“Only 11% of girls between 11 and 17, think they’re beautiful”. Wow! Sign in Walgreens that I passed yesterday….

So…let me get this straight…. in 100 Little Sisters, only 11 think they’re beautiful, and I’d dare say those 11, don’t get it. Ya know, this pisses me off…..I passed by the sign, froze in my tracks, walked backwards to read it again…then I shook my head, as moved on with my life. “Poor Accountability” I thought to myself, “It gets passed around, but no one wants to hold it, take it, accept it as their own”. Beauty is a concept I struggle with from time to time, because I forget…I forget that beauty is not what we see in the mirror…….but our actions toward each other….Get it? Beauty is a matter of the heart….So if it’s hard for me, Veronica Philips,…imagine what’s it’s like for the babies…..We’re Failing Them Ladies. It’s time to take Accountability and make it ours…..we owe it to them….you DO get that right?

So even as I’m writing this, I’m distracted by a commercial for Macy’s. They’re selling perfume using naked bodies with “do me” faces……I’m thinking out loud,”What the hell are they trying to sell?” Ask Merrill, and he’ll tell you that beauty is the deep connection between a person’s spirit and soul.  See beauty is Spiritual…your appearances are a different story, I’m not always happy with my appearance either! The Dior Fall Line is not beauty (and TRUST I’m disappointed in this years fashion)…but we celebrate, tolerate and even REWARD those who’d take their bodies and abuse it to the point of damage….we encourage the eating disorders, overspending on cosmetics, the perfumes not good for us or the environment…. Don’t get it twisted here, beauty is internal…what you put into your soul, will come out of your soul.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self Control…those are the qualities of Beauty….Red hair, green eyes, big boobs, little boobs, perfume, makeup…those are the tools of appearances…..The illusion, Little Sisters, is that there is something wrong with you and there isn’t. It’s like trying to fix something that isn’t broken. You feel me? If anyone makes you feel less than what you are, the problem is with them, and not you. What about you, Big Sisters, if you posted a one sentence Affirmation on a Little Sister’s timeline…telling them, affirming to them that they are beautiful….would they be encouraged? That’s what I mean by Accountability….we’re the light…to their new path….We’re Failing Them Ladies….it’s time each of you, take Accountability, and OWN IT.  I challenge you…post on a Little Sister’s timeline, then tag me….I’ll share it…let’s do this for the 89 Little Sisters whom believed themselves UGLY….imagine what social issues we could kill….if we took Accountability….and led our Little Sisters to the path of enlightenment? Let’s find out….TODAY. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.





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