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How Soon We Forget






Boy Could Do Worse


Bells on Bob’s Tail rings, making firits bright, oh what fun it is to ‘mumble, mumble, mumble’ OH JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS“…The recently promoted Toddler to Pre-schooler….singing to herself.

And we’re singing Christmas songs on April 2. Her birthday is October 29, and all I’ve heard is, “Mommy, I want ‘xyz'” and I’m saying, “Hey! At least give me my SUMMER“. She’s started this new thing where she goes around mocking all she finds funny. For example, when Merrill walked up behind me this morning to kiss me on my neck, we heard her (from behind us) mocking “Hey look at me. I’m always kissing mommy. I can’t stop kissing mommy….smooch, smooch, smooch” She is an asshole, because she has this tendency to call things exactly as she sees them, but here’s the thing, while she’s on the front-end getting all the attention being nefarious, her brother is a sneaky snake, trying to get a giggle. “How Soon We Forget”…I had to remind the Instructors yesterday, exactly how “good” of a boy Sweentess really is.

No longer a toddler, Duchess is very at-face value kind of girl. Meaning what you see, is what you get. If you tell her to punch someone in the face she will do just that…punch someone in the face (Girl reminds me of someone…can’t put my finger on it). Her brother, however, is a little more covert than that. Mad at his dad one day, and not wanting to take the heat for himself, he told his sister, “Go punch dad in the face”…liking a good face punch, she did just that, and got into trouble, until she threw her beloved brother under the bus and said, “Bubby said he’d give me ice cream if I punched you daddy”….The truth is the daily fight between the siblings in this house, is mostly a result of Sweetness “I’m not touching you” his sister, and driving her crazy. She might be a tad bit like me.

Telling the story of Duchess recruiting body guard help her regulate a bully at McDonalds, I had to remind all within ear shot that her brother, started the first charter of the Fight Club at his pre-school (it was a short-lived charter), when he was about her age. So they wouldn’t have to go inside and pause their play, HE taught the other boys the short-cut by peeing on the fence. Actually, when the staff came to me to inform me of this malfeasance, I just looked at them and said, “I’m sorry. I don’t see the problem”…..She is a very open, honest, kind of girl. She’s passionate and empathetic to an absolute fault….while he is a sneaky snake, like his father, and nothing brings him greater joy, than to get his sister in trouble for some nefariousness he committed. Even as I write this, his father, the OA (Original Ass) is beating him (the boy) for no good reason….and now we see the issue with HIM. How Soon We Forget. I love The Boy, I really, really do…but we all forget that he had his moments….the same moments we tease Duchess for. I mean, do we really NOT remember the chamber punch, while playing TMNT at his pre-school? Yeah, some kid hit him too hard, so he hit him harder…..Duchess will be okay, it’s the boy I worry about. Now, I gotta go. The Pre-schooler is walking around the house saying, “I forgot how to speak turkey”…Well, I’d like to learn how to speak Turkey too….Think I’ll punch his dad in the face, just because. Yes, I get the irony of exactly who she acts like. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With you Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.


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Happy Birthday Sweetness


“Its a Boy?……IT’S A BOY!” Merrill upon finding out the ultrasound results.

“On this, the anniversary of the day of my son’s birth. I shall grant each of you one request. Make it good” Ronnie…the Godmother.

I’m not really one of those mothers. You know the ones happy to see school start again. I mean, when you have an August baby, you run the risk that the 1st day of school will coincide with your precious baby’s birthday, and it’s too much to BEAR. I mean, not only is he in Jr. High, but he’s the BIG 10…So we turn the page, a new school year, a new school, a new #guardiansofthebusstop year and a new age. I KNOW I’m supposed to be happy for him, but I can’t…I’m a helicopter mom….we hover….it’s what we do…Happy Birthday Sweetness….when your mother is a writer….its a big deal!

It’s already been shown, known and testified to that his amazing gift is the gift of perception. I don’t know whether that leads him down the road to Empathy, or if that’s going to help him in a career scaming rich women, but what I do know is that almost everyone has told me that he’s like an “old soul”. He is amazingly protective over those with whom he has bonded, and his mind (when he chooses to use it) is sharp and quick witted. He’s funny, knows how to make his mamma laugh, and also knows how to annoy his father by being like him. I cringe to think about the future ladies who may waltz into his life….I cringe for them….because they’d better come correct…mommy or not, I know how to handle my business…and his…

I'll Kill For Him, then make you famous.
I’ll Kill For Him, then make you famous.


Nine years we tried….nine….long…heartbreaking….years we waited until the Lord finally said, “Okay”….and I look into his blue eyes, the eyes that remind me so much of his father and I truly feel blessed to be his mother. He will be a leader among you one day….He is a 2nd Degree Blackbelt, will be a 3rd Degree Blackbelt soon, an Instructor at ATA, he can write (his mamma taught him that), and frankly, he has opinions….strong opinion! Now that he is in the Big 10…time will move very quickly….I know this. Sigh, if you’re of the Faith, you know they don’t belong to us, and one day we will have to give them back…but until then, I’m going to love, enjoy, laugh and cry at his antics. So, Happy Birthday Sweetness. Enjoy your 1st day of school, make lots of friends, read your AR books, and be good. And now, I bestow upon him one blessing, “May the wisdom of God the Father be forever in his heart. May it rest Peacefully within his soul, and may it forever guide his Spirit….For with wisdom comes great power, may he wield it wisely, and remember to always give credit where credit is due for we do nothing in this world alone”. I’ll simply end with, Amen…and I love you Sweetness….Mommy’s baby is 10…and I am suddenly very sad. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy this….my son’s birthday….ask me anything you wish…..Be Blessed.

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Sunday Babble

What We Did This Summer
What We Did This Summer

“I’m not a very smart person. Am I?” Ronnie to herself, as she accidentally deleted Firefox from her computer

With the deletion of Firefox, also comes the deletion of VP.com and the passwords to all my saved web pages, including Twitter….GRRRRRR, I wish I were a computer expert, because then I wouldn’t have to wait for Merrill to awaken, drink his coffee, take his am shower, then be in a good mood before I drop my faux pas on him. He’ll smile at me, pat my head, and give me some small “that’s okay baby” (said in the same tone used for Fido), then he’ll be my hero, and give me my computer life back…. Sigh….Sunday Babble…It’s Back to School….and while I have a lot going on, I got nothing to say.

1st Day of School is tomorrow; which also happens to coincide with my baby boy’s 10th birthday (I’ll talk about that tomorrow). When I write it’s the 1st day of School, I mean for all of us. Yep, Duchess…my sweet, sweet Duchess, starts school tomorrow too. Once the newness of being a big girl wears off, I suspect she’ll strip (she doesn’t like clothes), smack another child, and start tearing mess up, as she exerts her dominance in that muthur. I’ll be in the Head Mistresses office quite a bit…I’m already aware. Dr. Goel, her ENT, commented, “She is an amazing intelligent child. That’s an MIT graduate sitting there” and frankly, that scares me. Dr. Goel has seen many children get in and out of his chair, he would know intelligent from super MIT intelligent…I BELIEVE his assessment of Duchess….corralling that intelligence has been the bane of my existence. Oh, she has a tonsillectomy scheduled…just saying.

So, I have a 5th grader (Jr. High here), a Pre-schooler, and The Kiddie Pool 2- Nursing School starting tomorrow. I’m a little scared for myself, after all, where do you think Duchess learned her mantra? I too, will probably strip, smack another student, and try to run that muthur…but I have the VA to worry about. …. I did made it through Astro Physics, so I’m smart, what I fear is the clinical’s at the VA. Have I mentioned that they and I do not see eye-to-eye? I’m pretty sure that my clinical appointment request will be denied, and I’m being dead serious. Well, at best, they deny me, at worst they ACCEPT me…..Oh well, Ronnie could use a little humiliation I suppose. Sunday Babble, we have to lunch shop, bath, cut, iron, press, wrestle, clean, cry and of course, PRAY….Ya know, I mentioned to Merrill that now that our baby was going to school….it WOULD be a good time to have another baby….he threatened to punch me in the face, and leave….guess that’s a “HELL NO”…fine, I’ll get a dog instead. Our last day of rest before Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…May God Have Grace and Mercy upon our souls….and your soul as well. Let the chaos begin…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.


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The Princess Is Coming

The Kids of Veronica Philips
The Kids of Veronica Philips

“Mommy please don’t be mad at me anymore”. Duchess to a very guilty-feeling Countess. She knows what she’s doing.

Duchess IS cunning, but she ain’t got jack on her older sister, Princess; whom….is coming home today. The babies are excited, anticipating her arrival….(me too). Should anything happen to Merrill and I, Princess gets the babies and its disconcerting when she tells Sweetness, “Don’t worry buddy. We get to take care of her when she gets old”, that may be true, but she’s got to get through Duchess first, and believe you me, I don’t think they realize just how powerful she is, but I do, and I’m taking preemptive measures to make sure I have an Advocate in my Golden Years….The Princess is Coming…Ronnie loves her babies, but Ronnie’s not stupid either.

The hardest thing you’ll ever do for your children is NOTHING. I’m a mommy, and have been so for almost 27 years, so heed my words kind folk, when I say to you that we have to let our children, succeed and fail without our intrusion. In home care, there is a fine line between providing care and enabling. In other words, like a toddler, if they can do it themselves, they SHOULD do it themselves. For The Toddler, the Adult Child and The Beloved Elderly Client, WE must step aside, and let them falter…on their own…..The results of enabling, are devastating. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a loved one so dependent they can’t make a decision on their own……and really, what’s the greater sin, Binding an individual’s liberty, or Crippling an individual’s Independence? Pick one, they both suck….

The 1st child experiences the mistakes of the parents. The 2nd child experiences the mistakes of the parents with the 1st child, and the 3rd child sneaks out the door and does her own thing because the parents are too tired to care anymore. A co-worker called me yesterday, taking offense with a manifesto I had written earlier in the week, scolding the team for collective errors in our care of a client. Actually, right after she called, she wrote her own manifesto…refusing to admit her part in the collective failure. Sigh, there are none so blind as those who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, and I for one, would never hire her. Society, as parents, caregivers, family and friends, do harm in the world, when we create opportunities for dependence. I think that’s the essence of this election. It’s not greed, it’s reality, a parental understanding that in order for our children to walk or ride a bike, the parent has to let go….feel me? I get that we want to adopt all the animals, give alms to the poor, and save all the children, but in saving, if we take away the right to liberty, then we’ve failed and failed mightily! Victory is far sweeter if it’s earned, rather than given….So, I am corrupting the mind of Duchess. When I’m 100, and Merrill has left me for (2) 40 year olds, I’m going to need Duchess to protect me from Princess and Sweetness because Karma is a bitch. Truth is, dignity does not come cheap. It’s hard, challenging and time-consuming, it requires patience, love and an understanding that to do nothing, is far greater than to do something. What GOOD PARENT or GOOD CHILD would want to cripple the future Zombie Killers of the world? Not me….thumb sucking adults get killed first….so suck it…..Okay gotta go, The Princess Is Coming…..She’s beautiful, smart and perfect…how many mistakes could I have made? LOL, I’ve made a few… Can’t wait until she gets here. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.



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I’ll Kill For Him

I'll Kill For Him, then make you famous.
I’ll Kill For Him, then make you famous.

“Mommy what do you do when your girlfriend is cheating on you?”……”Um, you ask your dad?”…..Ronnie, not knowing how to mend her son’s broken heart….If it were me, I’d punch her.

So I have a pimple, and I haven’t had a pimple since I was a teenager. It’s annoying really, because I thought I was beyond this stage where I have hide my face lest you see my zit. The pimple, combined with my son’s heartbreaking question takes me back to my HS years, and the boy who broke my heart. Will I ever get over him? Yes, of course, I have and I will, but it’s amazing how some small incidents can bring back all the insecurities….I’ll Kill For Him….Believe THAT. Hmm, maybe there are some things his dad really should handle.

The long story short of it is, my son thought he was “going with” a girl, and found out yesterday am, in a rather harsh manner, that he was not. Oh, I wouldn’t be that age again for all the Hermes in Paris. We think it’s cute when they start their trek into the dating world, but they’re going through some stuff…we have to remember what that felt like. I was an ugly child…I really was, and honestly I had no idea what I was doing….Sigh, and memories flood my brain like a heartbroken montage…”Do you like me ‘Yes or ‘No?” the boy who responded, “EWWW” when told I liked him….”You knew I had a girlfriend!”…..Now I must watch my only begotten son, with whom I am well pleased, navigate his own Heartbreak Ridge, and I just want to jump in and beat the crap out of the little 10 yr old girl whom broke his heart…but I can’t, and I can’t because 1. She’s TEN…and 2. This Too Shall Pass….he needs to walk this alone…but like Roz, Mommy is watching….always watching….

Hubby tells him, “Don’t worry about it. Plenty of Sweetness to go around”, but Sweetness has the heart of his mommy, and want’s to be comforted in his time of sorrow. His friend, didn’t mean to hurt him, and honestly, at 10 this little girl didn’t mean to break his heart…It’s just the way of the world….nothing personal, but it IS personal….His dad said, “Boy, you are going to have so many women”, but he doesn’t want so many women, he wanted her….and now, he’s chomping at the bit to get this little boy in the Spar ring….Apparently he has his mommy’s tempter too. And they called it Puppy Love….So yes, I’ll Kill For Him, but no, not today. “Dating is Practice” mommy told him….and you’ll get over her….I think his dad needs to step up because I now have Mommy Rage, but as I’m not allowed to punch strangers in the face anymore….I need to vent this somewhere….You wanted The Boy…now go comfort The Boy, or I’ll punch YOU in the face, and there’s nothing ATA can do about THAT!….Be Blessed.

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My Baby Boy

He's growing up so fast.
He’s growing up so fast.

“Are you and Daddy having The Sex?” Sweetness, age 6, when walking in on Merrill showing me some affection.

The weather outside matches my mood, as I tremble at the thought of taking my son to camp later. Actually, I won’t. His father thought it best I stay behind lest I embarrass My Baby Boy in front of his peers. How could I embarrass him? I was only going to talk to the Coach about his need to rest often (his asthma) check the hot water to make sure it works, talk to the dinning staff about his nutrition needs…look over the medical staff certifications to make sure they’re qualified to treat hin, and speak with his RA regarding the firmness of his mattress and the distance from his bed to the restroom….HOW IS THAT EMBARRASSING? Well, maybe a little. See, It will be his 1st time away from mommy.  Sweetness is going to basketball camp, and will be trained by a famed coach…..and while it brings me great pleasure to give him this opportunity, it does mean his absence in the house. My Baby Boy, does every mother worry about her son…or is it just me?

Sure was a lot easier when he was younger, running around the house like a TMNT, Power Ranger, yelling, “To Infinity and Beyond”. A boy needs his mother, and he’s going to be without one for 5 days. I’m mean, sure he’s a smart mouth little punk whose only purpose is to get smacked in the mouth, but we do things together too. We talk about his day, his ATA Family (hint: He tells me EVERYTHING that goes on there), we talk about stuff that matters to little boys. With whom will I speak while he’s gone? Whose going to be his mommy….No, he needs me. I simply cannot let him go. It’s too risky….I’ll talk to Merrill about this. It’s a mistake to let him go….He’s not ready….

“Are you guys having the sex?”. Such a sweet question from a little boy too young to understand that mommies and daddies do love each other. We were forced to give him Part 1 of The Sex talk that day, in which we had to share that The Sex, helps mommies and daddies have babies. Thinking about his, he finally concluded, that the Kruger’s don’t have The Sex, because they don’t have kids….he was going educate his 4th Black Belt Instructor about The Sex helping him have babies……”We don’t talk about The Sex” we warned..”Not everyone KNOWS”.  I should have let him…..(Happy Birthday Mr. K). So this mommy is faced with the realization that in just a few short hours, her little boy, is going to be gone. Sigh. Will they feed him? Will they read him his favorite story when he gets scared? Do they know his favorite song? My guess is “No”….they do not/will not. Ya know, Merrill chose ME…out of all the other easy women he could have had, to be the mommy to his babies….I am a good HELICOPTER mom…which is why I’m surprised that he doesn’t want ME taking My Baby Boy to camp and talking to his coach….strange. Gotta go. His daddy packed for him last night, but he forgot to pack his bunny, his favorite book and his special foods. I’ll miss my son….my sweet Baby Boy but he’ll make a good man, husband and father someday. I’ll just have to find a way to sneak in camp…later this week….and check on him. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.


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The Road To Deliverance

My grown babies....
My grown babies….

“If I died right now, I’d die knowing that I did my job.” Veronica Philips to her Princess on The Road to Deliverance….

Princess was sitting in the passenger seat of my gas guzzling Navigator, raging against the world. For those whom don’t know, Princess is 26, she’s my oldest, and my favorite (don’t judge me). I had enjoyed some time with her and it’s quite refreshing to discuss things other than, “Yes baby, some dogs are brown”. I can enjoy a hearty debate with Princess because as a recent college graduate, she’s liberal, smart, and quite articulate, so imagine my face when I heard, “I swear to God, if one more person says they ‘DESERVE’ anything, I’m going to tell them to STFU and get a job”. Oh…this just got interesting. Wait! This is Princess right? The Road To Deliverance, because the Prodigal Daughter will come home…in her own good time.

So she blurts this out like Tourette’s, and I look over at her with my, “Mega WHAT?” face….but then I get it. It’s like the time I told my dad we should be able to burn the flag….You see we’re supposed to be liberal in the early 20’s. Princess had come out of Indiana State with some pretty good Feel The Bern ideals….college is all about being young and impressionistic..and naive. I petitioned The Kiddie Pool to let me teach a class on “How to Take Beer Money from College Students”, they wouldn’t let me….See, as they graduate from school, they have bright, fresh ideals of how the world “should be”, so bright eyes and bushy tailed they run out into the sun singing, dancing, throwing their caps because THEY…THEY are going to change the world, but then they get a job and look at the first check….Who the Hell is this FICA ASSHOLE and why is he taking my money? Now they’re learning to the dark side, because the Biblical Principal does indeed hold true, “If a man shall not work, a man shall not eat”…Screw Bernie…they WORK for their money.

I guess I should have just let it go every time she pronounced that free college should be a universal right. Instead the goose bumps would stand out on my skin, and I’d get that look in my eye that forced her to say, “RELAX mom. NO ONE is taking your money today”. I never minded her very liberal, socialistic, “we all live in a freaking yellow submarine” attitude because she was smart, and could hold her own, and isn’t that what we want for them anyway? To be able to articulate their ideals with some modicum of intelligence? After all, we can’t all be conservative, because then we’d all be douchbags like Trump, but we can’t all be givers, because then we’d have Clinton. So, sitting in the car, driving with my favorite (smile) I listened to her Generation X angst and I giggled, “You know, that’s a Conservative ideal, right?” I said through a laugh….”I don’t care” she responded, “You finally got what you wanted. And while we’re at it, what’s with this wanting $15 an hour for messing up my burgers?”….Oh God, I’m dying now, “You’re messing with me. Right?”…..The Road to Deliverance is about watching, waiting, hovering and holding. Like the baby turtles as they make their way to the seas, we simply provide a path for them walk. LIFE, the natural progression of age,  teaches them that financial survival is only for the fittest. Once they, the liberal college students, begin working themselves, and it becomes THEIR MONEY, the hippy commune euphoric society gets thrown by the curb in favor of paying the car note. Bills…they’re a bitch. I’d like to say that I did this, but I didn’t….LIFE did it. I’m just glad she found out now before her generation made too many policy changes they couldn’t get out of…now for the Millineals…..well…that’s not our place…it’s theirs….”X”…I’m too tired. I Gotta go, Duchess is awake and we have to be extra nice to her. Princess and Sweetness have already promised us that she will be the one to take care of us…I’m not encouraged. Guess I’d better get started on her ideology now…The Road to Deliverance….it starts at birth and ends when they get a freaking job…..my job here….is done. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.



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These Are Avengers...they are hero's...get it?
These Are Avengers…they are hero’s…get it?

I just looked out my bay window, and it feels like Heaven is sad too. Here we are, the last day of my son’s elementary education, and sadly, the last day of the Guardians. Sometimes friends, we stumble upon something amazing. I was blessed to be able to celebrate the last year of elementary school with my son and you, and while I do have a spare, Mommy is quickly running out of tires, but here come the tears. #guardiansofthebusstop it was a great run…

I was the Co-Creator of something special, and my collaborator was my SON. How very cool…is that? I wish I knew what it was that drove their success, but sometimes, it’s okay to NOT know something….it was cute…it was endearing, and sometimes…it was political…Hulk telling the world, “The Real Hero’s are Nurses”…that cracks me up! Daffy Duck for President….sigh… I’m a little sadder than I would normally be, because I know how this story ends. Today its Elementary school, tomorrow he’ll graduate 8th, and before you know it, we’ll be watching him walk across the stage….then COLLEGE….then he’ll move far, far away…and eventually marry a woman whose not good enough for him…..SOB….SOB….SOB….

Guardians were a small sift in the way I related to my son, and they could have, would have been nothing, if not for you. We had people follow that page EVERY DAY, share the page, LURK the page, request Guardians….I remember his 1st day of school…his little pitter patter of feet with his backpack slinging as he ran to the drive way to make the bus…Me admonishing him, “Be careful…don’t stray out of the drive way….I love you”….I always said, “I love you”…and I always will. The Guardians were just a way to keep me company, to give us both something to do, while we waited for the bus, and you should have seen the people who would turn their heads, as toys lined the front porch. Thank you for supporting my son. Thank you for all the kind, considerate comments when he’s directed and produced his own Guardians….Thank you for being a fan of me and mine…and as the tears now freely flow down my cheek, I know that time and projects may come and go, but this one…this one was special….and while The Rock never did recognize my attempt at his Guardianship….it’s okay…he will one day (#rockwatch2016). Sweetness and I thank you…for supporting him…his last year in Elementary school….You gave him something I could not have…positive reinforcement….and that’s pretty DAMNED Cool. #guardiansofthebusstop….Oh, I’m gonna need a bigger driveway….Thank you. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, SOB…enjoy my son’s last day of school.


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Back To Life

I'll miss her...sigh.
I’ll miss her…sigh.

Mother’s Day Weekend came a weekend early for me. It’s sad because as Merrill heads over to Indy this morning, he will be delivering Princess back to life, as he jumps a jet plane to Albany. Sigh, after a perfect weekend with my whole family, I feel let down. Of course, it’s just the #momlife and while he did everything he could to give me an amazing weekend, I don’t feel selfish for admitting, I don’t want it to end.

Raise your children well, or almost well, and they’ll have an amazing relationship with you…maybe. I don’t judge, I realize a lot of luck and mercy went into the raising of my baby. The conveyor belt of babies passed through my mind this weekend, starting with my Princess whose all grown up and beautiful, and ending 22 years later with my Duchess, who ends the slide show. The belt starts in 1989 with colic…The up’s and downs with tummy aches, burpings…nervousness… then Sweetness in 2006….the PPD,..the nervousness (I see a pattern)…..then Duchess in 2012, and I’m an old hat by now, I’m not nervous anymore..I’m terrified (LOL)……I’m sadly empty as they all awaken to greet their week with Princess and Duchess saying the same thing as they awaken, “Good morning Mommy”…mommy tear…excuse me……NO! They don’t teach this…in #momschool….

Don’t feel too sorry for me, I have a full case load today, as well as class tonight, and two rambunctious children who’ll keep me busy long after The Big Bang Theory ends at 10p, but this weekend, my Mother’s Day Weekend, was perfect…it was everything the mother of a baby who no longer lives at home desires. Sigh….He’ll be home Wednesday and life will be back to normal. As an Empath, it’s hard to adjust to change. I’ll get over this, but I want to thank him for giving me a perfect weekend. I have a man who loves me, a grown daughter whom I get along with, and two beautiful birdies at home…what else…could a mother possibly want? Well, that they all live on the same property with me…I mean, it doesn’t have to be here, but next door would be nice…Back to Life…It’s not always as cool as the song makes it sound. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday….Travel mercies for my family….

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Farmer Joe

Yep, Anytime.
Yep, Anytime.

I wish you could see what I see right now. It’s 6:30am, the sun…thanks to DST….hasn’t quite risen over the fields yet. I love the soft morning glow of The Light, as it gently rises from East side to chase The Dark out the West side. One could almost be Spiritual about The Light, as one remembers the words of the NT in which Christ told us, that in The Light, all will be made known. My North facing Bay Window, offers me the view of what Farmer Joe is up too. He’s out early to get the plowing started. The Light has revealed his nefarious activities…..Soon, there will be corn, soybeans, mowing, planing, sowing, and families…Spring…..Sigh…Okay, I’m over it. EFF YOU Farmer Joe. You owe me a night of sleep.

There are some on social media, whom bemoan, that is whine (Mmm wine) that they were up “all night” with their baby(ies). The “usual” understanding is that “all night” generally isn’t ALL NIGHT, but only some of the night, with some of the night being reserved for sleep…When I tell you I was up ALL NIGHT….Bank It. Duchess…..Her poor racking, Toddler body, was beset with cough after cough after cough…..We gave treatments, applied Vics to her chest and feet (BTW, that feet rumor is CRAP), we sat in the chair, we gave her water, Robitussin, laid hands upon her, prayed, cried, threatened to leave…..NOTHING worked. She coughed all night….Croup…the result of asthma….Farmer Joe’s fault….She went to sleep at 3a, I was up at 5am….#momlife…..no one said it was easy….

Shoulda known….shoulda known. Sweetness had weekend issues with asthma, why I just didn’t tell the NP to go ahead and give Duchess meds too, I’ll never know…except I do. We were thinking that we wouldn’t have issues with her…well we DID….worse than Sweetness……She’s now CROUPY….Their asthma, like mine, is allergen aggravated. Seeing the farmer in the field this am, I am reminded me that while we may have an early spring, we are also in for an early asthma season, and frankly, I’d rather deal with the spiders…the big, huge, hairy, nuclear deformed, spiders. The only way to deal with Pediatric Asthma, is with love, patience, patience and love. Of course, a little Prednisone helps. This may be the point where I have to ask for prayer. Farmer Joe is only doing his job, I recognize that, but DAMN, can’t he send out a flier or something? Spring is here….flower, bunnies, chicks, yellow…tulips, MATING….LIFE……ASTHMA. Wonder if I can get a nap in today? Oh Lord HELP ME….#momlife….pray for my babies. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other, show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, Pray for each other. Enjoy your Day.



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