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And Then I Panicked









Should I have brought children into this world?


You need to stay in your lane white girl” A thread I had the pleasure of wasting my time on today, and THAT was a polite comment.

I don’t call the killing of Trump Supporters a tragedy, I call it Community Outreach“. Douchbag from Chicago.

And Then I Panicked…..I can’t be the only Empath on sensory overload.

I had to work, so it was a blessing to stay off the social media giant for a day, because my empathetic heart was broken. Not for the deceased or wounded, although it should go without saying that YES, my heart was broken for them as well…NO, I was upset by the change of empathetic decorum that normally exists after such a national tragedy. So much so, that I had to write out a PSA warning all who’d read it, that if anyone felt the victims of Las Vegas deserved to die, based on their possible political affiliation, then those people were welcome to get off my friends list. A friend, whom I never agree with, agreed with me. I should have seen it then….I read some trolling comments on various Nefarious sits, saw the lack of empathy, then realized that we were officially in the End Times….I started to wonder if bringing my children into this world was a mistake….And Then I Panicked….if this is bad, how much worse is it going to get? Oh, much, much WORSE. I promise you THAT.

If you’re not educated in the teachings of the Bible (and I don’t mean that in a bad way), understand that Christians understand what I mean. Jesus spoke about the End Times being wars, rumors of war, desolation, and natural disasters (hurricanes anyone?) but the thing that bears witnessing, is that He also warned us about the mutual hatred man will have for man. I’ve always argued that the End Times began at the death of Christ, but in the last two years….(and you feel it too)….there’s been a paradigm shift…from Empathy to Apathy, then from Apathy to HATRED. I read a thread on a local scanner group about a couple of panhandlers, whom people were going to batter…..The Las Vegas shooting served as official warning that we are now at the beginning of the end….are you ready?

In every other tragedy, we’ve come together and told our leaders that we will overcome. WE will stand, and rise up, against the powers that dare to step to our strength. After the Columbine Massacre, Jerry Springer promised to have a kinder, gentler show, movie theaters promised not to allow underage minors into “R” rated movies, the media promised to tone down the rhetoric, but yeah….that’s gone. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, some began to rejoice in the death of “Trump Supporting Republicans” what’s worse, is that they didn’t even care to stop to think that those “Trump Supporters” were children, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. If you lost a child, would you want to read people rejoicing about it?  We’re pissed that the NFL wants to take a stand (or knee), and we’re pissed if a brother fights for equality, yet no one…stops to think of the horrible, overwhelming loss a parent is going through right now. Death was supposed to unite us, and now, it’s a celebration of a life lost.

And so a white woman called out black men who sent her messages complaining about their distaste for black women. The refreshment came in the form of support for her stand….Some however, found it offensive, but not because she was wrong, but because she was WHITE. “Black women have been saying this for years” one commentator noted, yet another, “You need to stay in your lane Becky, and let us worry about us“….Yes well, a dog is a dog, regardless of the color of one’s skin….Las Vegas convinced me that the prophecy had come true….Like Abraham, you’d be pressed to find 10 people who still love each other. We take pleasure in pain, we mock, scold, hate and hurt those we don’t even know, and now, I think about my children, and the scorched earth we leave behind. And Then I Panicked….Yes, I am a professional troll, and probably take too much pleasure in the humiliation of a subset of the population, but I am not a role model…..you guys are. Maybe instead of boycotting; which never works (really), we could purposely take direct actions that will better the life of a brother. Just one action….once a week. I’m volunteering this Sunday…. Each one teach one…then maybe we can starve off the hate, for one more day. I dunno, maybe we need to stay off Facebook….how cool would a boycott of social media be? LOL, that’s crazy speak, especially since I haven’t been discovered yet. And Then I Panicked.….Please Jesus, the pain in this world is palpable……I will desperately try to remember what made me Nefarious to begin with, “Cause no pain…where pain already exists“. Can we all do that together tomorrow? You know, instead of worrying about our RIGHTS…..we can start addressing our WRONGS…TOGETHER. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.






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Brad’s Wife

Am I an idiot? Oh MAN!
Am I an idiot? Oh MAN!









Now that IS Irony“…Ronnie to Merrill after a statement he made regarding intelligence tests and stupid people.

A study of intelligence found that the smarter people thought they were, the lower test scores they achieved. So, stupid people thought they were smarter than anyone else, and the smarter people recognized that they were slightly stupid. “Are you trying to tell me something?” I asked him somewhere between West Virginia and Ohio, “No…just thought you’d like to know with whom you argue” but I would argue who the stupid one is, IF after you proven your point (beyond all doubt), you continue to argue with the moron! I mean, did Andy continue to argue with Barney? No….and like that, I get it. Now I know, its arrogant to call people stupid, but I can’t help it. Facebook has made it so much easier to see who scored low on the intelligence tests, and like that…I’m the stupid one…SMH!  I gotta stop…I know, but then I see things like Brad’s Wife and I get angry all over again. Brad’s Wife….you don’t look at cute as you thought you did. Please STOP!

So calling a grown man cute, is not appropriate. I wonder how his wife feels about the new celebrity? I’d be pissed…unless it was me doing the publicity. I was going to post something about Brad’s Wife, and the willingness of Chick fil A to hire her, but does she want a job this way? This isn’t American Idol…this isn’t a poor town girl story, this is putting the family business out on the Internet for Trolls to feast upon! Some posters are very mild-mannered and polite with their humor, a fact I do appreciate (for his sake), but it’s only a matter of time, before the internet grows bored, and the mean-spirited freaks come out…then they’ll see the real evil in social media. Once the Internet Demon has been summoned you cannot put him back. I’m really hoping Brad’s Wife gets a book deal out of this, because it was a very stupid move on his part! I can’t figure out where his true friends were, and why someone (his wife) let him do this….Hasn’t anyone been honest with him?

So, Fake News…the bane of my existence, the trap door to humility, the scorn of the intelligent…LOL. After reading a friends post about Trump doing something stupid, and the baiting of said friends, “What do you think of your Messiah now?” I had to tell her, “Um, that story isn’t true. It’s fake“, but it didn’t matter. Convinced of her intellectual superority, she kept arguing…I’m done with her. So maybe someone did tell Brad he was being a douche with his wife’s privacy…and he didn’t listen. I hate to see good people mocked, kinda like the period sign on my back in 6th grade, but if you tell someone they’re wrong (and you prove it), and they still continue, then they’re no longer good people, they’re stupid and have at em. Well, I am partially kidding, but not sorta. Brad, get off the internet, nothing good will come from this. You do not want this kind of attention, you are not going to be the next Internet darling, but I hope you and your wife Nanette do well…I do wish good things for you. To my friend, who I am deleting today….I cannot stand you, nor your posts anymore. My Peace of Mind is more important than constantly proving you WRONG….Goodbye… Brad’s Wife…proof of what can happen when you allow a little bit of arrogance, and a lot of bit of desperation to fill the void in your life…..Gotta go….Wait! Do some of you find me stupid? That really hadn’t occurred to me; which is the 1st sign to being an idiot. Okay, let me go take an intelligence test…and come back…..If I’m stupid, I’ll admit it, and get off the internet…but you know I’m not…right?. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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Don’t Get It Twisted

I Am No One's Bitch
I Am No One’s Bi”Oh no!” Deep Breath SIGH……

Oh no!” Deep Breath Sigh…..

In what can at best be described as a poor choice of words, a local Danville citizen made the hit list of many residents yesterday when he called a group of young hero’s “monkeys”. To add some perspective to the already offensive comment, these young group of boys had won every game in their season, thus, were undefeated… They were ROCK STARS, and when escorted through the streets Danville like Rock Stars, a poster on a local scanner page asked why the police were running with lights and sirens. “To Keep The Monkey Under Control” was the response of this local idiot. To add more perspective, he voted for Trump; which shouldn’t matter, but it does.  Don’t Get It Twisted…Do not put me in the same boat with those who are too stupid, to know, they’re stupid.

Okay, so it wasn’t a poor choice of words. It was RACIST…This idiot took a group of students, role models among their peers, children who played a stellar basketball season…..beloved babies…..and reduced them to the color of their skin… they are too young to know hatred….I condemn, in the strongest of terms possible, what he said about those babies. I am livid that some racist asshole hid behind the 1st Amendment, a protection not even offered for citizen to citizen speech, as an excuse for his disgusting comments, and if I see him, I’ll step to him, but understand something, in this country, we have long fought to be judged by the content of our individual character, rather than be judged by the color of our skin. We must fight the urge to revert back to medieval times and generate hate, based on the actions of ONE PERSON.

Of course as he voted for Trump, and had a Trump picture on his Facebook page, all Trump Voters, or what is being called by the media as Trump Supporters, are racist, but it’s okay to do that, because hate excuses all behavior. So, apparently, I am a racist….even through I’m not entirely a Trump Supporter….and it doesn’t matter one iota of anything I have said or done in the past….because I voted for Trump. Calling me a Trump Supporter:

  1. Discounts any opinion I have
  2. Discounts my right to #boycott anything
  3. Discounts my right to speech,
  4. Discounts my right to assemble…
  5. Discounts my rights as a citizen

Until we see people for the blood and guts, the strife, accomplishments, the hopes, dreams, fears, victories…..the pure skeleton they are underneath, racism will not end. Racism is defeated on a unique individual to individual relationship. For example, use a slur around me, and I’ll be forced to think about the women I love like a mother, the sisters that adopted me, my best friend I’ve known since HS (gulp almost 30 years), my nieces and nephew, my “quasi grandchildren”…. I’ll get angry, and I’ll beat your ass. Calling a group of young boys monkeys, makes me livid….assuming I am a racist because of what HE wrote, makes me even madder. Being white, does not make me racist, assuming that I’m racist because I’m white, makes YOU the racist….Don’t Get It Twisted…you don’t get a pass just because someone was racist to you, for if we keep playing that quid pro quo game, we ensure racism has an environment in which to grow. You Hip? I do not support anything Mr. Danville Citizen said, nor wrote. He made his bed, he’ll lie in it, but I WILL NOT lie in it with him…Now, I want to take this opportunity to wish those Rock Star Basketball players a hearty Congrats….that was an amazing feat….Danville is so proud of you. I’m sorry what Mr. Idiot said about you….don’t let it get to your souls….enjoy your victory, we’ll worry about the haters. Good job boys….you did your families and community proud. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.


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