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A Woman Your Age

Peer to Peer...
Peer to Peer…











I have so much respect for A Woman Your Age” Well-meaning reader.

I’m sorry. I stopped reading you after, ‘A Woman Your Age‘” Ronnie responding to said poster.

She didn’t mean to be rude, but she was, and as much as I’d like to fault her for her inappropriate ideals that women “my” age need to be coddled or even praised, I can’t. Corporations have focused so much energy on the younger generation that they’ve created an army of self-absorbed monsters, whose ideal of role models don’t extend past Negan. So what we have is a younger generation full of their own supremacy and hype, never realizing that they are, by far, outwitted by those of us, who wrote the book they’re reading. A Woman Your Age.…Yes well, a woman my age can still kick your ass…I’d tread lightly if I were you.

I have started a one-woman campaign for Under Armor, or anyone who’ll pay me (doesn’t matter) to show them that A Woman My Age is the better spokesmodel. I want Marketing to know that a Woman My Age would be more likely to purchase their goods, IF I saw them on a PEER whose conquered her goals. Feel me? I love The Rock. He is my 2nd in Command, but I’m not impressed…..because I work out too…so what? Now some of the Little Brother and Little Sisters of society may be impressed…after all…if they’re not hard-core into taking care of themselves, a celebrity sponsor may help to move their motivation along, but my “AGE” looks to peers…to motivate. We seek to encourage each other, we work with each other, and I’ll be damned, if a sports bra looks adorable on another woman my age, and she’s successful in it….Ima go buy it….Capital One wants to know what’s in my wallet….GOLD…there’s gold in my wallet to the right company….

And so, we’ve been posting Instagram pics of my post workout sweats. A Woman Your Age doesn’t need the false assurances that we’re still valuable in society, WE KNOW THIS SH*T, what we need are sponsors who don’t condescend to our sense of empowerment by trying to convince us that Little Sisters models look better in their styles than we do. I can rock a VS Yoga pant, and probably sell it better than them too….A Women You Age are smart, successful, powerful, wise, sage, smart (again), funny, CONFIDENT, engaging personalities……We are amazing at all things domestic, and I do mean ALL THINGS, and our multi-tasking skills on on Fleck… So, I’m going to be pursuing the ideal that A Woman Your Age, are incredible discoveries into the market share. I have a great ass….I know this….I work very hard on it…Merrill loves grabbing it….but shop any clothing manufacturer, and I’m supposed to wear some baggy size 9 Mom Jean to cover up my Tiger Stripes…..Screw that….NO MORE. I am going to work to empower all within ear shot that A Women Your Age are not pasture ready, quite the contrary…..we’re just getting ready to party….Just not past 10pm…LOL. Hey, what do you want? We’re still mommies right? So, A Women Your Age…in case you don’t get it…..we are a powerhouse of women disgusted with the ideal that we’re past our prime…Sweetie, we’ve only just begun….Peer to Peer…that’s how we roll…Life is better NOW. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.


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It’s Nothing Personal

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Mommy, what’s up with that itty bitty guy?” Duchess asking about Peter Dinklage on “Pixels”.

She’s not very politically correct is she?

Watching an Adam Sandler movie with my son this morning really awakened my senses, because Mr. Sandler likes to use 80’s music in his films….I don’t like his movies, I do like his music….I did digress. When they’re young like Duchess, they speak their mind. I’m not going to temper that in her. She won’t be cruel, that I’ll work on, but she will call it like she sees it. That piece was killed in me a long time ago, but like a bad case of spicy foods, it came back up with a mean vengeance… If I can save her, or any Little Bro/Sis one-iota of the grief that I went through, I will. The thing with the young youngsters is their parents, society, life, and teachers haven’t told them YET to not to speak their impressions of the world. So, with much fanfare and amusement, they speak great words of observations, and we hush them. Don’t you find that a little snobbish of us? It’s like inviting me to The Rock 80’s ball, then telling me I can’t say nor write a word about what goes on? Sigh…It’s Nothing Personal…when we don’t allow our children to express the world through their voice, we crush their spirit and we set them up for a life of being completely unsatisfied.

I was hugging Merrill a few days ago, rubbing my face in his chest, and telling him how much I really, really loved him. What can I say, I was caught in a weak moment of gratitude, and felt the need to be spontaneous. Teasing me, he said, “You realize that just made you vulnerable doncha?” Well, vulnerability is a weakness, and like that, my attitude changed, the little girl in the stronghold awakened…she was ready to defend me against anyone seeking to do battle…. Why did he say that to me? He could have called me a bitch, and I would have just giggled and snuggled my nose into his neck….but being open with him, did make me vulnerable. Merrill will tell you that I am a very guarded person. There are things I will NOT discuss including sexual wants and needs…I dunno, telling a man what you like, gives him a little bit of power….except I’m not supposed to think that way….right? Ugh. When he asks me…I blush and look away usually cursing him for bringing it up. See, I can’t even talk about it now. You wanna discuss what Gonorrhea does to a penis? Want to talk about my menses? I’ll discuss that all day ya’ll all day, but have Merrill ask me what I like in bed, (EEK) and I freeze up….I know women my age, should be very BOLD and unafraid to ask for what they want, but I’m not comfortable with that..Pretty sure I know why….but I won’t discuss it here, nor now, or ever.
The dude on Pixel’s was short. He was. She was just calling it like she saw it and little sisters, you need to be very clear in what you want from the world, and your partner. Little sisters are a growing populate of new STI cases each year, because Little Sisters lack the maturity and negotiating skills to get her partner to use protection. I can see why. If I have issues relating my needs to my spouse of a quarter of a century, you would have issues relating your needs too. Nonetheless, trouble does not negate responsibility. You are going to blush, but you must put on your big girl panties and stand your sexual ground. Seriously, it will make you wish you were anywhere but THERE, but I gotta tell ya, you cannot go through any relationship with only one-half  of the partnership satisfied, and if your partner cared…they wouldn’t want that for you. Dig? Seriously Ladies, if a man has to ask you if you did, you didn’t…and I say dump him. Life is way too short for that mess, but it does bring home the point that you are your only Advocate. Again for the cheap seats….You….are….your….only….advocate. Only you can prevent forest fires, and only you know what you like. Sexually, physically, emotionally, spiritually you are worthy of satisfaction….feel me? Sex was made for you too. It doesn’t have to be a feminist, “You WILL submit to my vagina” (although LOL on THAT) it can be as simple as, “I really like it when you…..”. It’s Nothing Personal…but is it…and I get that. A good mate will get it too. Ya know, Merrill and I have an amazing, well-rounded relationship. I love that man without logic. He’s been through some sh*t with me, and we do talk…but every now and then, it’s hard for me to share; which in turn, screws him out of his turn to share with me. Funny how that works. Part of it is also trust…I do trust him, but like the Presidential disaster plan, I always keep a piece hidden away, just in case…I’m glad I have him…Okay, THAT’S ENOUGH. All I’m saying is this, Never be afraid to have the conversation about what you want, and what makes your uncomfortable….See, it was just that easy. Now I gotta go. I’ll tell HIM what I want. When the kids leave, I’m going to march up to him with some Essential Oils and shoe string, and I’m going to ask him to….PSYCH…I’m not telling you, I’ll tell him…I’ll let you know how it works out. See, THAT, I’m not afraid to share…..Be Blessed.
Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

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To Thine Ownself

Fighting Evil requires an internal knowledge of thyself.
Fighting Evil requires an internal knowledge of thyself.

Ronnie: ” I could go for some chocolate milk.”

Merrill: “Want me to make you some?”

Ronnie: “Oh, you wanna MAKE me some?”

Merrill: “Yes, I’m going into the kitchen right now”

Ronnie: “You are an idiot aren’t you?”

Merrill: “Yes, yes I am”.

Okay, so the above written play didn’t happen exactly that way, but it’s close. Men, they want us to be all coy, shy, and demure, then when we (falsely) are, they don’t get it. Truth be told, I’m not good at being coy because I always end up snickering, like its an internal joke I share with myself. It’s like Gone with The Wind where Scarlett tells everyone she has the vapors. WTH is THAT? In my house people just say, “Dad I gotta fart”…Duchess, likes to ask, “Do you like the smell of my farts Daddy? I do” and that’s when Mommy loses it….it IS funny. The dinner table is the only area off-limits for the nasty talk. We may not discuss things like: Bug collections, road kill, frogs, farts, spiders, poops (you’d be surprised how often THAT comes us), dirt, mud, and dog’s butt’s. I like a demure, proper dinning experience, but every now and then, one of the kids burps…well belches really….and I have to feign disgust, but deep inside, I am Ozarkian, and I respect a good belch….This Above All, To Thine Ownself Be True…..sometimes I win at being a lady, more often than not I don’t….if it mattered to me what ya’ll thought, I’d try harder.

So I do love a good fight. Being the target of bullies a great part of my childhood, when I see a fight that isn’t fair, I jump in…because I like to fight now. A good example of this would be the Justin Bieber fight on Instagram. Haters gonna hate, trollers gonna troll, and the famous are going fall…eventually, but I take no pleasure in their humbling. I am by NO means famous, it’s too much pressure to be a lady, feel me, but I do have a limited experience with trolls…up until now, I’ve been able to handle them….Actually, I didn’t jump into the Bieber fight, because there was no way I was going to limp away from that, but it does bring up a good point about being true to yourself, and knowing your limits….in the end, I couldn’t blame him for deleting his account. He had had enough….Here’s a kid who had it all very early in his life with very few to tell him “no” and hold him to boundaries…..had he a better grasp for knowing whom he was….he may have limped away from the attack….limping is victory, a point I don’t have time to delve into today…but….

I KNOW who I am. I am a faulty, sinful, introvert empath, whom often steps upon her own appendage when trying to do the right thing. The problem with the right thing, is that it morphs. I was talking to my son about bullies and how I made it my life’s work to bring them down, “Mom, what’s a bully?” he asked, and the more I thought about it, the more the ideal eluded me…because evil…changes face daily….”Well son” I began, “I can’t tell you exactly what a bully is, but I know one when I see one, and one day, you will too”. The changing face of evil is the very reason the School Administrations cannot get a hold of it, and choke it out of our schools…..if we were able to grasp evil…we’d be able to Boondock Saint it, but as it stands, we can’t even agree on the basics of where the issue lies. For example, several children died this summer being left in hot cars. You’d THINK we’d all could agree that leaving children in hot cars is wrong….but NO…reading any message board, there’s a grey, “Don’t Judge Them” area, so if I can’t identify evil for my son, I can at least help him identify his SELF, so that when evil rear’s its ugly head in society, he can shoot it….calm down…I meant fight it…weaken it. The problem with evil is that it’s very nature, knows your very nature, better than you may know your own…shoot, even Satan KNEW whom Jesus was…..understanding every strength and weakness you possess, is going to help you, when the ones that seeks to hurt you finally arrive…and they will show up because misery begets trolls…it’s true….look it up. So for Justin, well..he did get sucker punched. It wasn’t my place to jump in, but I did observe his many mistakes, so that I too could mistake like that….after all, all publicity is GOOD publicity. This Above All, To Thine Ownself Be True…..it means, know you, love you, live with you, and maintain you….I can help you, but I cannot live your life…..Oh and the thing about Boondock Saint(ing) all the bullies….don’t do that….everyone knows that owning guns….is wrong. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, I was just kidding, enjoy your Wednesday.




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No Risk, No Reward

Risk pays off
Risk pays off

“I said YOU shut-up”…Duchess answering her daddy, after being asked, “What did you just say?”.

She damned well KNEW he heard the 1st time…she didn’t care. Both my daughters are the same in how they inherited my attitude, but both are different in how they approach risk. Princess calculates risk, while Duchess just takes it and makes it her pet. No Risk, No Reward….Assuming they both understand Risk….I think my daughters are going do just fine….

“I think you’re very cute” that was written from me to a boy named John Castor, when I was a Freshman in HS. He never did find out it was me…until now that is….but at the time I was a little mousey red-head afraid of her own shadow, so I didn’t take a risk to meet him. The Ronnie of several years later, would simply walk up to him and say, “You, me NOW”. As I got older, I found myself attracted to the bad boys, the ones so confident in themselves that they can just walk up to a girl, and say, “When are we going out?”…of course he was the biggest mistake of my life….But later, the love of my life would introduce himself by asking me, “You want to thumb wrestle?” I ended up marrying him. Risk…it has it’s Rewards 🙂

Little Sisters, the reward you earn in life, is directly proportional to the risk you take in pursuing it. I took a risk in January 2013 and wrote about an interaction between two Strangers in Walmart….I took another RISK and wrote a status about Pooping at The Kiddie Pool, and yet another in August, 2013 when I wrote about punching a stranger in the face…Have you seen Merrill? He’s amazing at so many things, but I would have none of it, if I hadn’t of taken a risk and said, “NO” to his thumb wrestling question because honestly, I DID want to thumb wrestle with him….I just had to be coy. No Risk, NO Reward means you cannot Be a Baller….if you don’t play the game. Gotta go, Duchess and her daddy are arguing….Sigh…doesn’t he realize it’s ME he’s fighting? Risk…it’s a bitch. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Sunday.



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Champaign On The Rock

He Tried To Get Me Drunk
He Tried To Get Me Drunk

I don’t drink. Not white with my fish, not red with my beef. I especially have never been a fan of champaign. I mean, the swill they put into the bottle then market as “Elite Princess” horse piss, is disgusting. After opening The Bubbly, Merrill says, “Mmm, Brute. It is to wine, what Old Spice is to men’s cologne”. Well, it tasted like Old Spice too, yet that didn’t stop me, from having several, several glasses. I now remember WHY I don’t drink. Surprisingly, I awakened early this morning (always a mommy), to the gentle sound of humming. Recognizing the sound, I jumped up to look out the window to see the largest of the ships…..just quietly passing, trolling down the middle of the Savannah river. Oh….that’s good stuff…Merrill called me a Travel Nerd….fair enough. We have to be interested in something….like….oh I dunno…..Champaign on The Rock.

Did you know, he’s in SAVANNAH right now? Hell Freaking Yes! He’s been seen all over the city. He’s a veritable Where’s Waldo, and He’s HERE….HE’S HERE……I actually prayed this morning, “Please Father, let me meet him” to whit Merrill chided me, “You can’t PRAY for that!”. Well why can’t I? People pray for crap, they don’t need, all the time. I’m not saying I should be given priority, a stand-by status would be okay, but I’m in the same city as THE ROCK, we are sharing the same air. To me, this is a sign from God. I’m gonna need ya’ll to drop everything you’re doing, and pray, that I get to meet The Rock. I mean, I’d do it for you. They say his bald head has the power to heal Men On Pause….

Too much champaign, I’m in the same city as The Rock….I mean, we are sharing the same sun rise…how can that be coincidence? Two plus Two really is Four. I mean, it’s all so spiritually beautiful…. so perfect…so peaceful. I didn’t have to come to Savannah to remember I’m happy and in love with Merrill….but I’m glad I did. I love that man (Merrill, not The Rock-switching gears). I’m so blessed he’s not threatened by The Rock….a man I am going to track down…if I could just get a glisten of his sweat, all my problems in life, will be solved….I just KNOW IT! Sigh….I lost track of the original intent of this post…..oh yeah, Merrill….. Merrill is my soul mate, the second part of my whole heart….The Rock won’t change that….If The Rock only knew that he could never hold a candle to the man of and in my life….I think he’d be proud….and I’d like to tell him that myself…..so…..I gotta go. Goodness, I must still have too much champaign in my system….#smh…..I miss the babies. What’s the #momlife, without the #mom part? Where’s the Tylenol? Shhh….There’s been another Rock spotting…..TAXI! Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, Please let me see The Rock, enjoy your Day…

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