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If YOU don’t talk to your kids about drugs, someone else will” Commercial from the 80’s

Only YOU can prevent forest fires” Smokey the Bear..

YOU had the power within you the whole time” I think, it’s the Never Ending Story, or some cheesy movie I once watched.

YOU do YOU Boo Boo” Kevin Hart.

Only YOU, can be YOU.

Have you ever felt like it’s just one of those lives? Ya know the one, where nothing works out the way it’s supposed to? Yeah, well…me too. This whole Nursing License has been one cluster after another, and honestly, I thinks it’s worse than the school itself. All the requirements that California has, combined with all the requirements that Illinois doesn’t have, you’d think that the Left Coast doesn’t trust the Midwest when it comes to educating their students, and while there may be some truth in that, there has to be some middle ground. You….the power to achieve fame, fortune, success and failure all rests within your hands….but it’s hard to see that, when all you’re doing is banging your head against the wall.

Calling me after I emailed a copy of my BLS Red Cross certification, the District RN asked if I had taken my First Aid/CPR course on-line. “No” I began, “I was there in person. It’s just that Illinois wanted to save a tree”….silence….”Perhaps you can come in and do a skills check” she suggested. In the end,  I was able to convince her, that I had indeed had hands-on experience in the field in which I Repped. My goodness, I’ve run CODES in the back of an Ambulance. I’ve assisted on Cardiac emergencies, almost had a baby shot out at me, and please, do I have to even get into how many times, I’ve patched up the kiddo’s because they told someone to, “Hold my Kool-aid and watch this“?, So yeah, I’ve got some experience….but lets be honest, that’s not what’s bugging me right now.

I got proverbially screwed moving out here. Not being able to go back to school, not being able to work right away, I’ve had to read the glorious stories of my classmates creating and developing Care Plans, Case Studies, Clinicals….I was with them…I was one of them last year. The weather has turned slightly cool here. The leaves are falling gently from the trees, the breeze is enough to make me pull out my oversized sweatshirts. Soon, I’ll pull out the moon boots you all hate, and then, I’ll be drinking hot chocolate by the fire…I’ll be passing out Halloween candy to all the little creative tykes on the block, I’ll be roasting the roasts for Italian Beef, and then, it will be time for the Festival of Trees. That fabulous event that took me two decades to score tickets too….The Princess Tea balls, Mayor His Majesty reading to the children in the center of the Civic Center, and I….won’t be there for any of it…Sigh. I have to take a step back, and remember my vows. The one that specifically promised that I would stick with him through thick and thin, richer and poorer, sickness and health. I have to remember that anything that happens here….is strictly my choice.

When life hands you a raw deal, it’s nothing personal. Our lives are a growth chart. A way of testing us, to see if we’ve retained all the information we learned. I think the point of this very long-winded column, is that my happiness (your happiness as well), relies on your, mine, and our ability to make the most of any situation we find ourselves in….so things don’t always work out….so what? The trick is maybe, just maybe, being flexible enough to wait out the bad parts, and rejoice when the good happens. No one person can make YOU happy. Ohers help, but in the end, as we stand before our Creator, the question will be, “What have YOU done, to make the world a better place?” and by golly if you try to come up with an excuse like, “The alarm didn’t wake me up in time“, you’ll be in some trouble. So, really YOU… had/have the power to make your life amazing. I gotta tell ya, I have almost everything I’ve ever wanted, and then some…so reading about the lives of friends I no longer live around, the galas I won’t attend, the Festivals that will go on without me, should not make me sad, but happy…mostly because I made amazing memories there…..and that’s okay. So my license will be in soon….I’m going through school nurse orientation tomorrow….Gala tickets, for Sweetness’s school district, go on sale in 30 minutes, and Merrill’s plane landed safely. I’d say, I’m winning….even if it feels like I’m losing sometimes. YOU….only YOU can do you…..Only YOU can be the Rock star God intended, and by golly, only YOU can make YOU happy. Guess I’ll take it and make it mine….make your life yours..as well. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday….I have some Gala tickets to buy. Wish me luck.



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The Press








The Lord ain’t got nothing to do with this. It’s the Press I worship”.  Quote from someone famous….

The Press giveth, and the Press taketh away“…..That First Amendment is a BITCH.

I’ll admit I was talking about someone the other day, and justified it as “venting”; which as a digress, is how all sin starts…by digressing. Too late, I became aware of the trap set, then instead of stopping, I simply said to myself, “Well, I’m this deep” Because a sin is a sin, and it doesn’t matter how far down the rabbit hole you go…The Press and Trump is another good example of how gossip has made some people, very, very rich, and very, very miserable. Watergate is a great case study on when The Press works. Hounded into resignation, Nixon never knew what hit him, but then the monster was not content to go back out to the sea, and so on land, it became corrupted…picking and choosing what the American Public did and did not need to know….There are no longer facts in the reporting of Trump, just opinions with lipstick. Is the President a moron? Yes, absolutely. He’s a proud, over-confident buffoon, who deserves a bit of peg knocking, but what the Press is doing, isn’t leveling the playing field, its controlling our thoughts via reporting…get it? Is Trump a criminal? No, not on purpose anyway, but many of you argued that Clinton wasn’t a criminal on purpose either….The Press Giveth…and The Press Taketh….God forbid one day, I become nefarious. Let me warm up my lips now.

Many of you don’t have a problem with the Presidential Witch Hunt, because you hate the president, but think about this, only a few selected people get to decide what you see and read. I don’t care what you say, they…did not…do this…to Obama. They didn’t, and look at what they did to Clinton! In our hatred of all things politics we’ve made deals with the devil…ahem….Press to keep us posted of every move our politicians make, but who is checking The Press? It’s supposed to be us, they know that, that’s why they keep the constant nit picking up…to distract us. We must look past our hatred and keep our 1st Amendment Rights pure for future generations…..this may be one of the greatest battles we’ve ever faced as a nation, because it’s going to require us to look past our hatred for HIM, and each other, to defeat….The monster, but then again, Hate…feels good!

I’d kill to have the Kardashians back in Trending. Every freaking day, it’s “Trump this, or Trump that” and I gotta believe they’re just making stuff up now. Do me this solid, while you’re rolling your eyes at my Conspiracy Theory, ask yourself this, “Who benefits?”…Putting The Corrupted Press in charge of the Corrupted Political Process, is a Turducken all day ya’ll….all day.. So Trump is saying this new Investigator into Russia is going to vindicate him….I actually hope that’s true, because be honest, aren’t you tired of the constant drama? You have to be, because I read a statistic that almost 99% of Americans are on some anti-depressant, and it makes me think the MD’s and Big Pharma are involved….OMG…how far down does this hole go?  So, The Press Giveth, and The Press Taketh….that’s the deal one makes with the devil…to be nefarious. Gotta go. I hear LaVar Ball got into it with a reporter from ESPN. He, and his Big Baller brand are going to learn very quickly what happens when one becomes famous. Guess I better start puckering up now…My Fame is almost complete, and I need to learn how to kiss ass….if I’m going to make it…in this business. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.


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I’m Not Having Sex Everyday

Remember Them?
Remember Them?

“You gotta read this!” Merrill

As a well-trained Marriage Counselor, I was interested to read the article that Merrill slid over to me yesterday. The article was titled, “My Husband and I Had Sex For a Year”….well, I’m not having that much chocolate milk, it’s bad for your teeth, but it was a good read. The woman whom wrote the article was feeling bad about her body, after seeing it one day while getting out of the shower, so after making the pledge to NEVER be naked again, she had an epiphany….She would ask her husband how he felt about having sex with her every day, rain or shine, for a year. Being a good man, and loving his wife, he felt like anything that would help her, he’d be willing to do (right). Personally I just go to the gym, but hey, I don’t judge. So every day…..every day….they had Nesquick. At first it was hard (stop) because it was like a chore, but eventually, she began to open up and appreciate and enjoy their sexuality….then the feelings toward her own body began to change….she began to feel sexy again….I get that…I do, but I’m Not Having Sex Everyday……although I do feel better after chocolate milk too….and before you report me….follow me here….In theory, her experiment works, so I’m hip….

Our bodies were created to be the perfect Temple of God, but we don’t have to be religious for the principal to apply equally. Just because we’re followers of Christ, doesn’t mean we have the better sex…I feel like we don’t talk about it enough really…. I admit I can be crass about Nesquick, but that’s because it’s sooooo perfect…we tease that which we love. Women my age are not supposed to be “sexual” but sex was meant to be an extended-released capsule, meaning as we understand more about our sexuality, the sex gets better….See, in addition to the diamond, God gave us sex as a reminder that when the two come together, they shall be one. Sex is not a game, weapon, a toy….it goes deeper than that….it’s beyond the simple, “She’s a got a nice ass”; (which I do, just saying) sex is…..a connection…..a bond….a DRUG….Feeling shameful of her body after two children, the author of the story needed to be reminded that bodies do fade, but the deeper, personal connection of him with her…like the diamond….was forever. She didn’t have sex to save her marriage, to keep hubby happy, nor to even keep his eye from wandering (although…it did accomplish all three)….she had sex, every day, because she needed to be reminded that she was a sensual being, capable of sharing and enjoying her body….

Sex is like pizza, in that when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good, but it was never intended to be a Papa John’s delivery item. Procreation is one thing, but when a man and a wife become one person, the effects are stronger than…um…Pot? I’ll get reported if I go too far into it, but honestly, you’ve never relaxed….then had the munchies after Nesquick? I’ve eaten more bowls of cereal in bed then my kids do on Sat am…..Don’t Judge Me…you’ve done it too. In Nesquick, the Wonder Twin power activates, and Satan has no power. Why do you think Paul said to…come together, lest ye be tempted? Even Paul, PAUL YA’LL…recognized the power in sex! So I guess it is a weapon…..a Spiritual weapon….I can see it now, RBC welcomes Veronica Philips and her 6wk study of SEX….and the Devil….it could happen.

When Merrill and Ronnie "meet".
When Merrill and Ronnie “meet”.

At the end of one year of….the author had lost 20lbs, was able to discontinue hypertension medications, loved herself, loved her husband, and had a deeper connection with both. Hmm, NOW, I’m a fan of sex, you know this, but I’m Not Having Sex Everyday for a year…..Goodness, the quota Merrill gave me is complicated enough…….but what I am saying is, in the Spiritual, two souls are better than one….Have you seen my kids? Then you know what happens when Merrill and I come together…..I keep repeating it because she’s way more of a woman than I, but again, I’m not having sex every day….Kuddo’s to her. Merrill feels that maybe we should give it a try….he’s been feeling “not so close, and ‘insecure'” lately…Whateves! Gotta go…super busy day. I CAN do all things through Christ….this is true, but there’s quite a bit I can do through Merrill as well……I love them both so much….Merrill loves my body, and reminds me constantly that I’m still a sexual and sensual being…Little Sisters you don’t get this yet, but you will, and when you do…..You’re welcome…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, excuse me, here comes Merrill…..Be Blessed.

A copy of the article can be found here: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/relationships/a40163/sex-with-my-husband-every-day-for-a-year/




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