depressedDedicated to a little boy whose daddy loved him very, very much. He didn’t want to leave you, he just couldn’t fight the battle in his mind anymore. He’s in a place where he can watch you now, without the monster’s following home.

I’m so sorry…I thank you for all you sacrificed for our country….I thank you for your dedication to your country, your brothers, and your family…please, show some dedication to yourself…..we may not understand, but we do care….

What can we do, as a society, to help the veterans suffering with PTSD?” 2016 has not been kind to Danville, nor the vet (we have a VA), as there’s been a rash of suicides and frankly, some overdoses that looked mighty suspicious. A few responded, many more did not, but for those whom did, the picture for those whom didn’t became clear. It wasn’t what they told me, but what they didn’t…..what it really boils down to is, We Can’t Prevent The Suicides….because the vet won’t let us….Sadly, it’s a paradox that will continue on…until someone…somewhere…figures out how to unteach the already taught….We Can’t….you have no idea just how far this goes…..

You would have thought, that after the Shell Shocked soldiers of WW 2 came home, somehow..some way, the VA or WHOMEVER would have some program to help our boys coming home. I say, “WHOMEVER” because part of the problem is no one is quite sure whose responsibility it take care of these Soldiers when they come home….we think the VA, but the VA is another department under the huge Government umbrella…and they have their hands tied too. In more than ONE comment, the vet mentioned that they cannot talk to the VA counselors, because the counselors have no clue, what they, the soldier went through…it’s probably true…after all, it would take a mighty strong soldier to have PTSD…then counsel PTSD….but the irony of the situation is that it might work. Many successful peerage programs like, Alcohol Anonymous (for example) work because the counselor…is also the client….but we also have the barrier of the vet….The Soldier is very aware he/she needs help…but like the deliberate drowning…they won’t reach out….Why?

Being a BRAT does not qualify me on all things military, but growing up around Boot Camp bases like Benning, Sill, Wood, I can tell you, you see the mind EFF every weekend. Little “baby GI’s” at the Walmart, or movies, all uniformly dressed, all uniformly polite…all uniformly…. The training, teaches a group…no…brotherhood mentality. Like the Three Musketeers, it’s All for One, and One For All….A team, all things equal, to achieve whatever objective the military establishes at the goal…it works…no one soldier is more important than the other….until one needs help…”If I did seek help, I’d take away from another in need” resonated heavily among the feedback…and why not? A soldier…GI…will not ask for help, for fear of taking valuable services away from another, and yet the other, will not take valuable services from another…for fear of the other….it’s a strong brotherhood….it’s what the military teaches….the issue is….there’s a lot you’re not supposed to bring out with you, but I get it…because they tore you down, to build you up, the brotherhood is the only positive you brought back with you….the brotherhood is the only ones whom understand….

It’s not a 9-5 desk job, where you go home, put up your feet, drink a beer while the good wifey and kids adore you…no…you bring the job home…like red dye, it bleeds into every aspect of your life….but I don’t know…what it’s live and breathe with that horror every day. I do know that PTSD is nothing new. For as long as we’ve been sending boys out, boys (and girls I know) have been coming home damaged. “We’re” not supposed to do…what they ask us to do…”over there”….then return to normal society like it never happened. It’s funny (not haha funny), that almost every bad ass-guy flick about war, never shows what happens when the solider returns home… maybe because…the returning Black Ops Fighter, Green Beret, Ranger, Seal….solider… becomes a drinker, heroine user….depressed, mind fighting solider whom just can’t seem to defeat the monsters…..then shoots himself in the head….How am I doing guys?

I don’t know the individual story of every soldier returning home….they won’t tell me and THAT is the most common thread about PTSD…it’s a silent, stalky killer. I get it…Asking a vet, or the family of a vet whose committed suicide, what PTSD is/was like, is like asking a toddler about the man whom raped them…It’s raw…it’s deeply personal….it’s horrendously painful…..sadly, there is nothing we can do….for now…..But, I don’t accept that. I don’t know whom to blame, but this shit ain’t the Tick Tack Toe CAT in which IT happens…NO! We have to find a way to reach out to them on the ledge, and talk them DOWN! Why the Eff we don’t see this as a national health crises I don’t get….maybe it’s because we’re not connecting the dots….maybe it’s because the VA still has work to do (although after Vietnam, you’d think they’d get it) maybe….maybe it us….maybe we need to march, hold rallies, punch some people in the face to get the vet the help he/she needs, but dear soldier….you’ve got to reach out….you’ve got to say something….you’ve got to let us know……There are many monster fighters in society, but they cannot read your mind…..The greatest lie told to you is that just because we weren’t there….we wouldn’t get it………We Can’t….We Can’t prevent another OD….another suicide….because the soldier won’t let us…..and that’s the truth. We can post all the suicide prevention hotline number we want..but the solider has to want….and many…do not…yet! I’m so sorry…..Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE The Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.

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