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I Forgot Something

My 1st Day At The Kiddie Pool.
My 1st Day At The Kiddie Pool.

You don’t have to be the 1st one to cross the line to finish the race. Life is a series of victories and failure, that in the end, lead up to all good things, for those whom love and serve Him. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already won. Do not let the enemy take away your joy… I should know….he almost did mine“. Ronnie’s motivation speech to her nursing class.

I have to walk away from you right now” Ronnie to the counselor whom screwed her out of nursing school the 1st time.

NO” Merrill asking if I wanted Nesquick to relax before the test.

I’m fixing to go get my hair and nails done“…..Ronnie….

I left The Kiddie Pool this summer with my Associates in Science. Nothing about The Kiddie Pool was easy, but then I found that anything The Kiddie Pool handed me was diaper nuggets (Eww) compared to what Nursing School could dish out. If I wasn’t 2nd guessing my sanity, I was was a whimpering mess in the corner. I swear to GOD I’ve never, ever in my life been more insecure about me or my abilities than I have been in Nursing School, but THEN….in the final stretch, the Widow Maker happened….Sigh….that almost defeated me…..I Forgot Something.…PSYCH…you thought I was going to stay down…didn’t ya?

Today is it. FINALS, and pass or fail friends….I win. I crossed the line….maybe last, but that’s okay. I…crossed…the…line. You all know about the Anxiety that followed me, then tragedy, then depression, but sitting alone in the living room last night, I realized something…..I’ve been through some sh*t, I have a potty mouth, I’ve been betrayed by friends, defended by strangers……I damned near lost my MIND….LOL, you can bruise my Spirit, but you cannot take my SOUL. As William Wallace once said, “They can take our lives, but they cannot have our Freedom”.

There are no babies in this class. Some worked harder than I ever will. Some made it across harsher desert, than I’ll ever walk, and some…don’t even know half the crap I’ve forgotten. We started at 30…we’re now at 14…maybe 9 will pass….I Forgot Something.…I forgot that I’m Veronica Philips, and I wasn’t even supposed to be here today, so even if I fail that final, and have to take class over again, I won, because I wasn’t even supposed to be here……I…will not….stay down. Broken bones, chipped soul, bruised spirit, no nails, hair-fell-OUT Ronnie…I fought to be here….I forgot, just for a moment, whom I was. So, if any of you have any doubt, remember this…there is always going to be a monster under the bed. You are always going to have FEAR and trembling….Surround yourself with those whom love you and care for you, and you can defeat any demon that steps to you…..I Forgot Something.…and indeed I did. I’m Veronica Philips Bitches…..I’ll take the test, doesn’t matter if I pass or fail….I’ve already won the race I started…..and I’m OUT. Mic Drop…..<pray for me>…Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, I do covet your prayers….enjoy your Wednesday.

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I’m Not Having Sex Everyday

Remember Them?
Remember Them?

“You gotta read this!” Merrill

As a well-trained Marriage Counselor, I was interested to read the article that Merrill slid over to me yesterday. The article was titled, “My Husband and I Had Sex For a Year”….well, I’m not having that much chocolate milk, it’s bad for your teeth, but it was a good read. The woman whom wrote the article was feeling bad about her body, after seeing it one day while getting out of the shower, so after making the pledge to NEVER be naked again, she had an epiphany….She would ask her husband how he felt about having sex with her every day, rain or shine, for a year. Being a good man, and loving his wife, he felt like anything that would help her, he’d be willing to do (right). Personally I just go to the gym, but hey, I don’t judge. So every day…..every day….they had Nesquick. At first it was hard (stop) because it was like a chore, but eventually, she began to open up and appreciate and enjoy their sexuality….then the feelings toward her own body began to change….she began to feel sexy again….I get that…I do, but I’m Not Having Sex Everyday……although I do feel better after chocolate milk too….and before you report me….follow me here….In theory, her experiment works, so I’m hip….

Our bodies were created to be the perfect Temple of God, but we don’t have to be religious for the principal to apply equally. Just because we’re followers of Christ, doesn’t mean we have the better sex…I feel like we don’t talk about it enough really…. I admit I can be crass about Nesquick, but that’s because it’s sooooo perfect…we tease that which we love. Women my age are not supposed to be “sexual” but sex was meant to be an extended-released capsule, meaning as we understand more about our sexuality, the sex gets better….See, in addition to the diamond, God gave us sex as a reminder that when the two come together, they shall be one. Sex is not a game, weapon, a toy….it goes deeper than that….it’s beyond the simple, “She’s a got a nice ass”; (which I do, just saying) sex is…..a connection…..a bond….a DRUG….Feeling shameful of her body after two children, the author of the story needed to be reminded that bodies do fade, but the deeper, personal connection of him with her…like the diamond….was forever. She didn’t have sex to save her marriage, to keep hubby happy, nor to even keep his eye from wandering (although…it did accomplish all three)….she had sex, every day, because she needed to be reminded that she was a sensual being, capable of sharing and enjoying her body….

Sex is like pizza, in that when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good, but it was never intended to be a Papa John’s delivery item. Procreation is one thing, but when a man and a wife become one person, the effects are stronger than…um…Pot? I’ll get reported if I go too far into it, but honestly, you’ve never relaxed….then had the munchies after Nesquick? I’ve eaten more bowls of cereal in bed then my kids do on Sat am…..Don’t Judge Me…you’ve done it too. In Nesquick, the Wonder Twin power activates, and Satan has no power. Why do you think Paul said to…come together, lest ye be tempted? Even Paul, PAUL YA’LL…recognized the power in sex! So I guess it is a weapon…..a Spiritual weapon….I can see it now, RBC welcomes Veronica Philips and her 6wk study of SEX….and the Devil….it could happen.

When Merrill and Ronnie "meet".
When Merrill and Ronnie “meet”.

At the end of one year of….the author had lost 20lbs, was able to discontinue hypertension medications, loved herself, loved her husband, and had a deeper connection with both. Hmm, NOW, I’m a fan of sex, you know this, but I’m Not Having Sex Everyday for a year…..Goodness, the quota Merrill gave me is complicated enough…….but what I am saying is, in the Spiritual, two souls are better than one….Have you seen my kids? Then you know what happens when Merrill and I come together…..I keep repeating it because she’s way more of a woman than I, but again, I’m not having sex every day….Kuddo’s to her. Merrill feels that maybe we should give it a try….he’s been feeling “not so close, and ‘insecure'” lately…Whateves! Gotta go…super busy day. I CAN do all things through Christ….this is true, but there’s quite a bit I can do through Merrill as well……I love them both so much….Merrill loves my body, and reminds me constantly that I’m still a sexual and sensual being…Little Sisters you don’t get this yet, but you will, and when you do…..You’re welcome…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, excuse me, here comes Merrill…..Be Blessed.

A copy of the article can be found here: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/relationships/a40163/sex-with-my-husband-every-day-for-a-year/




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So You Wanna Be A

Do I look Famous or Nefarious?
Do I look Famous or Nefarious?

I have 6 passions in my life: Mommy, Wife, Home care, Student, Writer, Kickboxing. In my free time, I read, but that isn’t so much of a passion as much as it is a Sanity pill.  I had to give it up reading to be, a writer. That’s irony. I digressed. With the exception of home care, any area of the aforementioned list, did not come with me at birth. Well, maybe it did, I dunno….but as the years flowed, my experiences bloomed, I found that the more I did that which I loved, the better I became at it. Many of my friends are mommies, and be honest, when you see a woman with a baby at the mall, you know in the first five seconds, if she’s a new mother or not. For me, it took a great deal of time, energy, practice and prayer to get good at any of my passions, but I offer a stern warning to you, if you’re going to pursue your passions, better bring a thick, flame-proof suit. So You Wanna Be A….I strongly recommend you DON’T.

From the age of 5 I knew I wanted to be a nurse. It’s been a life long passion, that I’m pretty good at. Home care is the field in which I get to exercise my talents. My only regret is that they don’t wear the white dress and hat anymore. Sigh. In the 4th grade, my beloved chicken, Teabiscuit died, by my hands. His little chicken blood is upon my head, and I keep his memory alive by writing about him, from time to time. In my grief, I wrote an ode to him, “My chicken is dead”; which won 1st place in the school-wide essay contest. In the beginning with Princess, I did everything wrong. Some of my friends on FB knew me as the doe-eyed deer, caught in the headlights, kinda girl. God I was so nervous, but with Duchess, I’m a pro. Being a wife did NOT come naturally. I’ve tried and failed before, and the only reason we’re still married is because he loves half his sh*t more than he loves me. When I first starting Kickboxing, I was fortunate if even I showed up to class….but now, I have a team of ROCKSTARS who’ve lost weight, and are perfect role model for others who want to lose weight. Finally, being a participant at The Kiddie Pool has tested me more than my evil genius son Dexter could. I feel like at anytime someone will yell, “Punked” at me, and let me go home. I feel like a ” 21 Jump Street” episode.

There are so many failures in my passions, that I now just DUCK when I sense a blow. You must have a WILL and a thick skin to guard yourself against the times, when people will judge your craft. It’s okay, it’s strengthens you, and will weed out those just posing from those truly meant to be there. If you have a passion you want to pursue, I recommend you hid it deep within your bowels, and forget about it….I REALLY DO, but if it’s a true passion, it won’t stay there long..it will flow out like lava from a spicket…. My inner girl, keeps telling me, “You’re not one of them”, and she may be right, but by GOD I have just as much right to be on the Writers Team, as those on the NY Times Best Sellers List. I’ve BLED for my craft, I’ve shed HUGE chunks of nasty liquid drops, I confided my bathroom habits and humiliated myself…..I’ve EARNED the right, to be on the team, and while I may NEVER, EVER get to play, like Rudy, it’s just an honor to be considered one, among them! I mean that. I AM a MOMMY, WIFE, WRITER, STUDENT, HOME CARE PROVIDER…..I ROCK at all of it, and if anyone wants to step to me, be the first person to cast off your passion, and step. You will become what you pursue…you will be verily tested. My best advice is to give it all up, but if you don’t, then take nothing personally, and remember, “You cannot please all the people, all the time”, so don’t even bother to try. Okay, gotta go. Merrill’s home. Being a wife, means I have to be happy to see him, and I have to make him happy to see me as well. I’m not so good at the Wife stuff, but he’s been with me a long time, I must be good, at something. So You Wanna Be A….well, if you’re willing to work for it, I’m willing to help you….Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, TGIF.

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I’m Veronica Philips

I Like His Style
I Like His Style








I’d like to take a moment of silence and show respect and solidarity for my daughter, Princess (the beautiful one) as she deals with the death of her favorite icon, David Bowie. Labyrinth was her favorite movie of all time (You remind me of the babe), and she’s going to be heartbroken. RIP David Bowie. RIP.

Yesterday, Daily Affirmations turned 3. How cool is that? My form has come a long way since that day I fell in love with all things Sex and the City, and Carrie Bradshaw. The day I discovered Dior, Gucci and Chanel. The day my life became fodder for your amusement. Merrill and the babies were never meant to be so famous. I was trying to release my frustration, at being all things Super Woman, but you loved them, and RAN with it. WTH? Truth be told, you loved them enough for Merrill to tell me one day, “Stop writing about them. I don’t want strangers asking us about them again”, and he was right. So, the family pet names came out, Veronica Philips was born, and The MVP Couple created. Daily Affirmations is now read in 13 states, and 100 counties around the Tri-state area, and we’re growing. Not bad for a woman, whose only claim to success, was to overhear two people talking in line. Also, shout out to all those who believed in ME, when I had nothing to believe in myself. Talk about support….the bullied, poor Ozark girl had a team, an entourage (if you will)…DAMN…you guys rock! Thank you.

Daily Affirmations was a gift from the various years of people watching through the rose-colored glasses of a Introvert. I see you guys do things that you don’t even realize you’re doing and one time someone actually recognized themselves in these things and reached out to me to say, “Thank you”. I punched a guy in the freaking FACE! Okay, that wasn’t so cool, as I remember it. Remember the homeless woman? Yeah, that was cool. I’m now writing for 4 blogs, I have a Instagram account, a woman asked me yesterday if could feature me on her Instagram (Um, yes?). NOW, I need to pay off all those who’d seek to sell me out…when I do hit finally hit the red carpet. Okay, gotta go. I may be famous, but I’m still a mom. I will always be a mom first, a smoking hot house wife who writes about sex and her handsome husband second. Thank you for your readership, your prayers, your voices, and your support. Ronnie is nothing, if not for you. You make me the most humble person I know….thank you. Okay, gotta go. The babies are due up, and I have a follow- up appt this am with my MD. I’m Veronica Philips Bi**ch! I ain’t got time FOR THIS. I’m out! Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Monday.

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Help Me!

You're My Best Friend








As Merrill stands naked before me in the living room, shaking (IN MY FACE) what his momma gave him, I am annoyingly reminded that in 2016; we’ll be together for 23 years…..I remember the Merrill that I met and fell in love with all those years ago. He was kind, romantic, very sensitive to my needs….two decades, and two babies later, and he’s being an ass in the middle of the living room asking me, “You want this….dontcha?”…..Sigh…..I think it’s time to move on…..Lord Help Me!
While the Bible never officially SAID it; it did allow a few loopholes for legitimate divorce. For example, adultery, non-believing spouse, abuse/neglect etc….all perfectly valid reasons for a man and a woman to part ways; but a smaller known, not as hyped loophole is the one where a man is obnoxious to his beloved, she can drop him like a hot spider. For it is written, “He who offends his wife, shall also be offended in Heaven. For as it is written, so shall it BE”. (My paraphrase). Merrill has become a little too comfortable in this marriage; and no, I’m not calling him Fat…I’m saying that after seeing the man naked for TWO DECADES…..I think a little modesty would be appropriate right now.
We gave it a shot. It was a good run, but I think I’m going to take advantage of a little known Illinois Law (Love the LIBERAL ILLINOIS) that states a woman can trade in hubby for a new lease after 20 years. In truth, I really don’t want another man, I’m happy being alone….OMG, I’m talking like a Cougar…..I AM OLD….but seriously, what woman wants a dancing, naked idiot in her living room at 5:30am? NOT THIS GIRL. I’d rather drink my coffee, and read my news, without the risk of a dancing (ahem) Willy in my face. I have a routine…..and Merrill’s ruining it. He’s gotta go. I’m DONE. Ladies, if you want a man who can cook, has an amazing sense of humor, good provider, excellent father; but who likes to be obnoxious at ungodly hours…call me. He is neutered, potty trained, does some tricks and a small rehoming fee applies….but he won’t be ready until Valentines Day….it’s the Law. Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Wednesday……Sigh, “NO, I do not want to see you do the splits”……Help me…..

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Mommy Guilt

My Business License. Now I can take on the world ma...
My Business License. Now I can take on the world ma…











In a rare admission of frustration, I’ll share that I’m feeling some mommy guilt. Do you find it ironic that once we achieve our dream, we discover that its too hard, and we just want to quit? I submit that the road to the dream, is far easier than the maintenance of the dream. Today, I managed to balance 5 budgets, clean 2 houses, visit 3 LTC’s, house hunt for a client, clean my house, teach a class, pick up dinner, then attend a meeting at Church. I saw my kids and husband for an hour. The former is pretty cool, while the latter sucks hard.

Here’s the thing, is THIS what I want? What do I want? I like me, and the busy life I lead, I don’t like not seeing my kids, and while it is MY turn to climb the corporate ladder, it doesn’t make not being with them any easier. Is it realistic to think that I can own a business, teach a class, attend The Kiddie Pool full-time AND be a mother and wife? I dunno, I feel awful that I missed a whole day of their life. This is going to take some time isn’t it? If any of you have it worked out, I’ll pay you to teach it to me. Mommy guilt sucks but I’m doing it for them….right? Sigh….I need some wine. With Peace, Love, Oreo’s and Chocolate Milk to you and yours. Good Night.

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