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When There’s No Path

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost, The Road Not Traveled 
We’ve been given a certain subset of gifts. Gifts that can be used to make the world a better place. Gifts that can make or break the life of a fellow being. Chose wisely. The fate of someone’s world, rests within each of us.” Ronnie…in her Nobel Peace Prize Speech.
If you have the opportunity to get a 3rd degree Publicist, and a 5th Mentor, do it. I highly recommend it.
I’m on a nursing group forum and from time to time, a Little Brother or Sister will post that they’ve been accepted into Nursing School, and ask for advice. My advice, when I chose to give it, is always the same, “Remain humble, keep a teachable Spirit, and decide right now that you really, REALLY want it, because you will be verily tested”. While it’s the same advice, over and over, it is not given flippantly. I did suffer greatly in Nursing School….I’ll suffer again next year….so when I reach out to a younger sibling, I do so, hoping that on some level they’ll understand that I do have their best interest at heart. It’s like when I follow an author celebrity on Facebook or Twitter. They’ve succeeded in their trade, they’re at the top of their chosen profession, and I hope that by watching and reading their style, I too, can glean some nuggets of wisdom. When There’s No Path….if we all agree on Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, then we also have to agree that passage and failure is within our control as well. If you can’t find a path, you’ll have to make your own, and while I am not yet Nefarious, I can teach you to be…the rules are all the same….you just have to be hungry, and stay woke.
10. God puts people in our path.
It may sound a lot like predestination, but it isn’t. You can choose to lead, follow or ignore, but in the end, it is TRUE that if He leads you to them, He WILL lead you through them….
9. Not every has your best interests at heart.
Another Biblical principle states that He has given us His Spirit for discernment. If a fellow being makes you an offer to good to be true, chances are it is. There’s a fool born every minute, and frankly, I’ve played many a fool. Be responsible with what God has given unto thee because in the end, you will give an accounting of His property.
8. If at first you don’t succeed….
Unless you’re a prodigy, like my children (LOL), you will probably not be successful overnight. I too have read the Lana Turner story about being discovered sucking on a chocolate shake in a drug store diner. That mess is very infrequent BS. I think all too often we fall for the “You should be a model” shtick, then quit, when Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sign us up right away. I’ve been writing this tripe for five years, and while I have an amazing following, I’m not Nefarious yet. Keep trying…maybe success isn’t what you had defined, but what you experienced, and friends, I’ve had some amazing experiences. Micheal Jordan once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take“…Discouragement is the enemy of success. With that said….
7. Reassess
In nursing school, if the test question had “Reassess” as an option, then “Reassess” was the answer. Constantly reassess what you’ve accomplished, you may find that it puts your fears, failures and goals into a different perspective. For example, I’m not Nefarious yet….but what IS Nefarious? If it’s a following, a means, a way, and constructive feedback, then YES…I’m Nefarious, and be honest, when you read “Nefarious” you think of me…amiright?
6. Surround yourself with “No” men.
There are too many ass kissers in the world today. I can’t stress this enough. When I wanted to quit school, everyone understood…Well not EVERYONE. One girl sent me a message that said, “NO”. We have enablers, what we need is an ass kicker, not an ass kisser. People who are not afraid to step to you, will always have your back. You may not like them, but you need them on your wall, and in your corner.
5. This above all
To thine ownself be true. Early in this dog and pony show, I tried different styles of writing. I was cerebral (yes, I can be smart), I was savage, I was extreme in that I was only offending to offend. All are fine, IF that’s your style. I found that when I relaxed, and just did ME, people responded. If you’re an asshole by nature, then be an asshole. You WILL find support and followers for that, I promise.
4. Remain true, but also, try new things
It would appear this is a contradiction to what I wrote earlier, but honestly, you can still do quality work while trying out different means. For example, going through the pre-reqs in school, I was terrified of taking Math and Science, but to my surprise, I was good at it. The problem is I had a counselor in HS that told me, to never chose a career that required the aforementioned subjects. She was wrong. If whatever you’re doing now, isn’t working for your….REASSESS….then try something different. You never know….you may just be good at it….
3. Don’t do it for the money
I have not made a DIME on my columns. I do it, because I love the attention, and because I love it. Chances are you will never publish that book, or be cast the lead opposite Marky Mark, but if you do it for the love of what you do, and you BELIEVE in it, others will react to that….you will draw them in like flies y’all…FLIES. Remember, you make no money from the game, you only benefit from being the player. Frankly, if you don’t believe in yourself, how do you others will perceive you?
2. Ask for feedback
One of my greatest weaknesses is constructive criticism. That’s a freaking oxymoron if I ever heard one….No, I don’t do THAT well. Madonna once said, “I have millions of fans, and have received millions of compliments I don’t remember, but I can tell you each comment that criticized my performance“. YEP….me too. I can handle the insults, and the sneers, the comments…..I don’t do criticism well…. Take it or leave it, honest critique (feedback) is more valuable than ticket sales.
1. Remain Humble, Be Teachable in Spirit, You Gotta Want It!
Okay, so we’re back at the beginning, but it’s so true. You don’t know everything, and honestly, you may think you want it, until the sh*t gets real….Remember this one Kingdom Key to Life….People may never, EVER remember what you said to them, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. We are drawn to those who we believe understands our plight. I’ve written some mess over the years….bones that used to be in my closet are now on the front porch like a Halloween Trick or Treat, but I couldn’t have written any of that, had I not felt I would be safe in your presence. Humility comes from the inner Spirit. It isn’t, “I don’t deserve your praise” it’s “Thank you, I appreciate you“…..In anything you do, remember that people will like and love you for YOU….but also, there will be times when you won’t want to write, you won’t want to work, you won’t want to perform….You Gotta Want It….Endurance is what finishes races….For me, it’s about distance….over speed. You cannot lead from an Ivory Tower, and you cannot win from the bleachers…..
Honorable Mention:
When there’s no path, make one. I love the newly fallen snow. You look out, and you see the purity of nature, AND the opportunity to be the 1st person to create a path with your footsteps. Life wasn’t what you thought it was going to be, life was a series of experiences that, in the end, worked out. God knows, I thought for sure, I’d have a book out by now….I do not. I may never have a book, but that’s okay….Don’t tell anyone, but we’re going to start a “Ask Ronnie Anything” series. One day a week, I will answer or advise any question you have. I am a professional in many things….Jack of all trades, expert in none….it may do well, it may not, and while we have plenty of advice columnists, we don’t have plenty of ME…..When There’s No Path….we take the hand of those who have faith in us, and make one…….I love what I do……I am indeed a blessed, successful woman, but not by your definition…but by MINE….Now go forth…and create your own path. Be Blessed.
Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday. Thank you Veterans for all your service.
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Lifestyle Columnist


You know that Louis Vuitton is a fake right?
You know that Louis Vuitton is a fake right?


I’d like to see you today when you pick up your daughter” Teacher

I’m not getting her, she’s going to STARS“….Ronnie

Well, I’d like to see you anyway“…Teacher


If ever hired for my “expertise” I could comfortably speak on such subjects like: The #momlife, Relationships, Going back to college, and maybe I could fit in a thing or two about fitness, and sex. My Publicist asked me to sum up my column in just one word. The intention being making me think about my niche. I thought about it for a few days, grabbed some branding books Merrill bought me for Christmas, put them down, then decided to forgo all that for this one small description….”Lifestyle“….I haven’t yet been to prison, I haven’t hosted parties for the rich and famous, I’m not gay, nor am I a celebrity….but I am cute, rude, mouthy, and tough….I am Ronnie, and I’m a Lifestyle Columnist…..Hmm, Lifestyle Columnist? I like it!

For me, it isn’t about hosting virtual children’s parties like I see the Big Dogs do on Twitter, I don’t model clothing yet….and honestly, I don’t get paid to open clubs, although, that does sound cool. No, what I do, is take the everyday, mundane aspects of life, and try to create interesting content out of them, because that’s what life is….a challenge in which we find our own points of interest. Sure, I’d like to get paid to recommend a product, I’d like to be noticed for my on fleck make-up pointers, but mostly, I’m a big girl in an even bigger world and while Carrie Bradshaw will always be my inspiration, contrary to what you all believe, I’m not a Sex Writer….I mean, I could….I’ve had sex….But I don’t have four close friends that are ho’s…..Here’s my point….

I don’t have to be all the aforementioned personalities, because I know once you see my name on a post, you’re gonna read it. I have earned your following… What I haven’t done is figure out a way to capitalize on it, because as we all know, Lifestyle Columnists are a dime a dozen. Where we miss the credit, is that what we write is relatable, after all, how many of you have seen the Mommy Monsters on social media and thought, “Oh God No“? I have…I am not hosting a children’s party for 10 that involves squeezing, making then freezing organic goods so that my kid can have a cold snack. I’m not that kind of mom. I do not wear athletic clothing as a fashion statement, I do not speak in soft tones to my children to correct them, I do not romance up the bedroom to show my man I’m in the mood. If I’m in the mood, I’ll put on a sheer dress instead of an oversized tee-shirt to bed. You feel me?

Lifestyle Columnists are the Betty’s of society….we are the one’s all you Archie’s want to see when you’re feeling down, or just want a laugh. We are the one’s who WILL tell you like it is, rather than sell you what you don’t need. When you read me, you know that honesty, at all costs, will be forthcoming. You know the chances of reading a potty word are great, you know that I may talk about jumping Merrill’s bones, you KNOW that there is a chance that I’m going to talk about the boogers in my NOSE. So friends, while I may never make a fortune selling you products you don’t need, if I like a product, you’re gonna know it. If I like an article, I’m going to share it, If I like or dislike a person….you’ll know, and you’ll know it because…..I’m a Lifestyle Columnist who just happens to be a mom, housewife, nurse, friend, and part-time Merrill tease. My life, is your fodder, and I’ve written that before. I appreciate your support….I appreciate your friendship, but most importantly, I appreciate your trust in me…Girl’s gotta eat….Gotta go, I’ll let you know how the meeting with Duchess’s teacher ends, but don’t hold your breath on me being nice about it, but you can expect that I’m going to write about it, and be honest about what went down. My kids aren’t perfect….That’s the difference between us all. I don’t pretend to have the perfect life, just the best life….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.


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Tell Me More











You just made her a target for every employer in Danville“…Ronnie responding to a post.

You know your man loves you when he spends an hour picking hair out of your head“….Ronnie’s post on FB.

Last night, my adorable husband, Merrill, sat for an hour and cut the weave, that I hated, out of my hair. Now that’s love ladies, because he had to cut, then un-braid several rows…my hair looked amazing…but my head is still stinging from that tight braid. Did I go to Facebook and put the stylist on blast? No…even though it was a bad, dried up, freaking no-color-matching piece of sh*t WEAVE….I hated it…..but I will either call her and tell her I hated it, or I just won’t go back…that’s how we do it in this country. Tell Me More don’t go to Facebook to put someone on blast. It’s chicken sh*t, cowardly, and frankly, you almost always look like a fool.

A very well-intentioned aunty, in defense of her well-mannered niece, wrote that her niece was treated rudely at a local donuts shop. The niece had pulled a walk-in to discuss the application she had submitted the week before. I get it, we do teach application follow-up, but there is a time and place for everything. If you believe the facts of the post, the hiring manager, was very dismissive of the patiently waiting young lady, so much so that she walked out, without ever having addressed the eager young woman. Her aunt, put the business on blast, along with a comment about the hiring manager, and the post turned into a free-for-all with everyone commenting on the horrible taste of the donuts (I LIKE the donuts). Okay, but we only know one side of the story. I mean, what if the hiring manager had just gotten a call that her house was on fire? We don’t know…and even if she hadn’t….we don’t criticize a business we just applied too….on Facebook…..That’s really short-sighted…..Don’t teach that at school anymore….?

That thread escalated quickly, with many waiting in the shadows, just to give their personal opinion of the business, manager, and donuts….that’s the problem with Trending, you can’t control the content once it’s put out there. BTW, for all the FB attorney’s out there, the term is Liable, and it means to write some mess you know to be untrue, when posted. Danville is not a big city, this aunty, just put her niece out there…for ridicule and scorn, and although she did receive some support, I would not hire her. In the mess of comments that followed the post, several forgot that employers owe us nothing….When did we require that employers become decent people? SMH….We’re teaching this little girl that every time she gets a POS for a boss, her aunty will defend her…and trust, I’ve worked at enough places to know that 8 out of 10 employers surveyed admitted to be sadists. Later that day, there was another thread, in which a Danville teenager had to endure the wrath of a very rude customer. In a fit of rage, the customer threw her food at the teenaged employee….Now THAT’S where I want to work….can you imagine me, on a day I’m frustrated with the idiots in this city? OMG, that would be a dream job. Let a customer throw her cheeseburger at me….PLEASE! LOL, I DID digress…sorry. I’m afraid, that in the end, the donuts post was pulled because the responses received weren’t as supportive as the aunty had originally hoped for…..Tell Me More….but don’t put that mess on Facebook…..you just put a target on that little girl’s back. It’s almost as bad as the girl who posted her family member had died, only to have the member’s son, come on and cuss her out, because apparently he hadn’t been informed yet…OOPS….Can’t fix stupid. Sigh…..Gotta go… I’m mad at my stylist….I’m not going to blast her…I probably won’t call her either….after all, I don’t have a lot of time to be lodging complaints and all that…Besides, McDonalds is hiring….and I think I’m a shoo-in for the job. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.



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After Midnight










It’s okay baby girl. Mommy’s here”….comforting a vomiting Duchess at 2am…

“Nothing good happens after midnight“…A really hot Medic I once talked to…he’s right.

I’m not a MOM BLOG. I’m a mom who blogs, get it freaking straight. Once you’re labeled a Mom Blog, you become a marked woman, like you no longer have a personal life. For example, A Mr. Bubble, (A children’s bubble bath) ad was sent to my inbox the other day, with the message, “Try me“. Why? Why would I try you? Oh you mean my kids? You want my kids to try you? Well, market to them, on the Saturday am, Disney Network. Actually, I’d have been less offended if it were a Epsom Salt email asking me to soak my geriatric feet in its healing properties….you know…cause I’m old see! You’ll have to forgive me…I’m a little bitchy right now.  Mr. Vomitus never come while everyone is still awake. No…Mr. Vomitus, likes to show up After Midnight, when you, your spouse and babies are all snuggled in the bed, sound asleep. Somewhere around 2am I heard Merrill say, “She’s vomiting“. I don’t mind Vomitus. After all, I am a mom, I’ve been vomited on… I mind the pH smell it leaves behind…on my chest and in my hair. After Midnight.…We’ve forgotten more about life than some of you will ever live, and yet, we get the least amount of respect in society. That’s about to change.

Looking at my body in the mirror last night, I was very satisfied with the progress I’ve made. Yes, I got some stripes, but that won’t matter when the surgeon gets a hold of me…What? You thought I was going to go gracefully? Not my style, but that’s MY style, not societies. There is a difference. I think “society” is afraid of older women, and that’s why they’re always trying to brain wash us into accepting our lot…to move aside for the younger ones….to hush…but society does that because older women are not afraid. We’re not. I read that in a recent study of human behavior, that 9 out of 10 Little Sisters admitted to feeling like everyone in society is judging them; which had a negative impact on their choices. On the other hand, when asked the same question, older women responded, “Do I know you?“. You’re never going to escape society’s judgment. The trick, Little Sisters, is to not care, and turn the judgment back on them..I’ve done that.

The new Spring Fashion line from Chanel, Gucci, and Dior is ugly. There, I said it. I wouldn’t buy their crap to dress my daughter’s American Girl doll…but many Little Sisters would, because they still believe that Dior and Gucci have their finger on the pulse of fashion. I mean just because a Kardashian was photographed on the front row of the Chanel show, they believe the Chanel line is the fashion of the elite…but it isn’t. I saw a dress from LV, that was completely see through on the top, and sheer on the bottom, for business casual. Um, Boobies at the Board Meeting? I mean, okay…but we, and the MEN in power, will judge you…you know that right? When asked, the majority of women my age said they preferred Victoria Secret Pink line, over the ugliness of D&G. I agree with that, because I also like the Pink line, although to look at their advertising, they’re geared for College Freshmen who have NO money…but I have money. Lots and lots of money LOL, and nary a single fashion icon wants it. Get it? We have financing, but only a sliver of the marketing pie. I don’t want a commercial featuring an older man needing to take a pill to rock my world. I want a man, like Merrill, whose always ready, and always trying to position himself to get a look at my ass. It’s not insulting, it’s empowering because I work hard on it. I don’t have to be skinny because society say’s that skinny women are happier. They are NOT! A woman my age knows she’s beautiful, and dresses to please herself, not the taste of society.  I am not the kids-smiling-in-the bathtub Instagram kind of mom…shoot, my kids don’t even bathe…they shower. I’m not a Stepford Mom. I do not make orderly love to my husband, keep secrets hush-hush, I do not cut the crusts off of sandwiches, I say the “F” word a lot, I give open, honest advice to those who ask. I should be on the cover of Glamour, because I have more Little Sisters wanting to be like ME, than the skinny-minnie Twiggie Pops on the cover.  After Midnight…that’s when the nefarious mess goes down, and as I was holding the body of my baby in distress last night, I thought to myself, “This…may be the only thing that connects me to a normal mom“, So I cannot advise you on how to be a good mom, but if you wanna know how to have great sex after 40…talk to me. Want to stand up to a bully, get your way with your man using your great ass? Talk to me… Society also doesn’t warn you what happens when you mess with older women..So, I’m back. I know what must be done…and I’m okay with that. Gotta go. Cleaning up the chunks of Mr. Vomitus. Pretty sure it’s going to strike at least 2 more times before it leaves my house…but I’m ready for him….Being an older mom, means I’m also a more experienced mom….Mr. Vomitus, you messed with the wrong mom who blogs….I got this. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thursday.





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Brad’s Wife

Am I an idiot? Oh MAN!
Am I an idiot? Oh MAN!









Now that IS Irony“…Ronnie to Merrill after a statement he made regarding intelligence tests and stupid people.

A study of intelligence found that the smarter people thought they were, the lower test scores they achieved. So, stupid people thought they were smarter than anyone else, and the smarter people recognized that they were slightly stupid. “Are you trying to tell me something?” I asked him somewhere between West Virginia and Ohio, “No…just thought you’d like to know with whom you argue” but I would argue who the stupid one is, IF after you proven your point (beyond all doubt), you continue to argue with the moron! I mean, did Andy continue to argue with Barney? No….and like that, I get it. Now I know, its arrogant to call people stupid, but I can’t help it. Facebook has made it so much easier to see who scored low on the intelligence tests, and like that…I’m the stupid one…SMH!  I gotta stop…I know, but then I see things like Brad’s Wife and I get angry all over again. Brad’s Wife….you don’t look at cute as you thought you did. Please STOP!

So calling a grown man cute, is not appropriate. I wonder how his wife feels about the new celebrity? I’d be pissed…unless it was me doing the publicity. I was going to post something about Brad’s Wife, and the willingness of Chick fil A to hire her, but does she want a job this way? This isn’t American Idol…this isn’t a poor town girl story, this is putting the family business out on the Internet for Trolls to feast upon! Some posters are very mild-mannered and polite with their humor, a fact I do appreciate (for his sake), but it’s only a matter of time, before the internet grows bored, and the mean-spirited freaks come out…then they’ll see the real evil in social media. Once the Internet Demon has been summoned you cannot put him back. I’m really hoping Brad’s Wife gets a book deal out of this, because it was a very stupid move on his part! I can’t figure out where his true friends were, and why someone (his wife) let him do this….Hasn’t anyone been honest with him?

So, Fake News…the bane of my existence, the trap door to humility, the scorn of the intelligent…LOL. After reading a friends post about Trump doing something stupid, and the baiting of said friends, “What do you think of your Messiah now?” I had to tell her, “Um, that story isn’t true. It’s fake“, but it didn’t matter. Convinced of her intellectual superority, she kept arguing…I’m done with her. So maybe someone did tell Brad he was being a douche with his wife’s privacy…and he didn’t listen. I hate to see good people mocked, kinda like the period sign on my back in 6th grade, but if you tell someone they’re wrong (and you prove it), and they still continue, then they’re no longer good people, they’re stupid and have at em. Well, I am partially kidding, but not sorta. Brad, get off the internet, nothing good will come from this. You do not want this kind of attention, you are not going to be the next Internet darling, but I hope you and your wife Nanette do well…I do wish good things for you. To my friend, who I am deleting today….I cannot stand you, nor your posts anymore. My Peace of Mind is more important than constantly proving you WRONG….Goodbye… Brad’s Wife…proof of what can happen when you allow a little bit of arrogance, and a lot of bit of desperation to fill the void in your life…..Gotta go….Wait! Do some of you find me stupid? That really hadn’t occurred to me; which is the 1st sign to being an idiot. Okay, let me go take an intelligence test…and come back…..If I’m stupid, I’ll admit it, and get off the internet…but you know I’m not…right?. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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This Ain’t High School


We should leave the running of a nuclear nation to those not addicted to Twitter“…sage words indeed.

There was a guy selling cigarettes on Facebook yesterday. They had been shipped from Turkey, had not been taxed by either nation, and he was trying to sell them on Buyers Market. My thing was, “Dude…that’s some ATF mess right there, you’re not really that stupid are you?”….I took a screen shot….and sent it on…I figure if you’re that stupid, I’ll save you from yourself..now HE I would expect to fall for it!

In the battle between two nuclear nations, Israel (whom we don’t really KNOW has weapons) and Pakistan; whom willingly brags on at least 120 nuclear weapons, we must be careful…that is diligent…that we’re not seen as being one side or the other…course after the little “non veto” at the UN earlier this week….it’s gonna be a little harder to drink from the punch bowl at the next world party….but Israel is a forgiving nation…..The Pakistani Minister of Defense, being duped by a “fake” news story, stepped to Israel earlier this week the comment, “I’ll beat your ass with my big nuclear weapon”…Normally, I’d giggle at that…after all, what man doesn’t think he has a big nuclear weapon, but the problem with this is that it’s serious because Israel also has nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and the story…was fake…. This Ain’t High School. If you’re that easily baited by Twitter, perhaps you shouldn’t have your finger on the button…and yes, this goes for Trump too….

To their credit, Israel responded to the threat by saying, “Huh?”….Imagine being a little country, minding your own business, and a larger country comes along and say’s, “I hear you were talking sh*t about me. You wanna dance?” except Israel isn’t a little, podunk country. See, that’s what many here forget. Israel has been fighting for thousands of years…MOST of the viciousness in the Bible, comes from a Jew, and what doesn’t come from a Jew…God gets back at…and before you freaking take me to task about blah, blah, blah…just know, I’m sticking to Biblical Stories only….it doesn’t mean God has favorites, gave one country more Christmas presents over the other, nor does it mean, He’s gonna come down and fight again…or that I’m showing you my true Zionist colors…I’m just SAYING! Here’s my point…

We simply CANNOT have leaders whom base their decision to NUKE or not NUKE on Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter news stories. Do these countries not have…um…surveillance anymore? Did they let go their Secret Service in the Ebola scare? How in the HELL do we let a superpower like Pakistan threaten nuclear action based on a rumor they heard? Where were WE? I’d have thought Obama would have said, “Calm down Pakistan. No one wants to see your “Nuclear Weapon”. Seriously, get off Twitter, FB, Instagram, Snap Crap, Linkein and do your due diligence to verify a story before you go using your big Nuclear Weapons; which while we’re on it….Where did this new breed of insecure, self-centered, only-into-themselves leadership that lives and dies based on the “hearts” and “likes” come from? I guess it IS just like Napoleon, only with NUKES! ….Trump, get TF off Twitter….Pakistani Dude…GTF off Twitter…everyone remain calm…and VERIFY before you go threatening each other. This Ain’t High School…I can see it now….at the next G20 Summit someone is going to brush up against Trump’s Gucci’s, and Russia is going to come out Boondock Saints Style and just kill em all….Israel did not invade anyone….please calm down…No one wants to see your Big Nuke…unless you’re from Texas…and you know what they say about Texas? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday….

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A Daisy Died In Texas

You don't get to pick and chose...
You don’t get to pick and chose…

This just pisses me off“. Ronnie, upon reading the news that another teenage girl has committed suicide.


A Texas City Senior committed suicide this week after being subjected to bullying about her weight on Social Media. She stood in the middle of the coliseum, fought off the lions of evil, while those in the crowd cheered on the blood thirsty animals. I thought the sacrifice of our children was illegal now. The pain of this baby evident, she shot herself in the head while her parents watched…the final cruel irony was that the Community Standards in place to protect babies like her, failed her. A Daisy Died In Texas….those whom stood and watched will also be judged….that’s the only comfort I take in this horrible tragedy.

As if the public execution wasn’t bad enough, the Daisy committed suicide in front of her parents. Now, imagine you’re the mommy, and you walk in to find your daughter with a gun to her head….you beg and plead and promise the sun, moon and stars to save her life, but alas, she pulls the trigger, and in that one second, your life ends with hers. That’s what these bullies did. It’s no longer enough for them to put signs on your back, call you and hang up, or bump into you while walking the halls…now they have to Photoshop your picture on Facebook, trend you on Twitter, call you names that garner’s “likes”; which the more “likes” they garner, the more the photo is shown…that’s the beauty of Algorithm’s…of course FB pretended to Harmph, Harmph and take the offensive, fake profile, posts down, but they never did their due diligence behind the fake profiles. This is why Carrie is a Hollywood classic….but I’m not as mad at the bullies as I am at the Coliseum management…

Several years ago eBay was sued for the lax, permissive policies regarding the selling of fake Louis Vuitton’s, Chanel’s and Gucci’s. Up until the court case, eBay had claimed they were simply a venue for buyers and sellers to meet. The courts disagreed. Facebook and Twitter, to the extent that they get involved…are also not just venues. They are a breeding ground for infection, and they need to be held MORE accountable for the content of their users. Deleting status’ of the innocent, to turning a blind eye to violence, we have, like eBay, a company that subjectively allows harmful content, with subjectively written standards. Social Media…it’s a bitch right? I don’t know if EVEN I could have survived Facebook in high school. I could fight off 1 bully, 3 at most (and I did), but thousands? A Daisy Died In Texas, and a family is forever destroyed. It takes a special kind of evil to get off on a baby’s pain…. FB and Twitter need to be held accountable…either you’re in it, or you’re not…you don’t get to play subjective favorites….that’s what makes you accountable. It’s time to take FB to task. How many other babies have to die before we say enough? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.

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“#ithinkyoureacondenscendingassholewhoseatotalmommasboy” what I feel like saying to Merrill on most day.


I love me some hashtags. I mean, think about it, one can be creative, bitchy, happy, sad and even a little excited all in one word. Granted there are some hashtags like #blessed that are a little over used, I mean how can one be that much blessed and not be bi-polar? Even right now, I’m #frustrated because Sweetness refuses to get dressed, I haven’t seen a #guardianofthebusstop outside, and I still have to get dressed and ready for clinical… #hashtag…what one word, non-word, would your friends use to describe you?

For me, it’s probably #restingbitchface but is that fair? I don’t even know I’m doing it. One to never play poker, my face gives it all away every time I get a decent set of cards….To my extreme chagrin, my daughter told the boy she brought home to meet us the story behind #dontjudgeme….I’d like a moment to meet and greet someone before they know my #nefarious past thank you very much, and frankly, the #countless life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be…I mean #nursingschool is driving the very Spirit from my body….there are some days where if I don’t watch my #attitude very carefully, I would be suspended for telling the DOC to #effoff…..honestly, I think I’m very #misunderstood

Hashtags…the lazy man’s way of conveying a point. I gotta imagine my Grandmother would be so frustrated to see what I have done with her beloved English language. From the creative to the passive-aggressive, hashtags allows us to convey an ideal in one word, thereby cheating the max word count rule most publishers have….and #TRUST I’ve used that trick. I just found myself amused when searching through Twitter I saw all the #trends and what some very unique individuals could do with a phone pound sign and a few letters and words….So, how would you be described if one were allowed one #hashtag for you? Yes, it’s an assignment….I want interaction….I bust my ass every day to bring you an enlightening, informative, opinionated #affirmations, and every now and then it’s okay to interact, even if it’s just to say I suck. Do you people have any idea how hard this can be with Merrill, his babies, the dog, the cat that poops a lot, and the challenging bus stop project?….sometimes you people #suck…and Yes, I wrote it…now #shallwepray…which, believe it or not, was used to describe me yesterday….#hashtag…..what would Twitter say about you? Be #blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.


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“I don’t think that’s right. His Deviation is too high” Ronnie working out a Statistic problem in her head….

“Jerks” Ronnie to anyone sleeping in right now.


It’s 4:30, my still unfinished homework sits next to me, my brain is leaking CSF as I desperately try to hold in all that I’ve learned, and there’s not a nap on the horizon for me. I’m in Indiana from 7 CST to 3CST….I’ll run home, change my clothes, (after I feed the grass and water the cat) then I’ll be out to teach class, take the kids to Jesus School, where I will shove more knowledge into my head, head home, and hopefully, mercifully sleep without showering…. Tomorrow, it will start all over again with the same set of chores, but the struggle will be different, and in that, friends, ye shall find your rest? No, that’s crazy speak from a woman up far too early. The Struggles Are Different….and it’s all over a bag of Skittles….

So I’m in this Twitter debate with Mars Candies, and some of it’s supporters, over something Donald Trump Jr. said on the campaign trail. One hundred years of Statistics, and SKITTLES….JUST NOW…has an issue with their product being used…SMH….I feel like the Epi Pen debate, we should go to the generic, and just start using marbles. I’m trying to explain to a Mars support (Trump hater or whatevs), whom I feel has no background in Math, that any analogy, no matter how egregious, is appropriate to use Skittles when showing a proportion of statistical probability. In other words, no matter how disgusting, racist, hubris, racist…any analogy may be….Math doesn’t care….get it. It’s still just numbers….so, if I reach my hand into a bowl of Skittles, and pull out three terrorists….what is the statistical probability of terriorist to Skittles in the bowl? Here’s where the problem lies….

You can always prove/disprove the MATH…I may be able to make numbers say what I want, but numbers never change….no one had a problem with the MATH…get it? This is where the devil snuck his little butt into the details…..Mars was pissed that Trump Jr. used Skittles….not with the MATH…..had he used marbles….the genric version of Skittles….there would be no problem? So no one cares that his population or deviation may have been wrong….just as long as we no longer use Skittles to debate the proportion. Got it!  While we’re arguing on Twitter about Skittles being an appropriate medium for Statistics, no one is arguing the Math, hence the sterotype is being slowly perpetuated by the inversitive factor….seriously, had Mars, or any of it’s liberal defenders came out and said, “Um, no. You’re including the outliers in that eqation, therefore, the statistical probability of terrorists to population would be much LOWER (or something)” they would have had EVIDENCE…that I could have supported…Instead, the “You’re stupid” defense came out….and really, when we’re all stupid….we’re done. SIGH….for all the non-math majors, this is what I’m essentially writing, “Everyone was debating the size of his bowl….no one noticed he had no food”….and there’s the devil, like a weird “Where’s Waldo” game….in the middle.

It’s early, I gotta go. I have a long day ahead of me…..let’s not make this about something it isn’t, because you cannot fight..stupidity…..but you can fight MATH. Mars is ticked off, it’s supporters are ticked off, and I’m saying, “I don’t think the MATH is correct”. The devil is crafty……like the bug in the taco, you won’t see him, until you’ve bitten off too much, and by then, you have half a bug in your mouth. Can we please UNITE….for SOMETHING? Black men are being murdered on TV, 13yr olds with 2wk old babies by their step father are missing, Brangelina is breaking up….come on….argue something you can prove/disprove. The Struggles Are Different, but the Math stays the same….get it? Skittles or not…someone disprove him…don’t just argue it. Cling to that which you can or cannot prove, and yes, I’m aware of the irony of being a Christian, and telling you to stick with what you can see….but this isn’t God…it’s Satan…and the only good defense against him is MATH. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday.

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To Thine Ownself

Fighting Evil requires an internal knowledge of thyself.
Fighting Evil requires an internal knowledge of thyself.

Ronnie: ” I could go for some chocolate milk.”

Merrill: “Want me to make you some?”

Ronnie: “Oh, you wanna MAKE me some?”

Merrill: “Yes, I’m going into the kitchen right now”

Ronnie: “You are an idiot aren’t you?”

Merrill: “Yes, yes I am”.

Okay, so the above written play didn’t happen exactly that way, but it’s close. Men, they want us to be all coy, shy, and demure, then when we (falsely) are, they don’t get it. Truth be told, I’m not good at being coy because I always end up snickering, like its an internal joke I share with myself. It’s like Gone with The Wind where Scarlett tells everyone she has the vapors. WTH is THAT? In my house people just say, “Dad I gotta fart”…Duchess, likes to ask, “Do you like the smell of my farts Daddy? I do” and that’s when Mommy loses it….it IS funny. The dinner table is the only area off-limits for the nasty talk. We may not discuss things like: Bug collections, road kill, frogs, farts, spiders, poops (you’d be surprised how often THAT comes us), dirt, mud, and dog’s butt’s. I like a demure, proper dinning experience, but every now and then, one of the kids burps…well belches really….and I have to feign disgust, but deep inside, I am Ozarkian, and I respect a good belch….This Above All, To Thine Ownself Be True…..sometimes I win at being a lady, more often than not I don’t….if it mattered to me what ya’ll thought, I’d try harder.

So I do love a good fight. Being the target of bullies a great part of my childhood, when I see a fight that isn’t fair, I jump in…because I like to fight now. A good example of this would be the Justin Bieber fight on Instagram. Haters gonna hate, trollers gonna troll, and the famous are going fall…eventually, but I take no pleasure in their humbling. I am by NO means famous, it’s too much pressure to be a lady, feel me, but I do have a limited experience with trolls…up until now, I’ve been able to handle them….Actually, I didn’t jump into the Bieber fight, because there was no way I was going to limp away from that, but it does bring up a good point about being true to yourself, and knowing your limits….in the end, I couldn’t blame him for deleting his account. He had had enough….Here’s a kid who had it all very early in his life with very few to tell him “no” and hold him to boundaries…..had he a better grasp for knowing whom he was….he may have limped away from the attack….limping is victory, a point I don’t have time to delve into today…but….

I KNOW who I am. I am a faulty, sinful, introvert empath, whom often steps upon her own appendage when trying to do the right thing. The problem with the right thing, is that it morphs. I was talking to my son about bullies and how I made it my life’s work to bring them down, “Mom, what’s a bully?” he asked, and the more I thought about it, the more the ideal eluded me…because evil…changes face daily….”Well son” I began, “I can’t tell you exactly what a bully is, but I know one when I see one, and one day, you will too”. The changing face of evil is the very reason the School Administrations cannot get a hold of it, and choke it out of our schools…..if we were able to grasp evil…we’d be able to Boondock Saint it, but as it stands, we can’t even agree on the basics of where the issue lies. For example, several children died this summer being left in hot cars. You’d THINK we’d all could agree that leaving children in hot cars is wrong….but NO…reading any message board, there’s a grey, “Don’t Judge Them” area, so if I can’t identify evil for my son, I can at least help him identify his SELF, so that when evil rear’s its ugly head in society, he can shoot it….calm down…I meant fight it…weaken it. The problem with evil is that it’s very nature, knows your very nature, better than you may know your own…shoot, even Satan KNEW whom Jesus was…..understanding every strength and weakness you possess, is going to help you, when the ones that seeks to hurt you finally arrive…and they will show up because misery begets trolls…it’s true….look it up. So for Justin, well..he did get sucker punched. It wasn’t my place to jump in, but I did observe his many mistakes, so that I too could mistake like that….after all, all publicity is GOOD publicity. This Above All, To Thine Ownself Be True…..it means, know you, love you, live with you, and maintain you….I can help you, but I cannot live your life…..Oh and the thing about Boondock Saint(ing) all the bullies….don’t do that….everyone knows that owning guns….is wrong. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, I was just kidding, enjoy your Wednesday.




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