“How’d they do Doll?” Ronnie asking Merrill as he climbs into bed at 1am.

“They WON….extra innings!”….Merrill

“Darn! And I had another subject planned!”….Me….knowing I had to write about the Cubs.


A hearty congarats goes out to the new World Wide Winners, Champions, and SUPER HERO’S, The Chicago Cubs. In all my years on this earth, I never thought those words would come of out of my mouth, but then again, there’s a lot of things I never thought would happen. Being a life-long Cardinal fan, I can appreciate a Cubby Win. Why not, I KNEW Christ was coming back in my lifetime….I’ve always known that. Alas, I don’t have a grandparent the way many of you do, whom would HAVE loved to see a Chicago comeback, because my grandma didn’t care…LOL. I sit and struggle this am, trying to beat the shower clock, on which direction I was going to go…Was it the New Male Birth Control taken off the market, because it made men feel sad? Was it the desperation in Danville residents as they’re suggesting to lock up certain residents, and let them Purge Each other out….children included?Or is it going to be the Bestest Baseball Team in the entire world?……Shoot, I’m a professional….I can DO all THREE…Thursday Babble….because babbling, is what I do best.

In about 30 min, Merrill and I will be competing for the same shower. Gad Sooks, I don’t know why I can’t have two bathrooms with two showers….I digress. Truth is, if he doesn’t get his am shower (I’m really more of a pm showerer) then he starts to get all toddler on me, and who likes a grown man, being a toddler? They, the Corporate Powers that be, finally did something smart, and created a birth control for men. During trials, the men started whining and complaining that they were getting cramps, and feeling sad. So, they stopped the trials. WTH? See, this IS fascism at it’s most basic. So what then? Birth control is OUR responsibility? Just when it looks like a man could share in the BC responsibility, they cry, feel sad, moan, and drop out. Ladies, my advice? Don’t have sex with them. Abstinance is 100% effective against STD’s and pregnancy….at least we do still get to control that. The sheer visual of a grown man complaining about his boo-boo and pointing at his stomach is enough for me to say, “Oh hell no”….

When Hollywood comes out with a scary movie that attempts to create a poor political statement, there will be those, who try to suggest we do it in real life. “Just lock them all up. Let them kill each other.” That’s a statement from a real douche bag, regarding the residents of a local housing complex. When asked, “What about the babies? Do they deserve your Purge Idea?” I was met with hostility, anger, and a great deal of weeping and gnashing of the teeth…from a man, an ignorant man. Geesh, he must have been a drop out from the BC trials, because I’ve never EVER experienced a bigger cry baby than him. Listen, I don’t mind arguing, but when a DB takes their ball and goes home, you really gotta wonder if his Purge ideal was directed toward the wrong resident. Women, I can understand. We’ll get our knives out and fight to the death, but as a mother, to another frustrated, terrified mother in that complex, I just don’t see how encouraging a “Cage Match” helps, nor empowers her situation. Men will always resort to two defense mechanisms when losing an argument: Crying….and sulking. Not appreciating my responses, this Jackwagon asks the Admin of the page to delete all ‘ignorant comments’ on the thread…Hmm, I don’t think he’s seen my, “Um, your comment is the most ignorant” comment. Here’s the thing, even Darwin didn’t believe his own hype. This life is NOT about survival of the fittest, because one half of the population, too stupid to come in from the rain, would drown…when you suggest Cage Matches, you are in essence, placing yourself in that cage as well. I am always going to defend the hopeless mother…I am ALWAYS going to bat for the downtrodden…I am ALWAYS going to stand up to ignorant bullies, and make them cry. There are solutions to the poverty/gang/drive by issues in Danville….Perhaps it starts with those whom have the right to remain silent, but refuses to recognize their ability to stay silent…. What do ya think….”Mr. I Dropped Out Of The BC Trial Study” Jack Ass….I think The Purge may just start with YOU.

Finally, we end on an inspirational note. We have the World Wide Champions Cubbies, and the Dead Goat; whom no one believed in anywho. Well, maybe he did exist, but he’s GONE now. This is one of those, “Where were you?” moments in history. I was in bed, and I’m over it. See, I’m not really a baseball fan, I just play one, to keep my man happy. You KNOW when a man passes up Nesquick every night, to watch the Cubbies, it’s some important mess right there….and I am happy for him. Truly, the Prophecy of Christ has been fulfilled, and we can now expect His Majestic entrance into the world. Cubbies, you brought it, and while I didn’t get to see Sheen throw out the Cleveland Indian’s pitch (that’s why they lost-just saying), I am digging the heavenly feelings as our forefathers celebrate with you and your win last night. Even the COD (Council of Doctorate) postponed today’s exam, in honor of Game 7….Hey, Hey what do you say, Cubbie did something right, and won yesterday….

Long in the tooth today, but I did it. Male Birth Control, The Danville Purge, and The Cubbie Win….all three….all today. Good, now I might get some Chocolate Milk. What is it with men and sports? Guess I get it…after all, I am more of a Chanel fan…but then again, I’m a woman. I’ve had the BC, my own personal Purge (that’s what makes me so dangerous), and (YAWN) my team has been to the World Series so many times, they’re using their trophies as bookends….I don’t hate though…we needed something to believe in….Thursday Babble….I’m going to go wake up Merrill…..Do Not Disturb. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, Thursday Babble….you be blessed.

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