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I’m Batman







“Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man’s soul to waste
And I was ’round when Jesus Christ
Had his moment of doubt and pain
Made damn sure that Pilate
Washed his hands and sealed his fate”


I’ve spent the last few days mulling over the “racism” crises in this country, and while I could move past it and not say a word, I also have an obligation to write down what’s on my heart and mind. I am reminded of a scene in Batman, not the Clooney Batman, but the Bale Batman, in which the Joker had placed two boats in the harbor, and given each boat a set of explosives and a detonator. If boat A was willing to blow up boat B, boat A could be gifted their lives, and the inverse was true of boat B….Both boats, filled with people who were qualified to die, had a quandary on their hands and hearts. Could they, would they, be willing to kill hundreds of people they’d never met, for their lives and freedoms? All the while, the Joker could be heard on the intercom, mocking, excusing, fanning the flames of hatred….I’m Batman….well not really, but I wish he were here right now.

We did not start this fire. We didn’t. Racism, like the age-old elephant, has always been in the room….Each generation, and decade before likes to pat itself on the back and congratulate their leaders in the fight for equality of the races, but really, they never killed the beast, only allowed him to hide behind foolish pride and grandeur. The truth is, Racism, unlike any issue we’ve faced in the history of history, is not a thing, a feeling, an ideal, nor a platform, Racism is evil. Like the black veil spoken of in A Wrinkle In Time, it has always surrounded the earth, caressed it, fed it, nurtured it…mentored it! Racism, like Heaven, Hell, God and Satan has always existed, we just gave it different names. Racism, cannot be beaten, and it’s arrogant on our part to think we have the inside clue in how to eradicate this evil from our society….we can’t. We can beat it back, we can fight it, or we can do what others have done, and ignore it, but Racism in its purest form, is simply Satan dividing us…and why would he do that?

To answer that question, you have to accept this one small truth, we are all Children of a Living God and since the day of his casting out, Satan has sought to kill God’s children. Racism nails the very heart of God….it divides His children for no other reason, but the color of one’s skin. See, we are, as a people, powerful. Look at all the positives we’ve accomplished throughout history, and yet, we cannot eradicate Racism, because racism is predicated upon the seven deadliest of sins: Pride (being the most deadly), Greed, Lust, Wrath, Envy, Sloth and Gluttony…..Inside of each of our hearts, sits the small place no one wants to admit and for the most part, we are successful in controlling it, like a damp blanket on a hot fire, but in that small, dark space, sits the Joker…mocking us, taunting us, accusing us, and telling us that we deserve more…we deserve better….I’ve read the hatred in the chat rooms…..We don’t want to pay for drug addicts to live, we don’t want to pay for the needy to eat, we don’t want to pay for single mothers to go to college and we don’t want to do that because no one did it for us…it’s our PRIDE, but the Joker tells us it’s something else…

The writers of Batman, wanted to reflect something good in the people society sought to ignore….See, even in the heat of their fears, each boat finally understood that by killing the other boat, they might have saved their lives, but they would be no better than the god who compelled them to kill, and SO, friends I beseech of thee to…not…push…that…button. As righteous as you believe yourself to be, as correct as you think you’re coming, as RIGHT as you think you are….do not let hatred, in any form, cause you to hate your brother. My column isn’t going to end racism, but only help you see whose behind this crises…..All we can do now is protect and help those whom racism seeks to harm, and by doing that, we may have beaten the media….ahem…evil….another day. The Bible is clear in how we can fight racism….Love your neighbor as you love yourself, for skin color may vary, but the color of blood…the color of the heart remains the same.

So, I’m Batman….you be Batman….we’re all Batman….we have a choice….push the trigger and allow the Spirits of our neighbors to be killed, or sit down, and see what’s really going on. We cannot beat Racism, but we cannot listen to those whom seek to do us harm either. I am deleting anyone who seeks to fan the flames of my hatred….I’ve controlled my crazy well enough on my own, thank you, and be honest, a little bit of evil exists within us all. If it didn’t, racism wouldn’t exist. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.








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Are you FREAKING kidding me?” Ronnie reading the news.


Narcan, when given correctly and immediately, snags back the soul as it’s on it’s way to the great drug house in the sky, but I don’t mock…because if I’ve ever seen a soul in need of healing it’s a drug addict….but it’s beyond detestable to me, that the makers of Narcan would take the price from $.92 cents a dose to almost over $15 an injection (that’s over %1,000). Ya know, I really don’t know which is worse…..the greedy ass, pig screwers who make their bones off the horrible death of a lost soul…..or the judgmental, wouldn’t piss on their teeth if their MOUTH was on fire, holier than thou, dicks who sit behind their keyboard and taunt those they’ve never met…..Hmmm, scales are pretty balanced to me….Narcan. I’m a little angry this am…mostly because I despise the 1st Amendment.

Reading the local Scanner groups, and really I NEED to get a life, I see daily the calls for the OD’s. Whether the poor dears are dying in their homes, the streets, or the Hardee’s bathroom, these calls, for all Intensive Purposes (I know) are starting to become as normal as the old school calls for the kitty in the trees…..On cue, there are the typical comments for “Prayers” but a new trend is occurring among the locals, in which they actually race to be the first to comment, and the comments aren’t so edifying anymore. Now we have either, “Prayers“, OR, “It’s their choice” (said in a ‘oh well’ tone)….well YES….we do get its their choices…We get…it’s their…choice. Like taking that first step into the lake, is a choice, the problem become when they wade out too far….and get in trouble. So the REAL question becomes, how many times do we save a drowning man? Well, looks like Narcan answered that for us…..

A local city councilman (not here) has tried to introduce legislation mandating that Medic only save an addict three times. After three times, the call to a specific address, or specific person will no longer be answered. Um, you can’t do that….but I get that money is the root of all evil…that’s why I don’t have any. Tell me friends, you’re standing over the body of an OD, you can see the Spirit rise up, this person is going to DIE….and you can stand and…..do nothing? That may very well be part of the problem here….Dirty Hands. The Narcan CEO jacking up the cost of his meds doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. Neither does this local councilman who now gets to play God, and neither do the 1st Amendment Advocates on the Scanner pages….when you don’t have to get your hands dirty, you can pick and chose who lives….and who dies, but what if I was standing over the body of your mother, daughter, sister, brother? You want me to decide if they live or die?

Addicts CRAVE to be WHOLE as much as some of you CRAVE drama. The body is a strong foe, and if you don’t believe me, let me see your workout pics. Do you have some? If you think the self-hatred, self-loathing, “why can’t I just be normal” addict doesn’t truly yearn to be just like your hate spewing self, then you have no clue about the disease. You don’t. To change, to actually begin following the path on the yellow brick road, requires permission from Satan….Permission from Satan to let your soul go free, and do you think, he’s giving it? No, so then you must crawl on your stomach, fighting for every inch the soil yields, just for the privilege of being a productive member of society, and when you reach that glorious goal…..when you attain NORMALCY….you get to sit and read what others really thought of you. To quit requires a level of WILL that I’m not sure any of the Disciples possessed…..It requires the secrets no one will tell you….It requires LOVE….but no….Instead, we have this company, making money off the deaths, or near-deaths of these lost, desperate souls……Sigh. Gotta go….I’m getting ready to do some low-impact kick-boxing, and yes, I do feel better…thank you. Narcan….for the record, the tax payers pay for it, NO the police do not arrest them, and Yes, they do need help…as many times as we can tag each other out to save them….If Christ cares about their soul, WTF am I to deny them their life? And besides, the person you should hate is the one running this show…SATAN…problem is, some can’t bring themselves to see that to divide is to conquer, but as long as your 1st Amendment right is protected….that’s all that matters. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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Strange Bedfellows

CARSON, CA - MAY 12:  Comedian Kathy Griffin arrives at 102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango at The Home Depot Center on May 12, 2012 in Carson, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 143699573









She made a video mocking the backlash she knew she’d receive, so I gotta ask, are you just stupid, or is she brilliant?” Ronnie responding to a post defending this harlot.

I actually can’t stand her” Ronnie on a Facebook post last night.

Far be it from me to give more attention to someone already seeking the attention, but my disdain for Ms. Griffin flies so close to hatred, that to even think about her, causes me to sin. I don’t like her, I never have…and make no mistakes about her recent publicity stunt, she knew what she was doing, she is NOT sorry, and frankly, she wants you to talk about it…she wants you to hate her….she wants me to write horribly, ugly things about her, because in doing so, we give her the validation she so desperately sought. It isn’t enough to say that she moved, then crossed the line, because in that, there’s some lack of forethought, like, “I didn’t know you were going to hate it!!!!”…what she did, was deliberately create a Free Speech crises in which we had no choice but to hate it…then defend it. She’s not stupid, you know. Just very, very ugly. Strange Bedfellows…..Ugh, I hate going to bed with ugly people.

She didn’t threaten the president, she didn’t depict his murder, she didn’t encourage you to go and murder the president, therefore, the USSC would probably, if pushed, affirm this speech as offensive…but protected. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, but do we want our speech to be labeled as “hate” speech (which, COME ON…this could skirt that), if all we’re doing is trying to make a point? For example, if I called Ms. Griffin a, “Has-been, wanna be, looks like she has a secret penis, CNN Commentator” do I want to be silenced, because some would construe that has hateful? Hell to the no, because I’ve said and written far worse, and so, even for as much as this woman makes me sorry I’m not Transgender, so I don’t have to share a vagina with her, I have to defend her, because when you start chipping away at the rights we enjoy, you start chipping away at our liberties….and I like…my liberties.

America,  MUST take some accountability for this monster. She only did it, because she believed, that the vast majority of this country would agree with her….It seems we did not….but maybe she knew that, because she has already garnered herself a Get Out Of Jail Free Card….she has a video, mocking us….Bitch. See, we all talk a good game. I had a woman send me a private message once calling me all kinds of sinful names, and by the end of it, I could clearly understand that I was going to have to beat her ass….so I responded, “I’m going to be at so and so at 4p, would you like to meet to discuss”, she blocked me. See, we feign indigence, we GASP and grab our pearls when perceived injustices are committed right before our eyes, but we don’t get involved. If we were to get involved 8yr old girls would no longer be sexually mutilated in third world countries, Army Privates would be left alone to serve their Duty, women would not be subjugated to humiliating acts, just to feed their children. She learned what Upton Sinclair discovered a long time ago, which was in his attempt to glean sympathy from the American public through out hearts, his aim missed, and he hit our stomachs instead. Never underestimate the public’s ability to be fickle…never underestimate our ability to be disgusted, but most importantly….never, EVER, ever assume we’re on your side….Ms. Griffin will weather this storm, because she’s the devil, and she’s earned her due. Strange Bedfellows, I’m defending her actions, and she’s ugly and evil. Ain’t this country GRAND? I’m actually amused that she finally got what was coming to her, and I find her inability to be humble most endearing….she wasn’t sorry, any more than I’m sane….but well done Ms. Griffin…you have learned some valuable lessons, and with it, some hate. What are ya gonna do? Maybe next time don’t look so smug…the public hates smug….or haven’t you met our president? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.


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The Devil Is Waiting

LOL, she is NOT innocent.
LOL, she is NOT innocent.

“Oh my goodness, when did you take this?” Ronnie asking Merrill about the picture.


Understand that I really did struggle with sharing this photo, because frankly, it is not a flattering depiction of my appearance. I need you to understand that while I’m madly, deeply dedicated to be a good mother to her, she’s not the easiest toddler in the world. We were in the middle of the pageant and frankly, she had had her fill of the festivities, top that with the excitment of her birthday, and we had a monster…but you don’t see it in this picture. I’m pretty sure she had just done something so nefarious that I had to make “The Face” the ugly, “I’m getting ready to whoop your booty” face…LOL, The Devil Is Waiting….well, it’s what I think of, when I look at this picture and feel mommy shame.

In the Christian Worldview, Satan, as per Peter’s warning, is constantly roaming like a lion, waiting to devour. The temptations are not overt. For example, many of us would easily turn away the offer to steal a candy bar, EVEN IF, the threat of being caught were removed. No, temptations like THAT, are indeed easily overcome. What the devil does, is sit and wait for us to be in a position of weakness, then when our defenses are down and our immune system broken, he pounces. Think back to how easily we are baited on Facebook when our friends, people we literally known all our lives, post something ridiculous about the election, abortion, civil rights…etc…..Without warning, we pounce, incite riots…and delete our friends. We shame the lord, because the temptation to engage is by far greater than our ability to shut up, and scroll on. What about the distracted driver, you’ve been one yourself, whom carelessly pulls out in front of us, or cuts us off in traffic? When given the opportunity to reflect, we know it wasn’t on purpose, a tort (on the nursing test) unintended, but the temptation to engage, is by far greater than our ability to move on…then we scream, and sin in our hearts against God. The devil….a lion…is waiting…right behind us.

This picture is a perfect example of what we must look like in the Spiritual world. Sitting, minding our own business, doing NOTHING wrong…(except she did, she really, really did), all the while the devil, is right behind us sneering, gnashing his teeth, just waiting for an opportunity to exploit our weaknesses….Yes, it’s an ugly face…the face of evil…but I recognize, and maybe that makes it worse, that I could have put the brush down…and walked away. Truth is I am indeed a powerful foe to Satan, for you see, I am a Child of God, loved by Him and others in the community…….Life Lesson 168…our weaknesses are made strong in Him, but we have the control to give control over to Him. Get that? Right before you post that your friend is an idiot, right before you Fly That Middle Finger, right before you say that potty word that turns the air blue, you have the control to STOP…and give it over…I contend that if we saw Satan, the same way I look at this picture, we’d recognize that evil does indeed lie in wait for us. The key to fighting evil, is to first recognize that evil exists, then know it’s face. Once you put a face to evil, you can address the evil…and beat the temptation. I’m not going to be on social media much today, as I am completing a Plan of Care, but know that this project and the test tomorrow, has tested the very boundary of my patience. I pray for strength, peace, Love and Joy….because without the fruit, you’d have no tree….LOL, sounds good. Getting back to my interventions…how would I intervene for a client with impaired O2 exchange? Well, I’d start by recognizing the disease process….the evil causing the problem….then I’d turn around and say, “Not today Satan…I SEE you”….Hey, The Devil Is Waiting….. it COULD work. Be Blessed.

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The First Sin


“Dude, you RAPED me”…Dane Cook, making fun of those who use the word Rape, like the word, “The”.

I have some time this morning, which is unusual for me. At this time of day, I’m rushed for an idea, never mind the writing, then I have to go get Sweetness, followed by Duchess…but this morning, both kiddo’s have MD appointments for VACCINES. If you feel like you need to step to me, fair enough, but a word of warning, I am a vaccine mom. You will not win against me, and I’m not in the mood to give you a platform…not today. See, I’m irritated. Freaking women. Why on earth can we just not make nice to each other, even if we can’t stand each other, just to get some work done? We are a special breed…powerful, intelligent, cunning and strong….it should give us a hint that Satan targeted us…not Adam, for the honor of committing the First Sin….Actually, that’s a good title…The First Sin….because we committed it, and the world has been suffering ever since.

Somewhere out there, there is a woman, a single-mom whom for whatever reason, was left by a dead-beat asshole to raise his kids alone. She’s working a job, maybe two, and she puts up with the daily onslaught of harassment, of the sexual kind…because if she doesn’t she’ll be fired from her little two bit job, and her kids will go hungry. You think that mess doesn’t happen? SMH…. you just don’t know. These are the women, for whom Clinton fights. Mmmm K. We all know that sexual assault, battery and rape are illegal, “She should quit, then sue HIS ASS” the women, not being harassed will scream, but we all know there are men with money….or their mommy’s have money, and they have no problem, re-victimizing the victim….my heart goes out to those women. Remember the excuse for waiting 11 years to sue Trump? That’s right…he had MONEY and would ruin them….you expect less from a single mom? They are the true hero’s of society, for whatever they go through, they stay with it because they love their babies…and are trying to do the right thing….Now let’s get back to Clinton….and truly see if she gives a damn about them….

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it does bear investigating (which I will do). Gloria Allred, famed Hollywood female attorney, has been allegedly exposed for paying a Trump victim a half million dollars for purged testimony regarding sexual battery. Let me break it down for you…A Clinton supporter, paid a “victim” (Apprentice loser) $500,000 to falsify a claim of sexual battery against Trump. Truly, a despised man, he didn’t need the help…but he’s not out there championing women’s rights either. This is very bad…you get why right? There are those who’d scream, “The ends justify the means” but ladies, do we really need that kind of help? If this allegation is true, it means that all other allegations against Trump are now suspect, and frankly, we don’t know where the privates start and the hand stops, MEANING, Allred and Clinton made a complete mockery of what legitimate women go through every day….So, think about that…..before you vote. They must have been afraid…because who does that? I am not an “at all costs” kind of person, because I still have a soul, and I don’t like my gender being mocked as corrupt. Funny when you think about it. Satan recognized us as the more cunning of the sexes, and we’ve been paying for it ever since. ….If the allegations are true, and Trump really didn’t do all the horrible things they said he did, then you just supported a liar ladies, and are you okay with that? Are you willing to lose your soul, to gain a female presidency? I’m not…because it will be corrupt, and we may be a lot, but we’re not corrupt….are we? We can do better…we can do it together….we don’t need lies to advance our goals, and frankly, I resent them thinking we do…….Ever wonder why we’re mocked? Well, take a look at the Dems…then tell me if you’re still confused. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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Something To Believe In

This is what I BELIEVE IN....
This is what I BELIEVE IN….

Your wife IS sick“. Ronnie to her husband when he wanted to take the day off and use his wife being sick as an excuse. Note: He has too much integrity to lie….damnit.

I really, really wish I knew what was wrong with me. I don’t like “The Ugly” that has developed inside of me. It isn’t that I need Jesus, I have Jesus, and anyone that advises me to seek Him first and the Kingdom of God is going to get booted from my page. What I have is a “mold”, a nasty dark fungus upon my soul, and it frustrates me that the “Fixer of all things”  can’t figure out where or how to fix myself. I’m 46…too old, and too young to be this miserable. It’s funny, not ha ha funny, but irony funny that in my life the root of all evil isn’t money. I don’t give two sh*ts about money…the root of my evil is ME..and my stubborn pride…because of that, I’ve allowed him (Satan-keep up) to ALMOST suck the very joy out of my life. I’m not mentally ill, perhaps just overwhelmed…maybe mentally ill, but if I am, so what? I’m letting you or anyone else judge me. …..Something to Believe In…because I KNOW if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to millions worldwide, and I STAND for them.

So I read this morning that Kendall Jenner is starting to go through her own bout of anxiety. I’m sorry for her. She’s rich, famous, beautiful and doing all the things I wanted to do when I was younger, but she doesn’t deserve this. No one does. Our bodies were not made for the constant state of Flight or Flight that Kendall and I have been living in. We are made to be at rest, then when we need to run from a bear, we run. If our bodies are always geared up to run, then we die young, and horribly…like a Hollywood B movie, if we don’t recognize the bad guy, the bad guy…will kill us. I can blame nursing school, but it isn’t just that….alone. The trick for Kendall and myself is to find that grain of sand, like the oyster and the pearl, that’s irritating us, then address it. LOL, once I identify the Joy Bandit, I’ll cover it with my Jesus….and were it THAT easy friends, millions of Christians worldwide would RULE this Muthur….but as it stands….we fight an enemy we cannot see, a voice we do not recognize…a Spirit we cannot identify…..

My son, with whom I am well pleased, earned his 3rd Degree Blackbelt Friday night, while I was at National’s with Duchess. I remember his 1st day at Taekwondo, and cluster that would later become fodder for our memories. All these years later, and he’s earned his right to take a break, and play some Basketball. This mommy, making good on her promise, is going to let him play some ball, and learn another trade besides beating people up…and although I do expect him to keep his skill level up, he can now find his rest. I’m proud of him….I BELIEVE in him….and when the internal choke hold comes, I try to find my center and focus on what it IS that keeps me going, for even though the evil has me fooled, we know that darkness cannot defeat the light.

I believe in The Light of my Children. I believe in the perfection of His creation, the future they both share as the children of Veronica Philips. I believe in my Princess, the Beautiful One, for even though her path is different, she’s still mine, and she will overcome. I believe in the good of people, strangers whom everyday, do one thing…that no one, save Him, understands. Our lives may be different but we still want the same thing, and as long as we reach out, and heal the soul of a stranger, The Light will not depart…just yet. I believe in the Advocates, the ones whom sit beside the “furry one” as he or she passes from this world…the one whom through thick or thin offer a voice for those whom a voice was not given. I believe in the Encourgers, The cheerleaders of this plane, the ones whom stand against your personal angst and speak words of comfort and peace into your soul. I believe in the Writers, for you have no idea how hard it is to create new each day (LOL)….I believe in the children of the world, the ones for whom evil does not yet exist. For they truly don’t understand what they cannot do, until told they cannot do it. I believe in laughter. The true medicine against a troubled soul. I believe in the ones whom bring the laughter, for they shall be called the Sons of God. I believe in the downtrodden, the ones whom day after day, get up and walk. They may not know their path, but they trust in the Light….truly, no one would blame them if they quit, but quitting is too easy…They are the true hero’s…modeling a Spirit of perseverance. When I think about the mold, as it tries to overtake all that I worked so hard to accomplish, I give myself Something to Believe In, and then, I begin to feel the Light….

Kendall and I (LOL) will figure this out. We’ll get through it, together or apart, but nothing happens alone. I KNOW there are millions out there, just like me, for whom Satan finally found a weak spot, and I pray for them. I pray for strength, courage, guidance, and Light….do not let him steal your Joy. You can cry and bleed your soul, you can scream and clean your slate, you can fight, argue, stand and hold your ground, but you cannot run, you cannot hide, and you cannot quit….Something To Believe In….whatever this is….we’ll get through it…until then…Watch for the Light Bearers…..they’re everywhere…even sitting right next to me in class…..Thank you Jesus….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday.


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I Don’t Know

He's Just a Baby Christian....
He’s Just a Baby Christian….

“I don’t know Buddy. I just don’t know”. Ronnie answering her son Sweetness, when asked why God lets babies die.

There’s always two answers to every question. The simple answer, which more often than not just brushes off the concerns, and the complicate answer no one wants to hear….it isn’t that we don’t care….quite the inverse, we care very much…it’s just that telling someone that due to “Sin is in the world, man has free will” really does MORE harm…than good if they’re not ready to hear it….because even I don’t get it….I DON’T KNOW….9 times out of 10…people will respect you if you’re just honest…the “Thou Art blessed…etc, etc” is way over their heads…Guess I’m just nervous about my son’s decision to follow Jesus, and how hard his life will now be. Sigh.

I don’t know why God allows babies to die. Don’t you think I’ve dissected that question myself? Don’t you think it’s led me to question the very existence of God? Don’t you think my heart, as an Empath, and a fellow human being, has MOURNED and GRIEVED the loss of the children in this world? Does that comfort you? Maybe not, but it means that I’m a human being just like anyone else…it means that even though I may be of the Faith, I am still your sister in this World….it means, that I feel what you feel….I am not spared the evil, ugliness in life….Truth is, my son has now chosen to allow Christ into his life, to follow His teachings, to make a public profession of an inner commitment….do you think Satan is happy with that? Not at all because my son will bring power to this world…he’s just not aware of his gifts yet. I’m scared because as the Light is taken and the world becomes dark, my son…will be considered a light…let’s ponder that implication….shall we?

God gets a bad reputation, just like the political commercials out right now, only 1/2 of the information is being given….”God lets babies die”…”God let me lose my job” and I’m here screaming….”That’s NOT TRUE”…..Sheesh, political commercials are of the DEVIL….God is not the author of our bad choices, or the bad choices of others, what God is is the architect of the plan…our lives have a Care Plan….God is the Administrator….we make choices outside the plan, He modifies it…get it? We make the choices…He changes the plan, that’s a 2nd chance…My son will now be swiftly educated and not all of it will be politically correct….like the day he was told that Trump eats the hearts of kittens….yep, that took a Will not to laugh, a restraint not to call those parents….He will start to see, Sigh, that Cancer, car crashes, accidents, Free Will of another…Political Ads…..are not of God’s choosing…..I Don’t Know means I don’t know….Watch over my baby Father, he belongs to you now…do you have any idea the faith and trust required to hand him over? Yes, I suppose…you do…(mommy tear). Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.



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I’m Not Having Sex Everyday

Remember Them?
Remember Them?

“You gotta read this!” Merrill

As a well-trained Marriage Counselor, I was interested to read the article that Merrill slid over to me yesterday. The article was titled, “My Husband and I Had Sex For a Year”….well, I’m not having that much chocolate milk, it’s bad for your teeth, but it was a good read. The woman whom wrote the article was feeling bad about her body, after seeing it one day while getting out of the shower, so after making the pledge to NEVER be naked again, she had an epiphany….She would ask her husband how he felt about having sex with her every day, rain or shine, for a year. Being a good man, and loving his wife, he felt like anything that would help her, he’d be willing to do (right). Personally I just go to the gym, but hey, I don’t judge. So every day…..every day….they had Nesquick. At first it was hard (stop) because it was like a chore, but eventually, she began to open up and appreciate and enjoy their sexuality….then the feelings toward her own body began to change….she began to feel sexy again….I get that…I do, but I’m Not Having Sex Everyday……although I do feel better after chocolate milk too….and before you report me….follow me here….In theory, her experiment works, so I’m hip….

Our bodies were created to be the perfect Temple of God, but we don’t have to be religious for the principal to apply equally. Just because we’re followers of Christ, doesn’t mean we have the better sex…I feel like we don’t talk about it enough really…. I admit I can be crass about Nesquick, but that’s because it’s sooooo perfect…we tease that which we love. Women my age are not supposed to be “sexual” but sex was meant to be an extended-released capsule, meaning as we understand more about our sexuality, the sex gets better….See, in addition to the diamond, God gave us sex as a reminder that when the two come together, they shall be one. Sex is not a game, weapon, a toy….it goes deeper than that….it’s beyond the simple, “She’s a got a nice ass”; (which I do, just saying) sex is…..a connection…..a bond….a DRUG….Feeling shameful of her body after two children, the author of the story needed to be reminded that bodies do fade, but the deeper, personal connection of him with her…like the diamond….was forever. She didn’t have sex to save her marriage, to keep hubby happy, nor to even keep his eye from wandering (although…it did accomplish all three)….she had sex, every day, because she needed to be reminded that she was a sensual being, capable of sharing and enjoying her body….

Sex is like pizza, in that when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good, but it was never intended to be a Papa John’s delivery item. Procreation is one thing, but when a man and a wife become one person, the effects are stronger than…um…Pot? I’ll get reported if I go too far into it, but honestly, you’ve never relaxed….then had the munchies after Nesquick? I’ve eaten more bowls of cereal in bed then my kids do on Sat am…..Don’t Judge Me…you’ve done it too. In Nesquick, the Wonder Twin power activates, and Satan has no power. Why do you think Paul said to…come together, lest ye be tempted? Even Paul, PAUL YA’LL…recognized the power in sex! So I guess it is a weapon…..a Spiritual weapon….I can see it now, RBC welcomes Veronica Philips and her 6wk study of SEX….and the Devil….it could happen.

When Merrill and Ronnie "meet".
When Merrill and Ronnie “meet”.

At the end of one year of….the author had lost 20lbs, was able to discontinue hypertension medications, loved herself, loved her husband, and had a deeper connection with both. Hmm, NOW, I’m a fan of sex, you know this, but I’m Not Having Sex Everyday for a year…..Goodness, the quota Merrill gave me is complicated enough…….but what I am saying is, in the Spiritual, two souls are better than one….Have you seen my kids? Then you know what happens when Merrill and I come together…..I keep repeating it because she’s way more of a woman than I, but again, I’m not having sex every day….Kuddo’s to her. Merrill feels that maybe we should give it a try….he’s been feeling “not so close, and ‘insecure'” lately…Whateves! Gotta go…super busy day. I CAN do all things through Christ….this is true, but there’s quite a bit I can do through Merrill as well……I love them both so much….Merrill loves my body, and reminds me constantly that I’m still a sexual and sensual being…Little Sisters you don’t get this yet, but you will, and when you do…..You’re welcome…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, excuse me, here comes Merrill…..Be Blessed.

A copy of the article can be found here: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/relationships/a40163/sex-with-my-husband-every-day-for-a-year/




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#kickboxing Rock Star


“Did you eat breakfast this morning?” Classmate

“No. I had a smoothie, then ran out the door” Ronnie

“Girl, what are YOU doing trying to lose weight?”…Classmate

“I’m NOT. I’m trying to MAINTAIN it”….

We can do all things through US….done it many times myself…what we cannot do, is MAINTAIN it. Easily the greatest battle that will ever be fought over our soul, is the battle of the mind…Follow me here, I get that many of you believe you’ve done much on your own steam, and who know, maybe you have, but to stay at the point of victory requires something far stronger, wiser and greater than we’ll ever be. Truth is, I’ve read post after post about those who’ve lost the weight….they look amazing….unfortunately….several months later, they’re back at it….shaming themselves….in their failures, they didn’t learn their strength. Listen kids, I’ve been there….let me share with you something I found to be divinely inspired….Shaming yourself, is the devils doing. If he can get you to see yourself as crap, crap is all you’ll ever be….#kickboxing Rock Star….STEP TO ME, I’ve got a whole group of people standing right behind me.

Yeah Okay, I have a meeting with the COD (Counsel of Doctorate) today, but I’m not afraid, for thou art with me. For a minute, I felt bad. Then I got over it. Two things in this life are TRUTH. 1. Fear/Smear…. and 2. We all EFF UP…..all of us. You ain’t special…deal with your mistakes, own them, rub some dirt on it and get back in the game. I’m not demeaning what you’re going through, I’m saying GET UP. It helps to know that there are others out there, who’ve failed in the same manner as you….See, even as I stand before the COD and plead my case, I will remember that they…the COD…failed a few test themselves. We all fail….we all fail….we all fail. If you haven’t failed, you’ve got a failure coming…..we’ve all failed……the difference is the Rock Stars admit it…..

Ahhh Grasshopper….this is where sh*t gets real. To get somewhere, and to stay somewhere….are two entirely different concepts. See, I have you, right behind me, to make sure that when I fall down and bash my face up on the rocky ground that is my life, one of you will step out, and pick me up. Would there have been any damage had I never shared that I failed my test? No, not really….but I wouldn’t have been accountable. My failures serve two purposes. One, is accountability. Putting it out there makes me take it seriously…get it? Two, someone out there is afraid of failure….I’m saying, Don’t fear failure…..Fear Ignorance…In failure, we learn our roots….our Nature….Learn your Nature, and you’re half way to the spoils of life. So SUCK IT SATAN…..I’m not afraid….#kickboxing Rock Star means, getting in there and failing…just fall flat on your face….I’ll pick you up. You’ll never EVER know true success, if you never EVER know true failure. See? Told ya I only needed a few days….Got my mojo back. Okay gotta go. Time to get ready for “The Counsel”. I….Think I’ll wear my pink UGG’s, with my “Pink” Sweatshirt….Pink makes me happy…and fiesty…..after all, humility do not look good on me.  It’s not about them. It’s about me….and you.

Want What I Have? Do What I Do….

Let’s roll. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday….COD Day.


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See What You Did!!!

My High School Yearbook Photo.
My High School Yearbook Photo.

I have school, I see a Guardian outside, and it’s time to awaken the spawn for the day. I only have a few minutes to really express my feeling at the Iowa Primaries, but it’s okay, because I only need a few minutes to really offend one half of you. I hate that I have to do this. See What You Did!!!

  1. We don’t have boundaries anymore. Hell, JFK was cavorting (you know SEX) around with the very beautiful Monroe, the press knew it, his wife knew it, the whole Kennedy Family knew it, but out of RESPECT  for the very classy Mrs. JFK, the press kept it secret. We don’t do that anymore. If you’re in public scratching your ass with your right hand, picking your nose with the left, you’re fair game…..Screw you….PUBLIC and I write that as I’m Picking my NOSE, and scratching my butt.
  2. Kids are off limits. I DGAF who you are, I will defend them and their right to privacy with my last breath. Actually, it’s my new mantra, “Mess with my baby, I’ll eat your face”. You don’t have to like me, but I can TAKE you in a fair fight, say something, or bring my children into it, even my beautiful 26 yr old, and I will hunt you, and bury you….like the Lord says, “Test me on this”….but don’t. Really.
  3. My Goodness people, it’s an ELECTION. In high school did you all beat the crap out of each other in the hallway just because one supported McFarland over Montgomery in the Student Counsel President election? What was the dirt? “Psst, McFarland eats her boogers”. We didn’t do that. Just because I said I liked Trump’s personality, it didn’t mean I was voting for him. It meant the man is a clown, and yes Pesci, I found him amusing. Suck it. (Source: KY3 thread in Mo).
  4. The next US Civil War will be won by “not the left”, “not the right”, but by SATAN. You do realize that, like the Bronco’s, united we run this Muther, but divided, Satan comes in and wipes us out. Christians too. Oh yes, I saw the profiles, little Miss, “Ask me about my Christ, Sunday School Teacher, whom just called that man a flipping (didn’t say flipping) idiot”……YOU TOO Sweetie…..You Too….
  5. Finally, let us all take a breath, then hold it….until we turn purple and pass out, because that’s the only way we’re getting out of here in one piece. Please don’t say anything on FB that you wouldn’t have the stones to say in public, and even then, passion is a mighty force. Passion puts more people in prison than drugs. Just Saying. Can we either all be idiots, or quite? Both are good with me. I can’t stand to see and sense all the hate…..I can’t….and all because Trump, as polarizing as he may be, was ahead…but WASN’T in real life…..SMH…the Media had your goat…Baaaaaa.
  6. Special Note: Can we stop with the Meme’s comparing any candidate to Hitler. Unless you’ve been in a Hitler situation, or maybe toured a death camp, like Daccu…you have no freaking idea just how crazy/evil Hitler was. We can say anything we want, but Hitler would have had NO POWER, had it not been for the GOOD PEOPLE (like us) who stood by and DID NOTHING. Get it folks? One more time for the slow of reading. HITLER….would have had….no power….had it not been….for good people….who stood by….and did….NOTHING. It wasn’t Hitler…..it was SOCIETY….think about THAT, the next time you chose to show a Meme instead of having an intelligent conversation; however, if you are not capable of having an intelligent conversation, then at least chose a Meme that’s somewhat accurate…..or STHU…both are okay with me.

Welp, that’s it. I think I’ve offended all equally. The hatred has to stop! When you bring children into it, because your a C.S. POS who failed “Decent Human Being” class at school, then I get mad and come for you. Do it again, and I will nail your ass to FB. I mean it….it’s a freaking election. No one comes out whole. If Obama failed at one thing, it was UNITY. He failed to unite a nation, and now here we are…..Do we need another 911? Lord I hope not. I’m not a stupid, a racist, hateful, bigoted, Hitler Lover just because I found Trumps demeanor amusing and disagreed with you, BUT if you think that…then you never knew me, away with you…do me the favor of losing some FB weight…at my expense. Please! If I chose to comment on your thread; which BTW, if you post it…it’s up for debate #justsaying….but if I chose to comment and you call any of my children Retarded Inbreeds….(Yes that happened to a friend), I’ll hunt you down…..Great, now that I’ve put that in writing…I gotta go. Be Blessed. PLEASE REMEMBER: You set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and Mercy to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Tuesday…..

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