, and accepted by those boys. Acceptance is the core value of our soul…I get it. Don’t be someone you’re not, to be accepted by someone you don’t know. You have a light….a gift….they will come, I promise this.

4. Your Will will see you through any adversity. You are stronger than you know. When the rain comes, and it will, remember that you are a Child of God….I have faced the monsters under the bed…and won, but I didn’t win alone. There may be others waiting for me, but I know my WILL and Friends will overcome….believe in yourself.

3. Never be a victim. You may be down, but you’re not out. Hero’s are victims who got up….feel me? You need help, call me.

2. Exercise….you’d be surprised at how much a good work out will heal your soul. The Spirit is willing, the flesh is weak…make the flesh submit, and you have a Kingdom Key to Life.

1. Get a Merrill. Get a man whom loves you, adores you, sexually worships the ground you walk on, then treat him WELL. I had a friend ask me, “Why do you make fun of him? Don’t you know there are a lot of women whom want him?”….Yes I do…but I’m not worried about it. I have the confidence that he would never, ever hurt me…because he loves me as much as I love him. See, men like Merrill make life worth living. I could have each one of you as best friends, and you’d still not be at the level of Merrill. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he brings out passions I never knew existed…he’s seen me naked and afraid….Sigh….life is nothing…without a good man to walk beside you.

Remember, if you can see it, you can have it. I’m going to keep living, learning, loving, and growing….and only because someone expects this, I’m gonna have lots and lots of sex while I still can…if that makes you uncomfortable….I can’t help ya. Okay, I see a Guardian. See, that’s another joy, my projects with my children….It Never Occurred to me that My God would be so good to me…the best things in life are indeed FREE, and I guess that should have been on the list above…Have a great day….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.





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We Accept

He Is...I'm NOT
He Is…I’m NOT

“I’m NOT arming YOU!” Mr. K….4th Degree Blackbelt Instructor, and Owner of Kruger ATA Martial Arts….Sweetness’s Taekowndo program.

I’ve been teaching Kickboxing for 3 and 1/2 years now…that’s a long time. My baby boy, and 2nd Degree Blackbelt student, has been in the ATA program for 6 years, so really it’s our 2nd home. ATA Mommies roll pretty deep, and if you don’t believe me, take a look at my fan base sometime, or better yet, step to one of us….You’ll have NO IDEA…what happened. I was teasing Mr. K and asking if I could CLEP out of some of the lower belt testing, and go right into the fighting belt learning because after all, do you KNOW whom I am? I’ve always wanted to learn how to snap a neck like Chuck Norris; which as a PSA, we should not do…ever. To this day, his response is priceless, “I don’t want to arm you. NO!” Hmmm, guess he changed his mine. We Accept….I’m still not a Role Model, but my son is…and I am so proud.

You should also know that Mrs. K, the other owner of Kruger Martial Arts Academy, is one of my closest inner circle of friends, as well as my Publicist. Telling me right before class yesterday, “I need to talk to you and your son” I KNEW that Sweetness had done some Nefarious sh*t that he hadn’t told me about yet. See, I KNOW if he’s been good or bad. Santa ain’t got JACK on me….but no…he wasn’t in trouble…The Kruger’s had changed the leadership structure of their program, and wanted to offer my son an honor reserved only for those whom shown Great Leadership, Style, Skill, and Attitude….they wanted to offer my son….an Instructorship…that is…A Collar….That’s awesome….good job baby boy…..BUT WAIT….

Yes, indeed…there is more. Starting off by admonishing me that I am INDEED a Role Model, (a label I still reject), Ms. K looked at me and said, “We want to offer YOU an Instructorship as well” Um, I don’t take Taekowndo, I don’t know Taekwondo,…so…..there’s a mistake here….but because I’ve been teaching there for quite some time, they wanted to give me all the cool rights, and responsibilities of being an Instructor, AND Mr. K….has to teach me now, how to be a stone-cold, killing machine…..The very fact that I just wrote that, proves him right in not want to arm me. No worries Mr. and Mrs K….I won’t kill anyone that doesn’t try to kill me first…or at the very least….looks at me wrong….I promise.

So, Mr. and Mrs. K….Sweetness and Veronica accept your very kind, and generous offer of Instructorship. I KNOW that my son, will make your school proud. Me? Not so much, as I cannot promise the same, but you know that. I do promise to continue teaching at the highest level of quality and care, and to continue to mentor, shape and mold all those whom come to me, for their weight loss goals….really….isn’t that what you want anyway….for me to continue being myself? I don’t know any other way to be….Thank you for the honor, my boy hasn’t shut up about it….”Have you texted Ms. K?”….but I smile…he’s so excited. We Accept….I Gotta go now…it’s a new day…I must be careful whom I punch in the face now…but watch out…Mr. K is going to teach me the Jedi Mind Meld, Ground Fighting, and some totally cool moves….I totally can’t wait. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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