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Pray For Danville








SMH“….Ronnie reacting to the news of yet another shooting in Danville.

I’m not saying a word“…Danville resident, commenting on crime in the city.


Merrill and I plan on moving in a year. We’re just waiting to see if I’m going back to school in August or not. I’m not sure…..I’m tired, my body and mind weary, and I sigh, realizing that I have to study for the NCLEX, otherwise, this hell will be for naught. Maybe I’m afraid…ya know? After all, fear is a powerful motivator. Fear….it’s what makes good folk evil….fear is what allows the devil to roam….fear is what’s killing our citizens….fear is what’s giving the Mayor ulcers. I get that the Mayor has the face of nefariousness…..I’d hate him too if he wasn’t a friend, but fear has made the good citizens afraid to admit to being on his side, mostly because fear has turned the Danville citizenry into a mob of bullies… Yes well….you don’t bully ME into a corner…Pray for Danville, because FEAR has paralyzed the city. It’s YOUR FAULT Danville…Blame the Mayor all you want, but someone, somewhere knows/knew something……..Don’t blame him for your inability to STAND.

The Mayor is the face of Danville…so he’s also the bane of Danville. Last week a sweet young man, not a gang-banger, was shot while standing in his yard…his 12 yr old sister found him. Everyone asked, “Why him?”, and while I agree, I’d have to ask, “Why not?” Why is this boy special? Evil doesn’t care….Evil mandates that bad things happen to good people, and if you know who did this….you’re enabling EVIL in our city….I gotta ask, how long before Evil comes for you? Another man was shot over a traffic incident, and last night, someone took a bullet to the back of the head….that’s three shootings, two deaths (so far), and it’s only May. I once stood and argued with a wall, “What are you doing?” Merrill asked me….”Talking to the wall” I said, “Because you won’t listen“….Danville won’t listen…Physics teaches us that an object in motion, will stay in motion, until acted upon by a force….Crime is the object, Evil is the force.

And so, a little boy named Devon was killed last summer. Shot in the head, while playing basketball….you never get over the loss of a child…another mother in Danville, knows that now. Banning guns, enforcing a curfew, marching in the streets? It’s just teaspoons from the ocean….if you want to elicit real change in this city, Danville must accept two truths:

  1. The only thing evil needs to continue is for good people to be terrified into silence….and do…NOTHING.
  2. Stop blaming. It’s your community…it’s your streets, it’s the life of your children….you are in charge….Blame only enhances the crime.

Pray for Danville. We’ve had two car jackings, numerous break-ins, assaults, and now, MURDER….but know this, if I SEE something, if I KNOW something, if I even think for one second you’re involved in some nefarious sh*t…I’m calling. I’m telling, I’m doing all I can to get you off the streets, because know that you will not bully me, you will not intimidate me, you will not silence me….I hope my good brethren in Danville feel the same. Pray For Danville….It’s not the Mayor’s fault, it’s your fault….how many more children will die, before fear, becomes strength? Take out your Trash Danville….all crime needs, is for good people to do nothing but bitch…..SMH. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.


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Go Wash It Off

Listen to ME....
Listen to ME….

Go Wash It Off. You look like a whore“. Painful memory of being 13, trying makeup on for the first time, then being told to go wash it off because my grandmother disapproved….it’s okay…I now understand why.

NO, the mayor did not go to Chicago umpteen years ago and have a billboard created to tell the residents of Cabrini Greens to move to Danville. I find it humorous, and downright annoying that there are those who’d carry on that rumor, KNOWING they didn’t see it, but like some paranormal activity will SWEAR they knew someone who had…which is impossible…because it didn’t exist. Get it? Look if ghosts, goblins, aliens and Jimmy Hoffa are/were real, don’t you think someone/somewhere would have a photo? This is the Snapshott/Instagram generation….there are pictures out there of body doubles for government, assisinated officials…..Show Me The MONEY….because you’re starting to sound like an idiot. Danville, Go Wash It Off…..you’re not ready to wear make up just yet.

Speaking of the Big Leagues, did you see those Cubs? CHICAGO. Ask any Scanner weary resident of my beloved City and they will tell you the name Chicago is not welcome here…..but this isn’t about Chicago. When the housing in Chicago was closed, residents were given vouchers that were good to use in any downstate neighborhood. People want to complain that Danville is now the Little Chicago of Illinois, but I think St. Louis would beg to differ with that distinction. Truth is, reading the blotter report yesterday, I saw one name from Chicago, all the others were from Danville. We may not yet be a big city, but we sure got big city problems, and a mayor that HAS to be frustrated in finding a solution to the recent uptick in drive-by shootings.

We tried to grow up too fast, but like the 13 yr old Ronnie wearing horrible blue eye shadow, Danville doesn’t have a grandmother whom loves her. We wanted the casino’s, the Ferris Buller parades down Vermillion, the River walk….we wanted all the big city benefits, with little city resources. We’ve had 4 drive by shootings, a murder rate that puts us at number 57 of the “Most Dangerous Places To Live” rankings, schools that no one wants to attend, and a tax weary citizenry whom so help them God will NOT take another step forward….until shown a plan…to make Danville GREAT again. I can’t blame them…but this didn’t happen overnight, and this didn’t happen entirely under one Mayor’s watch. This is a by-product of our society, a Federal Government that somehow always knew what was best….even if they didn’t live here. This isn’t Law and Order, these are real people, scared to death in a community where the daily sounds of gunfire can be heard, and the children are kept inside…..It’s NOT Chicago….this is US.

I have no clue what to do, but I DO know that Trump can help….I’m kidding. We have to stop taking advice from those who do not live here, and start listening to our Elders who won’t tell us what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. Simply washing the make up off this one isn’t enough anymore….This is my city too, these are my children, I drive through those neighborhoods, I don’t want the violence either, but if you’re not willing to stand up and be a part of whatever the solution then you are part of the problem, and you need to SHFU…because you’re in our way….We should not have babies afraid to ride the bus, nor go to school….we NEED to stand our ground with the SHOOTERS, and THE MAYOR…and THAT…is where I end this today. Danville, you wanted to be a big girl…….Now Go Wash It Off. You’re not ready to play in the big leagues just yet…..This isn’t about Chicago, it’s about US…and the society we’ve become….shame on you if all you did was bitch…now your chickens have come home to roost, and you’ll eat em…..and choke. This is some “Untouchable” mess right here, and like the movie say’s, “What are you prepared to do about it? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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