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What’s the name of that book? The one where the 747 rams into the Capitol Building and kills everyone? Yeah, that was a good book.” Ronnie…

In 2010, when the Democrats owned the House, the Senate and Presidency, the American Health Care Act was passed, with Pelosi famously telling the American people, that they HAD to pass it, so they could read what was in it. It would take seven years, a brutal presidential election, a shift in power, uprisings, marches and nefariousness, for the next Health Care Act to be introduced, and it SUCKS too. Yesterday, the government shut down, because they could, and because they know one small truth….They’re corrupt, we know it, but don’t care. It’s too late, we’ve already lost. They’ll devour our souls next. The People….thinking about becoming a mom blogger…God knows I have plenty of stuff….

The challenge for a writer is to create content that is entertaining, as well as informative. As I was perusing my FB pages this morning, I was almost convinced that I should chuck it all out the window, and just become another #momlife writer. After all, my kids are hilarious, the bomb diggity yo, and I’m sure I could make some paper following them around all day, writing downs stuff they say. For example, just the other night, while watching Lip Synch battle with LL Cool J, Sweetness asked, “Was he famous?”….Um, yeah son…just a little. He had not a clue who the “Going back to Cali” rapper was. Now, that’s funny stuff right? I did digress….I’m sorry.

On the local Scanner pages, someone had posted an article from 2017, some didn’t bother to READ the article…and commented as if the interview was given yesterday. See, that’s my point…..The People seem to be an ignorant bunch, believing (or not caring) everything told to them by Washington, with few are willing to look past the headlines, into the actual body of the story. We’ve become so enamored with drama, that (true story) antidepressant sales have experienced skyrocketing profits….YET…..we crucify Big Pharma for pain killers…BUT the government allows mind altering drugs to be generously prescribed…Um…K? So, opioids bad….pot good…flu shot bad….meds that f*ck with your head good….and in the middle, sits the body of the Eagle with the left…and right wing attached. My GOD people….are we really that stupid? NO….we’ve just been trained to believe that the part is greater than the whole, and we’re willing to beat a WHOLE lotta ass to defend our right to be stupid! The greatest lie ever told to the American people is, “I’m from the Government, and I give a sh*t about you”….The People…..If it looks like a crook, speaks like a crook, votes like a crook, and robs like a crook, it’s probably Congress. 3/4ths of us didn’t vote, 1/2 of us who didn’t vote bitch about the way we didn’t vote, and the remaining 1/4th are too busy going “WTF?” to pay attention to what the other 75% does with their lives. I gotta go. My kid is eating breakfast, and I’m hoping to catch him burping….should be cute…#momlife…”When The Kids Are Disgusting“….should be a bestseller on Amazon….only $9.99…but then I can’t cuss….Ima need to think about it. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

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Um, I don’t think you want MY perspective. I’ll just sit quietly“….They have no idea who I am…

Let’s Talk About Sex…


Today in small groups we talked about sex in the martial relationship. It was, I gotta admit, refreshing. I think the Church is irresponsible when it attempts to gloss over, or even omit, that sex is a healthy, necessary part of a relationship. What’s worse, is when fails to address the issues and needs that women face as we age. SEX….it’s not a dirty word, but it can be when we fail to acknowledge it’s place in marriage.

As the moderator turned it over to the table for discussion, I looked at Merrill and said, “I don’t think, you want the Veronica Philips perspective to this subject”. Yes, I’m a little dirty when it comes to sex and it’s means, but admittedly, I too am growing older, and God didn’t quite bless me with the same stamina as Merrill. Men can go until the day they die, whereas women, appear to have a shelf life…..it’s unfair that God favored men over women, or did He? He didn’t. He just gave us a thermostat.

I am just as sexual as Merrill, I just have a very different “on” switch. For example, my butt, as I bend over to pick up trash, appears to be his switch, but for me, watching him be a daddy to his children, doing the dishes, putting on a bandana (TMI?), or dying is what gets my switch flipped. I think God gave us different triggers, because it they were the same, we’d be baboons never leaving the bathroom. I’m not here to pontificate on the settings needed for great sex, but the Church, in order to serve the needs of its congregants, needs to understand that SEX should be discussed, and discussed often. I liked that our small groups, formally known as Sunday School, took up the subject and tastefully ran with it. The trick for me, is not to be challenged to shock my table mates….cause I can….you know?

Sex, the more you know and understand how God WANTS you to have it, the more you accept that not everyone is the same. I like sex..Not while shopping at Walmart, but I do like it. My thermostat is just a little trickier than his. Now if you’ll excuse me…I hafta go forth, and pretend to multiply. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone. You ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete complete, enjoy your Sunday.

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When There’s No Path

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost, The Road Not Traveled 
We’ve been given a certain subset of gifts. Gifts that can be used to make the world a better place. Gifts that can make or break the life of a fellow being. Chose wisely. The fate of someone’s world, rests within each of us.” Ronnie…in her Nobel Peace Prize Speech.
If you have the opportunity to get a 3rd degree Publicist, and a 5th Mentor, do it. I highly recommend it.
I’m on a nursing group forum and from time to time, a Little Brother or Sister will post that they’ve been accepted into Nursing School, and ask for advice. My advice, when I chose to give it, is always the same, “Remain humble, keep a teachable Spirit, and decide right now that you really, REALLY want it, because you will be verily tested”. While it’s the same advice, over and over, it is not given flippantly. I did suffer greatly in Nursing School….I’ll suffer again next year….so when I reach out to a younger sibling, I do so, hoping that on some level they’ll understand that I do have their best interest at heart. It’s like when I follow an author celebrity on Facebook or Twitter. They’ve succeeded in their trade, they’re at the top of their chosen profession, and I hope that by watching and reading their style, I too, can glean some nuggets of wisdom. When There’s No Path….if we all agree on Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, then we also have to agree that passage and failure is within our control as well. If you can’t find a path, you’ll have to make your own, and while I am not yet Nefarious, I can teach you to be…the rules are all the same….you just have to be hungry, and stay woke.
10. God puts people in our path.
It may sound a lot like predestination, but it isn’t. You can choose to lead, follow or ignore, but in the end, it is TRUE that if He leads you to them, He WILL lead you through them….
9. Not every has your best interests at heart.
Another Biblical principle states that He has given us His Spirit for discernment. If a fellow being makes you an offer to good to be true, chances are it is. There’s a fool born every minute, and frankly, I’ve played many a fool. Be responsible with what God has given unto thee because in the end, you will give an accounting of His property.
8. If at first you don’t succeed….
Unless you’re a prodigy, like my children (LOL), you will probably not be successful overnight. I too have read the Lana Turner story about being discovered sucking on a chocolate shake in a drug store diner. That mess is very infrequent BS. I think all too often we fall for the “You should be a model” shtick, then quit, when Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sign us up right away. I’ve been writing this tripe for five years, and while I have an amazing following, I’m not Nefarious yet. Keep trying…maybe success isn’t what you had defined, but what you experienced, and friends, I’ve had some amazing experiences. Micheal Jordan once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take“…Discouragement is the enemy of success. With that said….
7. Reassess
In nursing school, if the test question had “Reassess” as an option, then “Reassess” was the answer. Constantly reassess what you’ve accomplished, you may find that it puts your fears, failures and goals into a different perspective. For example, I’m not Nefarious yet….but what IS Nefarious? If it’s a following, a means, a way, and constructive feedback, then YES…I’m Nefarious, and be honest, when you read “Nefarious” you think of me…amiright?
6. Surround yourself with “No” men.
There are too many ass kissers in the world today. I can’t stress this enough. When I wanted to quit school, everyone understood…Well not EVERYONE. One girl sent me a message that said, “NO”. We have enablers, what we need is an ass kicker, not an ass kisser. People who are not afraid to step to you, will always have your back. You may not like them, but you need them on your wall, and in your corner.
5. This above all
To thine ownself be true. Early in this dog and pony show, I tried different styles of writing. I was cerebral (yes, I can be smart), I was savage, I was extreme in that I was only offending to offend. All are fine, IF that’s your style. I found that when I relaxed, and just did ME, people responded. If you’re an asshole by nature, then be an asshole. You WILL find support and followers for that, I promise.
4. Remain true, but also, try new things
It would appear this is a contradiction to what I wrote earlier, but honestly, you can still do quality work while trying out different means. For example, going through the pre-reqs in school, I was terrified of taking Math and Science, but to my surprise, I was good at it. The problem is I had a counselor in HS that told me, to never chose a career that required the aforementioned subjects. She was wrong. If whatever you’re doing now, isn’t working for your….REASSESS….then try something different. You never know….you may just be good at it….
3. Don’t do it for the money
I have not made a DIME on my columns. I do it, because I love the attention, and because I love it. Chances are you will never publish that book, or be cast the lead opposite Marky Mark, but if you do it for the love of what you do, and you BELIEVE in it, others will react to that….you will draw them in like flies y’all…FLIES. Remember, you make no money from the game, you only benefit from being the player. Frankly, if you don’t believe in yourself, how do you others will perceive you?
2. Ask for feedback
One of my greatest weaknesses is constructive criticism. That’s a freaking oxymoron if I ever heard one….No, I don’t do THAT well. Madonna once said, “I have millions of fans, and have received millions of compliments I don’t remember, but I can tell you each comment that criticized my performance“. YEP….me too. I can handle the insults, and the sneers, the comments…..I don’t do criticism well…. Take it or leave it, honest critique (feedback) is more valuable than ticket sales.
1. Remain Humble, Be Teachable in Spirit, You Gotta Want It!
Okay, so we’re back at the beginning, but it’s so true. You don’t know everything, and honestly, you may think you want it, until the sh*t gets real….Remember this one Kingdom Key to Life….People may never, EVER remember what you said to them, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. We are drawn to those who we believe understands our plight. I’ve written some mess over the years….bones that used to be in my closet are now on the front porch like a Halloween Trick or Treat, but I couldn’t have written any of that, had I not felt I would be safe in your presence. Humility comes from the inner Spirit. It isn’t, “I don’t deserve your praise” it’s “Thank you, I appreciate you“…..In anything you do, remember that people will like and love you for YOU….but also, there will be times when you won’t want to write, you won’t want to work, you won’t want to perform….You Gotta Want It….Endurance is what finishes races….For me, it’s about distance….over speed. You cannot lead from an Ivory Tower, and you cannot win from the bleachers…..
Honorable Mention:
When there’s no path, make one. I love the newly fallen snow. You look out, and you see the purity of nature, AND the opportunity to be the 1st person to create a path with your footsteps. Life wasn’t what you thought it was going to be, life was a series of experiences that, in the end, worked out. God knows, I thought for sure, I’d have a book out by now….I do not. I may never have a book, but that’s okay….Don’t tell anyone, but we’re going to start a “Ask Ronnie Anything” series. One day a week, I will answer or advise any question you have. I am a professional in many things….Jack of all trades, expert in none….it may do well, it may not, and while we have plenty of advice columnists, we don’t have plenty of ME…..When There’s No Path….we take the hand of those who have faith in us, and make one…….I love what I do……I am indeed a blessed, successful woman, but not by your definition…but by MINE….Now go forth…and create your own path. Be Blessed.
Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday. Thank you Veterans for all your service.
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There Goes My Baby

I do love him very much.
I do love him very much.











Oh! Good Morning” Ronnie to her kids.


Sigh….I guess he’s old enough now. As I made my way down the banister staircase, I saw my two babies on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons. He was with her, covered in a blanket, watching The Loud House…..Awww…..They didn’t want to wake me, and so, he…the amazing big brother that he is, sat on the couch with his little sister, quietly waiting for mommy to come downstairs. This is what we all hope to achieve with our babies….Saturday am sleeping in….yet, there’s a certain sense of sadness that overcomes me….like I feel like I just gave birth to him yesterday. ….There Goes My Baby…..excuse me, I need a moment.

A cashier asked him how he was doing, “Well ma’am. Thank you” then she looked at me as if to say, “What are you kidding me with him?“, like they don’t have polite young men in California. She was so impressed, she told the other cashier, “Ask him how he is”….YEP, my son, the polite freak show…….but I don’t mind…..I expect to hear good things about him…..because that’s my boy. He’s a good boy, smart boy, and even though you gotta crack the whip every now and then, he actually has a pretty decent center. Merrill and I were joking about who he was most like….”Genetics!” I corrected, when Merrill said the boy was like me in the way of cracking himself up….”I want genetics, not learned behavior” and the truth is, he IS more like his father, regardless of how many times I try to beat it out of him…..He has this Engineer brain that’s amazing to watch….and if he’d just use it for good….the world would be an amazing place to live……but his sense of humor reminds me of a young man, I once met and fell in love with, oh so long ago.

There Goes My Baby….Gone is the little boy who would dance in his pj’s for chocolate milk, the one who built a bridge from the couch to the table with a plastic rifle, then tried to walk said bridge, and fell….earning a black eye. The little boy who ran in the pavilion, tripped, then tore a gash in his forehead. The little boy who once told his dad from the backseat, “Dad, Hulk said ‘bitch'”. The little boy who started the first official Fight Club at the DACC Child Care Center, AND taught all the little boys that they didn’t have to go inside to pee….they just go on the fence. The little boy, who upon hearing he could NOT have the last brownie, told his dad, “Just put it on my plate“. The little boy who punched a bully in the face, and felt bad about it. The little boy who mocked Santa with his 5th Degree Instructor, by creating a new Christmas greeting, “Hibby Jibby”. The little boy who, after arriving in California, set about to make friends, AND DID!…..It’s like yesterday I gave birth, and this morning, he got his sister up, letting me sleep in…..I wonder what life will have in store for him…..will he be kind with hearts, will he make an obnoxious red-head happy? Sigh….if the next 11yrs is anything like the first 11yrs….he’s going to be an amazing young man…..but I CAN wait…to see it…I really, really CAN. Excuse me, my allergies are acting up. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.



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A 14 year girl on a school bus in Decatur, Illinois had her pants and underwear pulled down as she was trying to keep other students from taking candy she had received for her birthday. The principal says she wouldn’t have had the problem if she didn’t bring the candy on the bus. Action has not been taken, and the Administration is having trouble locating the video from the bus.


They say violence never solved anything, and when I hear “them” say that, I say, “STFU”. Violence solves everything…especially when the violence comes from a momma bear, whose willing to die, for her cubbies. PLEASE let some fake ass wanna be gangster start that mess with my babies, and I’ll rain down on your house so fast, even the Lord will be like, “Daaaannnnggg”.

The three issues we have with this is 1. The girl being assaulted (yes assaulted) on the bus, 2. The School Administrator victim blaming, and 3. We don’t have the follow-up story from her mother punching the teeth down the throat of the Admins. Let’s get something straight right now…if my child comes to you, as the school HBIC, and you victim blame her, your ass is just as green as the lawn ima about to mow? You feel me? This is why people like Weinstein had it easy…because from an early age, females are made to believe that all the bad things that happen to them, are due in some part, to their own actions. Now, I’m going to cut Hollywood actresses from a different cloth, because they had ability to confront their bully, but a 14yr old girl, is different, and to pull her pants down on a bus, is tantamount to assault, and the people responsible should be punished…..but is Decatur doing that? NO….what they’re doing is assuring another generation of Brock Lesnar’s will grow up to feel entitled to treat females anyway they see fit, and when they’re caught at it, they’ll go on to be big Hollywood producers. Here’s how we solve the problem…..

  • MOTHER’S…stand UP for your babies. My God, you are the Bear…you are the proverbial female scorned. Stand up and show this society what a pissed off female can do. If your daughter was mistreated at school, and you’re afraid to front, call me Boo…I got your back. Stand up to the Administration…tell them, that if they don’t bring the people responsible to accountability, you’ll call a doctor, lawyer, media celebrity, and Veronica Philips to coordinate your assault and battery defense.
  • Teach your children to beat some ASS! If that’s not politically correct, go pound yourself, because I don’t care. My son damned near broke the nose of a bully one day because he was immediately threatened, AND, right before he beat this kid, he had warned adults that he was going to beat this kid. Duchess, all things NOT Princess, is going to learn from me, that if her person is ever disrespected, she is going to lay the smack down on that ass so quick…even the freaking Hulk will be like, “That’s right BROTHER”…..Teach your children to respect themselves, then defend themselves, before they have to check others at the door…..if you can’t do that, then find a program that CAN! Martial Arts will teach your children patience, honor, trust, respect, and courtesy, then when they’ve taught all that, they’ll teach your child that to mess with them, is to mess with the A-Team….the ATA Team, and if you’ve never been to an ATA Martial Arts Training Center, understand that those mommies roll DEEP! You screw with one, you’re screwing with them all baby, and we don’t lube first.
  • Your child is a gift from the Creator Himself. A holy and divine breathed inspiration that deserves to know and understand how special and loved they are…Your child should never, ever be forced into a position of total humiliation, because humiliation comes not from the Lord, but from Satan. You need to make sure that they know you have their backs at ALL TIMES….even if you have to put dinner on low, grab your Nikes, tie your hair up in a bun, and Vaseline those knuckles, because you’re getting ready to beat some trifling ass…..your child needs to know that behind them, stands a force of nature so fierce, that even tornado’s will submit to your fury when they see your path a coming!

Bullying has got to stop, victim blaming has got to stop, and frankly, the weak-ass “We don’t want to confront it” Administration has to be stopped. Oh HELL NO! I swear to all things Dior, you don’t want me in your office…..I swear that my children will learn to beat your child’s ass on the bus, and this I swear above all things pure, if my children are ever touched in such a humiliating manner, not only will I make it rain in your office, Mr. Principal, but I will also be on the doorstep of his/her parents within the hour…and I’m not bringing cookies either. I’ve taken on, just as many as I’ve taken out, and let me tell you, after the 1st punch, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Ladies, you ARE the FORCE. You had the babies, now protect them…and if you need me, call me. It is our job, first and foremost to protect our children….DAMN…I need a fight. Wonder what hubby is doing right now? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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Denying The Devil

Denying The Devil His Due

Here I sit in this beautiful place, and wonder why God cursed me by not allowing me to be normal. Sigh….I’d kill….to be normal, but as I am not a Role Model, what do I have to lose?

It was about this time last year, when my nemesis “Anxiety” reared her ugly head, and it became much worse on Nov 7th, when my husband suffered his Sudden Death Cardiac Incident. Oh, you all remember don’t ya? I don’t know why I thought it would just go away, yet here we are, a year later, and 3x in the last month alone, I’ve been awakened from a sleep, or just been sitting on the couch, and my heart rate jumped, with an overwhelming sense of doom that I just can’t shake off. Denying The Devil His Due. If we’d just get it out in the open, we’d see that there is power in numbers.

I’ve made my bones sharing and admitting things that many keep private, and while I am indeed a true introvert, I’ve discovered that by sharing my issues, I’ve not only (maybe) helped others, but others have helped me as well. See, the only thing that evil needs to flourish, is for us, good people, to say nothing. It isn’t easy, you know, admitting to my weaknesses, yet here I am, weakened by an condition I have no control over. If you don’t suffer from anxiety, I count you as among the blessed, because let me tell you, that you can’t just get over anxiety. “Take your mind off of it“, and “It’s all in your head” are the two worst things you can say to a loved one powerless over their condition. In the end, we KNOW we have to walk through it, but to do so with others who understand, is far better, than to facing it alone. I am weak, but in you, I am made strong. Yet….yet…many still suffer in silence, because they’re ashamed, and embarrassed.

And so here I sit and desperately wonder why I can’t be normal like everyone else . Then I realize there is no normal, and we are simply products of our personal choices. So really, I can walk through life in silence , and suffer while doing what the devil wants, or…..or I can admit my flaws, ask for understanding, and hope that in a short time, I can be made whole again. Denying The Devil His Due….the only way to beat him, is to engage in relational relationships with each other by relying on each other for support, then admitting that a problem exists. The Devil likes silence, so I’m going to go the other direction, and make him rue the day I was born. If that doesn’t work, I may just try some Essential Oils. I’m sure there’s an oil for this, and I’m sure it came from Satan. Relax. I’m just kidding. Sorta…..I’m sorta kidding. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone. You ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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When I Look At You









When I look at you, I see the story in your eyes” The Night Begins to Shine

“With a love that will echo through the ages.” Woodrow to Edna….on The Simpsons


If you’re an avid reader of Stephen King, you’ll recognize the central point of good over evil. The situations King places his characters in are mostly ridiculous, but when you look into the small print, you’ll see that we face those same challenges everyday. I think what I take the most from his novels, is that in the end, regardless of whom wins, and whom loses, the characters have a choice….we also have a choice….we may not be fighting Satan, The Walking Man, It, nor Misery….but we do choose to fight….or flight. When I Look At You…..Life is all about choices…make good ones! Yep, this kills me every time.

When I Look At You

I see a man not perfect man, (and sometimes) not smart, but I do see a Warrior, and when the demons of my past threaten the angels of my present, you’re all I need beside me to fight them together. I’m insecure, and the fat on my back, with the lines on my face obsess me and compel to focus on the singularity of my flaws, but you gently remind me of what is truly is that makes me beautiful in your sight. The frustrations of my norm, sometimes overwhelm my ability to cope, yet you take me by the hand, and help me see the illusions for what the are. I see the true love and faith you have in me, I see the good I didn’t deserve….given to me, in you. I see a man that makes beautiful children, both biological and adoptive….Patient and loving, you did well, raising another generation of YOU. I see a man who made the choice to stay and fight, even when I didn’t want him……

When I look at you, I see us…. struggling, begging GOD for a son. Mischievous, intelligent and curious, I see a boy angry at the injustices of the world, while just understanding the evils that men do. I know that once you understand the true nature of your power, you will lead with fairness and honor. No slight will be forgotten, no request for forgiveness ignored, you’re like your father…with those blue eyes, deep in thought, living for the present, damning the future. You drive me NUTS, but I see the little man you will become, not yet ready for responsibility you will be given, but not weak enough to back down.

When I look at, I see laughter, deviousness, strength and courage. I see a young warrior, much like your father. You’re not yet old enough understand your fate, but I don’t see you backing down. I see stubbornness, a refusal to give up, nor give in to the wrongs committed upon your person. I see POWER…and MIGHT…as they combine at the apex of good versus evil….I see steadfastness, next to faithfulness…..gifts that will combine to fight the monsters in the world. I see passion with temper, for woe is any man who dares to cross you sideways. I see a little girl, much like her mother, only without the ass to back her up. Be careful whom you cross little Duchess…..but never back down.

Your Thoughts:

“When I look into your eyes I see my grandmother. You were born on the anniversary of her death, exactly 1 year later. Now that day is a cause for celebration instead of sorrow. I can’t help but wonder if she had a hand in that! I look into your eyes and I see her looking back at me, I swear. I see forgiveness, love, hope, pride, and a second chance I never thought I would get. How proud she would be of you and me if she were here to see us, little one. I see the resilience that my grandmother worked so hard to instill in me looking back at me. Only this time, it needed no coaching. You were born with that glint in your eyes, my dear. Almost as if…when you were born a piece of Grammy’s soul was already infused with yours. I feel as if she is here with me when you are by my side. I love you with my entirety, Daughter. Thank you for bringing a bit of my grandma back to this earth with you.” Britta Conley

When I look in your eyes I feel disappointed for the man you have become. I feel anger for how many times you have cheated on me and hurt me to the point where I’m broken and unable to ever be fixed. I feel sadness because when I met you I knew you could be great, if you desired to reach your full potential. When I look into your eyes I feel pity for the lack of pride you have for yourself. I feel anger and resentment that I stay even after all the wrongdoings. When I look into your eyes I feel anger for the 10 years you have allowed your children to walk all over me, talk to me crazy and steal from me. I feel disrespected by all the times you allowed your family or children’s mothers to talk down at me or crazy about me. When I look into your eyes I feel uncertainty that I will be able to spend the rest of my life with you. I feel that I am too damaged to go on some days and others shine bright on the outside, while dying inside. When I look into your eyes I feel nothing anymore, because how do you continue to feel after all your feelings have been used up and wasted. Anonymous

The complexity of King’s characters give some insights into who will ultimately win the battles and who will ultimately lose their life. It’s ironic, much as it is in life, that the simpler minded the character, the better the chances of survival, but the ones willing to lose their lives, are the Warriors….The ones willing to stand up, and then stand down EVIL in this world become the hero’s….We need that in this world today…I think we’ve found it…when they’re all ready. King’s novels give us a chance to know the players, to become invested, to root for and against their perils…..When I Look At You, I see the complexity of a King character…..I see Fighters, I see strengths and weaknesses, laughter and tears, victories and I see defeats, but that which does not kill us….only makes us stronger…When I Look At You…..I see….the next line, is up to you. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.






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Getting filled with hate after seeing, hearing or experiencing something you can’t stand” Urban Dictionary

Triggered, Yeah…we all get it.

I have my buttons. Some are easily pushed, some not so much, but after spending some time on other pages, I realized something. The self-righteousness many experience while patting themselves on the back, comes back and bites them in the ass, when another troll figures out their buttons. For me, it’s about my kids. Shoot, spend any amount of time on the Veronica Philips Facebook page, and you’ll see me insulted, degraded, taunted and teased, but what I will not tolerate is when someone brings in my kids. I don’t really know why some would stoop to that level, but whatever, if you’re the kind of individual that gets your kicks from bringing kids into your battles, you’re a special kind idiot. Triggered…..Meh, happens to the best of us.

The mere mention of Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, brings a certain level of animosity to this column. Further that with, “He IS the President. He IS your President. Deal with it“, and you got yourself a debate. Now, lets talk about religion, the Pope, Catholics, Gays, lesbians, transgenderism, rape, feminists, millennials, The Mayor of Danville, Obama….and you’re sure to ensure that the popcorn flows freely on any thread mentioning, or even advocating for the above listed insults. Colin Kaepernick triggered an entire demographic with his refusal to stand for the National Anthem, and then, many more were triggered when Trump, called NFL players who wouldn’t stand for the National Anthem Sons of Bitches….No, he should not have DONE that…..but before you congratulate yourself on not being off the deep end of those issues….consider this…..

Milo brought Berkley to National attention by showing the lengths they would go to, to keep him off Campus. Trump is President because Democrats couldn’t give a decent option. Seriously, they didn’t. Any American President should NOT be commenting on social issues. If left alone, we will figure it out. Kaepernick, may have had pure intentions, but he did nothing to further the cause of African-American disparity in this country. There is a difference between bringing an issue to light, and bringing an issue UP. Learn it. The Pope is teaching heresy. Even Christ denounced divorce. Feminists today are not the feminists of yesterday, they don’t speak for me. Rape is always rape. It doesn’t matter what SHE was drinking or wearing. Piss off. The Mayor of Danville is not lining his pockets you absolute morons. If you don’t believe in Christ, fine, but don’t mock Him. If Faith brings comfort to a hurting soul who are we to opine differently? Gays should have the right to marry. Caitlyn Jenner is not a true example of a transgender. She’s earned nothing to deserve respect. Ignore her, she’ll go away. Babies should not be aborted when there are so many families that would love them. The greatest pain a woman will ever go through, is the pain of not being able to conceive. Murder is murder. Not standing for the National Anthem, is the right of every American citizen. Free Speech is indeed free, but not free from consequence. If you don’t like it, don’t support the NFL. Amiri King may be The KING, but his followers get just as triggered as any Liberal Snowflake I’ve ever read, AND Catholics are NOT real Christians….Relax, I’m kidding.

In my entire life, I’ve never, ever encountered a society as prone to offense as this one, and what makes the ideal truly insulting is that most of it, is due to media hype and gossip. My God people, most of you left High School a long time ago. Why on earth, you’d even put yourself through the misery of being miserable, I’ll never understand, but in a way, I do benefit, so carry on. Triggered….even if you’re angry and upset, there is a societal norm, a standard, that dictated what lines we should and should not cross. Facebook is indeed the devil. Mel Brooks said, “I will not make fun of dead children, the gas chambers, or the deaths of those at the hands of Nazi’s“….That a good start. For everything else, including my kids, remember that to be offended is easily remedied….don’t respond, change the channel, ignore a friend. For everything else…There’s Mastercard, and yes, debt is funny. Now discuss….but only if you’re triggered that is….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be kind to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.


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Love Jesus 1










If YOU don’t talk to your kids about drugs, someone else will” Commercial from the 80’s

Only YOU can prevent forest fires” Smokey the Bear..

YOU had the power within you the whole time” I think, it’s the Never Ending Story, or some cheesy movie I once watched.

YOU do YOU Boo Boo” Kevin Hart.

Only YOU, can be YOU.

Have you ever felt like it’s just one of those lives? Ya know the one, where nothing works out the way it’s supposed to? Yeah, well…me too. This whole Nursing License has been one cluster after another, and honestly, I thinks it’s worse than the school itself. All the requirements that California has, combined with all the requirements that Illinois doesn’t have, you’d think that the Left Coast doesn’t trust the Midwest when it comes to educating their students, and while there may be some truth in that, there has to be some middle ground. You….the power to achieve fame, fortune, success and failure all rests within your hands….but it’s hard to see that, when all you’re doing is banging your head against the wall.

Calling me after I emailed a copy of my BLS Red Cross certification, the District RN asked if I had taken my First Aid/CPR course on-line. “No” I began, “I was there in person. It’s just that Illinois wanted to save a tree”….silence….”Perhaps you can come in and do a skills check” she suggested. In the end,  I was able to convince her, that I had indeed had hands-on experience in the field in which I Repped. My goodness, I’ve run CODES in the back of an Ambulance. I’ve assisted on Cardiac emergencies, almost had a baby shot out at me, and please, do I have to even get into how many times, I’ve patched up the kiddo’s because they told someone to, “Hold my Kool-aid and watch this“?, So yeah, I’ve got some experience….but lets be honest, that’s not what’s bugging me right now.

I got proverbially screwed moving out here. Not being able to go back to school, not being able to work right away, I’ve had to read the glorious stories of my classmates creating and developing Care Plans, Case Studies, Clinicals….I was with them…I was one of them last year. The weather has turned slightly cool here. The leaves are falling gently from the trees, the breeze is enough to make me pull out my oversized sweatshirts. Soon, I’ll pull out the moon boots you all hate, and then, I’ll be drinking hot chocolate by the fire…I’ll be passing out Halloween candy to all the little creative tykes on the block, I’ll be roasting the roasts for Italian Beef, and then, it will be time for the Festival of Trees. That fabulous event that took me two decades to score tickets too….The Princess Tea balls, Mayor His Majesty reading to the children in the center of the Civic Center, and I….won’t be there for any of it…Sigh. I have to take a step back, and remember my vows. The one that specifically promised that I would stick with him through thick and thin, richer and poorer, sickness and health. I have to remember that anything that happens here….is strictly my choice.

When life hands you a raw deal, it’s nothing personal. Our lives are a growth chart. A way of testing us, to see if we’ve retained all the information we learned. I think the point of this very long-winded column, is that my happiness (your happiness as well), relies on your, mine, and our ability to make the most of any situation we find ourselves in….so things don’t always work out….so what? The trick is maybe, just maybe, being flexible enough to wait out the bad parts, and rejoice when the good happens. No one person can make YOU happy. Ohers help, but in the end, as we stand before our Creator, the question will be, “What have YOU done, to make the world a better place?” and by golly if you try to come up with an excuse like, “The alarm didn’t wake me up in time“, you’ll be in some trouble. So, really YOU… had/have the power to make your life amazing. I gotta tell ya, I have almost everything I’ve ever wanted, and then some…so reading about the lives of friends I no longer live around, the galas I won’t attend, the Festivals that will go on without me, should not make me sad, but happy…mostly because I made amazing memories there…..and that’s okay. So my license will be in soon….I’m going through school nurse orientation tomorrow….Gala tickets, for Sweetness’s school district, go on sale in 30 minutes, and Merrill’s plane landed safely. I’d say, I’m winning….even if it feels like I’m losing sometimes. YOU….only YOU can do you…..Only YOU can be the Rock star God intended, and by golly, only YOU can make YOU happy. Guess I’ll take it and make it mine….make your life yours..as well. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday….I have some Gala tickets to buy. Wish me luck.



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What’s Wrong With This Picture?



So because she has a cell phone out she’s a POS? Screw that. Parenting….traveling with kids is hard enough. Mom shaming has to stop, especially when you don’t know WTF is going on” Ronnie on Amiri King’s comment.

I’m a POS, You’re a POS, We’re all POS….Wouldn’t you like to be a POS too?

So, apparently in this society, you can secretly snap pictures of people being people, then create clever meme’s (pronounced meme) of said subjects, subjecting them to great ridicule and debate. Reminds me, I’d probably better be more careful about picking my nose at a red light. The issue with said activity, is it’s unfair…grossly unfair….to be the star of your little crap show, without the opportunity for context. Frankly, the picture doesn’t even explain what may or may not be going on, like me picking my nose at a red light. It’s a new form of Cyber Bullying, and you know me, I like to dive right in, and fight the crowd in the mosh pit, but it does beg the question, If we can do this to a total stranger, what’s to stop it from happening to YOU? POS….betcha you are one yourself. You need me on that wall you know…..I may be the only defender you have in the entire world.

And so as all good fights go, one woman poster actually said, “If I had seen that I would have smacked her” to wit I responded, “Oh God, I wish you’d smack me. Please….smack me”. LOL, she doesn’t know that I like to fight. I love it, and yes, that makes me a POS, but I don’t care. What bothers me is when you get them down in the dirt, that is you drag their little bitchy ass down by the hair, they gotta go for the kids, and then, I become crazy. Like the kind of crazy that will Google your address and find out where you work, so I can take you out to lunch to discuss your critique of my parenting skills. LOL, right now, my 5th Degree Black Belt Mentor is shaking his head, thanking any god who’ll listen, that he didn’t arm me better…..but I don’t need to be armed….because I’m a POS, and mostly crazy….

I have a deep hatred of only a handful of things. For example, I hate spiders. Not, dislike spiders. I mean, a full-blown it’s-them-or-me hatred that has me literally stooping to some Ninja mess to eradicate them from the planet, and while that took longer than I had planned to paint the picture, you get it. I also hate a bully. If I see you, even if you’re a good friend (which you won’t be, just sayin) humiliating someone undeserving, I will come at you with everything I have. I will end you. I will charge you so fast, you’ll think The Flash is just a little pussy dude made up to try to explain my speed. Do you hear me? If I see you trying to take down someone who clearly doesn’t deserve it, you and I will face off. Beat my ass, I’ll beat yours, but one thing will become clear, you will look over your shoulder the next time you cuss out a driver in traffic. This photoshopping, meme making, total stranger humiliation has got to be the lowest common denominator in society, and if you have that much time to pick on people, you have time to get a 2nd job. You have time to rake leaves. You have to serve at a soup kitchen. You have time to corral protesters in St. Louis. If you think bringing people down to your nose in the muck level, is an amusing way to spend your time, your mommy failed you, and she needs her ass beat, because here’s the truth that hag forgot to teach you, We Are All Pieces of Sh*t, some are just better at getting people to excuse your behavior. You wanna be a badass and tell strangers that you’ll punch someone in the face, based on a picture, go right ahead, and I’ll pray for you…I will….but when the wrong person gets up, looks at you and says, “Oh, now we got ourselves a FIGHT”….I won’t be anywhere around….hell, I’ll be taking pictures…..because I hate a bully….and when bullies get what they deserve, I like to make memes of it…then post it. Gotta go. At any given snap shot in time, we’re all POS’s….how about we not try so hard to humiliate others? Being a parent, being a human, is hard enough, without the judgment. If you have a problem with that, come at me Bro….I’m just getting warmed up. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

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