“You are so sexy!” Merrill showing some love to his wife.

“What do you want?” Ronnie being suspicious

I’ve been negligent in my duties with Merrill lately. We’ve been tag-teaming the babies all week, and it’s been exhausting. Ya know, almost 24 years I’ve had that beautiful man in my life…24 years…I’ve been with him, longer than I’ve been without him…we’ve made every mistake (almost every mistake) a couple can make, so you really need to sit down and listen to me when I tell you that the secret to a well-oiled relationship isn’t how many times one can say, “I Love you” to their spouse, but in actually taking the time to sincerely say it. Spouses know when the other is just mouthing the words in passing, and I’m not mad at ya, I get it, it’s hard to stay connected with children trying to destroy you, but remember meaning, “I love you” can actually carry a downtrodden martial/daddy soldier through the trenches of childhood and on to the victory of empty nesting. How to stay connected in a maritime war zone:
1. Walk up to your spouse and plant a quick peck on his ear. Doing this, you’ll fly below the Toddler radar, and you’ll be able to gaze into his eyes, but hurry. Lest he think you’re thinking something YOU’RE NOT!
2. If you’re not cleaning spaghetti from the cracks of the ceiling, do the dishes with him. You can lightly graze his hand in the dirty sink water. I grant you, it’s isn’t the Notebook, but the tender moment may get you through the next two hours. Don’t dally though. Lest he think you’re thinking something YOU’RE NOT.
3. While he’s sitting at the table helping The Boy with homework, walk up behind him and place a kiss on the back of his neck. The Toddler is watching for Dora for the next 3 minutes, and it shows him you’re thinking and appreciative of his help with the nightly Common Core. The trick is to not linger your lips on his nape longer than a peck, lest he think you’re thinking something YOU’RE NOT.
4. At bath-time, sit with him, and ask him about his day. Granted, there’s some chaos with the Toddler jumping off the side of the tub (JUMP!!!), or playing Splashing Safari, but he’ll be grateful for the attention you’re able to show him. Do NOT touch him! Just talk…lest he think you’re thinking something YOU’RE NOT.
5. As he’s folding the laundry. Help him, if you’re not chasing a naked, wet Toddler around the living room. He will appreciate the division of the chores, and you’ll be able to tell him about your day. Do not dally over the intimate articles of clothing….lest he think you’re thinking something YOU’RE NOT.
6. Finally, when the Toddler has worn herself out, The Boy has completed the Constitutional sized Math Packet, and all the water in the house has been drank, you can sit, on the couch across from him and just look at him, grateful for the partner, and survival of another day….but be quiet. The Toddler and The Boy both have super secret, sonar hearing, AND unfortunate timing…..one wrong move…and you’re back to a quick peck on the cheek. Do not allow the silence between you to go on longer than a few minutes, you’re exhausted…..he’s exhausted…..but he’ll still think….you’re thinking….something you’re NOT.
Raising children is War and War is HELL….Remember that that man will stand at the gates of Hades with you and face Satan, he is your rock, your power source….We really don’t always get the romantic date nights, the “just the two of us” movies, even the time to just sit and hold hands, but he knows and understands that I adore him above all others….Relationships come first and after all, when the babies grow up….they’ll look to what you and daddy had as the model for their home….although….I’m not sure I’d model myself…Just saying. “You’re Not”….it’s what he thinks you’re thinking, when you’re not thinking it all all…Gotta go…Merrill’s coming home today, and I have much going on…better get it done…because he will think, that I’m thinking, something I’m NOT…Be Blessed. Remember you set the Tone, you ARE the Example. BE KIND to each other. Show GRACE and MERCY to all those who cross your path today. With your Daily Affirmations complete, enjoy your Saturday.


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