DOCTOR DETROIT, Dan Aykroyd, 1983. (c)Universal Pictures
DOCTOR DETROIT, Dan Aykroyd, 1983. (c)Universal Pictures

You’re completely insane“….Merrill to Ronnie in answer to the question, “What do you think about that?”….

(When we left our hero)…

My best friend lay severely injured on the floor, his eyes swollen shut….”Shhh” I said to him, “Shhhh” because it was all I could do not to panic and run to his side. How did this all turn into some Kill Bill Situation?? I didn’t KNOW her, and yet she hated me. She took enjoyment in my fear; which made her a very dangerous foe……She wanted to end me, that much I knew….”This isn’t about him, is it?” I asked as I met her blank stare…..”You want ME!”…It wasn’t enough that she had taken my security, my hair, my faith, and my mojo……she hadn’t defeated me yet….so she was going to to torment me. I had to kill her. Only one girl was going to walk out of that bathroom….”Shhhh” I said to him as I ran toward her…….I Heard Him Scream…Wheel Chair Cowboy….the very confusing conclusion to my very weird nightmare.

I had to walk, but in slow motion, because my eye caught a figure in the corner of the room. He wasn’t there before was he? The first thing I noticed about him, was from the back, he had a head shaped like a cone, you know like Dan Ackroyd’s SNL character? He had voice like Dr.Detroit…Dan Aykroyd is my next challenge? This just keeps getting weirder and weirder…. He was in a wheelchair, and had his back toward me. I had temporarily forgotten about her, as I turned my attention toward Dan, the man, whom had now placed a bandana over his eyes. Still in the Men’s Room, Merrill and my nemesis had faded into the dark,  like someone had turned off the lights in that part of the Men’s Room….It was just the Wheel Chair Cowboy Dan, and I…. I couldn’t get too comfortable because there was something dangerous about him, and as I slowly walked up to the back of his chair, he placed his hands down by his side, and released two switch blades…sheath/sheath…..”Oh…we’re going out like that?” I asked him…Slowly, the chair turned around…..

Doesn’t have to be fair or legit, when it’s a demon Dan Aykroyd. He raised his right hand and swung his short blade to aim at my midsection, but I ducked, and as I tried to stand, he caught me with his left hand…..I SAW the blood, but it didn’t hurt…”This doesn’t hurt”….I tried to process that, when the room fade came back in focus and I saw Merrill still on the floor, watching me. “Wait! I can’t be hurt?”…….but Merrill could and as his eyes were still swollen shut, I heard him say, “I want to go home”….So do I Doll….So do I……My mind was so desperately trying to put the dream together in my brain, that I didn’t see Wheel Chair Cowboy Dan come up behind me, but I felt the knife in my back….but it DIDN’T HURT…..The two side of the pool stick still in my hand, I turned around swung my right hand at his temple, followed up by my left hand to the top of his Egg-shaped Cone Head, and before I knew it, his head exploded, “Argh…” and he was gone. Merrill screamed, SHE laughed….but stopped when I took the knife out of my back, turned toward her, and limped my way to certain death….

As anticlimactic as it seems, she just looked at me, smiled and disappeared leaving Merrill on the floor. I didn’t get my vengance against her…Maybe I wasn’t supposed to… I knew she watched every challenged I faced like a spectator from beyond the grave….but I’m not sure what Dan Aykroyd had to do with all of this. As I reached over and helped my blind best up from the ground, the Men’s Room door opened, and were suddenly looking outside, where the sun was rising…I had stepped against my greatest fear, and walked out alive, but I hadn’t defeated her…She’ll be back. She and I will face off again…it’s that TRUTH that keeps me pondering the dream….but for now, I’ll take the small victory over her. I passed the test…I defeated the Wheel Chair Cowboy Dan…and if I can defeat him…I’ll take any crap my hater, FB reporter friend throws at me….you may win the small wars over me, but you’ll never defeat me! Who knows, maybe next time, it’ll be the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man..well, I GOT his number too…….fade to black…Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Friday.


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