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Parents Just Don’t Understand

I do love him very much.
I do love him very much.











Damn SON, you screwed up.”…..Ronnie

So to you, all the kids all across the land
There’s no need to argue
Parents just don’t understandDJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince


I miss ATA. I actually miss arguing with my 5th Degree Black Belt Mentor about whom I can, and can not punch in the face. Meh, I didn’t really listen to him anyway, but God Bless him, as long as he kept trying, I’d keep respecting him. A man double parked next to me as I was walking toward my SUV with my son after picking him up from school. There are rules…ya know…single file in to pick up, single file out to drop off. This little BMW just parked…like it was his space….waiting the polite 2 minutes, and even that killed me, I rolled my window down and shouted, “MOVE!”…..he did. There are times when patience should be applied to resolve a situation, but God help me, I don’t know when….my way works well for me. My way….is the only way. Parent’s Just Don’t Understand.….My way, is direct and to the point…..I just don’t get… why kids don’t get…. that we wrote the book they’re reading.

Back in my day, grades weren’t posted in real-time, but today’s kids, have a “Parent Portal” meaning once he takes the test, and once the teacher grades it, the results are posted on-line immediately. Parents then log-on, see the grades then beat their kids ass. Why the hell he’s failing I have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I have yet to see one piece of graded homework, or red-pen graded test. This boy, likes to do his homework at school during free time, then come home to play electronics. I’ve done his homework with him, sacrificed a great deal of cleaning time to help him….his teacher keeps sending home weekly progress reports telling us what a wonderful person he is…..so we were a little caught off guard, by last night’s mid-term reports. So now, I gotta be the bad guy…..

The boy gets that same look on his face that his father gets when he’s caught scratching himself in public….eyes wide open, eyebrows raised, mouth open, “What?” look that I hate. This boy is not passing a single class….not a single class….and now, I have to severely punish….ahem….remedy….the situation. I know he’s working to settle in, I know eleven is a hard age to move a child, I know the schools are a little harder out here, I know all these things, but….but…..but…..NOTHING! He thinks I’m stupid, but what he doesn’t realize is that I’m a child of the 80’s and I understand all the tricks in the book, so today, I’m going to be talking to his teacher about what he needs to start passing…..my guess….is it has something to do with homework he doesn’t bring home…..I need a tutor…..I need a housekeeper…..and I need a drink….in that order! Parents Just Don’t Understand, and if I had a freaking dollar for every time I heard that, I have enough for the aforementioned staff. I can’t believe I’m at the stage now where he thinks it’s appropriate to say that to me….I’m still hip and groovy…..brat. We get Progress Reports every Friday….they’ve never said, he was failing. Time for some Midwest Mommy Mahem…..My 5th Degree would say something about an open door here, to wit I’d respond, “I’m sorry what?” . This giant has been awakened…..I’ll let you know. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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Who Me?

Awww, look at her.
Awww, look at her.











Ya know, if you’d teach your kids to beat some ASS, you might not have that problem“. Ronnie to another mommy.

Who Me?



In a moment of weakness this morning I judged the clothing of another child, but not in the way you think. I like to talk to the little girls, while they’re lined up to go to class. Today was Picture Day, and each child was dressed in their Picture Day best. From the ironed shirts with ties, to the adorable little dresses, each parent, myself included, had made sure their child looked their best, for posterity sake. As the little darlings were showing me their shoes (Everyday, each little girl shows me her shoes), I made it a point to compliment every child on their choice of outfits. I said to one little girl, whom happens to be the adversary of Duchess, “My, That’s a beautiful dress and headband. Mommy has good taste in Burberry“, and with that I moved on, but in the back of my mind I was thinking, “WTH? You dressed a 4yr old in Burberry?“. Who Me? Yes…YOU…and I’ll tell you something else, that Burberry dress was Hella Awesome. I was Jelly!

I talked to one of the mommies about the Burberry matching outfit, and she told me that the kids have to be careful how they dress here, because it’s an important function of how they’ll be judged worthy by their peers. Sigh…I get it. I do…bully’s live here too. They’re like cockroaches, they’ll survive any climate. The same mom told me that her son, was bullied by a kid at school for his choice of NFL teams….Okay, now you have my attention…”The schools aren’t doing anything about it here, because of who the parents are“…Now you REALLY have my attention. I responded,”Ya know, if you’d teach your kid to beat someone’s ASS, you might not have that problem“….but the truth is peer pressure, and it’s subsequent consequence, bullying, has been around as long as the clap, but there is one small aspect to peer pressure we’re all missing, and that’s the Individual Mandate that dictates, “No one can MAKE you do anything, you must give permission“, so parents need to set the TONE don’t they?  That sounds familiar.

We had social boundaries in Germany too. I was, at one point, made painfully aware that I, nor my father, had enough military ass, to be worthy of anything more than a hook-up….and while that hurt, I swore my kids would not suffer the same fate. It does beg the question though, had my mother affirmed me a little more, would I have been so easily manipulated? I don’t know the answer to that, never will, but I know that in all things parenthood, I have tried to instill a sense of confidence, self-assuredness, and self-reliance in my children, and what I couldn’t do…I paid for. My son is a 3rd degree Black Belt (never get tired of writing that), Duchess is a two-time pageant winner, The Princesses are successful, strong, business women who take little to no sh*t from their men (mommy pride)…and it doesn’t stop there. I’ve told all my children that they can come to me about anything….we’ll talk about anything…Daily I tell them that I love them, I mean, I may not like them much, but I do love them. I try to Affirm and Empower, because they’re going to be without me one day, they’re going to have influence over others, they’re going to need to have a strong foundation to make good choices, and they know that no matter WHAT….I will always be here, I will always have their backs, I will always DEFEND them…til death do us part.

I’m not advocating school uniforms, compliant haircuts, thrift store shoes. Hey, if you have the money, I mean really have the money and aren’t just trying to keep up with Ronnie, buy your kid whatever…but don’t do it so they’ll fit in….because that doesn’t teach self-worth…they’ll spend the rest of their lives just trying to impress others…..No, instead bestow a sense of pride in your children, compassion, empathy, service, heart, home, hearth, hand…(Scouts)…those values clothe, even if they find themselves naked….We set the Tone…We ARE the Example….you want your child to continue where you left off, not wander the desert for 40 years trying to find themselves…..Who Me? Yeah YOU. You can’t avoid bullies, drugs, alcohol, SEX, rock and roll, nor a good ass whoppin, BUT even if they screw up….even if they stray from the way you raised them….they’ll come back…because you gave them a foundation. Gotta go. Ya know, Duchess does have a pair of purple Ugg’s like mine….but I got them for $8 at a rummage sale, and really, I don’t care so much about the fashion, as much as the reason for it. Guess I need to take a step back and clean my own house right? Shut it….like I always say….You MUST do as I say, never as I do, because I am soooooooo NOT a Role Model. I’m Nefarious, and there can be only one. Be Blessed

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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The Politics Of D.C.










“Excuse me”

“Pardon Me”

“Beg your pardon”

“I’m so sorry”

I have a friend, a Libertarian, who may just find this post, to be acceptable.


I don’t always bounce my column ideas of Merrill, but when I do, I’m not disappointed. Traveling back, or should I say “Mugging the Interstate” from our final visit to the downtown D.C. area, I was struck by the sudden thought that no one, and I mean no one, was killed while we were at the museums. Not that I’m mad, after all, murder and mob actions do tend to ruin a family vacation, and no, I’m not making light of violence. It’s just that with all the media attention centered on racism, and what not, I thought that maybe…without the Government protection and Media hype, when left to our own devices, we’d be more apt to kill each other. It was THAT, that I discussed with Merrill traveling west on I-70. The Politics Of D.C. I don’t think we’re quite doomed yet.

As an experienced married woman, trust me when I tell you that nothing will kill the spirit of a male parent quicker than family vacations. Oh sure, we want the memories, and in 20 years, we’ll think back and realize that it wasn’t as bad as we thought, but there’s no Nesquick after dark, when you’ve just tried to cram in not one, but two Smithsonian visits in one day. As we walked into the museums, we were searched, then given the green light to enjoy all the historical memorabilia the museums had to offer. The kids and I have been…twice actually….so we knew, before we brought Merrill along, exactly what we wanted to show him, and what we felt was safe to skip, but after the crowds, the noise, and the crying I remembered that in the chaos was order.…nothing seemed amiss. Aside from Duchess being a complete jerk, it all went so smoothly that I could have forgotten, that I was in D.C.; which for the record, is way too crowded for its outdated infrastructure. Here’s my point…

Without the micromanaging of the Government and it’s Hype Man the Media, The People (that is society), left to its own devices, were downright decent. The government didn’t mandate which direction we had to view from, how far to stand from the exhibits, what to like and not like…Hell, past the security screening…we were able to stand next to each other, and share the space, like we were all sensible adults. Without the Hype Man, we were unable to ascertain who the Trump supporter was, who was gay, who was rich, who was poor and who was on welfare. The Politics Of D.C. simply stated that we, when given the opportunity, got along. So….maybe we only need the Government to ensure the tranquility…..maybe we only need the media to forecast the weather….maybe (GASP) we only need the hype….to sell tickets….to the hype. I’m encouraged by what I experienced this week…I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe, the end is not as near as I feared, and I think this because….we all said “Excuse me” when walking in front of each other. I even had the parent of another “Duchess” give me the, “I get it” eye…as we passed each other’s tantrum throwing brat. Hmmm, methinks that perhaps, our parents raised us right after all. Now, I must go. It’s been a long week, Duchess did not get a nap today, we’ve packed and frankly, I’m ready to get home. The Politics Of D.C…… Left to our own devices, we’re decent human beings….but don’t tell the government, nor the media that one smart-ass Countess figured out their game…..I may just have to change my name before I come back the next time. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show Grace and Mercy to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday….Danville, I’m coming home baby.



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Please Jesus










“It starts with a one man one woman family. Instilling values into your children” Poster on FB. She has the right to her opinion.

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child“….Um, NO. It takes you shutting the hell up and giving families a chance to figure it out.

Where were YOU?” Ronnie….screaming to Sweetness


For any of my more liberal friends out there, the ones whom I love and adore, but who also get on my damned nerves with your “perfect parenting” and whatnot…let me take a moment to warn you of what can happen when you become too comfortable in your “I have all the answers” approach to parenting. Princess grew up to be some banker (or something) and is now dating a very “nice” young man and is settling in properly….so I’m a good mommy, and I am, but not because of what they do…but because of how I react to what they do…My 10yr old baby decided he didn’t want to live here anymore, so he packed a bag and left home without anyone the wiser…when you spend a frantic 30 minutes looking for your baby, with your Spirit making Jesus calls every 10 seconds…let me know how your “Its the Parents Fault” agenda works out….Kids, regardless of anything you may or may not do, make bad choices, so suck it judgemental asshats…..Please Jesus.…..united we conquer, divided we assign blame.

This this was not the Prodigal Son returning home. When I saw him walking over the hill I ran toward him, and I ran toward him, not because I wanted to do the slow mo run that all happily reunited families do, but because the Spirit inside me wanted to beat his ass…. I was going to HURT him. The only reason I did not beat his ass was because his father had jumped in the middle…and pulled me away. Later, I heard his dad say to him, “Um, I’m the only thing standing between you and death right now“. A mommy fear, is different. It’s what happens when terror, meets relief, and you have a bunch of hyperactive cells in your body, that NEED to beat someone…..but I didn’t….and that alone makes me an outstanding parent….

It easy to assign blame when your only contribution to the problem is a keyboard and an opinion. Good parents, (of which I am), cannot possibly prepare for the day their children snap…and make bad judgments. My son was mad because we MADE him practice the trombone, and when he wouldn’t I took away his Nerf Guns (I hate those things). In a moment (he would later regret) HE MADE the decision to pack a bag, and walk out of the house…one more time for the cheap seats…..He Made That Choice, it had nothing to do with what I am as a parent. Please Jesus…the last thing good parents need is for a judgmental, know-it-all idiots to get behind a public post, and pontificate their opinions on perfect parenting…..Dig?  I AM a good parent. My son’s very stupid decision to leave was based more upon his frustration with the guidelines under which he lived, than anything I did or did not do…so stop the judgment, and arm-chair quarterbacking, and blame assigning because you’re not helping….Gotta go. His decision was impulsive, and he’s lucky it was temporary. Can we just stop all the hateful rhetoric? It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it just takes a few to shut the hell Up…so that we can get to the real root of the issue. I think it takes you minding yours, while I handle mine….but thank God for Free Speech…because that’s exactly what good, struggling parents need…more judgment. Sigh. There’s a reason we send them to war at 18, because at 40 they wouldn’t go…they’re going to make their own choices, all we can do, is pray for them…and ourselves….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your MOnday.


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I’m Not Having Sex Everyday

Remember Them?
Remember Them?

“You gotta read this!” Merrill

As a well-trained Marriage Counselor, I was interested to read the article that Merrill slid over to me yesterday. The article was titled, “My Husband and I Had Sex For a Year”….well, I’m not having that much chocolate milk, it’s bad for your teeth, but it was a good read. The woman whom wrote the article was feeling bad about her body, after seeing it one day while getting out of the shower, so after making the pledge to NEVER be naked again, she had an epiphany….She would ask her husband how he felt about having sex with her every day, rain or shine, for a year. Being a good man, and loving his wife, he felt like anything that would help her, he’d be willing to do (right). Personally I just go to the gym, but hey, I don’t judge. So every day…..every day….they had Nesquick. At first it was hard (stop) because it was like a chore, but eventually, she began to open up and appreciate and enjoy their sexuality….then the feelings toward her own body began to change….she began to feel sexy again….I get that…I do, but I’m Not Having Sex Everyday……although I do feel better after chocolate milk too….and before you report me….follow me here….In theory, her experiment works, so I’m hip….

Our bodies were created to be the perfect Temple of God, but we don’t have to be religious for the principal to apply equally. Just because we’re followers of Christ, doesn’t mean we have the better sex…I feel like we don’t talk about it enough really…. I admit I can be crass about Nesquick, but that’s because it’s sooooo perfect…we tease that which we love. Women my age are not supposed to be “sexual” but sex was meant to be an extended-released capsule, meaning as we understand more about our sexuality, the sex gets better….See, in addition to the diamond, God gave us sex as a reminder that when the two come together, they shall be one. Sex is not a game, weapon, a toy….it goes deeper than that….it’s beyond the simple, “She’s a got a nice ass”; (which I do, just saying) sex is…..a connection…..a bond….a DRUG….Feeling shameful of her body after two children, the author of the story needed to be reminded that bodies do fade, but the deeper, personal connection of him with her…like the diamond….was forever. She didn’t have sex to save her marriage, to keep hubby happy, nor to even keep his eye from wandering (although…it did accomplish all three)….she had sex, every day, because she needed to be reminded that she was a sensual being, capable of sharing and enjoying her body….

Sex is like pizza, in that when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good, but it was never intended to be a Papa John’s delivery item. Procreation is one thing, but when a man and a wife become one person, the effects are stronger than…um…Pot? I’ll get reported if I go too far into it, but honestly, you’ve never relaxed….then had the munchies after Nesquick? I’ve eaten more bowls of cereal in bed then my kids do on Sat am…..Don’t Judge Me…you’ve done it too. In Nesquick, the Wonder Twin power activates, and Satan has no power. Why do you think Paul said to…come together, lest ye be tempted? Even Paul, PAUL YA’LL…recognized the power in sex! So I guess it is a weapon…..a Spiritual weapon….I can see it now, RBC welcomes Veronica Philips and her 6wk study of SEX….and the Devil….it could happen.

When Merrill and Ronnie "meet".
When Merrill and Ronnie “meet”.

At the end of one year of….the author had lost 20lbs, was able to discontinue hypertension medications, loved herself, loved her husband, and had a deeper connection with both. Hmm, NOW, I’m a fan of sex, you know this, but I’m Not Having Sex Everyday for a year…..Goodness, the quota Merrill gave me is complicated enough…….but what I am saying is, in the Spiritual, two souls are better than one….Have you seen my kids? Then you know what happens when Merrill and I come together…..I keep repeating it because she’s way more of a woman than I, but again, I’m not having sex every day….Kuddo’s to her. Merrill feels that maybe we should give it a try….he’s been feeling “not so close, and ‘insecure'” lately…Whateves! Gotta go…super busy day. I CAN do all things through Christ….this is true, but there’s quite a bit I can do through Merrill as well……I love them both so much….Merrill loves my body, and reminds me constantly that I’m still a sexual and sensual being…Little Sisters you don’t get this yet, but you will, and when you do…..You’re welcome…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, excuse me, here comes Merrill…..Be Blessed.

A copy of the article can be found here: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/relationships/a40163/sex-with-my-husband-every-day-for-a-year/




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When Are You A Bad Parent?

Love These Boys
Love These Boys

“I’m homesick, and want to come home NOW”. My Sweetness at 11pm last night.

There’s a fine line in Black Jack, where you hit on 16, stay on 17. I wish kids were as easy. After the 9:30 call to his parents, Sweetness went to the arcade, then took a shower. At some point, while drying off, he decided that he did indeed NOT want to stay at the U of I, and called home pleading his case. Through great (sobbing and gnashing of teeth) he begged us to brave the Illinois tornado, and come get him. It happens. My daughter called me one time from a friend’s house and insisted that at the hour of midnight, she was done visiting, and would like to come home. It’s hard to know where the fine line lies…do you drop all you’re doing, and get them, so they’ll always know you’ll be there for them in a pinch? Or do you calmly reassure them that all is well, and that you’ll call them in the am. A good night’s sleep is better medicine than Xanex….When are you a bad parent? #momguilt…you’re a bad parent all the time! At least it feels that way.

Sometimes, it’s easier to judge what we perceive as a “real” bad parent, than to judge our own actions. Look, if I suddenly disappear, KNOW some nefarious shi*t happened to me Okay? A mommy in Danville, disappeared. She was supposed to be at work, never showed up, the community goes NUTS. The police knew the whole time that she left on her own free accord, but it was an active investigation….the public; of which I belong, had a field day debating on social media what might have happened to her. “She’s dead, she’s dead. She’d NEVER EVER leave her children” except she did just that…it was a freaking circus. She was found in Mississippi, and DID not want to come home. She left her kids in the care of appropriate guardians, and just left…The whole community was searching for her….it never occurred to us, that she didn’t want to be a mommy anymore…I don’t get it, but at least she didn’t harm them…thank you Jesus. Her baby was 5….but…that’s none of my business….right?

So, the question is, “When do you pick up your kids?”. You want them to feel secure in the knowledge that you love them above all reason, but you want them to learn how to deal with the disappointments in life as well….so do you hit, or stay? After we were able to calm down our only begotten son, Merrill called back to the Front Desk to ask the “CQ” how Sweetness had done…after we hung up. “It’s overwhelming” she said. “Many want to go home. Give him a chance to acclimate” and there you have it friends…ACCLIMATION…..The art of giving it…TIME. #momguilt would have us believe that there is NO TIME, and if we don’t swoop in and save them we’re bad parents. #momguilt sucks….just saying. Just like every infant has its own cry, every mother understands “The Tone”, that separates the whine, from the need. When are you a bad parent? I dunno…I mean is it REALLY that easy? The #momlife states that we WILL make mistakes…….so to hit on 16, or stay on 17 is subjective…. For now, I just want to make my son stop crying, so screw you if you don’t think I should go and get him….that attitude…in and of itself, makes me…a good mom. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone. You ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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I’m Sorry

12304281_934564703246583_8768048960270937480_oThe sun is rising from the East side of the plains, shedding it’s warm light over the barren corn fields, I know its going to be a beautiful day, and yet, I feel no hope in its warm, orange glow. I said some horrible things last night …..it’s a different kind of bitch move when you say things, frustration or not, that you KNOW are going to hit their mark….Sure, I could apologize, kiss the boo-boo, and make up, but then what? The next time I’m frustrate, I’ll control my temper? NO….probably not. There are words, that sex won’t sooth. I’m Sorry…there I said it…it hurt a little…but I’ll survive….question is will he?

The most important relationship is the relationship with oneself . The second….is the relationship with your spouse. This person is the 2nd half to your whole heart, so if you hurt them, repair it quickly, or you will destroy your own organ. Sigh….I know he’s a good father…..I know he’s a good provider….I know he gets weary of being home with the kids, picking up my half of the work-load, I know all that….I know all that….I know all that….so why I said what I said……..Sigh……I dunno, maybe it’s because I too am frustrated too…..Oh well, time to swallow my pride, apologize, maybe try to convince him I didn’t mean what I said, then in this one limited case, let you judge me. I suppose the old adage, “She who sets the example, must at times, be the Example” is true. Mend a broken relationship….Why would you want to be the cause of so much pain? Guess it’s chocolate milk time…….I’m Sorry. Be Blessed.


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This Ain’t Marvin Gaye











If my life were a soap opera, I’d be so bored. I mean who wants the perfect husband only to find out he’s cheating with his pregnant ( HIS child) ex girlfriend, planning my demise so “they” can take custody of my two babies, and the money I’m hiding? But still, all the men and women have fabulous jobs in the fashion industry, so the trade off, working at Chanel NY might be worth it. Hey, wonder why you never see the pets in a soap opera? Because my friends, they ruin the shot. Yep, this ain’t Marvin Gaye.
In the beautifully made soap operas, men and women make mad, passionate, romantic love, with chocolate, candles, huge finely made king sized beds, with rose pedals. Where’s the dog? Well if you’re in MY HOUSE, the dog is on the bed going, “Whatcha doing guys?”. If we kicked that fat a** off the bed once…we kicked him off three times last night, and while I submit it’s a bit TMI’sh, so what? These are the issues that needs to be discussed. Far to often our Little Sisters think that life (and SEX-oops) is supposed to be perfect, yet I submit the cat trying to snuggle up against your face, in the middle of passion is what keeps the relationship together. Laughing while the kittens play with your feet under the covers, is the cement in our marriage….Oh come on…it is FUNNY.
Don’t Judge Me, you KNOW I’m right. In the new year, you have to make MORE love…not perfect love, and yes, there is a difference. In this house, the kids do sometimes go to bed early, then Merrill and I are left to stare at each other from across the room. Hey, I love him. He’s AMAZING at so many things and frankly, Chocolate Milk Time is about TIME…not quality…(feel me)….so when the kids are asleep, and The Big Bang isn’t on (I didn’t do that on purpose), we retire to the room, but first we must clear the bed of the random child that’s crawled in, the cat who thinks he’s a dog, and the dog, for whom all Intensive Purposes (I know) doesn’t appreciate having his space violated. Sometimes, the act of Love (giggle) isn’t romantic, it’s funny, and that’s okay…it’s a sign that the relationship is going to be okay. Okay, gotta go. The dog has to do his am constitution. Hmm, wonder how he’d feel if I walked out there with him, and started HIM in the eye the entire time? Bet he wouldn’t like the violation of privacy either. Geesh, if it isn’t “Daddy? Where are you and Mommy?”, it’s the dog going, “Hey Merrill, you know you’re doing that wrong right?”….I love my life, but still, a few pointers from a DOG couldn’t hurt. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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Welcome Back

He's so handsome. Too bad He's like his Father.
He’s so handsome. Too bad He’s like his Father.
If you’re like me, you’re feeling the love from your children today, as they have to get back up, and go back to school. I’ve told Sweetness 3x’s to, “Get dressed”. Poor baby, his brain hasn’t come back online yet. Hey, I’m not so old that I don’t get it. I remember those days too. Actually, I may have been still nursing a hang-over after my weekend retreat to Munich in 1988. We all get vacation brain…..Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back….
We’ve started a new year, a new leaf, a new chance to create a new life, yet for those in school, they’re only half-way there. Same with me…sigh. This Nursing thing is going to kill me. I see why nurses have attitudes, because They Can! Hell, survive what they survive, and you too can be…nevermind. I don’t want to offend…it’s too early. I look at my semester and I have Statistics, Psychology of the Elderly, some other crazy class, and end with Chem 1 & Chem 2 hybrid this summer…and that’s just for fun. I know how Sweetness feels. It’s nice to be on vacation, to get the poisons of the stress out of our system, part of me doesn’t even have the heart to make him dress, but I must. Sigh.
We get many do-overs this month, none are as exciting as my new classes, or my son’s opportunity to try out a new sport. Yep, basketball sign up’s were Saturday, and we were there. After 5 years of Martial Arts, we’ve let him pursue another love. Truth be told, I’m looking forward to watching him play, Let’s see if the boy has skills….I can’t wait. My point friends is this, it’s exciting to be on vacation, but getting back to business is good too. I’m looking out my north facing Bay window and I see a Guardian arriving for his 1st day back to work. There’s a level of comfort in getting back to work. Now we get to let the after school arguments, about homework, begin. Okay, gotta go. Like I said, the Guardian is setting up outside, and it’s cold today. I must make sure Sweetness is all bundled up. This is his last click in grade school, my, my, my where did the time go?Next year….he’ll be in Middle School. My baby boy, all grown up….excuse me, my allergies are acting up. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday…BTS Monday.
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You'd Better Mean It.
You’d Better Mean It.









Being a parent is AWFUL. I HATE IT…..I MEAN IT….They make you mean what you say and say what you mean. As teenagers, we used to be able to kid around with each other, “You’d better NOT go and talk to that boy, I’ll beat your a**” and you’re friend, caring deeply for you, would not go and talk to the boy, until you were gone, then she’d steal him…I digress. Tell your kids not to do something….they’ll look you in the eye, like a grown man, while determining if it’s worth stepping to you or not……I’ve never shown so much GRACE in my LIFE.
In order to explain what Grace is, one has to rule out what it isn’t. Grace is not “It’s okay, I’ll ignore it, I’ll let it slip”. Grace is the simple acknowledgement that I could wipe you off the face of this earth, but I won’t. In other words, Grace withholds what you deserve. No where in society do we show more Grace than with our children. My son, as beautiful and bright as his little man face can be, will look at me and think to himself, “Am I feeling lucky punk”, while The Toddler, simply doesn’t care, she’s always willing to go down for her beliefs. You cannot….beat that out.
“You do that again, and Santa’s not coming”, and I think to myself, “OMGoodness Merrill! Why are you superimposing some ridiculous concept that you can’t even BACK UP?”. Do you honestly think that boy isn’t going to call that bluff? Hubby and I get into these worthless arguments because he’ll go so far out into left field that Sweetness won’t even seriously consider the consequence. Why should he, after all, one half of the threats are impossible to impose! He KNOWS his father isn’t going to call up Santa and request a fly over, Hell….he isn’t even really SURE at this point in the game, if Santa is real……! Me, my simple request of the 9yr old spawn is to, “Not make me do, what I said I would”. For me and my family, Grace simply is to show kindness (without the pre req that is it shown first), and to not whoop an a** when you very well could….in other words, Grace is withholding a comeupins….you heard it here first. He’s smart, she doesn’t care….you damned well better mean what you say, because they’ll test it….I promise you that. Okay, gotta go. No wait I don’t. It’s Christmas Vacation…no one has to be anywhere…for several hours….I may actually get a shower in…..This is awesome. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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