Some of ya'll made us very suspicious....

Oh!!!!” Ronnie upon seeing the stacks of Private Messages sent to her, by those wanting to be included….Well Done Friends….Well Done.

I, sometimes, write these things ahead of time. Like the organized, crock pot mothers, whom make me sick, I try to stay organized in case chaos reigns in my life; which it does, quite often. I digressed. My Thanksgiving column was written a long time ago, so I needed an article for Thanksgiving Eve….That’s where my readers come in….LOL, from time to time when I have Writer’s Block, I’ll either write about how much I appreciate someone, or I’ll give the reigns over to those whom follow me on Facebook….I’m always a little leery when I do that (see picture) because people will write things that are, shall we say, nefarious? It’s like they’re trying to shock the shocker, and there I go again. Creating a status last night, titled, “What are YOU Thankful For” I asked for people to PM me their blessings…some made me laugh, some made me cry….but all were worth it….Ladies and Gentlemen, the column YOU wrote, What are YOU Thankful For, starts in 3, 2, 1:

10. This man suffered the same type of heart attack as Merrill, and like Merrill, he lived to tell the story. He’s been actively involved in following our therapies, and he’s been GREAT at just listening…he knows about Chocolate Milk, and asking the doctor if it’s okay….YEP, if anyone knows Merrill…it’s this guy. I am thankful that my wife had the sense to see something was very wrong with me and took me to the hospital 2.5yrs ago. Thankful that I’m alive today because of it.” (James Jeunelot)….We’re also thankful you’re alive- Thank your wife for Merrill. 

9. “I am thankful for sunrises and sunsets. Just to watch and enjoy the simple things. Reminds us not to take a moment for granted” (Amy McQuown, Merrill’s 1st cousin). Truth is, one should never take any moment for granted…you only get a limited number of seconds….Amy and I had that brutally made clear to us….#truthbomb

8. “am thankful for God giving me life then me giving my kids life. God teaching me hard life lessons and letting my son live and be brought back to us 5 times. To doctors and nurses that change lifes caring for the sick. My family blood or not for always being there through the good and bad. And lastly my new granddaughter that will teach me new lessons. God is so awesome and amazing thank him the most.” (Wendy Browning Richards) Wendy subs my classes, and has been teaching while I’m on sabbatical. She knows what we’re going through….her thankfulness is our thankfulness….

7. “I’m thankful for vodka” (Anonymous) Yes well, I am too, and while I haven’t had any in a while, I hear the Fluffy Marshmallow is pretty good. Suggestions?

6. “I’m thankful for Merrill because without him, you’d have nothing to write” (Anonymous). At first I was offended, but then the more I thought about it, the more I realized they liked reading nefarious stuff about Merrill. I am blessed that Merrill lets me make fun of him…we are the perfect couple…. the only person I don’t write about is Princess…trust me, there’s plenty of mess to go around.

5. “You stayed in school“. (Classmate)….Yes well, after finding out the final covers 695 pages of sh*t, I’m not so sure, but your encouragement is noble.

4. “Our dog came home safe“. (Friend of a FB Friend). I get it. I do. Several years ago, our beloved Winnie (RIP Good Girl) was hit by a car and ran off. The longest night of my life (4th longest night) was spent walking the small village looking for her. She came home the next day with a concussion. I’m glad your doggie came home…that’s a happy ending.

3. “Family!” (Friend of FB Friend). Yes, family is important. Merrill has a family the populace of a small city, my family not so big, but the both came together for us….I too am thankful for family.

2. “I am thankful for forever friends and the quirks and cares that come with them. The conversations that only forever friends can have, daily or years apart, that pick up right where they left off. I am thankful for the memories that only a forever friend can create. And, I am thankful for the color RED!” PS- She’s always called me RED..she means me 🙂  (Mona Galapon Wilson)…I freakin love this girl. Ever want to know what Ronnie was like in her early 20’s? This girl is your go to, but easy…she’ll never “traitor” me….not for a million dollars….well okay for a million dollars…..but remember she may know where my bodies are buried, but I helped her bury a few too…She was my Matron of Honor at the nuptials of Merrill and I….I LOVE HER…Mo, we gotta get together.

1. So this one needs a small introduction. It’s hard when a bird leaves the nest. You spend your entire life doing nothing but focusing on them, then one day, they grow up and make big girl decisions and BOOM….your role changes. When both Princesses left home, I cried for 3 weeks….Christiana is responsible for the web page you read today….her heart is proud and broken because her daughter’s leaving to serve our country…a noble cause, and I’m proud….and sad for her too…Christina Milburn…you did good kid….now let this baby bird fly….

To My Dearest Trena, my first true love in life – When we watched you walk out the door for bootcamp this morning, our hearts shattered. We will think of you many times during the day. We will miss you and we will shed tears. We will remember your caffeine fueled story telling. We will remember your laugh. We will remember that this journey is important to you. We will remember that you are fierce. We will remember that you will be home soon. With more love and pride than I ever thought possible, Mom.” Christina’s love letter to her baby girl….I swear my allergies were acting up.

What Are YOU Thankful For? Well, whatever it is, I’m thankful for you. It’s crazy….The feedback, even from the trolls, is so precious to me, and I just want you all to have an amazing day tomorrow, to live your life, to appreciate whose in it. I’m thankful for you…all of you….who’d have thought we’d be here 4 years later?…Holy Cow, you guys need to get a life…and on that note I’ll end with Thank you…I love you. Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the example. Be KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Thanksgiving Eve….You guys are crazy….:)


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