She will NEVER approach me in fear...
She will NEVER approach me in fear…

Hmm, I wonder when it did change?” Ronnie asking a question to herself…

Occasionally, I will listen to something else besides the 80’s channel on XM radio. I’ll listen to the 90’s channel and Backspin too, but I was scanning through the stations yesterday when I came across a radio Evangelist I like. Not wanting to seem disrespectful to God, I listened. Because I never pass up a chance to CHURCH! We’re human…we want answers to questions without answers…LOL, what can I say? With so much nefariousness in the world today, we need a solid footing to withstand the blows that life gives us. To cope, some use Science, others their own intellect, still others hold fast to their belief in a higher being. Through it all…no matter how far we’ve come as a society….Science, no matter how much it has tried, has been unable to disprove God. It’s like Jimmy Hoffa, we have to assume he’s alive until he’s not. “When Did It Change?” Our parents and grandparents sat through fire, brimstone and condemnation. I’m glad I don’t.

How do you love something you’re too terrified to approach? Short answer is you can’t, and God knew that. I’m not one of those Believers who thinks that just by our mere existence we sin. I mean, I get the “Original Sin” concept of the Catholics, but once saved, breathing does not a sinner make. No, the Generation ahead of us, lived in constant fear of an angry God who’d watch and wait and wait and watch for them to screw up…then when they did, He’d come down on a cloud of judgment and smite the hell out of them, and for what? The CHURCH of days gone by, would repent with every breath…they’d get on their knees and beg God to forgive them a slight they did not commit….Now I sin, TRUST, but to spend my entire day, my ENTIRE day, repenting? When would I sin? No, it may be arrogance on my part, but that’s not the God I know, so I asked myself when The Gospel shifted?

God KNEW the Law, as given, was impossible to follow…He was just waiting for us to KNOW that; which is why Paul wrote, as sin increases, so does Grace. Now follow me here. Grace is a hard concept for many, because maybe we weren’t shown Grace as a child, but if you put it in the perspective of the Parent/Child relationship, you’d see, that we do live…by Grace. Asking Sweetness to adhere to the rule of straight A’s is a noble cause indeed, but what happens when he only brings home 2 A’s? Do we smite him? Do we punish him? Do we condemn him for not getting straight A’s? No…we take him out for ice cream, for as the Prodigal Son was greeted with great joy and Grace, so to are we (and my son) when we don’t meet the expectations of the Law. Get it? Satan condemns, not God….don’t get that mess twisted. He knew we were going to fail, (and I have…whew), but He also offered Grace. Now that I’m older, I still bring Him great consternation, but even with His weariness in me, comes a smile that I am his daughter, and He loves me very much. When Did It Change? Well, I’d say when we figured out what Paul was saying…..To approach your Father in fear and cowering, only saddens him….remember, we are to be BOLD and ASSURED….We have a direct line into His heart….doesn’t sound like condemnation to me….sounds like LOVE. My children will never come to me in fear….Think about how you’d want your children to act with you…there are rules, but there’s Grace too….I haven’t told you what I did yesterday. Sigh, I have a meeting with Him this afternoon….Gulp! Now where’s that Grace? Be Blessed.

Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those whom cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, TGIF ya’ll….TGIF.


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