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Do you promise….?” Pastor

I DO“….Ronnie

Commitment. It’s a BITCH.

I’m convinced, unless of course I’ve been off the field for far too long, that people don’t really FEAR commitment, as much as they’re too lazy to put in the work. I mean think about it. It’s easy to jump into bed and play house, or to sign up for the Pick Up A Piece of Trash day, but to actually get involved, requires actually doing the work. They’re big out here on volunteerism’s. Ugh…”You want me to bake stuff? No thanks, I’ll write you a check“, because gathering the ingredients, cracking eggs, setting the oven and the like, is too much for the likes of me, and I can be crafty about getting out of work. Relationships often fizzle out, because once the other party involved requires a level of intimacy you’re not willing to provide, the relationship is done….and it’s done, because it requires WORK. Commitment….these are things I pondered today, while on the Gyno table, awaiting the MD.

Meh, maybe it’s not laziness….maybe it’s the age-old adage, “The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry“. Meaning, we have good intentions. We were going to bake those cupcakes, work out every morning, take a new class, read to our kids every night, but then LIFE got involved, and all we wanted to do, took a back seat, to all we NEEDED to do…and all the energies into what we wanted to do now turns to resentment as we project our anger onto those whom deserve it the least. Simply stated, we are over scheduled, but instead of adhering to the commitment we made as spouses, employees and even parents, we QUIT….and really there’s no lack of support for our lack of effort.

As I was pondering these thoughts today, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I haven’t given enough effort to acclimating myself to my new environment. “Why don’t you take a week to schedule what you really want? Then stick with it?” I asked myself, and gosh darn it, it sounded good. When I stood before man and God, I swore a solemn vow to stand BY my man, regardless of the situations in which I found myself….and really, I advise each of you everyday that only you are responsible for your happiness…why then, should my attitude be different? I think I just didn’t want to put forth the effort, and so now, I find myself at the apex of a very important decision; which I know, will work out….Our Church is closing this Sunday, for a day of Volunteerism. Fifty-two projects await the congregation, and we get to determine which project we want to participate in…..I told Merrill, “This is a big commitment to a new church. Ready?”….I sometimes think the vows should be rewritten to reflect, “We’ll see” instead of “I DO” because that’s what we are….a nation of “We’ll see’s“…..so for me, I am going to put forth the effort to enjoy all this beautiful state has to offer….for a week…and if it works out….well…LOL…We’ll See. Commitment….it’s not the fear, it’s the unwillingness to put for the effort to make it work, and that starts with conflicting priorities. Gotta go. It’s Wednesday evening services….our 1st time. Sweetness is excited about it. Me? Well…I’ll let ya know….right after I finishing baking these damned cupcakes. Be Blessed.


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Small Town Politics

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I was born in a small town, and I live in a small town. Probably die in a small town, Oh those small communities

John Mellencamp


Everyone knew we had moved back in with her, but it was a small town so……My mother, had come back home with 4 extra mouths to feed. I imagine the conversation went something like this:

“Did you hear about Lillian? Her daughter’s back…and she brought 4 kids with her”

“No. What happened?”

“Well, Betty told me that Wilma told her, that her husband went to buy bread one day, and never came back. Left her with 4 kids to take care of”

“Oh you don’t say!”

“Yes, now she has to work to support all those kids. Tsk…tsk…tsk”

So yes, she had more at home to feed now, but she was a trooper, and only complained once a day (smile). She was an amazing woman, who raised amazing kids…I’m a lot more like her than you all think. So everyone knew who we were…so what…it wasn’t a bad thing. My grandmother’s supervisor, actually went out of his way to make sure my grandmother got the H.D. Lee specials (I’ll never wear those things again) and the extra hours, while the hunters split their catch with her…people chipped in..Small Town Politics mandates that the town, take care of it’s own….I love Lebanon for that. Small Town Politics.….Our city needs to accept that Danville isn’t a baby anymore.

A man in Danville became Facebook famous, when his investigative reporting led him to a liquor drive through store and the “Brown Bag Special“. Until yesterday, I had no idea what it was…but apparently, the Brown Bag Special is a lighter, a crack pipe, and a Brillo Pad wrapped up in…you guessed it…a Brown Bag. Part of me respects the capitalism that this business pursued, in finding a nitch…then filling it…of course, that’s the wrong attitude right? A debate raged on among the FB Attorney’s and Ministers, whether the Brown Bag Special sale was illegal or not, and if not illegal, certainly IMMORAL……”Morals are subjective. What’s right and wrong to you, may not be right, nor wrong to me“. I wrote that…I stand by it……mostly because of the HUGE crime wave on the East End of the city…hell, if you’re breaking into cars, your morals may be different from mine! Just Saying.

Small towns used to be hotbed of morals. Actually, we had so many morals, we had to give parades to throw then out. Morals, only applied on Sunday however, and if you don’t believe me, send your kid to a church lock-in, then get back with me…better yet, go meet with your local councilman…see if you don’t walk away with a lighter pocket…I did digress. With Saturday picnic’s and Sunday naps, anyone who was anyone understood that MORALS was the priority. Businesses, unless important to the upkeep of LIFE, were closed on Sunday’s…families ate together….Dukes of Hazard was gleefully watched (damn they looked good in those jeans), then discussed verily on the landline located centrally in the home. Morals…it was right to share, and wrong to steal, but we have a new society now. A society that says, “You cannot judge me for anything I do“… This new society, is almost like the squirrel that put his butt up to the glass and SHOOK IT at the cat taunting, “Na Na Boo Boo“. This new society, has no problem throwing down at a county fair (then again, we’ve always done that), nor HOLLARING the “Eff” bomb, from across the park…at the Demo Derby…..I’d have enjoyed the fight, were my kids not there…some people just don’t care…do they?  Small Town Politics….predicated on morals….a communal agreement understood long before we arrived….but morals aren’t morals anymore, and what we need to do, is figure out the middle ground. Can we exist side by side in this community, or is it really like the Highlander in which there can be…and will be…only one? Yeah, I don’t know….but I know this…our leaders need to realize the city has hit puberty….We are like the teenage girl who got her menses, and acting like a total bitch. Small Town Politics...Everyone knows everyone…..I dunno….Maybe…we should try praying! Or a good lock-in…those things were super fun. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.







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