Still Great at 46
I wanted a shower

“You’re pissed off because of a shower?” Merrill

Yes I am. It’s the little things that bring out the bigger feelings…..You Hip? It’s not braggart, but pride that compels me to share with you something said to MOI, by a Petite Soeur a few months ago. “You’re so open, honest….and raw”….”Raw”…Raw…..Unprocessed? I stink? Without process (lol)? Before preparations? Maybe all of the above. I wrote a little bed time ditty on FB last night, and while I do have a semi-time private life, I write from a place of reality, real feelings, real thoughts, real actions….I write from a place of Rawness, because if you don’t see my struggles, how can you appreciate my successes? You can’t….because if all I show you is Pink and Blue Unicorns, you’ll never know the true sacrifices of my path, and you won’t follow me…….No, it isn’t your business, but I Gotta Shower Soon, and that’s part of what started this rant….last night. Do not take advantage of those whom love you very, very much.

I’m disappointed, that is by far, worse than being pissed. In any relationship there’s going to be some give and take…but when YOU give and you TAKE…you’re gonna leave your partner resentful, and when the ROOT of Bitterness creeps in, the only thing you can do is pray….Truth is, you can look at someone, and envy all their achievements, but it’s a trap. You have no idea what that person had to go through for the small semblance of success they achieved, AND honestly you have no idea what someone else had to go through for that person to be successful. Come on, be honest, ALMOST 100 times out of 100 times, you’ll see a man doing very well, but you’ll also see a bitter ex-wife in the back ground….she may have a large settlement, but I’ll guarantee you that at one time, she didn’t want the settlement, she wanted her husband. Any modicum of victory we experience in our lives, comes with a price. Could be pride, desires, time, or money, but it should never, EVER be your family….for it all falls apart without them….

So yes, all this is about a FREAKING shower…..Realizing last night that I couldn’t shower with Duchess up and at em in the living room, I suddenly became aware of what my life had become, and I got pissed off. Relax….I have a good life, but there are some tweakings that need to be done….I’m not divorcing Merrill…yet. For all my friends whom are lovers, writers, actors, Engineer’s….whatever….realize that behind your victory….stands another champ….whom we don’t talk about enough. Don’t Judge Me….About that bitter ex….my guess is all that person wanted…was the one thing…the Victor couldn’t give him/her…and that’s too bad. Relationships are about balance…give and take….success is simply a result of a balanced relationship…..Feel me?  I may not be famous, but I’m known enough to know that to be HERE…means some nefarious mess and sacrifices had to go down, and before any of you JUMP me….Merrill is well compensated for any sacrifice he feels he’s made…..You do nothing alone in this world and anyone whom says different, come see me, I have a Chanel I’ll give you for a $1. Now turn to your left and right, and say, “Thank you”…because that person CHOSE to sacrifice for your victory, and you owe them….At least bring your ass home so they can freakin shower…..I’m DONE…I mean it. Okay, Kiddo’s are almost up….I Gotta Shower Soon….and I do stink….I didn’t sign up for THAT. Be Blessed.

Remember you set The Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.


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