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Well I think we should do away with the Electoral College, and just go to the popular vote. That way, we get whom we want“. Poster on a Facebook news thread. Um, Yeah. Education is important.

I dedicate this column to him ^.

Sometimes when our relationship is going well, I’m bored, or I just don’t want him to forget, I’ll bring something up that he said, like 23 years ago, and I’ll act hurt. It’s a game I like to play called, “Make Merrill Apologize” and it’s fun. Early in our relationship, we were on the phone, and I asked him, “Do you think I’m fat?”. Now, 19 yr old GI’s have no idea that a question is anything more than a question, and he was so smitten with me, he answered, “Well, you could lose 10lbs“….Yes, I remember that, and still bring it up today. The Media, the Antichrist of this society, does that too. When the days are long and hot and the people are staying inside watching movies and trying to stay cool, they like to throw out Facebook grenades, that detonate, and cause nefariousness. A question on KY3 asked something about Clinton, and the illegitimate nature of Trump’s presidency…(I have to laugh because they did that to Obama too)…..Illinois Schools.…Let me freaking tell you why, the popular vote doesn’t work…if after that, you still think the E.C. should be dismembered, then I have to assume you’re part of the Chicago Machine…..

The Illinois Assembly, did not….DID NOT pass a school budget. No, all that hemming and hawing over the money, and the new tax on the money, only served to shut the people up and divert their attention to something shiny. Now we have schools, smaller schools, in danger of closing after the new year. So many have had to cut their budgets to bare bones, that now, they cannot even operate with any Rainy/Snowy Day Funds. Many in the Bismarck District received an email yesterday from our Superintendent of Schools warning us of an impending closure, in January, if the Illinois General Assembly did not get off their asses and do their freaking jobs. POS’s….in what other line of work, do you get to be totally lazy and paid for it? We had the ball, we voted in a Republican Governor; which come on, he’s no Christmas Ham, but we kept the same supporting casts……Now, the most vulnerable in society is going to be used as pawns in a war between Red and Blue, and only because the military is off limits……Seriously, are we going to sit back and let them start closing Rural Schools, or is it time we started kicking their asses? It’s up to you folks…..I’m not going to be here….anymore.

And so, we the voters, gave Illinois permission to have, start, control, and apparently destroy, the lottery, because we thought the proceeds from the lottery; which should have created the best school systems in the WORLD, were going to be used for education. They were not. I’m not making this a debate over teachers pensions, because I get it. No, this is about the continued mismanagement of lottery and budget funds for our schools, and now, they’re threatening to close…one by one. Now I ask you, Rural America, do you want your children shoved into huge CO-OPS where the teacher to student ration is ridiculous, security is non-existent…..or worse…..EXISTENT, do you want large, crowded high schools where kids continually fall through the cracks while selling crack to each other? If you do, keep walking Slick, this isn’t about you, but if you don’t…..well it’s time you staged a revolt….it’s time you care about something…..it’s time you call your Rep, but WTF is he going to do? See, this is the part where a quick tutorial on the E.C. comes in handy. Downstate Illinois is sick and tired, and tired and sick of Chicago. That city, is like a freaking sea-gull infested landfill, that stinks to high, high heaven. Their politics are so filthy, that I can smell the mold on their coke machines from down here. We are tired of that blood sucking, parasite of a city constantly creating, developing then implementing policies…for us. The elected officials in the General Assembly come from Chicago…the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader….both Chicago Democrats….both concerned with Chicago, because Chicago pays for their children to go to public schools….Oh, and the Illinois Attorney General, is the daughter of the Illinois Speaker of the House……but we don’t care…..they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. We are the perfect example of WHY you do NOT want the Popular Vote ruling your country…..I’d really prefer we all cede those snakes from the state, but Wisconsin doesn’t want them, and Indiana wants a dump fee…..Smart state. So….Illinois Schools.…All we’re doing is making ….then allowing (and paying) corrupted officials…. California….here I come…..Pick up the fight Illinois….this state is going to ruin our children. Be Blessed.


Go get em Champs: http://vote-il.org/Officials.aspx?State=IL&Report=IL


Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.


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The Emancipation Of Ronnie










I am going to beat your ass you ‘blankety, blank blank’ here’s my address”….a PM I received. LOL, note how I am supposed to come to her…to get my ass beat. Her mother, sent me a text slightly more vulgar and slightly less readable….Sigh…Back in my day that was a Call-out….what do they do today?

Had I received that message back in Jr. High, I would have ran to a “Spike” friend, and asked for help. LOL, there’s is (or there was) a caste system in our schools, where the girls with the “reputations” were Spike dogs, and many of us, were just little “Hey Spike” pups. They had the bleached streaked hair, smoked, drank, listened to Ratt, The Crew, and Doken (who?)..they had reps I admired, and no one…I mean no one…wanted to mess with them. It was a little humbling, but that’s how we survived…..but one day something happened. An egg deep within my soul hatched, and a new person was born…but this new persona was born of pain from a life of bullying, being humiliated, acts that today, suicides our babies! The truth is, I was tired of being afraid….I was tired of being used…I was so tired of being treated like I was subhuman….and it wasn’t just at school! Instead of killing myself, which I did try folks….I freaking TRIED….I got mad…and in getting mad, I found the Emancipation of Ronnie….Little Sister, do you REALLY want to step to me….I mean, I’m going to beat your mom’s ass….but are you sure YOU want to step to me?

I don’t deny that she (the Little Sister) been through some mess. Reading the PM of the mother, I gotta believe it wasn’t the most functional house to grow up in. I had friends tell me a little about the life of the Little Sister, Danville is a small town, many know this girl and her mother…..but come on, we’ve all been through mess. I said to Merrill last night, “Did she and her mother, really think I wasn’t crazy? I mean, I KNOW they don’t know me, but did they think I was going to be afraid?”….his response, from someone who hasn’t gone through the mental “conflicts” I’ve been through, said, “You don’t have to go there. You can leave it alone“. No, I can’t…and I can’t, because I was minding my own business when they both came along. I didn’t start any of it…so they stepped to a total stranger…what are they doing and saying to others much weaker? This isn’t about looking weak; which I discussed with you a few days ago, this is about, POWER…This is about an 18yr old Little Sister messing with the wrong woman…her mother messing with the right one, and this is about ME…and how I detest a bully…

Dennis Rodman told the story of metaphorically shooting himself in the head, and coming out the other side with his persona. Sadly, there are only two ways out of a life of fear….you can die; which I did try, OR, you can fight; which I did as well……The fight, will strengthen you…empower you….fortify you. I’ve shared enough Kiddie Pool stories with you, enough Walmart stories, enough stories about school and work for you all to know that I’m not taking crap from anyone. There isn’t a line of authority I respect, simply because of whom or what that person does. I’m sick of seeing the suicides….I’m sick of watching the drug overdoses….I’m sick of hearing about the broken spirits because no one is taking the victim seriously. If you haven’t been bullied, shut your mouth, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and if you have been bullied, you have a responsibility to STAND UP, and speak out about what you know to be true. This isn’t about me being a badass, this is about me and years of finely honed beat downs, simply telling you, Little Sister, that you should be very careful whom you message with threats. You’re still young and have a chance to learn…don’t step to strangers, but your mother is a different story…Honestly, she just made me a very angry person. The Emancipation of Ronnie.…it’s about earning six the hard way. It’s about not dying when I tried, and not living when I didn’t. I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep saying it, if you’re being bullied, If someone is holding the physical power of harm and humiliation over your head…tell someone…you’re life is just as worthy, just as deserving of liberty as theirs. They are not better than you! I’d better stop because the more I write, the more I’m tempted to take her up on her offer. She has no idea what I’ve been through…and clearly she hasn’t seen my FB page….because if she had, she’d know I can take care of myself……Gotta go, I’m really hoping to be locked up with the family all weekend. I mean, I DOUBLE DOG, RUBBER CHICKEN DARE YOU GOD, to make it snow like no other snow, this weekend…Seven inches of snow with a wood burning stove, snowman, baking, no being tempted to STEP, sounds amazing right now…. Just when I thought I was out, she drug me back in…LOL, and I’ve always wanted to say THAT……..let me enjoy my life….while I try to ignore the Little Sister….and her stupid mother…Sigh. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday….

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Go Wash It Off

Listen to ME....
Listen to ME….

Go Wash It Off. You look like a whore“. Painful memory of being 13, trying makeup on for the first time, then being told to go wash it off because my grandmother disapproved….it’s okay…I now understand why.

NO, the mayor did not go to Chicago umpteen years ago and have a billboard created to tell the residents of Cabrini Greens to move to Danville. I find it humorous, and downright annoying that there are those who’d carry on that rumor, KNOWING they didn’t see it, but like some paranormal activity will SWEAR they knew someone who had…which is impossible…because it didn’t exist. Get it? Look if ghosts, goblins, aliens and Jimmy Hoffa are/were real, don’t you think someone/somewhere would have a photo? This is the Snapshott/Instagram generation….there are pictures out there of body doubles for government, assisinated officials…..Show Me The MONEY….because you’re starting to sound like an idiot. Danville, Go Wash It Off…..you’re not ready to wear make up just yet.

Speaking of the Big Leagues, did you see those Cubs? CHICAGO. Ask any Scanner weary resident of my beloved City and they will tell you the name Chicago is not welcome here…..but this isn’t about Chicago. When the housing in Chicago was closed, residents were given vouchers that were good to use in any downstate neighborhood. People want to complain that Danville is now the Little Chicago of Illinois, but I think St. Louis would beg to differ with that distinction. Truth is, reading the blotter report yesterday, I saw one name from Chicago, all the others were from Danville. We may not yet be a big city, but we sure got big city problems, and a mayor that HAS to be frustrated in finding a solution to the recent uptick in drive-by shootings.

We tried to grow up too fast, but like the 13 yr old Ronnie wearing horrible blue eye shadow, Danville doesn’t have a grandmother whom loves her. We wanted the casino’s, the Ferris Buller parades down Vermillion, the River walk….we wanted all the big city benefits, with little city resources. We’ve had 4 drive by shootings, a murder rate that puts us at number 57 of the “Most Dangerous Places To Live” rankings, schools that no one wants to attend, and a tax weary citizenry whom so help them God will NOT take another step forward….until shown a plan…to make Danville GREAT again. I can’t blame them…but this didn’t happen overnight, and this didn’t happen entirely under one Mayor’s watch. This is a by-product of our society, a Federal Government that somehow always knew what was best….even if they didn’t live here. This isn’t Law and Order, these are real people, scared to death in a community where the daily sounds of gunfire can be heard, and the children are kept inside…..It’s NOT Chicago….this is US.

I have no clue what to do, but I DO know that Trump can help….I’m kidding. We have to stop taking advice from those who do not live here, and start listening to our Elders who won’t tell us what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. Simply washing the make up off this one isn’t enough anymore….This is my city too, these are my children, I drive through those neighborhoods, I don’t want the violence either, but if you’re not willing to stand up and be a part of whatever the solution then you are part of the problem, and you need to SHFU…because you’re in our way….We should not have babies afraid to ride the bus, nor go to school….we NEED to stand our ground with the SHOOTERS, and THE MAYOR…and THAT…is where I end this today. Danville, you wanted to be a big girl…….Now Go Wash It Off. You’re not ready to play in the big leagues just yet…..This isn’t about Chicago, it’s about US…and the society we’ve become….shame on you if all you did was bitch…now your chickens have come home to roost, and you’ll eat em…..and choke. This is some “Untouchable” mess right here, and like the movie say’s, “What are you prepared to do about it? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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We Failed Her

I DARE you to mess with them.
I DARE you to mess with them.

I had warts as a child. Horrible, horrible little things, that one can really do anything about. No, a frog did not pee on me, and it wasn’t until Germany and its free healthcare that I was able to get rid of them, but I paid for them. I had a teacher once say to me, “You know, you probably got those warts from lying so much”….I had no idea what she was talking about. Other kids used to treat me as if I had a VD…and would make it known, that my VD was contagious…..It’s a horrible, humiliating life…sigh. It’s sad that life is set up in such a way that we have to walk through pain, (and it is pain) just to make it out the other side a different person. I remember screaming, “Why me?” while crying into my pillow. My grandmother, bless her heart, didn’t get it….”Just punch them” she’d say, but I chose to just melt in…I’d try to hide in class, not raise my hand, but there are some asshole teachers out there who won’t just let you blend in…..Poor baby…her entire life was consumed with pain…We failed her….We’ve lost enough babies. It’s time we do something.

Do you KNOW how many times I wish I were Carrie? She had it good…I KNOW what it’s like to walk the halls with everyone talking about you behind your back, to have someone just pick at your pride, to be tagged in a fight after school, then humiliated as I got my ass handed to me. Others just stood and laughed. How is that funny exactly? How many more Little Sisters have to hang themselves before we say,”ENOUGH” and hold the ones responsible accountable? Why is it, people freaking picket the lot of the hairy nosed bat dweller, but won’t stand outside a school, known for its IDGAF attitude toward bullying, and offer a sense of security to the babies who have to walk home? We can fight over penises and vagina’s that shop at Target, but we can’t make it known to our school systems that we KNOW that they KNOW bullied children are being targeted everyday, (LEBANON…I’m talking to YOU).

Do you know how many badass bitches I have as friends, and if we were to unite and do something…this town would need a freaking enema. So, I’m going to carry the name of that Little Sister with me because it is to she whom I write every day. I can’t fathom the thoughts of the parents as they realize that they lost their child due to the preventable actions of another child….SMH…and this struggle….will continue. Hell…I’m tempted to go to the school and stand outside like a Black Panther just so the bullied child KNOWS someone cares. We failed her….We must do better….we are the mentors to the future leaders, and we can’t do our job if they keep killing themselves because we’re not protecting them…think about that….as you go about your day. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.

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