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No Risk, No Reward

Risk pays off
Risk pays off

“I said YOU shut-up”…Duchess answering her daddy, after being asked, “What did you just say?”.

She damned well KNEW he heard the 1st time…she didn’t care. Both my daughters are the same in how they inherited my attitude, but both are different in how they approach risk. Princess calculates risk, while Duchess just takes it and makes it her pet. No Risk, No Reward….Assuming they both understand Risk….I think my daughters are going do just fine….

“I think you’re very cute” that was written from me to a boy named John Castor, when I was a Freshman in HS. He never did find out it was me…until now that is….but at the time I was a little mousey red-head afraid of her own shadow, so I didn’t take a risk to meet him. The Ronnie of several years later, would simply walk up to him and say, “You, me NOW”. As I got older, I found myself attracted to the bad boys, the ones so confident in themselves that they can just walk up to a girl, and say, “When are we going out?”…of course he was the biggest mistake of my life….But later, the love of my life would introduce himself by asking me, “You want to thumb wrestle?” I ended up marrying him. Risk…it has it’s Rewards 🙂

Little Sisters, the reward you earn in life, is directly proportional to the risk you take in pursuing it. I took a risk in January 2013 and wrote about an interaction between two Strangers in Walmart….I took another RISK and wrote a status about Pooping at The Kiddie Pool, and yet another in August, 2013 when I wrote about punching a stranger in the face…Have you seen Merrill? He’s amazing at so many things, but I would have none of it, if I hadn’t of taken a risk and said, “NO” to his thumb wrestling question because honestly, I DID want to thumb wrestle with him….I just had to be coy. No Risk, NO Reward means you cannot Be a Baller….if you don’t play the game. Gotta go, Duchess and her daddy are arguing….Sigh…doesn’t he realize it’s ME he’s fighting? Risk…it’s a bitch. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.



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The Nesquick Dilemma

She Can Do It Herself, But She'd Rather Skip The Work.
She Can Do It Herself, But She’d Rather Skip The Work.

The 2yr old has decided that she does not want the Cheerio’s, instead, she wants to go straight for the Nesquick Chocolate Milk that’s offered every am, after her breakfast. It’s maddening really, because she’s old enough to understand that we do not drink Chocolate Milk (does this sound familiar?) until we EAT, but in her small, stubborn mind, one only has to cry to get what one desires. It doesn’t work with me, but there are others it works with…in this house. Sigh….we now have The Nesquick Dilemma.

I don’t blame her really. Honestly, who doesn’t want to go around the “work” to get the goods? If I could eat all the Chunky Monkey I wanted, without the workouts, I would, but I have to teach her now, when she’ the smartest she’ll ever be (trust me, she’s brilliant), that the only true success in life is one that’s earned. We call that intrinsic reward…..working…for the satisfaction….of a job done well…..To me, a beer doesn’t taste as good on Monday night, as it does on Friday night, after I’ve had a bad week, and at the rate I’m going…it’s going to be a damned delicious beer.

If I give her the chocolate milk now, she’ll learn that crying gets her whatever she wants (yes crying is a POWERFUL weapon against MAN, but that’s not the point). Have you ever had one of “those” supervisors whom fresh out of school, no experience, thought they KNEW like EVERYTHING? Obnoxious little brats that they were…you wanted to just throttle them. Well, if I don’t teach Duchess now, she’ll be obnoxious too. I mean, she’s going to be anyway, because of me, but I work hard…just saying. Friends, nothing EARNED is bitter. Feel me? I’m not saying we have to be OCD about our goals, but I am saying the reward comes after the work. We have a generation here, whose twisted the hell out of that concept. Gonna suck, when life gets ahold of them. Gotta go. I see a #guardiansofthebusstop outside…..now THAT’s work. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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